Little Secret Device Observations

Cesco asked that I post this here, so here it is :~)


In December 2008 I was contacted by a man named Stefan Cunnington who presented himself as a Yoga Teacher,
focusing on development of the internal energy centres (chakras).
Mr. Cunnington was interested in using orgonite for this practice and he asked if I knew of any specific devices for this purpose.
I first sent him one complimentary Little Secret Device asking in return for his observations.
A week after having received it, he dutily responded with a list of detailed observations of its effect.
The feedback was surprisingly positive but he questioned if two devices would be more effective than one.
I sent a second device to him in time for Christmas and he again dutily responded a few weeks later,
again with detailed observations, all of positive nature.

I am including his observations here for those who are interested in learning more of The Little Secret Device´s effect on the human energy body,
and also to get a glimpse of how you can use it effectively on your self.

Stefan has his own webpage which you can visit here:

It is with much appreciation I share the following information:

Part 1, (using one device):

Dear Cesco,

Once again, thank you for the little secret device. It’s been a real pleasure using it over the last few days.
I’ve put down some of the benefits I felt from the use of the device.
Until now, I have found that there are a series of benefits from the simple fact of holding the device(passive), but also the fact that the benefits are more spectacular if I actively use one yoga technique or another (dynamic) while holding the device.

  1. I found that the little secret device has an intense effect, but without being overwhelming.

  2. The device seems to have an amplifying effect. I can feel how from the first seconds of use how my chakras and some of the main channels of energy start to increase their flow of energy. After a period of time, the tendency of the amplifying effect tends to reach a plateau.

  3. Throughout its use the device generates a purification process. As the energies are purifying I can feel how the specific vibrations become
    more and more refined. I gave the device to one of my students, and I could feel how the energy of that person in front of me was changing its vibration.
    She was quite impressed and mentioned that she would like a device like this!
    On that occasion, a cat came by and we couldn’t convince the cat to leave- she was magnetized by the person who had the device;
    when I took the device back I became the target of her interest!
    Lovely to see how the animal was instinctively attracted by the energy of the device!

  4. It also produces an effect of harmonizing- on more than one level- energetic, emotional and mental level.
    I feel more balanced and more centred and grounded after the use of the device.

  5. Maybe as a result of this harmonizing effect, I found that it seems to create an improved connection between different parts of the aura.
    After a period of using the device in a passive mode, I started using the device during pranayama (the yoga practice aiming to enhance and control
    prana/orgone using various breathing exercises). I had a couple of surprises. One of them was the fact that, as I worked (on the third eye),
    the changes that I was producing on that chakra seemed to reflect automatically as changes on the other chakras. Usually, the changes that occur on
    other levels are not as apparent, only after a period of time. It is something I would like to study in order to discover how this works.
    With the experience I have until now, it feels as if it creates a better link or connection between parts of the energy body.

  6. While the energy is amplifying and purifying I found that there is an increased control over the energy. There are techniques to move energy from
    inferior chakras to superior ones (utkshepana) and from superior ones to inferior ones (apakshepana), and also general transfer of energy from
    one area to another. Using the device, I found that these techniques were not only easier to perform but performed with greater precision
    (I feel it is easier – when I use the device- to move the energy upwards as opposed to downwards- for some reason).

  7. I found that it helps create an easy access to subtle energies, particularly energies that are above the head (above the crown chakra/Sahashrara)
    and under the body (under Muladhara/the base chakra).
    I can feel the energies spiralling and creating a more dense yet refined energy body.
    The energy body seems to keep its integrity and level of vibration very well for quite some time after the meditation is over.

  8. What I found surprising is the fact that the changes that occur while using the device seem to happen effortlessly.
    Meditation feels like a natural process of sliding into a state of deep relaxation, like I am drawn into it. I hope this makes sense.
    It becomes very easy to access states of meditation; particularly spaces of consciousness on deep blue (with a smoky note) or a very beautiful violet.

  9. It helps to give greater clarity of perception. It makes it very easy to feel the energies around the body and aspects that sometimes I tend
    not to pay much attention to such as the energies emanating from and to the toes.
    I presume this is due to the fact that the energy is purifying and increasing in intensity.

  10. I think that for the user of this device, it has a therapeutic effect.
    The first time I used it, I experienced a process of purification on the level of the solar plexus chakra, which in my case seems to be comparatively weaker
    than the other ones. It was as though a knot was preventing the free flow of energy at that level compared with the other chakras.
    It was making me feel a bit nauseous and sensitive to the smell of the device. After the third use, the solar plexus chakra felt great.
    There is no reaction or restriction of the energy flowing through.As a result of the movement of energy, I also felt a purifying process along the
    Stomach Meridian, on the lateral sides of the legs, below the knees, and a couple of points along the Gall Bladder Meridian.
    It would be fascinating to see its effects on somebody who suffers from the so-called Kundalini Syndrome.
    From what I can feel until now, it could provide a solution (in this form or an adapted form) for situations like that.

When we spoke about the device, I expected a tool that will have some benefits regarding the meditation, but the experience I had with the device
was a lot more than what I expected. I think that it is a great tool to use for meditation. I am quite happy with the device because as the meditation and the practice was focused on one specific aspect, the device was also doing its work of energizing and purifying and harmonizing and connecting things in
the aura on many levels. I think that is great. Very efficient!

I remember the first time when the device arrived at home I kept the device in my left hand (my breathing was predominately active on the left nostril at the time, and the energy is more intense and moves easier on the side of the body where the breathing is predominant); but as the process of energizing was going on, I considered that I don’t really want to activate the left/sensitive, Yin side of the aura too much and I moved the device to the right palm; but after a while, I could feel that the device tends to increase the side of the aura where it is held; there is a clear tendency to activate predominantly that side of the aura.
This is why I used the device by holding it with both hands. I think that for the people who use the device for meditation purposes,
it wouldn’t be recommended to only keep the device in one hand all the time but in both, or at least to alternate.
What is your perception about this aspect?
I imagine it would be better to work with 2 of the devices- one in each hand.
This would not only balance the energy but would probably be a lot stronger in its effect.

I am starting to use the ray of energy coming from the tip of the crystal when working with chakras. I will let you know what I feel.
If I project the energy in the column of energy above the head, it activates the energy in the column not just above the head but also linking
deep into the ground. This is indeed a beautiful tool!After only a few days its vibration feels so familiar!

I love it!

Thank you Cesco.


Part 2 (using two devices):

Dear Cesco,

A few months back when I held the first piece of orgonite in my hand – I found out later that its called a Tower Buster-
I was intrigued by its effects on my energy. It was a very simple piece that looked like a stone.

However, when I received the first Little Secret Device from you, I was really surprised with the benefits that came from simply holding it while
relaxing or, even better, while meditating, doing Pranayama or other energy work.

When I received the second device from you, I could feel that the energy of the devices is noticeably different. The first one that I received is strong but very subtle; the second one feels a bit more robust. It seems to have a slightly increased strength compared with the first one. Maybe it is because of the crystals inside them.

Using two devices, one in each hand, seems to have a much more intense effect on the energy.
There is an even more pronounced ability to access energy without any effort. What used to take quite a bit of time is now taking noticeably less time.
There is a much more pronounced harmonizing effect. There is no tendency of the energy to activate too much on one side of the aura was the case when
using one device in one hand only. That aspect was easily resolved by holding the single device with both hands. Now, because I can point one device
(the tip of the crystal) upwards and one downwards, in a slight angle towards the column of energy connecting high above and deep below,
the harmonizing effect is excellent.

The clarity of perceptions has increased as well as the ability to control the energy. I am using the devices for some time now and I can say that when I
do my practice using the devices, the perceptions are much clearer and a lot sharper. When I use them, I can spend a lot more time in deep states of
meditation and a lot less time getting there.

Because the devices have a very particular vibration, even hours after I have finished my work on a chakra, that chakra still carries that quality. The other chakras would have my type of energy but the one that I have worked on will feel slightly different.

I can feel the burning energy radiating from the tip of the crystals inside the aura. During the meditation, as the awareness of the physical body is altering
and becoming more and more diffuse, on two occasions I could feel a burning, uncomfortable sensation in one of the legs- when I opened my eyes I
noticed that the crystal of the device I was holding and using for the grounding energy had moved and was pointing through the leg towards the energy
column. I now make sure that the hands are arranged in such a manner that they won’t move as I relax. I find it very useful to point the devices towards
the level I am operating on, but not close to the body, and usually in an angle. This seems to help with the energy work without any inconvenience.

The aspects regarding the connection between various parts of the energy system are still very clear.
I don’t just work on a chakra- everything in the aura is changing. I don’t just work on the grounding effect – the rest of my energy reacts immediately.
One of the most important benefits of the devices is the ease with which I can work with energy.
There is no effort. Up to a point, the Little Secret Devices seem to take me there effortlessly.

From a personal point of view, I think that these devices are excellent tools. I believe that some of the effects will vary for different people,
depending on the condition of their energy. I introduced orgonite to a few people and I found that it reacts almost immediately, even when the perceptions
are not existent or less developed for the person holding the device. Many times when more people were present and some of the people there had energy
perceptions they could feel how the energy is changing in its vibration and quality and the expansion of the energy, even if the person who was
holding the device couldn’t feel more that the fact that it ‘feels good’.

Dear Cesco, I would like to take this possibility and say thank you for these two devices.
I am very happy to use them and they are now an integrated part of my practice.

All the best