Let's Boost The Internet!

Don, Carol and I were in the chat the other day and had the brainstorm to boost the entire internet. It came about because we have all been having a slowdown problem with our internet-based businessness. Usually when we boost together we are able to get our businesses to pick up, but in this case only Stevo’s biz got busier, and we figure it was because he is the only one of the four of us who’s business is not internet-based. So, we started boosting out from our computers over the physical internet connection and kicking hackers off the line. What I see when I do this is Mkid hackers sitting at computers like zombies and when our love energy hits them they basically drop off the line.

We’ve proven to ourselves over and over again that this works, especially when someone is being prevented from entering a chat room, and we all boost, and suddenly they are able to get in. Just today, Carol was trying to send me some photos, both over email and on my phone. Nothing came through until we did this type of boosting. Suddenly, my phone chimed with a new message from Carol.

None of us have the time to sit and boost every internet connection in the world, but what if everyone reading this forum did it on their computer and spread it out as far as they could? I think that boosting the internet might help more Truth get out in the world. Right now a lot of Truth is already coming out and is heralding the downfall of the NWO. They are being exposed like cockroaches when the light is turned on. Let’s hasten this process with some strategic boosting that will also help you personally by getting hackers off your computer connections and making your life easier.

So the basic technique is to boost your physical connection to the internet, and visualize it spreading out. For instance, my connection goes from my computer through a router to a satellite modem, out the wall of my house to the satellite dish. Then it goes up to the satellite and back down to my ISP, and so on. Whether there are wires or not, you can boost the connection. Just imagine your energy traveling along that path. It will work even if you don’t know what the connection equipment actually looks like, or if there is no equipment at all and it’s wireless. The energy will go from point to point, such as from my satellite dish to the satellite in space.

If you’re not familiar with how to boost, look at the Basic Boosting exercise on my website at [url:2qws8v9h]http://www.donebydooney.com/boosting.html[/url:2qws8v9h]. Anyone can do this, and it just takes a little focus and a lot of heart energy. I’ve taught a lot of folks how to boost over the years and it’s really quite simple. If you know how to pray, you basically know how to boost, you just have to focus the energy in a particular direction. Just push the energy out as far as you can, and then imagine it spreading even further when you are done boosting. Ask the Universe to continue spreading your boosting efforts out farther and farther. Imagine your energy intersecting with the energy of other people who are doing this boosting. Imagine lines of love energy spreading all over the planet via internet connections.

By the way, Don and Carol’s business picked up after we did this and mine has started to pick up a little more as well. It definitely works if you focus on it enough. Let’s work together to do this. Just do a little boosting every time you sit at your computer and imagine the energy going out farther each time.

Have fun!
Dooney [Image Can Not Be Found]

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This dovetails with something I was thinking about Friday, I believe it was. I was thinking about the age-long, assiduous occupation and coopting of the world’s energy grid by The Powers That Were. Then I thought about the fact that a speaker is also a microphone – and thought “if you direct positive energy into the grid and send it to the entities at the ‘collection end’, it will get to them, without fail.” And so I started boosting whenever I saw a statue in a square, or a building placed at what I thought was a key point.

I’ve successfully boosted my way through hacker negativity, but am embarrassed I never thought of the very simple “boost the internet” concept.

It’s funny, the Powers That Were built the internet ostensibly as an un-takedownable communications infrastructure for military purposes. I think rather it was a ‘we can suck everyone’s energy’ thing, at its base, kind of like the larger, grosser network of buildings and monuments at key places on the world grid, and later ‘cell towers’ and other erstwhile communications intrastructure.

Unfortunately for them, the energy goes both ways, and POR trumps DOR, every time.

I sit at a terminal 8 hours a day, and have been boosting, more and more, throughout my day. I shall now direct it into the energy network that is the web, and we shall see what we shall see. Thanks, Dooney, for the suggestion.

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I’ve been boosting out through my Internet connection pretty much daily for more than 3 years now. I do this just prior to hooking up to the Internet each time.

In addition I have put orgonite pieces in various places along the physical connection lines at home.

I like the suggestion to boost the Internet. I think its a great idea to have the energy spread farther and farther out on the Internet the way you suggest.

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This is an idea that’s ready for popularity and thanks for posting it, Coach. Jeff, that’s very insightful about the smilarity beween the internet grid and the old earth grid, both of which have ancient corporate parasite infestations [Image Can Not Be Found] and it’s pretty easy and natural to just do routine boosting when we get online, thanks, Kristian.

In our little session last week we discussed the idea of asking for a planned group boost for the internet at a specific time. The only thing that gives us pause about that is that it’s a tactic that’s used by the sewer rats to suck energy from a focused crowd. It might work, though–want to discuss it?

When Carol and I were working closely with Don Bradley he shared a lot of stuff with us. In the late 1980s he was part of a team of theosophy/masonic psychics and poobahs who created the Harmonic Convergence scam at the Sedona masonic temple. He showed us a group photo from there and pointed out all the heavy hitters, including his student, Shirley MacLaine and a bona fide dark master, Torkum Sassarian, who was his handler and was directly responsible for the success of the scam. DB’s other ‘stablemates’ were all there (the popular newage gurus, most of whom are still in harness for the dark masters). The Harmonic Convergences is an example of how the corporate order attaches itself as a parasite to new movements, most of which they create, of course. They failed to attach to the orgonite movement because it’s not organized. They’re also failing to attach to the American state secession movement for the same reason.

It might be fun and instructive for the psychics to watch for an attempt by the sewer rats to suck energy from a planned global event to boost the internet [Image Can Not Be Found]

When I read Dooney’s and then Jeff’s posts I did some directed boosting and felt my heart get some additional expansion so I think this is already working on a group level. The heart is the best barometer.

Thanks, folks!


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