Late night blasting session

(Pekka) #1

Last night after a succesful gifting run I invited my friend to my home for a cup of tea and so. It turned out the dark forces were still attacking him, so I decided to give him some energetic healing and boost. The energy streamed very strongly, I could feel as also he confirmed later on. Soon also my beloved mate came in, and took part in the healing.

Almost immediately I started to blast, I felt the attacks on my lower chakras as well, they made sure they want no one to intervene their games. But what should I care? The situation was actually quite heavy in some ways, my beloved one told that when entering the apartment, she could almost see the shadows all over the place.

Then I let my lady take charge in healing my friend, and started to blast the group that apparently was behind the attacks. I did that directing my concentration with some movements with the physical body. They belong to series apparently used by ancient shamans of Mexico I know have impact. While accelerating the rate of hits I delivered to them, my whole vision of space changed which often happens when performing these movements.

The group got quite blasted, I can tell [Image Can Not Be Found] I had the feeling they were scattered on the floor etc. in some underground chamber where they perform their rituals, intel telling me it contains use of runes. My instincts told me they are some rather old brotherhood, which matches the description Tapani gives about them when he confronted them physically while gifting their site.

In fact, one of them actually tried to attack him but because of the protection instead ran away. They seem pretty imbalanced folks to me. Tapani also said, that when he boosted these older men who were following him, it had no impact. But last night they surely got hits.

Moments after that as we were just sitting around the table and chatting all three of us, I was delivered a vision of some seemingly high-ranking fellow carrying another one in an underground facility or whatever headquarters it was for them. To be honest, I am not 100% sure about the clarity of my perceptions, but it seemed to me this one being carried was, if not dead, severely blasted. Because I prefer being modest, I really do not know if this is the case, but from how it felt, they most certainly got delivered some shots in the ethers, AND what is most important, my friend no longer could feel the parasites’ efforts on him which is what counts truly.

All in all, I feel this was very empowering experience. I sent this brotherhood of parasites a message ‘don’t come to us, we will come to you’.

That most certainly is the case. I tell you parasites, you have done enough to have me as a guest. Can you handle that?

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