Lines of Force Around Our Flying Dolphin

I just noticed, today, that there are visible force lines in the area above, below and (very faint–questionable?) above-right of the image of the dolphin in the photo at the top of this page. I"m pretty sure I’d have noticed this, before, so I have the impression that The Operators are trying to show us something–perhaps giving us a visual clue of how that dolphin can hover in midair.

I personally believe that there are dolphins among The Operators, of course.

A news service, a year or so ago, showed a baby dolphin at a facility playing with a large bubble–causing it to remain stationary underwater. I think it was a spinning toroid shape, too.

Some faint celtic knotwork showed up, first, as a bright star of david in one of our photos of the underground Celtic chamber in New York. James Hughes pointed it out to me when we visited him in Springfield, Massachusetts, a few days later, then the six pointed star faded over several months and revealed the classical knot pattern, which my brother, Jim, by the way has long used as a sort of trademark in his book craft, by the way. He’s a recognized authority on medieval bookbinding and papermaking and he uses that pattern in his watermarks.

I’m mentioning all this because I hope that you’ll also take note of similar phenomena you might have seen. I think we know, by now, that the sewer rats managed to phase out all analog tech in favor of digital because digital tech is easily manipulated. WE know the bad guys can do that but here are perhaps some examples of the Good Guys also doing it, but for our benefit.

In case you’re a new reader of EW, the dolphin was photographed near Santa Monica, California, a few hours after Rick Moors put the first large orgonite device in the Pacific Ocean there in January, 2002. A thousand or so bottlenose dolphins showed up at the site, which so astonished the photographer that he shot a couple rolls of film of the event from his balcony, next to the beach. When he developed the film, none of the dolphins in the water were in the photographs and only this one was seen, lazily ‘swimming’ from left to right, about fifty feet abovce the water in several frames. The photographer hadn’t noticed the flying dolphin, by the way, so was doubly astonished when it showed up in the photos, later

For a long time, even before Carol’s dramatic encounter with the huge pod of rough-tooth dolphins off the coast of Costa Rica in December, 2004, we’ve felt that our cetacean benefactors will be showing us the next phases of the development of this effort.

In line with that, Dooney told us that she learned her dodecahedron technique from dolphins and this has proven to be a very fine weapon against the World Odor predators and their non-human cohorts because they apparently have no way to defend themselves against it.

It just gets better and better, don’t you agree?
I got some hacker resistance when posting this, by the way, which usually indicates that I’m saying something worthwhile. I imagine the hacker as ‘Mr Bill’ and I imagine myself as ‘EW Sluggo’ when I persevere and push the little rat out of the way…‘Oh Nooooooooooo!’ he says. Apologies to anyone who doesn’t remember those old Saturday Night Live handpuppet characters…