Lil' gifting in Bangkok (Thailand)

Back to Hong Kong after one week in Bangkok. It’s not my first time there but I never get tired of it. I hope there are/will be gifters in Thailand, that country has such a wonderful culture, nice smiling people, great architecture. The people have a well deserved devotion for their 73 years old king, the longest serving monarch in our world. He has been used to meet with and work for his people since his accidental coronation. There are countless pictures of him sitting for talks with farmers in remote areas, a notebook in hand, maps or camera. How many western monarch can prove being close to their people?

As for my trip, I had brought about 20-25 TBs with me and I gifted along the river which separates Bangkok in two parts. I also gifted along a west Bangkok canal that leads to an orchid farm. The orchid farm was also gifted. It’s not much done for sure as Bangkok has horrid antennas with drums all apparent and growing like mushrooms at every corner of streets … but it is a start. I also gave about 6 TBs to a Thai friend of mine so that his parents’ place be gifted in the countryside nearby Chiang Mai.

I am unsure about the following symbols but, inLumphini Park in Bangkok, there is a little bridge, on each corner of the bridge are four Nazi eagle type of poles, here is the picture

There i also a golden top masonic pyramid:

… it scared me to see this right inside Bangkok!

Good work Disundi… That eagle figure on the bridge doesn’t seem to feel too bad, but I cannot say the same about that pyramid.

Is the pyramid in Lymphini Park too? Is there a light inside, or is the glare just reflection of the sun?

Hi Kelly,

The 4 poles and the pyramid are in Lumphini Park.

The light of the pyramid was the reflection of the late day sun. I didn’t get close to it and touch it, though.

Both types of objects are not in Thai culture. In Thai culture they have the chedi a type of tsupa in a bell curved form, and this type of eagle is also inexistant, they have exhuberant stylish and very colourful animals and demons.


Hey, Didier!
Good to know there is someone else in the neighborhood doing good work!
I’ve also watched the death towers proliferate in BKK and seen the faces of Thais go from happy smiles to frowns of fear and fatigue in the last several years.
I threw some TB’s and water pipes in the canals surrounding the historic center, including Hualumphung train station, Banglumphu, and the Chao Praya River next to Sanam Luang.
My intent was to try to stop another false-flag Bali-style bombing/massacre of a tourist center.

Just to consolidate the info on gifting Thailand, here are 3 reports that I posted so far:

  1. Hey, I’m Just a Tourist! (March 1, 2005, Tips and Strategies): … 0760f9d242

  2. Hey, I’m Just a Tourist! Continued (April 21, 2005 Specific Targets): … 0760f9d242

  3. Thai Report
    The first CB I built in Northern Thailand was a straight-piper that I placed under a huge lychee tree and which I painted black to camouflage the valuable copper. It’s not that I’m usually paranoid about theft, but I’ve had copper pipes stolen off a CB before (in Romania by poor villagers who used the pipes to distill moonshine).
    I charged some crystals on the black-piped one to build a second one for the North, a TCB, a spiral designed CB that Laozu showed me how to make while he was in Japan. I placed this second CB in a valley sheltered from the mainstream microwave pollution that keeps the populace dumbed down and breathing toxic fumes. Even before it was dry, the parades of Sylphs showed up to inspect; day after day after glorious day! This sheltered valley had suddenly become their R&R, to borrow a term from the 70’s when the GI’s would recuperate in Bangkok after fighting in 'Nam.
    The straight-piper and the torsion CB now stand side-by-side while I find a home for the first one down in BKK.
    Watching the Sylphs visit day after day encouraged me to build a third one, another TCB. I took the third one to Chiengrai, the largest city in the Golden Triangle where 3 countries meet: Thailand, Burma, and Laos. While on the way there, a distance of about 200 kilometers, I tossed around 60 TB’s at the towers but could only gift half of them. The ousted prime minister, Taksin (Toxin) whom Thai children instinctively call Satan, made his multi-billions in telecommunications. He made sure there is one death tower every couple of kilometers on all the main roads.
    In Chiengrai, I asked some construction workers who were working nearby to help me install the TCB. I tried to answer their questions about the purpose of the strange device with my very limited Thai language skills. All I could manage to get across to them was that it cleans the air and brings rain. They looked at the cloudless sky, looked at each other and laughed, knowing that it hadn’t rained for months. It was the dry season after all! I left a very skeptical crew to go back to their constructing while I headed south about 3 kilometers to visit an artist. While I was sitting with the artist in his yard drinking tea, I had an unobstructed view of the north where I had placed the TCB less than an hour earlier. We were sitting in sunshine, but the area to the north was getting drenched in a sudden, very heavy downpour. I went back to the TCB and watched the crew wringing out their clothes. When they saw me, they lept over the deep puddles to ask me a million questions which I could not understand nor answer. I just grinned and mumbled an apology about interrupting their work schedule. I noticed later on that the sudden downpour was very local, a radius of about 1 kilometer, but the puddles in that area didn’t evaporate for weeks!
    After that, whenever I visited the TCB, the crew gave me their reports about how the air above the TCB is cleaner for several kilometers than the air further away.

I made a lot of TB’s and HHG’s in the North and I gave one to my friend’s brother who said he was being kept awake by a ghost hovering every night near the ceiling in his bedroom. After he placed the HHG in his room, he told me he was no longer visited by the ghost.
Several months later, when I visited him again, I noticed that the HHG was no longer in his room. I asked him why and he told me that he missed the nightly visits, and he gave me back the HHG. The next time I saw him though, he asked me for another one after he woke up one night in total terror, watching a headless demon trying to strangle him.

While I was in the North, we visited a hill-tribe elementary school that was far from the electric grid and thus had no death towers. The teachers, as usual, were not ethnic hill-tribe and were imported from the educated lowlands. While going from class to class, introducing ourselves and participating in songs and games, I got an idea. Why not test their innate etheric sensibilities?
I waited till we got to the last class, consisting of older students, all wearing boy and girlscout uniforms. (I wonder if Baden-Powell would have approved?) With permission from the amused teacher, we asked the students to form a line in front of 2 closed cardboard boxes placed on a table in front of the blackboard. They were asked to place their hands very briefly (2-3 seconds) over the 2 boxes and guess which one of the boxes contained an object (an HHG) and which one was empty. They went back to their seats and wrote on a scrap paper which box contained the object. We collected the scraps and counted the results:
in a class of 30 elementary school pupils, 21 guessed correctly.

I guess the vaccinators had better head back to the labs and find out why their vaccines didn’t manage to crush these kids’ intuitive skills!

The third report was posted here:…..t2698.html

Hi there edslist (sorry I do not know your real name),

I’m so happy to see that there is at least one gifter in Thailand. The country is far too nice in many aspects to let it become like what we have in Western countries. Indeed I saw thousands of towers in Bangkok (I was only in that city this time and was not a gifter when I went there before). I read your report on your gifting, it is very nice. When I shown the TBs to my Thai friend he was very open to it and asked me to send him more info on the orgonite. He was also very open to take those I gave to him to place them on their lot of land to the North.

About the tsunami that hit Pukhet (among many other countries) in December 2004: I was supposed to go there but I was stuck in Singapore airport, waiting for us to take off when Pyukhet got floaded. I guess I was extremely lucky since I was supposed to meet a chinese woman I know that has a house there and does spiritual work. She can also see spirits. I scrapped my second leg journey to Pukhet of course and went back to HK. She volonteered to go “clean” the beaches on different islands from the bodies. They were only asked to bring cigarettes with them and chain smoke (to avoid smelling the awful stink) and said that among all the possible horrendous things she saw or had to do then, there was hundreds of lost spirits wandering the beaches looking for their hotel room at night.

There was 5 bombings in Bangkok last night with many wounded and few deaths and once again I was supposed to be there (going to Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya) but since my plans were changed I came back to HK few days ago. I wonder if the medias are going to say the bombing were perpetrated by muslims.

It seems there are lots of bad actions carried on in the South East region, now. Of what I only know about are: torrential rains in the Philippines early 12/2006 that created a landslide killing many; another floading in Indonesia a week or so before X’Mas, the Earthquake in Taiwan offshore Taiwan on 24/12 which created communication havoc in the region (and it has not been entirely fixed) and the bombing in Bangkok last night.


Thanks, Didier, for informing me about the bombings in Bangkok.
It’s very weird timing that I was replying to your post and writing about trying to prevent another Bali-type false-flag event while bombs were actually going off there!
I posted around 11:30 Japan time, which means 9:30 BKK time when the bombs started going off.
The area that I concentrated on gifting TB’s and water pipes was Banglumphu where the tourist haven of Khao San Road is located.
I had especially given the intent of not wanting to see a bombing of the crowded tourist spot of Khao San Rd.
If the following news story (that a bomb was found and did not explode) is true,
then I take it as a confirmation that orgonite prevented a potentially deadly event.

Here is an excerpt from that news story:
The Nation newspaper reported a suspected bomb was found at the Buddy Bar in the tourist enclave of Khao San Road half an hour after midnight and tourists were evacuated; and that at 1am, police defused another bomb at the Lumpini Night Bazaar.
“They want us to panic. They want us to point fingers, pass the blame and fight among ourselves,” the newspaper said in a front-page editorial. “They want to aggravate our political turmoil.”

I agree with you, Didier, about all the strange events happening in SE Asia right now. It’s hard to trust that any geophysical catastrophe that happens these days around Christmas and New Year is natural. Even the Thai government suspects that Toxin had something to do with the recent BKK bombings. Maybe the ousted prime minister learned the tricks of the illuminati trade back when he hosted Clinton and Bush Sr. at the scene of the tsunami crime, Phuket.

For any readers who may be wondering what we’re referring to in this post, here is some info about the tsunami:

Here is info about the Bali bombing:

p.s. i answer to Eddie, Ed, Eduardo, and even Edward.

Gulp!!! Undecided … A bomb at Lumpini Night Bazaar?? I was there on 24th evening and even had a drink with a friend in one of the numerous bars!

Nad mentions about the chemical soup in Bali’s sky; since I came back to HK, the weather is cold, very different from summer times, when pollution stagnates because of lack of winds in the region. However, despite medium winds, fresh air, the pollution is high. Lots of people cough and the sky is milky.

One question is in my mind: So far there was no terrorist bombing in China/HK/Taiwan/Singapore/Japan. I certainly don’t hope to hear about any of those in a close future, but I can’t help wondering if/when they are going to start here?


Hi Guys,

I am very happy to know that there are a few people gifting these parts as well! Eddie, glad to know about the gifting and about the CB(s) (just found out) you placed in Thailand! Awesome stuff guys!

Didier you are right when you said “It seems there are lots of bad actions carried on in the South East region, now. Of what I only know about are: torrential rains in the Philippines early 12/2006 that created a landslide killing many; another floading in Indonesia a week or so before X’Mas, the Earthquake in Taiwan offshore Taiwan on 24/12 which created communication havoc in the region (and it has not been entirely fixed) and the bombing in Bangkok last night…”

A week before christmas, there was a flood as well in the southern states of Malaysia. I heard about it from friends and dont read or watch the news often these days. I proceeded gifting around K.Lumpur on the 23rd Dec and wanted to continue to expand the TBs I placed in the city. That night when i got home, I was shocked to find out how bad the floods were in the southern states of Malaysia…yeah i happen to catch it on CNN that night, by chance.

I read through the newpapers on the flooding and was shock to find out that about 70,000 to 80,000 people were displaced by the floods and alot of looting was reported to take place over there. Geez, some of the people who had boats, over there, made alot money by charging RM300-400 ringgit to resque people and transport goods. I made a detour from gifting kuala lumpur on christmas eve as well and drove down to bust those towers with what remainding TBs that I had on hand.

There seems to be alot of ‘natural disasters’ like floods, landslides and tsunami is taking placing in this region. I got to about 70-80km from singapore, before I ran out of TBs. Managed to bust 102 towers from kuala lumpur to the flooding spots, in the south. Before it got dark, i noticed the sky was blue from where i had come from (kuala lumpur) to the flooded areas. While driving there i saw at some points, the flood waters was pretty close to the highways but was it smooth driving most of the time.

Seems that after the dec 2004 tsunami, these parts seem to take a beating from those HAARP towers. I read somewhere (can’t remember where), that if 3 or more death towers located within close proximity, it can function as one of those large HAARP tower?



A friend of mine living at the northern state of Malaysia, who have some relatives living in southern thailand, told me there were no floods up there this time ( a few weeks back) but many ‘out of normal’ weather condtions such as el nino has occured in those parts, over the years. Yeah, when it was suppose to rain in Nov-Dec period usually, it turned out to be the opposite. It was dry. I don’t need to mention how the people living in northern malaysia and southern thailand ‘feel’ about the former Thai prime minister (a telecommunication billionaire tycoon)…yeah I think you can guess what those sentiments are. The NWO is sure trying very hard to continue to create ‘artificial’ conflicts around the world and blame it on muslims.



It may be that the artificial threat, the Muslim Whipping Post, is becoming passe by now, at least in the West. Most of the What To Think Network discussion of the mercenary incursion in Iraq is highly critical, I notice, which may be their effort to maintain some credibility in the face of this horrid, unwanted war against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., which resembles the genocide committed against the American Indians, Gypsies, Jews, and people of conscience by various world odor regimes. I think the last bastion of the What To Think Network to stop promoting genocide there will be National-Socialist Public Radio, which most of the old hippies consider the Word of God Cool. How’s that for a good example of old-school, American cultural schizophrenia?

Didier, those look like the old SS eagles, which we’ve seen from time to time as representative of the new Fatherland Security Administration where we live. The US Gov’t is kind of shy about promoting stuff like that because even American Pajama People have an innate distrust of overt tyranny, so it only shows up on the What To Think Network in a marginal way, as little lightning rod experiments by the CIA, so we need to be observant. I thank God that the populace, here, is still armed or there probably wouldn’t be a gifting network, otherwise–we’d all be dead.

Eddie-san, thanks for sharing that long, explicit report of your CB effort and observations in N Thailand–it’s very nice to have reports like this in the public record. Many gifting reports are kind of vague on the confirmation angle but that’s probably just because gifting, itself, is just good clean fun and a little addictive, regardless of the more valuable, substantive confirmations that your reports exemplify. Thanks for promoting the late JOe Viall’s valuable info, too.

We already know how HAARP can ruin the atmosphere and economy and kill lots of innocent people and it’s always worth mentioning when they do it but it’s even more valuable to report specific incidents in which we have taken stolen, plundered territory away from the world odor and made their HAARP infrastructure within that territory inoperable, so thanks for that, guys.

Grampa Kelly has covered a very large part of Asia in his efforts to heal the rivers of ch’i in the upper atmosphere. I see this as an essential part of the overall gifting effort, though very specialized for now. It’s interesting that all three of you guys have met him where you live, as have many of the European posters on EW and one of the African ones.

When large amounts of capital become available for gifting I’ll surely ask Kelly to be a part of any big, funded gifting and/or desert-reversing project that comes to Carol and me. That might start happening this year if I’m seeing the indications correctly. There are some rich folks who have social consciences, after all. They’re not all like Prime Minister Satan Wink


[Here’s Eddie’s #1 ‘Hey, I’m a Just a Tourist!’ post from the archives, posted in March, 2005:]

I flashed my stupid hey-I’m-just-a-tourist smile at the soldiers who swarmed our car at a roadblock on the way to Phuket.
“We’d like to look in the back”, one of them said.
“There’s nothing back there”, my friend said, and they let us go.
Otherwise it would have been difficult to explain the resin-filled copper pipes, the smelly volatile liquids, and the strange, heavy grenade-looking objects that we were carrying south while 2 ex-US-presidents were about to be hosted by the leader of Thailand, Toxin (my spelling), on the island resort of Phuket, whose western coastline was recently destroyed by the tsunami.

The security was starting to get too tight the further we drove south towards Phuket, so we decided to gift further north along the Andaman coast with dolphin balls and water pipes between Ranong and Phangna, also devastated by the man-made tsunami. We also tossed TB’s for the spirits of the dead, since Thais, who are unusually sensitive to such things, have been reporting hearing and seeing ghosts, some obviously foreigners, since that heartbreaking event. The South Asian area needs massive healing after a half-million souls were suddenly wrenched from this world by the consequences of a nuclear detonation at the bottom of the Sumatran Trench.

What were 2 ex-prezes doing there anyway? Did they come to gloat at their part in the biggest single-event war crime in history? Or did they come to congratulate Thailand’s billionaire globalist prime minister whose humanicide agenda is right on track, planting death towers every 3 kilometers, making it easy for the poor to get ‘health’ care for under a dollar a visit, starting an unprecedented killing spree against Muslims in the deep South, letting every farmer borrow the equivalent of $850 to spend any way they want to (and when they can’t pay it back, the banks take their land)? Does Toxin get to join the Big Boy’s club now?

We hired a small boat and dropped a dozen dolphin balls and water pipes, some of which floated and hopefully drifted or were carried to where they were needed. Others were made in de-husked coconut shells and they dropped like rocks to the bottom. After our all-day gifting, I watched the only cloud in the sky form a head, a waving arm, and then an amphibious tail in quick succession and linger there while we drove North. I saved one dolphin ball to give to a family I had met while there, whose daughter was killed in a gangland assassination attempt on her father. He did not quite believe what I was saying about orgone, but his wife seemed to understand.

I had made the devices in the North under the massive lychee tree where my CB is parked, the tree that broadcasts an incredible symphony of morning and evening birdsongs.
In the North local shamans told me that medical workers started showing up in their villages about 10 years ago, dispensing medicine and vaccines and, ever since then, the people have been getting sick. Every time I visit Thailand I hear about another local elderly person who conveniently dies in a hospital after coming in with a minor complaint. When will the Thais make the connection between hospitals and dying? How can they still trust the Rockefeller-indoctrinated medical killing machine we call hospitals?

The hill-tribe villagers were very interested in what I had to say about the Earth-healing qualities of orgone. Some even came down from the hills to see what ingredients go into HHG’s and TB’s. The Karen hill-tribes are known as the guardians of the forests and have intimate centuries-old awareness of nature conservation. When I took digital photos in a shaman’s house, orbs (elementals) appeared on the screen in varying degrees of luminescence. Then I noticed the similar orbs show up in pictures I took in a house considered haunted and in a cremation site. My Thai friend decided to make it his life’s work to investigate these unseen entities that can be seen consistently with a digital camera.

I tossed a pipe in the local reservoir in pitch-black darkness where the locals say someone deliberately drowned himself. My back was turned, but I watched my friend’s teenage niece go numb with terror. Later when we were far enough away for her feel confident about relating what happened, she told us that she watched a huge red globe of light change to green before descending and enveloping a large tree behind us.

Things are getting interesting for this tourist.

[Here’s #2, posted in April, 2005:]

The Specific Targets category is more appropiate for my previous posting at Tips and Strategies:

That article is called “Hey, I’m Just a Tourist”, and I’m now adding two pics.

This photo shows orbs (in the daytime!) above the beach and the flat plain behind it where houses with families inside them were washed away by the powerful tsunami on Dec. 26, 2004. We gifted that plain below just before this picture was taken.

This photo shows one of the coconut husk dolphin balls filled with orgonite and coiled crystals. The idea was to let the balls sink gently to the bottom while the garden hose attached would float above the ball for easy snaring by any cetaceans in the area.

Here’s an interesting update on Toxin. According to the Bangkok Post, dated March 31, 2005, he is “admitting mistakes in handling the southern violence and pledging to right the wrong.”
How does he expect to do that? Wave a wand and all those murdered Muslims come back to life? He’s stalling for time, hinting at remorse while conditioning Thais to the idea of killing Muslims. Doesn’t he know that Teflon is a dangerous toxin?

Meanwhile the former deputy PM, Chavalit, submitted a paper to parliament that states that the CIA (read Mossad) were allowed into 3 southern provinces to set up “antiterrorism centers” by the former government of Chuan Leekpai.
Gee, I wonder if that was when all the bombings started? Let’s create another Palestine killing field, shall we? Muslim or Buddhist, Thais are gentle people who lived and let-lived alongside each other for centuries. To watch them being duped by these globalist out-of-towners is heartbreaking.

[if you’re a recent arrival, I should say that the reason everything posted before December, 2005 is archived is because EW was destroyed by secret police hacker hordes and we had to start from scratch and archive all previous postings. ~Don]