Let's Chronicle the Current Earth Axis Wobble!

The earth axis is wobbling again. It happened for a year and a half or so, before, and nobody talked about it, much, but this time it’s obviously more pronounced.

Before, one of my customers measured a six degree shift from the official sunrise location in Lagos, Nigeria, which is near the equator. This time, I think there’s a much wider variance.

Sunrise and sunset where we live (next to Palm Beach, Florida) was just about where it ought to be when we arrived last fall and now it’s about 20 degrees too far north north in both cases. The sun shines into our noth-facing windows in morning and evening and it’s directly overhead at noon. We’re on a tropic line, so sunrise and sunset ought to be east/southeast in all cases.

The moon’s orbit seems to be where it traditionally is, by the way, but when the earth axis wobble was less pronounced, between January, 2003 and the summer of 2005 the moon orbit was petty crazy, once rising due south from where STeve in Toronto took a bearing. The moon’s orbit began to get erratic about a year before the earth’s rotational axis began to wobble and some might feel that the moon was manipulated in order to perhaps geneate earth catastrophes. I pesonally believe that the moon is a powered, ancient artificial satellite in addition to having the requisite mystical qualities. Why not?

If you’re basically aware of where the sun should be rising and setting where you live, please post in this thread if 1) the locations are appoximately the same as usual or 2) if they’re off, approximately how much are they off? I don’t think we need to take precise measurements at this point in order to demonstrate the phenomenon’s features.

If we were to take precise measurements, then someone who isn’t mathematically challenged could easily tell us where in the world the current rotational North and South axis points are. If we keep this going, we can tell whether and to where the axis is moving, too. The sewer rats know, but they’re not telling. I don’t think they’re responsible, by the way; rather, I think this phenomenon is one more nail in their coffin.

Did you know that Dr Reich referred to the sewer rats as ‘TIGs?’ ‘Thugs In Government.’

One of my compasses gives erratic readings, now, and I’ll try to figure out if this indicates a shift in the magnetic poles, too.

Simple observations like this need not trigger a Chicken Little response, of course. The last time the axis wobbled nothing much happened in terms of natural calamities, the end of personal freedom or the fall of dynasties and the only thing that might be happening during this more pronounced shift is some hotter and rainier weather in some areas.

A couple of years ago Bradley shared some online photos of deep pools of water on the ice cap at the north pole. I wonder if the current wobble will incrase the melting of the polar ice. If that’s so, low lying coastal regions and perehaps entire areas like the Mississippi Valley are about to gradually lose all of their property value and we’d better get busy reversing all of the deserts on the planet with orgonite. Why not just quietly replace these heinous, centralized first- and second-world national governments with functional skeleton crews while we’re at it, so we can all move to the next step, which is global freedom, unity and prosperity.

Please post your local, approximate solar observations in this thread! We EW folks are spread all over the world, so we can get a pretty comprehensive body of data without a lot of effort.



I don’t have a compass, so I decided to look at my shadow at midday on a sunny day. We don’t have lots of those because we’re in our cold season till the end of August, where temperatures could go down to 5 degrees celcius. Many people don’t expect that to happen on the equator, but Nairobi is 6,000ft above sea level, and is thus reasonably cool around the year.

When the sun finally came out yesterday, I had a chance to do the experiment. I was quite surprised to find that I cast a long and diagonal shadow. I like observing things, so I’ve done this several times before in my life. I understand that the sun is up north towards the Tropic of Cancer, so there out to be some difference than when its directly over the equator, but its never been so pronounced, and I’ve certainly not seen the shadow not coming from due west or east, so you might be on to something, Don. I’ll try to get my hands onto a compass and see what happens.

I live near the coast in New Jersey about a mile or so from the Altantic Ocean. Our house is oriented so that the back faces east towards the ocean and the front faces west. A few mornings ago upon awakening I went into the bathroom which is on the east side of the house and looked out the east-facing window. It was a sunny morning, but I immediately noticed that I couldn’t see the sun while looking directly out the window. I had to lean way over to the right side (south) of the window to look out at a sharp angle before I could see the rising sun. With Don’s post in mind about the sunrise being too far north, I was a bit startled to observe how far north the rising sun seemed to appear. Perhaps in the past I’ve been typically a bit weary-eyed in the morning to take note of the position of the rising sun, but that particular morning the sun’s position seemed rather unusual. Hard to judge on an angle, but if I had to guess I’d say it seemed 10 degrees or more out of whack.

We’ve had a lot of rain and cloudy weather lately, so I haven’t much been able to observe the sunrise over the last few days, but I wanted to at least post this observation in this thread.

Hey, the sun is rising maybe 10 degrees to the north of usual.

Just enough to notice that it is OFF it’s normal point.

The sunset is also above where it sets as well.

Here is a URL to get the compass bearing for sunrise from your location:

The data is consistent with an astronomy program which i have had for a couple of years. I computed using both sources as somehow I just don’t put a lot of confidence in the Navy ( if you get my drift

Thanks a lot, folks, and keep it coming.

Ceed, that site is invaluable since it allows us to get some hard data. Hans in Switzerland send me this URL, which shows the precise path of the wobble:

I don’t quite understand it–can anyone with more math talent explain it here? Yo, Grandpa Tom Wloka in Toronto says the sun is also rising and setting, there, way too far north.

I 1986 I moved to Lloydminster from Calgary for work. Lloyd’s about 300 km north of Calgary, about the same latitude as Edmonton. I ran out of fuel near Vermillion and pulled into a station to wait for morning to refuel. I was shocked at how the sun never really went down and grew to enjoy the summer months with all the extra light. I now live 100 km farther north and even on June 20th the sun set at around 11pm and it was dark. Last week I was camping in Coldlake, a 100 kms farther north. It was pitch black for about 5 hours at night. The sun feels more intense this year, my 4 days in ColdLake were so hot I could not stand it.


Brent, it would be helpful to know if the summer days are longer or shorter now than when you arrived.

Ceed, I checked that US Navy azimuth chart (thanks, again!) after Ken Hunt sent me the following URL:

That site indicates that 30 degree north sunrises are characteristic in Manhattan on a couple of summer days each year. That might be easy to verify for someone in Manhattan who looks up.

As soon as it stops being so cloudy, here, I’ll check the sunrise/sunset bearings where we live but those are not nearly as far off as I’d thought, apparently, unless the US Navy has altered the data. Ken also noted that in Nov, 03, the umbra of an eclipse lasted an hour instead of the predicted 17 minutes, also that there was a curious arrangements of planets, then (six pointed star, though he includes Nibiru as one of the six, which might be impossible to verify, though is sure worth considering. I’m starting to understand the chart which Hans sent. We started noticing the different sunrise sunset locations a couple years ago and according to this chart there’s apparently going to be a only be a minute shift over three years. Note the spike that occured around May of this year. Maybe that was caused by a huge comet or something.

Here in Mindanao, Philippines it’s been overcast from dawn till dark for over a week. But this morning broke clear and bright so I took bearing on the rising sun.

Had to climb the water tower on the compound here to be free of visual obstructions, and if the metal tower did not give the compass a false reading the sun rose as per the navy azimuth data.

At this lattitude the sun rose at 67 and one half degrees and that agreed with the read out.


I have no doubt that anyone’s obervations will agree with the US Navy calculations, Ceed, and I thought that maybe I’d taken crazy pills on that count, until Carol and I checked our astrocartography data the other day

We’ve been studying this data for several years and the various lines and nodes were constant, according to our birth times and places. We hadn’t looked at the site in several months and this time all of the data had shifted dramatically, as if the site author were extorted to conform his site to the ‘new’ history data.

The only thing to do to check the US Navy data, I think, is to copy some of it then plug in the same info in a couple of months to see if the data has been altered, again. I doubt the axis has reached stasis but I could be wrong. It’s been characteristic of the sewer rats to constantly have to shift their propaganda and tactics to ‘keep up’ with all the changes that are beyond their control. For example, the ‘imminent eruptions’ of Mt Rainier and the Yellowstone caldera were never commented on when the seismic activity in both places halted after enough gifting had been done in both places. Nobody on the What To Think Network ever said, ‘Gee, it looks like there won’t be an eruption, after all; isn’t that wonderful?!’ Watch how studiously they will ignore the subject of ‘no hurricanes in the American Southeast’ at the end of this HAARPicane season, after they had incessantly predicted ‘the worst storms in history’ for this region.

The site which Hans sent me, if it’s valid, indicates that the ‘earth wobble’ is so slight that it wouldn’t even interfere with the sun position at crucial times in relation to the old solar temples’ orientation. It would be good to know if the Stonehenge event this June turned out as usual. Lots and lots of people go to STonehenge each solstice and equinox to observe the sunrise effects, I gather, though maybe only the dirty ones are allowed to get close enough to see what’s happening. It’s heavily guarded, 24/7. Any of you guys in UK know something about this?

Really, there are enough wonderfully evident conspiracies in the world, thanks to the prolific World Odor, that I don’t feel inclined to dig up more but it seems obvious to Carol and I, at least, that the earth’s axis is shifting dramatically because the days are too short this summer and I don’t recall ever seeing the sun rise and set that far north in the northern hemisphere, before. Ceed’s far enough from us, and in a slightly northern tropical latitude, that his sunrise observation might indicate that we’re clutching at straws, of course, to find 3D confirmation for our feeling that something has dramatically shifted in our world.

It’s certainly within the technical capability of the World Odor to erase and/or edit enough data to get most folks to assume that anything is ‘normal’ and ‘not worthy of attention.’ Evidence of that is that 99.99% of what passes for info about conspiracies on the web is disinfo. Thankfully, the self-publishing companies seem to be fairly exempt from that influence by now, so the really viable conspiracy material is easily available, at last.

Jacques Laselle constantly has to deal with NSA, CIA and MI6 hackers just to keep this board up and running. I’m sure that if it weren’t hosted in Montreal, a step removed from these sewer rat agencies, we’d be unable to keep it going at all. If they put that much effort into sabotaging such an obscure site as ours, which only has about four hundred visitors per day, now, imagine how much they’ve got vested in poisoning and misleading the more heavily-visited sites that deal with potentially-empowering subject matter.

I’ll copy some of the data from that US Navy site (which was recently erased from my favorites, by the way, by an uninvited guest in our home) into this thread and into my Word documents, then in a couple of months I’ll check again to see if the data has been altered in any of the three locations and will post the results here. It’s not a pressing matter–not much more than a curiosity, in fact, but one way or another we intend to identify what’s happening.

Here’s the table for today’s sun positions in Washington, DC:

Astronomical Applications Dept.
U.S. Naval Observatory
Washington, DC 20392-5420

o , o ,
W 77 02, N38 53

Altitude and Azimuth of the Sun
Jul 17, 2006
Eastern Standard Time

Altitude Azimuth
(E of N)

h m o o
03:50 -11.6 50.3
04:00 -10.0 52.1
04:10 -8.5 53.9
04:20 -6.9 55.6
04:30 -5.3 57.3
04:40 -3.6 58.9
04:50 -1.9 60.5
05:00 0.3 62.1
05:10 1.8 63.7
05:20 3.5 65.2
05:30 5.2 66.7
05:40 6.9 68.2
05:50 8.7 69.7
06:00 10.6 71.2
06:10 12.4 72.6
06:20 14.2 74.0
06:30 16.1 75.5
06:40 18.0 76.9
06:50 19.9 78.3
07:00 21.8 79.8
07:10 23.7 81.2
07:20 25.6 82.6
07:30 27.6 84.1
07:40 29.5 85.6
07:50 31.4 87.1
08:00 33.4 88.6
08:10 35.3 90.2
08:20 37.3 91.8
08:30 39.2 93.4
08:40 41.1 95.1
08:50 43.1 96.8
09:00 45.0 98.7
09:10 46.9 100.6
09:20 48.8 102.6
09:30 50.7 104.7
09:40 52.6 106.9
09:50 54.4 109.3
10:00 56.3 111.9
10:10 58.0 114.6
10:20 59.8 117.6
10:30 61.5 120.9
10:40 63.1 124.5
10:50 64.7 128.4
11:00 66.2 132.7
11:10 67.5 137.5
11:20 68.8 142.8
11:30 69.9 148.7
11:40 70.8 155.0
11:50 71.5 161.9
12:00 72.0 169.2
12:10 72.2 176.7
12:20 72.2 184.4
12:30 71.9 191.9
12:40 71.4 199.1
12:50 70.7 205.9
13:00 69.7 212.2
13:10 68.6 218.0
13:20 67.3 223.2
13:30 65.9 227.9
13:40 64.4 232.2
13:50 62.9 236.0
14:00 61.2 239.6
14:10 59.5 242.8
14:20 57.8 245.7
14:30 56.0 248.5
14:40 54.1 251.0
14:50 52.3 253.4
15:00 50.4 255.6
15:10 48.5 257.7
15:20 46.6 259.7
15:30 44.7 261.6
15:40 42.8 263.4
15:50 40.8 265.1
16:00 38.9 266.8
16:10 37.0 268.4
16:20 35.0 270.0
16:30 33.1 271.6
16:40 31.1 273.1
16:50 29.2 274.6
17:00 27.2 276.0
17:10 25.3 277.5
17:20 23.4 278.9
17:30 21.5 280.4
17:40 19.6 281.8
17:50 17.7 283.2
18:00 15.8 284.7
18:10 13.9 286.1
18:20 12.1 287.5
18:30 10.2 289.0
18:40 8.4 290.4
18:50 6.6 291.9
19:00 4.9 293.4
19:10 3.2 294.9
19:20 1.5 296.5
19:30 0.0 298.0
19:40 -2.3 299.6
19:50 -3.9 301.2
20:00 -5.6 302.9
20:10 -7.2 304.6
20:20 -8.8 306.3
20:30 -10.3 308.1
20:40 -11.9 309.9

I looked at the Navy site just now and computed their local sun azimuth data. According to that, the sun rose at 5:40 this morning but I was up, then, and it was pitch black out

The sun did come up where the chart indicated, according to a good compass. I’ll check the sunset time on the table today. One of our feelings is that the day’s are way too short for summer. I hope you’ll do this simple exercise if my sunset observation is as far off the chart as my sunrise one was today.


The Navy calculations are 6 degrees off in the early hours, where I live. This would be quite a problem for Navy navigators, I think, if they relied on anything but GPS for their positions. In a couple of months, when I check the calculations against their table that I copied and posted here we’ll see whether the tables are subject to periodic ‘editing’ these days. Maybe if I’d measured the sun azimuth with the same compass a month ago the difference would only have been two degrees, for instance. Our GPS is quite accurate, which is nice because pretty soon we’ll be dodging coral reefs in the Bahamas

Also, I’m sure you remember that it was still light out until around ten PM in the summertime when you were a kid. I say, ‘kid’ because only kids who play outside consider this a really important issue. Now, it’s dark before 8PM in all the latitudes most of us live in. I can’t include Africa, because where Carol and I were, from the equator to south of the tropic zone, it gets dark within ten minutes of sunset. Someone’s going to figure that out someday and I’ll be surprised if it isn’t a function of a denser atmospheric orgone field.

Last night, we checked the azimuth info for Moscow, Idaho, just to see whether the calculated days are longer, that much farther north of Florida but the length of days is about the same as here, so our relatively tropic location can’t account for such short daylight periods in the summer.