Lake Geneva - the psychics found a huge, Vril/SS underground base under Lake Geneva

Two sessions ago, the psychics found a huge, Vril/SS underground base under Lake Geneva after we chased down some hackers who had been interfering a lot with some of the EW members mail and posting ability. The international HQ of the SS is in Switzerland, as documented by a reputable German research journalist in THE HITLER BOOK, published by Franklin Press. I don’t think any research journalist has access to evidence of the Vril, though.

In that session all three of the psychics were at our kitchen table and the activity was so heavy that I did most of the typing for them. I got kind of punchy from all that energy, actually, so I missed a lot Cool

One of the very prolific Italian gifters who lives not far from the lake asked around and was told by someone that Lake Geneva had already been gifted and that perhaps our psychics were off track. I mentioned this to Carol and her response was that water gifting, of which we’ve done more than our share by now, is a little tricky and not subject to routine or formulae. For instance, we had to put 200 TBs in Flathead Lake in order to clear the energy there. That lake is 20 miles long and about five miles wide and the water is wonderfully clear except for the small area above the underground facility, near the north end of the lake.

We put one TB per mile along 160 miles of previously dead coral reef in the Florida Keys and the reef bounced back to life within a few months. Also, the water in the Gulf side of the Keys cleared up and stopped stinking. A couple thousand TBs in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico stopped the HAARPicane agenda in that region. See the enormous difference in the ratio of TBs to water area?

I think Lake Geneva is a lot bigger than Flathead Lake in Montana but the psychics all agreed that (if memory serves–I posted it in another thread) 140 TBs were still needed in Lake Geneva and 26 earthpipes should be put around the shore, too, before that underground facility can be neutralized. If nobody had tossed any orgonite into teh lake, maybe a lot more would be required now.

Years ago, when gifting first started gaining momentum in Swizerland, D Bradley was frantic to tell about a half dozen mansions and other locations around Lake Geneva which he personally knew were top Illuminati ritual sites. He also said, in those days, that the higher one goes in that organization, the more one hears German spoken. It was after DB went to ground, a couple of years ago, that our psychics started regularly seeing the name, ‘Vril’ during our predator-hunting sessions.

Many of us act on the recommendations of reputable psychics and we get plenty of confirmations when we do. When we act on the recommendations of psychics who have no good reputation in the network the results are dicey, at best, and this advice is a misdirect, as often as not, even when the psychics are sincere. There seems to be a training period for any psychic who assumes responsibility for working within this network and that period is characterized by very aggressive attempts by the sewer rats’ own highly skilled and experienced psychics to plant false information and ego-stroking in the minds of the aspiring psychics. As you can imagine, it takes quite a lot of self discipline and genuine detachment for any psychic not to take that kind of bait and egotistical psychics are as useful in this network as tits on a boar.

When Carol posted, in the spring of 2002, that the London-based world odor hierarchy heavily rely on support from an enormous reptilian hive that stretches under sea and land betweeen Malta and Bosnia, several European gifters, including Markus in Switzerland, a Dutch couple and two sisters from Bosnia (I’ve forgotten their names, I’m very sorry to say) agreed to meet Carol in Malta with their own respective loads of orgonite and close that reptilian portal. Carol was prevented in Paris from getting to Bosnia but the others went there and did a very thorough job. There were ‘political’ confirmations right afterward and London apparently lost their initiative to create global-scale mayhem, which may be why it’s been left to their former creatures, Mossad and CIA, to hold up that end on their own. The failed attempts to create World War Three, since that time, are evidence to the watchful that WWIII is no longer imminent.

In that case, some committed people decided to follow the advice of a single psychic and in this case, three very reputable psychics–Dooney, Stevo and Carol–are admanant that this is required in order to neutralize that primary Vril hive under Lake Geneva, which is a lot easier to reach for many European gifters than Malta is.

My hope, now, is that someone or several in Switzerland, France, Germany and/or Italy will take the initiative to thoroughly do Lake Geneva and its shores for the sake of humanity. Depriving the world odor of the support and direction of the poisonous Vril would be a body blow from which it won’t likely recover (those parasites have received a few similar body blows from this network Wink) and we’ll be that much closer to global peace and prosperity on account of that one achievement. I hope it will get done by a group rather than by one person because group dynamics are the most inspiring. If one person does it, though, that one will have earned quite a lot of points and will probably get some special insights in theh bargain.


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