Kisumu, Kenya Farm Progress

These farmers are friends of Mrs Odondi’s near Kisumu, Kenya. I’ve asked her to tell me their names for the record and she’ll be sending more photos of their crops as harvest approaches.


Its interesting that they’re doing so well with little water.

Take a look at the four veg comparison shot from Pete’s control group vs the ones from the ‘poorer’ soil.

You’ll notice there’s considerably more tendrils coming out of the vegs of the ‘good’ soil compared to the other one.

So one element to its effectiveness could be how it effects the water intake of the plant.


Thanks very much, Mark–you’re definitely the first pioneer in this effort, at least in terms of having a public profile.

I think what the African farmers are going to show us, pretty soon, is whether orgonite will restore depleted soil. When I visited Hugh Lovel on his experimental farm in Georgia I saw similar effects to what these farmers are achieving with orgonite . Hugh was accomplishing it with his specialized radionics, which are described in SECRETS OF THE SOIL. He specifically chose to farm on soil that had been pretty much killed by growing cotton, and tobacco. The use of corporate chemicals hastens the demise of healthy soil, of course.

Hugh makes and sells orgonite cloudbusters in Australia, now (in addition to his other devices–all good stuff is harmonious and sometimes synergistic), where he went to extend his research. I think Oz has the most depleted topsoil on the planet.

Knowing this, one can get farmland cheap in places like the American South and then expect bumper harvests right away by using proper, inexpensive, easy techniques, including orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks, Nora, for posting those photos, by the way. Mrs Odondi had sent me a short note about it but I lost that, sorry to say. Some of those crops were planted on very depleted soil, where nothing had grown before. These farmers in the photos are making history in the same way that Mark is. I’m very grateful to have all this on

Whoever will go visit these African pioneers will have a grand time. I’d go if the feds would let me have a passport. I might have to wait for an Idaho passport or some such until the US/Brit/Israel Government (the only terrorists) finishes imploding. I hope to God I’ll live to see the day when these obsolete instruments (passports) are finally discarded.


Hi Don,

I have herein attached some pictures showing how orgonite is working miracles here in Kenya-Kisumu.

In picture 1,2 and 3 shows places where orgonite was applied and as you can see , the sukuma wiki are healthy and as you can also see, the mama is selling some of the sukuma wiki harvest to one of the consumers around. She confesses that , without the orgonite , she could have not gotten a good harvest.

In picture 04 and the one without a number shows a certain woman and the shamba with the maize plantations is hers. She also applied orgonite in her shamba and from the look of things, she is anticipating to get a good harvest at the end of the season.

So orgonite is working miracles, i tell you!!


Mrs O