Laozu and Cesco UK visit

Laozu and Cesco paid us a visit on their vortex opening tour, with Rich as the wheels. They can fill in the details.

The weather for the week they were here was a heatwave, and rained on the day they left, now it is fairly overcast. Wink

While on the weather, Rich organised about 21 Cbs around the UK at cost price, some free, and the only area with drought warnings, SE England, is the only place we never sent any CBs.Wink The one I sent to London is currently in the house, as the owner moved to a place with no garden. It pissed down with rain all May around here. And it usually feels fantastic, last week I got that feeling you get in the tropics or in the south of France, nice warm breeze, puffy white clouds, and crystal clear sky.

They went to Scotland and met Paddy who showed them some stone circles, most of which felt bad in the middle, maybe they used them for sacrifices we though. One had a very fine spirit in residence. They also came across a portal, near a vortex.

Paddy has now decided to give up his HED device, after talking with Kelly. Kelly’s 6 TBs in a circle will be my method for dealing with black lines. I tried putting the TB crystals in various ways, upright, sideways pointing in/out/clockwise etc, but not worth the bother. Even tried 7inch copper pipe in each TB. A 9inch diameter to centre of TBs was his verdict. I have one friend living in Monmouth who house is on two lines, on placing 6 TB circle on line they noticed an immediate improvemnt in the energy.

Cesco started on his 15mm copper coil, taking breaks to play football with the sheepdogLaughing Will finish that one in Sept. He made me some to go in the Earth pipes for the base under Scamm… dam.

A local friend turned up to show them the Assemblage point……  He learnt it by watching Jon Whale, who learnt it off harley Swiftdeer Reagan…..nbsp;about 14 years ago, coincidently my local friend is called Regan. We got him to locate the AP on 3 people without Kelly watching. He then found them easily just by looking. Mine was dropped about 4 inches, but had gone back up when they came back to pick up some TBs. I was feeling a lot better as you can imagine. Not sure what dropped it, probably stress, the cause of which had gone by then. Cesco can feel others APs by mirroring their position on himself, and I think he said he could use one of his coils to shift it back to centre.

John Richards also visited to talk about his work cutting energy consumption to his fridge, by around 70% I think, using board on back and top made of some building material that is similar to orgonite. It also keeps veg going for ages. I’ll post that when he sends it to me. He used a meter to measure the energy.

Still have some trace of the nasty entities in my cellar, have to find something to get rid of them. Maybe a special HHG.

I ahven’t met Don, but if you can judge someone just by his friends, Cesco and Kelly, he is certainly a fine fellow. Smile The Cesco coil is a miracle. And the ability that Laozu has to communicate with trees and spirits, while feeling chi, is another one or two at least. People with these sort of gifts, I feel, were eradicated by Elite in western countries, and only kept by Native Americans who kept them to themselves, probably due to the genocide of native tribes. It is a good job Laozu decided to be born in the West for this lifetime, not the Orient Smile