Large Hadron Collider - Go Live 10th Sept

06 Sep 2008 09:16
Subject: Large Hadron Collider – Go Live 10th Sept
I recall Don mentioning some of the Swiss gifters plan to get this place gifted, so thought to post up a reminder. If any noble souls can get this place gifted in the next few days it would be awesome.


Don Croft
07 Sep 2008 15:13
Subject: Re: Large Hadron Collider – Go Live 10th Sept
Thx, Rich–some of the Swiss gifters put some earthpipes at the facility a couple of years ago but it’s a huge facility, so needs a lot more earthpipes. We’ve been working on this in the chatroom for a couple of months, more lately. A 3D plan wil be carried out by one of the chatroom participants to finish the job but it’s probably not time to share the details, yet, for the sake of his/her safety.

What the psychics are seeing is that this facility has another purpose that bears no resemblance to its stated purpose but that shouldn’t be surprising, since the What To Think Network and the Ministry of Truth routinely lie about everything that’s important, of course.

What they’re seeing is rather more like the Philadelphia Experiment in nature: an attempt by the world order to get the timestream back in their favor and also an effort, similar to the Delta Transmitter experiments at Montauk, to materialize destructive thoughtforms. I say ‘similar’ because a Delta Transmittter is an octahedron, not a donut. The massive delta transmitter on the top of the AT&T hindquarters in New York, near Gracie Mansion, probably never came online because Kam Wong gifted the site shortly after it was built… That big Delta Transmitter is actually a building on top of the building, with walls, windows, etc., and is about a hundred feet high. Maybe they wanted to create a CLOVERFIELD scenario with that one. Truth about the world odor’s hopes and dreams is always weirder than fiction, after all, if one has the stomach to uncover enough of it.

Fortunately, what the psychics saw in today’s chat session is that the skunkwork scientists at CERN are in disarray and terrified of further mishaps, since the $#!+birds who own and run the facility are blaming them for the continuing failures Cool

Also, the psychics apparently found several key vortices aroudn the world from which these corporate $#!+birds have been trying to siphon energy for the project. The effort to hide this from the psychics was so intense that it was pretty easy to see how important it was to the success of these parasites’ effort.

Directly opposite, on the same latitude, is apparently the location in the Gobii Desert where the dark masters reside in a transdimensional condition, which they apparently think is safe from humanity. We think it’s likely that they created/generated that desert in order to feel at home in a dense field of deadly orgone radiation. It’s apparently how they formed all the deserts in our world and it’s become apparent that orgonite turns deserts back into healthy environments when one is willing to do the legwork, as Georg and friends have been doing in the Kalahari and Namib Deserts and many others of us have been doing, less dramatically and more gradually, in the Southwestern US.

We’re not concerned that they’ll be successful on Oct 10 because they’re apparently aiming for the fall equinox for their main effort. I suspect they’re going to try it even if they contginue to be off balance but the earthpipes all around the facility will probably prevent a catastrophe in that case. I guess I don’t mind if