Khartoum Gifting

15 Jul 2008 02:04
Subject: Khartoum Gifting
Orgone Gifting in Khartoum (Sudan)

When we planned to tour Sudan (Khartoum), It was a mixture of excitement and fear. Excitement in the sense that, we’re going to meet new people in different environment and fear in the sense that Sudan is among countries in Africa that is mostly hit by civil war and internal conflicts and wrangles. Insecure as it might have appeared we’d to visit this place.
We reached Khartoum safely at 6.00 PM and booked our residence just within the town for easy access. We took a day off to rest and to refresh minds and ourselves. The next day we started to survey the area as it is, we gave out orgones and shared the knowledge of the orgone with these people. Within a very short time, we realized we’d attract or rather made a scene. We moved to a new destination to plug off this kind of impression so we found ourselves in one estate (Colonel Garang) estate. The reception we got was good and these people a part from being friendly, they were very considerate and cooperative. We called it a day and retired to our apartments.

The next day we made a visit to Merida refugees’ camp, we almost came to tears at this place. The life these people led was quite pathetic. Owing to the fact that Refugees camps are always very reprimanding No free space and people are mixed up in a manner that you don’t give a damn who is the father, mother or child is . When these saw us, they felt as if they had seen manna from heaven. We redeemed them the best way possible that is our routine and at the end most of them felt at home. We went back to our residence very happy and satisfied.
The next day we took a day rest (off).

On our last day in this country, we felt the need to finalize in a manner that could be satisfactory so we made our maidens proceedings within the town (Khartoum) Center. Fast and rapidly then proceeded again to see off the refugees at the Merida refugees camp. As if they did not expect to hear that we would leave, they felt really sad to hear that we would leave the next day. They bade us farewell and gave us some local and customary presents to commemorate our meeting with a lot of hopes that some day we would do the same again.
Thank you very much Steve and Don we couldn’t have made it withought you.
By Christine

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