Lice/Scabies/Mite/Flea epidemic in North Texas--Bioweapons?

I got the following from a loyal zapper customer and if you’r reading this and know of any other such epidemics in N America, please tell me about it: [email protected] If the corporate/military DORknobs have initiated another bioweaonry campaign maybe we can do something about it. You don’t need to pay a lot for a zapper that kills these creatures, by the way: Andy’s $26 zapper from does it fine.

Since this woman kills them with a zapper I’m assuming they’re not nanotech. If I get a chance to experiment I want to see if a strong magnet destroys corporate nanobots in the body. The DORknobs surely can’t shield these from strong magnetism. Their smaller implants (as distinct from those old, surgically implanted ones) are all disabled with a small magnet. I left her Terminator plugs in the post–please forgive me [Image Can Not Be Found]



Interesting : I live in the rural north Texas area – north of Dallas – south of the Oklahoma border

I have an acqaintance that is a pharmacist that told me that in the last few months (coincides) with my symptoms) he had written an UNHEARD OF AMOUNT of Phyretherin cream for some sort of atypical “scabies” – no one could figure it out – He said he was ordering the stuff by the CASE – and this from a pharmacy in a grocery store in Denton Texas – He was horrified – but isn’t allowed to question the “Doctors” –

Thought you would find that interesting.

When I had these skin symptoms I used de [diatomacious earth] mixed with clove oil , lavender oil, tea tree oil, and made a paste – I also made a “paint” of DE mixed with water and when it was the worst I painted my entire body at night with a brush – THEN I found the termninator – thank goodness -

I know you like info – and I don’t know if any of this is significant – but I also have an acquaintance that is a manager for a local “wally world” and said they absolutely could not keep
over the counter products on the shelves for lice – and the stuff obviously wasn’t working.

Now this all seems quite weird – my family physician who is really intrigued by my terminator said that he believes that an entity like a sand mite had come back from the Gulf war, and Irag and Afganistan that was never in this country before – and he knew of vets that had weird parasites apparantly.

That is the extent of weirdness I have observed but thought you might it interesting.

Thank you for repairing my back up terminator – I don’t go anywhere without one and my daughter (who is the biggest skeptic on earth ) now wears hers every night – She did not have a “healing” crisis when she began to use the terminator so I didn’t start her on the chem buster.

have a great weekend and thank you from myself and all the creatures on my ranch !!!