Lanai Dolphin-Gifting Expedition Success

Don Croft
02 May 2008 06:53
Subject: Lanai Dolphin-Gifting Expedition Success
changes to previous info given:
Hulopo’e is the real name of the bay where the dolphins regularly visit. Manel’e bay is where the ferry comes in. the campground is not part of the park service. the whole island is pretty much owed by a david murdoch. to camp you call 808-565-2970. $20 one time fee and $5 per person a day.
the ferry number is 800-695-2624. island air should have a flight to lana’i as well.

i don’t have time to write the whole story about our swims with the pod or pods.
they spent the whole day in or around the bay. there were hundreds by the end of the day the happy energy built to quite a peak. we brought out about 20-30 lbs of orgonite at about 6:45am. and had 4 go outs during the day.
couple pics attached. more later.
aloha, dave


Dave emailed an up-close photo, taken underwater on that trip, of ten spinner dolphins. I’m still assimilating the energy/info that I got from my experience with them, last month–it’s a big deal and I hope you’ll experience it.

The fact that these dolpins in Lanai interacted with swimmers all day long perhaps indicates that they were quite excited and grateful for the orgonite these folks kindly delivered. I understand that they generally do this for a few hours in the early morning, otherwise, then begin their sleep routine.


Don Croft
02 May 2008 08:11
Subject: Re: Lanai Dolphin-Gifting Expedition Success
Here’s Dave’s report and my email response to him:


Sent you an email yesterday and am following up today.
when we put the orgonite in Hulopo’e Bay in Lanai there was no indication that the dolphins would pick it up and move it.
on our first swim with them they acted kind of odd, but still greeted us. a couple people commented on the unusual vibe that the dolphins had. in the afternoon i saw the devices still on the sea bed. my wife is convinced that they were very happy about our gift tho. she took the boogie board out around 4 and had a life changing experience with them. by then hundreds of them had shown up and their joy was apparent even from they beach. she said she got the impression that they were thanking her. they would shoot up from the bottom in large groups in a swirling double helix and even jump out of the water as they swirled. trying to get her to write it up, but she may not. she used to be a hippy and has been with dolphins plenty, but has never experienced anything like that before. Also it’s rare for the pods to spend the whole day in that bay.
i’m thinking that they will move the gifts later.

i sense that there are powerful haarp blasts going on here. sky certainly looks that way to me. wish there was some help finding and disabling their towers since it just gets worse the more i do. my helper keeps getting discouraged. ive wondered about him ever since we got started. he frequents open forums, and won’t go to yours because he doesn’t like the word warriors in the title. prolly an excuse he came up with because he is being mentally blocked from it.

have been reading thru the your adventures journal lately and am being entertained while getting info at the same time.
you seemed to think pj people were about to wake up in 2002, but here in 2008 there doesn’t seem to be much indication of that from my perspective. these death tower builders seem to be adamant about their grand plan.
guess i’ll stick with the ocean gifting and see if the crap sky turns blue again. hopefully news of the gifts will get around in dophin world.

aloha, dave r.


Thx to you and your wife for the report, Dave!

Carol sent you some dolphin balls but you apparently didn’t get them berore your trip but of course they can be used anytime, anywhre. The spinner dolphins may start showing up closer to where you live, after this, for instance. Tossing orgonite in the sea attracts them and there was a fellow on Maui who made close friends with the blue whales by gifting, there, for some months a couple of years ago before he moved to New Mexico. That’s something you and your wife might pursue, too.

Living on an island makes it relatively easy to disable HaARP, actually, and please don’t feel discouraged if you have to do it alone. Sure, PJ folks are waking up along with the rest of us but it doesn’t mean they’ll start tossing orgonite soon Wink or getting past militant pacifism and other brain-police paradigms immediately. With orgonite, there’s something for everyone, even for the people who foolishly support behavior-modification forums.

As Dan in Bali has demonstrated, distributing orgonite in the sea smacks the HAARPies down quite dramatically and this is likely because the dolphins will take the orgonite to underwater weaponry. You can track that easily. 20 or 30 pounds of orgonite busts a lot of seabed HAARP/death transmitters. Dan has tossed hundreds of pounds and the effect in his part of the Pacific is quite astounding, according to his reports and photo evidence. We don’t doubt that dolphins and whales are helpers but we consider ourselves their helpers, too.

It’s experiences like the one you had in Lanai that gradually help us each to dissolve our self-defeating programming. We were all raised with it, of course, thanks to this parasitic old world order. Carol also witnessed the double-helix swimmming by spinner dolphins, up from the bottom all around her, please tell your wife. I think both of them will be heartened by that. Of course, everyone’s experience in the water with dolphins is unique and stand-alone in significance and personal meaning. Where else will we find such pure expressions of love and spiritual training in this world? What boggles my mind is that a few moments with them produces such astonishing effects in our lives and that they live in that state, nor do they seem to angst about dying.

Similarly, every pod we’ve encountered during our sea-gifting boat sorties has apparently needed some time to assimilate the energy of orgonite, though they immediately seem to know that it’s good stuff, at least, and they usuallya thanked us.

Our singular and joint psi experience (Carol and I in a wakeful state) with dolphins happened on the evening that we first gave orgonite to dolphins, seven years ago in Florida. Those two dolphins, at first, were quite challenged by the intense energy from the simple orgonite devices we tossed into their pens during our after-hours ‘commando gifting raid from the sea’ on the facility. It was a few more hours before they responded psychicly/physically (for me, commiunication from dolphins starts with my legs twitching, which has been preventing me from sleeping quite a lot since our trip, last month Wink ) and expressed their gratitude and support. The one who had been very sick was doing flips and walking across the water the next morning. It was seven years before I actually swam with dolphins, which is very much a ‘next level’ experience for me, even though the previous psi event was incredible. This seems to be a pattern, by the way: genuine empowerment is a more gradual process than awakening can be. It’s what we do with the awakening experiences that leads to self-empowerment, apparently.

Getting close to them in the water is something that only a few pods will allow, at least for now, but maybe when more people will start tossing orgonite in the sea, more and more pods will invite swimmers to join them over time. It’s the selfless act of large-scale gifting that apparently breaks down the self-defeating programming faster than otherwise, which is perhaps why more and more people across the world are breaking free of the old brain-police paradigms.