Let's Examine This New Orgone Device From Italy

Don Croft
22 Jul 2008 16:07
Subject: Let’s Examine This New Orgone Device from Italy

A gifter (I assume) in Italy, who apparently doesn’t know English, sent that link to me, some time ago, and on Sunday, during the chat I asked John and Davide in Italy to review it for me and comment. John emailed this:

Hi Don, regarding the site you asked to check, I think he will need a lot of protection soon. Anyway, when you open the site click on “Torna all’ inzio� top right then you have the option English or Italian. Enjoy!



Now that I know I can read it in English I’ll do so, then will make some remarks in the thread if it feels appropriate. If the inventor is in danger I think we can protect him from teh CIA and MI6, which is probably to say we can likely protect him from Beijing’s assassins Cool

I think it’s well-enough known that Dr Reich had invented a free energy engine. Peter Reich mentioned it in his book, which Cesco painstakingly transcribed and offers as a PDF link on materiaetherica.com , in case you didn’t know.

On that stormy, windy (northeaster; blizzard) night that we arrived in Rangely, Maine, in March, 2001, and drove past Orgonon on the way to a motel, Carol ‘saw’ a powerful, free energy engine under Orgonon which was generating a lovely, perpetual vortex that was identical to what she saw at the Oregon Vortex (site of noted gravity/time anomalies).

We looked forward to her getting a closer look, the following morning, but of course we were turned away by the folks at Orgonon when we called them, so could only sit outside their locked gate for awhile. We had planned the trip because they advertised that they were open for business at that time of year. I didn’t advise them that we were coming because I already had gotten the impression (from correspondence with some of their supporters) that they wouldn’t like to know about our invention. Dr James DeMeo, a ‘favorite son’ of the current Orgonon owners, later spent a lot of time and effort trying to persuade all comers not to pay any attention to the Crofts.

When she had peeked at the center of the spherical Oregon Vortex, the previous summer (that was where and when our lifelong, joint ‘enquiry’ began) she saw an artificial device, about 50 feet underground on that property, which she said that ancient Atlanteans had put in place, many thousands of years ago. We had gifted the area in the previous autumn and gifted it some more in the following summer when we moved back West.

That night in a Rangeley motel, though, I seem to have been visited by Dr Reich in a lucid dream/vision in which he showed that underground device to me and explained it, much the same way that Wilhelm Muller in Canada had kindly and patiently demonstrated and explained his magnet-powered engine to me over several visits to his home in 1997 and 1998 (Muller was murdered in February, 2004). Please realize that I’m sharing our subjective experiences in this paragraph, okay? None of what I say is ever authoritative, of course, but what I report about sure motivates and inspires our personal efforts, at least.

We know that Dr Reich detested mystics (who can blame him? Nearly all mystics, in those days in the West, were annoying Theosophy proselytes or other sorts of gifted parasites) but it seems obvious to some that he was energy sensitive, if not psychic, and many or most of his inventions were apparently inspired, as Tesla claimed his inventions were.

I abruptly woke up at 3:33AM at that point, told Carol about my dream and set up our then-new orgonite cloudbuster in the parking lot. When we got up for breakfast, a few hours later, the CB had stopped the wind and had generated a huge, blue hole in the surrounding, persistent blizzard. Local people, patrons of the cafe at the motel, were gathering in the parking lot to stare at the hole (and glance furtively at us Wink ). I thinik they knew something about what had transpired, locally, in past years. It was in March, so these folks weren’t tourists.

I immediately forgot what I saw in the dream, unfortunately, but maybe I was being protected.

After we got snubbed Orgonon, which was otherwise open for business, we drove south, out of the windless, clear hole in the blizzard on our way to the Maine Coast, where we punched an identical blue hole in a raging coastal storm that evening. That was over eight years ago–time flies!

After I posted about our experience I got an email from someone at Orgonon, inviting us to visit them. We do hope to go back there so Carol can do some closer etheric snooping. I think the CIA was given all of the 3D ‘good stuff,’ very long ago.

It used to be so easy to get physical atmospheric confirmations like this, before the timely proliferation, within two years, of many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters and before the concurrent proliferation of millions of death towers and newer HAARP weapons (HAARPies started ruining global climate in the early 1970s, of course, and we all have mostly ruined HAARP by now Cool ).

These days, we have to work a lot harder to get those confirmations but at least everyone, or nearly everyone, is seeing Sylphs by now.


23 Jul 2008 16:55
Subject: Re: Let’s Examine This New Orgone Device From Italy
Mr. Carlo Splendore is an old inventor and he was very active in the first forum where italians
started talking about orgonite & c.
i don’t know if he wrotes yet there, but i think not.
we left that forum because it was impossible work well with a lot of disinformants inside.
i dont’t know if mr. splendore knows orgonite but i hope it.
the rotorgon is an orgone- meter very simple to make but maybe it doesnt work well because is very fragile.
here the tutorial for a simpler one from old forum.

I do not know if mr Splendore is harrassed
or in danger, but they are several years that write and publish its inventions on the web and he’s a very nice person and
sociable one.

24 Jul 2008 04:12
Subject: Re: Let’s Examine This New Orgone Device From Italy
Thanks for the link, Davide. It reminded me of the Egely wheel indeed! I saw there are links to the Egely wheel as wel, under the article. It might be that this kind of perpetual energy is more related to Victor Stepanovich Grebennikov’s work (see link on EW, upper left corner). I’ve tested (: played with Mr. Yellow ) several orgonite devices with the Egely wheel, but nothing noticabel to report. The Egely wheel doesn’t react to orgone energy, only to hollow copper pipes (=not earthpipe). Maybe it has more to do with cavity resonance?


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