Little Orgonite Wonders, Easily Forgotten (or Neglected)

Dear Etheric Warriors,

Reading all these big gifting projects here on EW, I was almost ashamed to post this report that mostly deals with orgonite that I gave two friends of mine as a gift. Then I stopped and realized that I am just getting too used (and spoiled) to what orgonite actually does. And that it is important to show many aspects of orgonite time and again.

I have given two friends of mine a TB each. Both of them gladly accepted them, although they were not decorative, rather made for field purposes. I shortly explained them what orgonite is supposed to do. But I don’t have the impression they took it because I verbally convinced them…

The first friend of mine got the TB about half a year ago. She always calls the TB “the stone she likes�. She is energy sensitive, but she doesn’t really try to attribute it to a bigger, respective spiritual, context. Nor is she familiar with esoteric matters. When I first gave the TB into her hands, she told me she was feeling the thing vibrating in her hand causing a tingling sensation. She shares an appartment with another person and keeps the TB in her room. She told me that everyone who enters her room says her room to be “very nice�. Objectively, the room neither is very cozy, nor specially decorated. She suspects her “stone� to be the source of this, because she herself feels much better in the room than before. Since about this time, I can more and more talk about topics that are not in the media, like “real� politics with her. She wants to be a journalist and is now starting to get interested in the mechanisms that really rule our world. I know that some time back, she would have listened politely, but it wouldn’t have reached her the way it does now. Now she is making her own experiences with the world and the things I tell her are starting to make sense to her. For example, she is absolutely annoyed by the TV program. Not even two years ago, she didn’t miss her daily TV series.

I gave the other TB to my friend about 3 months ago. At this point, her relationship had broken up and she was also in a bad finacial condition. She had been a self-employed photographer for a while, but she couldn’t make a living and decided to look for a job about a year before this. She is talented and a hard and gentle worker. But everything seemed to be jinxed. Every time she applied for a job, she didn’t get it. Mostly, they told her she was overly qualified for the job. It also happened that the interview seemed to go on great. Later they told her the boss didn’t like her at all. Others just never called back. The emotional stress she was going through didn’t exactly add on to her confidence and charisma. She was supposed to have another interview the Wednesday after I gave her the TB. I called her up to see how it went. This is what she said: “Wonderful, they want to employ me. They wanted to keep me there on the spot�. She also commented on the fact that she was sleeping a lot better and asked if this could be attributed to the orgonite. I told her this was even a probable explanation. This is how I explain her sudden success with her new job: The orgonite dissolved part of her emotional traumas. This way, she approached people differently, her charisma improved. The people interviewing her got a positive impression of her as a person. This reaction gave her a positive feedback, which improved her confidence even more. Thus, the whole interview got a positive turn even without her having the TB with her that day.

The third experience is not only an experience with orgonite, but also an experience with tossing “heart energy�. One Saturday, I wanted to meet a fellow gifter with onother gifter, who wanted to meet up with me before we proceded to our actual destination. When I got into the car, its battery was empty. Without any visible reason. Well, things like this can happen every once in a while. Even in the summer, even if your battery isn’t that old. The thing is, that I had these kind of experiences before, coincidently, when I wanted to attend a meeting that turned out to be important for my personal growth. Luckily, my friend was able to pick me up with his car without bigger delays. Meeting with our friends, I told them what had happened. My friend laughed and gave me this advice: I should mentally erase all „interfering programs“ from my battery. I tried this when I got home later. Nothing happened. Later, we realized that the battery was empty, meaning that we wouldn’t have found out if there ever was a „program“, because my car insurance could later reload the battery without any problems. As a matter of “chance�, the battery of my phone also dropped out. I brought it to the shop with the loading cable after trying out things like leaving the battery out of the phone for a while and so on. The clerk there told me the battery was damaged after testing it. I was really mad. Of course, there was no such thing as warranty on batteries. The phone wasn’t even a year old. And a tiny battery was supposed to cost 50 Euro, about 35 $. I wasn’t really happy with the expectation of spending this money. Some of you might guess what I did next. I had nothing to lose. I picked up a big piece of orgonite and placed it on the phone. At the same time, I loudly asked all interfering programs to leave and tossed some heart energy on it. And wow, when I plugged the loading cable into the phone again, it started loading as if nothing had happened. Of course, I can’t ultimately prove the causal connection between my phone and the POR energy directed to it. But for me personally, this is a valuable “orgone� experience. Maybe, there are more people who can contribute similar experiences. Who knows if we can’t sort of unveil just another aspect of orgonite this way?