Let's see if boosting will help this woman

I got this note today from someone I hadn’t heard from, before. Let’s all boost her and through her to see if the feds get off her back, okay? I don’t know if this is genuine but it costs nothing to send energy from our hearts. I’ll let her know we’re doing this and I’ll post some followup. At some point psychics can take a peek to see if she’s legitimate. If she’s not, I’ll just drop it.

If you’re psychic and can look at someone this way you can always tell when a person is hiding something. In your imagery that one might be wearing sunglasses, might be in a box or you might see some other graphic that indicates that the person is not being genuine. It’s pretty simple. I don’t have that ability but the psychics I associate with do this pretty routinely and share intel with each other:

I need your assistance/recommendation….

I have a “HIT” out on me and am being targeted by a rogue military group(and secret govt). The rogue military group are using advanced technology on me, which I won’t go into right now.

I need your advice on what would be the best thing for me to order for protection.

This group abducted me… I am not totally certain what they have implanted/put into me, but it allows them total monitoring of me. They are not happy with what I have learned about them and now have a “HIT” on me.

I cannot leave my home … I cannot even go too many feet from my own front or back door(because they are using their invisible tech)… or they try to get into my house and have done some very specific things to kill me.

I do not know what to do.

I ask for your advice/assistance in any manner possible. Would the Power Wand be my best bet?

Gratefully yours,

[I’ll leave off her name–not important]

Here’s what she sent today and thanks for all the boosts, folks:

Hi again,

This is my update to you. My friend, who btw is former military intelligence (from way waaay back) is here. We both notice that we are not feeling the targeted energies right now. That is certainly a great improvement!


In another note, today, she told me that she gets poisoned a lot and that the feds break into her house and leave offensive messages. In other words, everything that happens to Carol and I and a few others, here [Image Can Not Be Found]

I assured her that this isn’t unusual and that the sewer rat agencies probably go after tens of thousands of individuals this way, now. I mentioned zappers and orgonite to help her prevail since she’s already checking out Dooney’s site.

I suggested that she consider that the corporate order is only a parasite. Tens of thousands of helpful activists and potential activists would surely all be dead if the sewer rats were more than parasites.