Kelly's Adventure In Bali And Australia

Don Croft
12 Jun 2008 15:28
Subject: Kelly’s Adventure in Bali and Australia

That’s where Kelly is posting his reports, now. I was very happy to learn that he had visited Dan Daum in Bali to investigate the cause of the apparent disharmony that Dan’s buried cloudbuster base had temporarily caused, last year. I think you’ll be glad to find out about this, as I was. It may be that what Kelly discovered can show us something new and useful about our interactions with etheric entities.

To me, it’s all hard science. Kelly prefers to put his experiences into Chinese terminology but that works well, since there is literally no suitable Western terminology for these dynamics. Reich’s offerings didn’t allow for interaction with non-physical entities, for instance, and Steiner used Theosophical terms, which have a lot of unpleasant baggage, in my opinion, including references to devils, ‘I am God’ posturings and other imaginary paradigms.

Everything Reich offers is golden becuase he bases his claims on evidence and one isn’t required to assume that his is the voice of absolute authority but who’s got the time and inclination to plow through all STeiner’s interesting but perplexing presentations to find usable info among the myths?

In terms of Chinese traditional cosmology I don’t think there’s any judgement attached to whether an entity expresses negative or positive characteristics, rather, which to me indicates that when any of us are tormented/blessed by one or another entity that can be said to produce an unpleasant experience, we won’t be stigmatized by it, the way bornagain chumps and newagers assume that misfortune is an indication that one is somehow ‘disfavored’ and ought to be shunned. I don’t know if you’ve considered that such infantile beliefs are part of what we could term, ‘cargo cults’

‘What Would John Frumm Do?’ in that case Cool

We missed seeing Kelly last week, after we got home, but we’ll go see him pretty soon and I’ll report whatever he shares that wasn’t in his written reports. I’m hoping that the current spate of ‘accidents’ that are happening to some of the front row players in this movement will end pretty soon, by the way, but those Chinese military/Triad psi predatrors have my grudging respect for being so good at manipulating the elements around some of us.


Don Croft
12 Jun 2008 15:44
Subject: Re: Kelly’s Adventure in Bali and Australia
I probably date myself with teh John Frumm reference, so here’s what that’s about:

During WWII, in the New Hebrides Islands, now called Vanu Atu, the US Army Air Corps dropped a whole lot of supplies on the island of Tanna by mistake. The inhabitants, who are simple-hearted people, felt sure that this sudden material bounty from heaven was a sign of divine pleasure, so they built up a religion around it and began to invoke ‘the gods’ which to them were cargo planes. They somehow came to call those gods, collectively, ‘John Frumm.’ Maybe an enterprising supply sergeant called Fromme visited those islands–who knows?

Not long ago, the bornagain chumps were plastering their cars with bumperstickers tghat read, ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ and even ‘WWJD’ as if anyone could second guess a Manifestion of God.

Some guy I met in a steamroom, years ago, was commenting on the similarity between the shallowness of bornagain chumps and the Tanna cargo cult and said he’d like to get a bumper sticker made up that said, ‘What Would John Frumm Do?’ and I nearly fell down laughing.

I don’t know if they’re still practicing the religion but when I went to Western Samoa with my family in the mid-1980s for a sign project I had an opportunity to get to know some guys from that island and when they dressed up, they wore articles of then-current US Army uniforms, though they usually went barefoot. These are the vine-jumpers, by the way. YOu’ve probably heard of them. The Tanna islanders have the distinction of having successfully resisted conversion to Christianity, which earned my admiration because I’ve never encountered a Christian missionary who wasn’t a predator.

The reason I think the Tanna islanders are more rational than bornagain chumps and Theosophy devotees is because their beliefs are at least based on evidence while the heaven/hell mythology that terrifies and inspires bornagain chumps and the ‘explains everything but answers nothing’ rap of Theosophy in its myriad forms are based on clergy-designed behavior-modification protocols. As LaRouche says of bornagain chumps, ‘They’ve traded eternity for a bad infinity.’

I know that going after bornagain chumps’ and newagers’ glittering icons isn’t a popular pursuit but these two disgusting twin paradigms need to dissolve before ‘the masses’ are comfortable with stepping into a more responsible and accountable way of living. Their ‘devil made me do it’ horse should be discarded like a dirty diaper. Can you smell it, too?