Let's See Whether We Can Help This Victim of American Ethnic

The fact that the American prison system is the largest, per capita, in world history–eclipses even Stalin’s, Castro’s, Hitler’s and Mao’s–is overlooked by most Americans because most of the prisoners are people of color.

What isn’t overlooked, if attention can be drawn to it, is that a large number of these political prisoners are Indians. Who doesn’t shed a tear for what has been done to our native brothers and sisters? Even Hitler gloated about the fact that the American government has slaughtered many times more Indians than his regime killed Jews. It’s still going on, in case you didn’t know.

John Scudamore of whale.to sent me this URL about Iron Thunderhorse’s predicament:


You might not be aware that three years ago, we committed to helping another political prisoner, Patrick Swiney in Alabama, to survive his persecution and to heal. We spent a lot of sessions helping him when attempts were being made on his life at the behest of the CIA, through some unspeakably cruel Alabama prison officials. Patrick had been a Sherriff Deputy who arrested some local officials for importing drugs for the CIA into his coastal town, then he was framed for murder and railroaded into prison.

Louis Onder gifted the prison Patrick is being held in and Patrick’s wife came very close to getting him released before her disgusting lawyers cleverly convinced her, on behalf of the feds, not to seek any more publicity.

I don’t know if we can etherically bust this innocent Indian fellow out of prison but let’s see what we can do in a chat session, for starters, then see whether there’s anyone willing to gift the prison he’s being held in, also the court where he was railroaded into prison, like Patrick, on false charges.

When you think about Iron Thunderhorse, send him a boost, okay? It all helps. We’ll go after his persecutors, of course–the entire chain of command–as well as attempt to heal him.


Thank you Don for posting this. I dont know why but your words and Iron Thunderhorse’s story touched me.

One can make a donation too at the adress Don gave : http://saveironthunderhorse.co……html#intro

One can also purchase the authorized bio of Iron Thunderhorse. And on should do so.

This man is on the same road as we are: trying to reveal the injustices made to mankind and lift all the spirits that approach him.

He needs our support; here is the letter I got with the link for his book: “

Dear Denis, This is to acknowledge notification from Pay Pal that you have made a donation to the Legal Fund for Iron Thunderhorse.

Thank you very, very much for helping.

To help people know more about Iron, we have published an authorized biography of his life entitled, “Following the Footprints of a Stone Giant: The Life and Times of Iron Thunderhorse.”

The book is now available on Amazon.com as well as https://www.buybooksontheweb.co……t;.

Please pass the word to your friends.

A quotation from the book: “For the past ten years, it has been my privilege to watch this man [Iron Thunderhorse] transforming individual lives through his good medicine, setting the record straight after so many centuries of disinformation and misinformation, teaching a language that had been declared extinct, helping and enabling us to speak and write our language once again….”

The world needs this man.

Thank you for helping.

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