Laxahatchee River_Jupiter Inlet_FLA

Sort of following up to Don’s reply to Jackson’s thread You’ve got a lot of balls.

Don stated that Carol has seen Dolphins return to Jupiter Inlet and the water is now

crystal clear and deep blue. This is very exciting to hear.

While I was in Florida I had the pleasure of kayaking the Laxahatchee River twice and gifting it while I paddled.

The first day I started at the top of the river from the State park entrance off Indiantown Rd. In Jupiter. There is a canoe and kayak outfitter on site , so those without their own canoe can also go out and explore this very pristine river.

I paddled down stream for a little more than an hour, dropping tb’s into the river every 100 yards or so. I saw more than one aligator and a few tiny newborn gators as well. I also

spotted turtles and quite a few birds. I decided to turn around once I came upon a dam which I would have had to to portage over. The Laxahatchee is so breathtakingly beautiful, I think my jaw was open the entire 3 hours I was on

Fast forward a few days and now I’m paddling upstream from the State Park entrance off

RT1 in Tequesta. This paddle was a little more work since I was heading into the wind and the current was moving against me. I did manage to get far enough along to where the sides of river narrowed to 20 feet or so and almost to where I had turned around the last time I was out on it. Same gifting strategy, every 100 yards or so a tb and then another.

I must have gotten 50 plus tb’s into the river during my 2 day kayaking adventure .

One would have to ask, is it just another coincidence that the Dolphins are back and swimming upstream again after my gifting it ?

If you love nature and want to bring life back to your local river then I suggest you bring some $1.00 tb’s with you next time you go paddling and watch for results.