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On Sunday we went to work, again, on the political mess in Kenya, which MI6 apparently generated in order to create widespread economic chaos in all of East Africa, including all the countries that get their goods through the port of Mombasa, Kenya. Even Eastern Congo gets their stuff from there.

Judy Lubulwa in Nairobi, and Doc Paul in Uganda and his sister, Rita, were in the chatroom giving us closer insights about the situation, which is pretty bad. Judy told us that the water supply in Nairobi has apparently been poisoned, which is pretty typical of how MI6 operates, after all. Since Kenya, especially Nairobi, is a staging area for East Africa for predatory agencies such as the World Health Organization, teh UN military forces, British parasitism, etc., it’s no wonder to some of us why they picked that country for their present mayhem campaign.

We did our best to help protect Raila, who was apparently elected president. Notice that his name isn’t being mentioned on the What To Think Network. At least the alleged news reports I’m getting online avoid mentioning him. If you’re in a country besides the US maybe you’re hearing about him.

The week before, when the psychics had determined that protecting this guy from being murdered by British MI6 was the key to preventing civil war in Kenya the dolphins and orcas were already surrounding the guy etherically, which was a nice confirmation. It might seem strange that Raila isn’t seen by our African cohorts to be a person of integrity but we all felt that protecting him from the Brits is an essential part of preventing the Brits from inciting anarchy and massive-scale bloodshed, like they did in Rwanda with the help of the CIA. Kenya is much bigger than Rwanda, of course, and is key to the economies of all the East African countries, including Rwanda. Rwanda is a small, remote country.

Mrs Odondi lives and gifts in Kisumu, where violence has been reported. Kisumu is a challenging place to gift and Mrs O was shot by police in the vicinity of a demonstration a couple of years ago. David Ochieng lives not far away, in Kisoro, and here’s what he wrote to me today:

Hello Uncle,
Much greetings to you hoping that you are doing fine with me am doing fine
too.Only that my younger brother was shot yesterday when the chaos begin in the
town.When he took my laptop computer to be charged.They shot his leg and now he is
in the hosipital. I just hope and pray that everything will be fine.
The battery of my computer laptop is weekl and it’s giving me had time charging it
every now and then.Can you please send me a computer lap top battery if you can
find one.
The same British Government are acting like they are mediating between the two
rival politicians here. Now that they uncovered they wont succeed.
Once again thank you very much for your busting.
Alejandro to emailed me the procedure that I will follow while posting my reports
along with the pictures.

As he mentioned, David will start posting directly, pretty soon. I presume computer batteries aren’t available where he lives at the moment, but if you want to help him with this problem you can email him directly: [email protected] I don’t know the status of the postal system in Kenya, right now, but we’ll ask Judy about it shortly.

We’ll keep on this situation in every chat session for awhile, of course. I have the impression that the world odor was absolutely desperate to commit mass murder or mayhem in the world before the new year and finally opted to molest the East Africans. In the past, they got away with stuff like that because people didn’t care as much about what happened in Africa as they did about what happened in England or France but that’s changing now, thank God. I think a confirmation of that is the improving quality of films about Africans in recent years.

Do you ever have realizations when you wake up in the morning? I think I had one today and it may help me understand why I’ve always been so drawn to Africa and Africans. It also might explain why our African friends who gifted the dolphins around Mombasa a couple of times found it so easy to interact with them. If my waking impression is correct, dolphins and Africans in general share an essential affinity through water energy/orgone. All the elements are characterized by a version of orgone (ether, ch’i): water, earth, air, fire.

Ancient Hopi traditions state that the black race are the guardians of water, the white race are the guardians of fire, the Asians are the guardians of air and the red race are the guardians of the earth. Hopi elders state that there’s a tribe around Kilamanjaro who are the keepers of sacred relics and traditions and that they, like the Hopi (keepers of the earth-guardian items/traditions) are still on the job. Mt Kilamanjaro is in Kenya, of course, which may also be an indication of why the world odor is so intent on destroying that country at the moment. Let’s not let them, okay?

These elders also state that the Asian traditions are being kept by the Tibetans, which might help explain why that country is being ravaged by China. The white race’s traditions, once kept in Switzerland, are apparently forgotten, which might explain why European history for the past two thousand years, has been so degenerate and, lately, materialistic. Maybe those traditons were forgotten before the Roman empire got going–who knows?

It may also be significant that Kenya has more Africans gifting than any other country on the continent does, as far as we know, though the Ugandan gifters figure prominently in Kenya and neighboring Uganda. Judy is Ugandan, by the way. In the three cities in Kenya where excessive violence has been reported on the American What To Think Network (Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu) a significant amount of gifting has been done in the past few years. This may be an indicator of the world odor’s specific intention to ‘drown out’ the effects of all that orgonite with gratuitous mayhem and terror.


“The white race’s traditions, once kept in Switzerland, are apparently forgotten, which might explain why European history for the past two thousand years, has been so degenerate and, lately, materialistic. Maybe those traditons were forgotten before the Roman empire got going–who knows?”

Hi, Don, Jeff Miller, here.

I suggest that the white race as we know it is composed of ‘lost’ tribe Israelites, so lost we just can find them, however hard we look. Having been booted from the known world for being unrepentant Baal-worshippers, they went into the wild, reappearing later as ‘Greeks’, and later ‘Romans.’

If you dig into the histories of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Finland, etc., etc., you’ll find the apostate ‘lost’ tribes’ histories, cleverly obfuscated but still discernible. But, unfortunately for the obfuscators, linguistic analysis is one way that the true story is coming to be known (that and the nascent science of DNA analysis). If you want to reverse-prove the thesis, look up the histories of any of those nations in wikipedia, where ‘little is known’ will be inserted anytime the trail gets close to revealing what I’ve suggested.

Ever since those oh-so-lost tribes managed to get up on top of things via brute militarism (see, particularly, Rome), the white-skinned lost-tribers have pushed their own agenda, and ruthlessly erased everything else – including the aforementioned secret, positive teachings formerly housed in what is now Switzerland.

I further suggest that this same ruthless crew concocted, foments and perpetuates anti-semitism, to get back at the small subset of tribes that remained Torah-observant, oh so many years ago, when the ‘lost’ tribes got booted from the known world, whoops, I mean ‘lost’.

It’s quite an elegant, scam, really. And, today, if one attempts to ‘dis’ the lost-tribers, they suddenly become simply ‘Israelites’, again, and the shrilling of ‘anti-semite’ may begin. As I said, quite elegant.

And, when you get co-opted, double-agent, service-to-self luciferians on the ‘Jewish’ side of the equation to help divide and conquer the fleeced rubes below them in the control pyramid, the setup is complete. Kind of like having a double-agent Pope who exactly resembles Star Wars’ Dark Emporer at the head of the Catholic religion, etc., etc., pick your faith. NWO stooge Yasir Arafat’s another good example of a double agent dividing and conquering from the top.

The Hopi further say that all the tribes will come together in the end, at the dawn of the fifth world, bringing their ‘core element’ capability to the table. To your thesis, the Africans have water covered…we, the whites, have FIRE.

Some would say that the white man’s Internet, wires of fire, is bringing the whole planet together (despite the desire of the control freaks who created it to have the awesomest Orwell tool, ever). See how the most devious service to self efforts turn upon themselves?

Anyway, didn’t want to sidetrack the thread, but rather chime in re: ‘lost knowledge of the whites’.

p.s. I’m a white male of Swiss descent.

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