Lake Patria NATO Base

Last Sunday my socio and I went to Lake Patria near Naples to gift a huge NATO base, an important target that we couldn’t miss. The base with its big dishes has been existing for years now, but they are building new facilities because it will host the NATO Southern Command Headquarters ( Afsouth) now located at Bagnoli, not far from Patria. It will be, according to the material I’ve been reading before the gifting, the most important base in the Mediterranean area with more that 5000 military permanently working there.

Here is the Google Maps link that shows how large it is: … &t=h&hl=it

On our way to Patria we were impressed to see how Naples and its suburbs are extremely affected by negative energy and got a bit depressed when we saw some trees that were dying, especially around the base.

As soon as we got to the lake we took a walk along its shore and tossed some TBs in the water but then decided to do it from the car because we didn’t expect it to be so large:

The sky wasn’t nice at all but what appeared to be Sylphs were sweeping the fake cloud cover overhead:

After the gifting of the lake we started to consider the best way to gift the base. The perimeter around the big dishes hosts civil buildings and lodgings for the military so we found it difficult to get to a reasonable distance to gift our orgonite: we weren’t even able to see the dishes from the side we were and we even got lost among the lanes. Nevertheless, we weren’t discouraged at all and, in the end, we managed to make a good triangulation around the base:

On our way back home we gifted other towers from the motorway but Naples really needs a massive gifting.

This is a photo of the Bay of Naples: the layer of smog is heavy but there are days in which it is even worse if not shocking. I took the photo the day we went to Monte Faito – never reported that, btw – to gift the huge arrays there. The mountain overlooks Naples but we had never penetrated its area before the gifting at Patria:

And this is Vesuvius, the monster, which is on the right of the previous photo:

Mount Vesuvius is a very dangerous volcano. The last eruption in 1944 wasn’t very destructive, but volcanologists say that a major eruption could take place in the next few years with dramatic consequences for the people and the environment. It is an explosive volcano, not effusive like Etna in Sicily. This difference means that an explosive volcano produces more ash, the so called pyroclastic flow, than lava, that’s why it destroyed Pompeii and other cities nearby.

Anyways, it was good to gift again with my socio and we hope to do more gifting in the region soon.



Excellent work, Vitto and socio [partner]! You’re going to have a lot of fun watching that Napoli smog clear away as your gifting progresses, too.

Some earthpipes on or around Vesuvius will pretty much guarantee that there will be no violent eruption, I believe, based on our experience gifting active volcanoes over the past 7 years.

Tetsuzi’s comprehensive earthpiping of Japan’s major faultlines will probably prevent violent quakes and eruptions there. I think he’s setting the standard, now.


Thanks, Don, I wanted to post the same but you were faster [Image Can Not Be Found]

That’s an amazing number and sizes of dishes on the antenna picture. Now imagine how planting substantial orgonite around will transform all that bad energy into life force. Beautiful! I wish I was around there to experience that. Hopefully Vittorio will report more, looking forward to that.


Actually, Vesuvius was gifted by Igor a couple of years ago but he recommended more orgonite so why not go – I’ve never been on its top – and gift EPs. So thanks, Don, for advising.

I didn’t go much into details in my report, but as you may know, Vesuvius is the most studied volcano in the world because of the real possibility of very distructive eruptions. It has been discovered that there is a 400 square kilometers magmatic chamber 8 km deep so volcanologists fear a violent eruption that generally happens every 2000 years. For example, the cone of the volcano as we know it today was the result of an eruption of this kind; the real volcano is Mount Somma that can be seen behind Vesuvius. I will EP Vesuvius, then.

You are right, Aemit, about the big dishes at Patria. I’m sure orgonite will turn that negative energy into life force and the gifting of the lake will provide more energy in the future. Unfortunately, I read that the cancer incidence in the area is quite high so we really hope to have done a good job there.

As to Naples, we were discussing the possibility of gridding the city from the many motorways that cross the metro area; perhaps, some 2000 TBs could do. As I said, the atmosphere of the suburbs was quite depressing so I’m sure this action could bring brilliant results. Anyway, its good we are trying our hands at Naples and I hope to report good news in the future.

Naples has a very peculiar culture. It has a strong popular tradition when it comes to theatre, not to talk about its traditional music, “la tammurriata”, deeply rooted in the dyonisiac rites. I think that this is the most fascinating heritage of the greek culture in our land. The obsessive and hypnotic rythm of our traditional music, a way to reach an altered state of mind through dance, is dyonisiac in itself. It would be good to write a post on tarantism one day.