Kelly (Laozu) held up in Panama!

Hi everyone, today we went to pick Kelly up at the airport in Santiago, we waited for about two hours and he never showed up. So we went to customs to see if they had any information: they said he had never entered Chile. We found an internet connection at the holiday inn in the airport and found out in an email from Kelly’s wife that his passport had been stolen/disapeared in Panama and that he was stuck there until he got a new one. Its pretty obvious this was no accident or unlucky coincidence, at least to us, and shows the desperation of the sewer rats to prevent Kelly from doing his work in orgonite virgin territory throught the southern cone (the south of south america). Any boosts to correct this situation are very much appreciated so Kelly can get his new passport asap, lets turn that document into a hot potato of POR for any rats that may want to hold on to it [Image Can Not Be Found]

Kelly’s wife told Ale, later, that his credit cards were frozen, too, so this is added confirmation that the CIA and perhaps Chinese gov’t doesn’t want Kelly to go on this trip. We did some boosting and target hunting for him in Dooney’s chat this morning and will do more tomorrow in the Etheric Warriors chatroom, of course.

A precedent was in August, 2002, when Carol bought a round trip ticket to Malta to do some followup gifting after our friends from Holland, Bosnia and Switzerland carpetted the island with orgonite a couple of months earlier. The psychics had determined that Malta was key to the World Odor’s control of the earth’s resources through London’s creepy aristocratic hierarchy.

In that case, Carol was told at the airport in Paris that she was forbidden to board the plane to Malta. No explanation was given but the few days she spent in Paris, waiting to return to the US, was her introduction to KGB surveillance—very aggressive and overt, including staring (leering, actually) and one fellow opened his coat to show Carol his holstered pistol. These freaks also destroyed some energy devices that were carefully packed in her checked luggage.

Fortunately, teh gifting that was done in Malta apparently did the job because we noted a sudden decline in London’s parasitic powerbase that summer.

The gifters in South America will prevail, too, of course. I hope that the busy gifters in Argentina will get in touch with someone again, by the way. Maybe it’s time for some networking, now that there’s a good, reliable base of support in Chile (Ale and Javi).

Alejandro was essentially hacked out of Dooney’s forum today, which is another positive affirmation that he and Javi threaten the world odor’s powerbase in South America, I think.

By now, it seems clear to some of us that the CIA, NSA and other American sewer rat agencies work for Beijing directly. In the world odor’s proxy national governments, now, I doubt anyone is laboring under teh illusion that there’s any national sovereignty left. We got some confirmation that the NSA works for Beijing in a recent chat session when we were asked by a Chinese associate in Taiwan for our assistance after her daughter was kidnapped. Apparently, Beijing isn’t very eager for orgonite to catch the attention of the Chinese populace and this gal had been selling orgonite.

The psychics clearly saw the NSA holding the girl. Which ‘homeland’ are these criminals ‘securing’ in this case? [Image Can Not Be Found] We haven’t gotten any followup, yet. Taiwan belongs to China, now, of course, because all the industry in Taiwan is owned by fascist Mainland Chinese. The politics don’t matter a bit when someone has control of a country’s economy, of course.

It’s interesting that Kelly, Lap Ping, Eddie-san, Hari, Dan, Tetsuzi and Cesco encountered no interference in their gifting adventures in China, Japan and Southeast Asia. Didier had some trouble in Hong Kong but it wasn’t grievous. I wonder if the Chinese gov’t, in those cases, is just trying to gather intel by watching it all. In the case of the Taiwanese woman whose daughter was kidnapped, maybe a line was crossed, like when the Chinese students set up that statue in Tiananmen Square. Very interesting that they used the American feds to do the dirty deed in Taipei, though. We’ll continue to do what we can for her until the situation is resolved, of course.

I’m sure that this will strengthen Kelly’s resolve, though the CIA is obviously trying to scare him away from South America. I can’t think of a better compliment to Kelly’s skill and track record than this

Send him a nice boost, okay? He’s very sensitive to subtle energy, so he’ll feel it.

He’s in Panama. Did you know that President Clinton handed control of the Panama Canal to the Chinese military? I learned that from some Panamanian merchant seamen in Texas in 2001. Apparently that scam happened when the What To Think Network spent those months talking about nothing but Monica Lewinsky. During those months, Clinton also gave the US Patent Office and a container port (complete with railhead) in Los Angeles to the Chinese Government. That container port was then used by the CIA to distribute free Chinese AK-47s to all the street gangs in Los Angeles–do you remember? Duty free! [Image Can Not Be Found];

Golly, I wonder what else the What To Think Network forgot to mention when Monica was in the spotlight?


Bet you didn’t know this Don, the Bush crime family owns a lot of downtown Panama including the Marriott Hotel building.

Why did Laozu go through Panama, jeez louis ?

It’s a funny why of getting etheric attention and bonus boosting .

Sure the Bush druglords have been laundering dope money in Panama for several generations. I think it’s an airline hub for connecting to South American cities. I don’t know if Kelly had other options. I guess we’ll learn more from him, later. It’s not a bad initiation for him, at least. This sort of interference can really tighten up our tradecraft [Image Can Not Be Found]

I admit that I enjoy tangling with these sewer rat agencies, up to a point. They’re becoming less effective and more erratic, by the way. Before, for instance, I doubt they would have messed with Kelly’s credit cards. Sloppy work! [Image Can Not Be Found];


Thanks for the help and concern folks.

Only one credit card was affected. It was on my local bank, and they have a habit of shutting it down when too many charges appear from overseas unexpectedly. I had about 6 on Friday, mostly for telphone calls. Fortunately I had another reserve one.

The reason I am in Panama is simply that I bought the cheapest ticket.

I´m fine, and it is mainly Ale and Javi´s plans that have been interrupted. I´m sorry I did not get through to them early enough to prevent a useless trip to the airport.

If your passport disappears abroad, the airline will neither send you on nor send you home. For those of you old enough to remember, it reminds me of an old Kingston Trio song of the early sixties about a man who got on a Boston subway without enough change to pay his passage. It went something like this, as I recall:

¨O, he never returned, no he never returned,
And his fate is still unlearned;
He will ride forever, ´neath the streets of Boston,
He´s the man, who never returned.¨

I will be in Chile just as soon as events permit.


I almost experienced that exact scenario today! This morning I forgot my camera bag when I went to the airport in Frankfurt! I had been carrying my passport and wallet in it, but early this morning I pocketed the passport and my wallet, luckily. The camera bag does contain my checkbook, camera and my cell phone, the only phone I have as this property has no land lines! I got a huge stack of orders (thanks folks!) and I’ll have to manage with no phone for a couple dats, my daughter’s sending it back via Fed Ex today.

PS, write down all your phone contacts if you have them all stored on a cell phone, in case you lose it or leave it 6,060 miles away!

Great work you guys are doing, Kelly!



Great ditty! Is that your new place of residence [Image Can Not Be Found];

Re Chinese. Skolsnik wrote some stuff on Clinton handing over to Chinese

Wife is half Maltese. Sparky to say the least. Never felt slightest desire to go there.


Yes John, I’ll put you and the family up any time. [Image Can Not Be Found]

I got into Santiago yesterday. We opened our first vortex today, and are presently busy making orgonite for the trip. Javi suggested I write to let people know I got in OK. Thanks again for your concern and help.

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