Live Free or Die Concert AWESOME EVENT!

By Erin Hanrahan | Valley News Staff Writer Plainfield – Scores of cars, vans and RVs lined Ed and Elaine Brown’s long, dirt driveway yesterday, some parked haphazardly in between groups of tailgaters, as hundreds of guests showed up for a scheduled 10-hour shindig dubbed Live Free or Die! A Concert in Support of Ed and Elaine Brown. The concert is the second jamboree-style event hosted by the Browns, who have remained in their home since they were convicted this spring on charges stemming from failure to pay federal income taxes. The Browns maintain there is no law requiring them to pay federal income taxes, and a hand painted sign at the end of their driveway on Center of Town Road reads, “Show me the law.” Yesterday, while the Browns hosted an overflow crowd of visitors at one end of their driveway yesterday, clusters of their supporters midway up the drive turned away unwanted guests, including media. Local police stood at the other end, near the sign, directing traffic on the narrow rural road. “We’re just here keeping the road open for emergency vehicles,” said Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillens, who was joined by one other officer and a member of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department. No other law enforcement agencies had a visible presence at the event, but an unidentified helicopter circled above the Browns’ home for several hours yesterday. Air traffic controllers at Lebanon Airport and the Boston Air Traffic Control Regional Operations Center said yesterday evening that a flight restriction for an airspace with a six-mile radius over Plainfield was put place yesterday morning but declined to give the reason. The restriction encompassed airspace between the ground and 3,500 feet. Gillens said he was not coordinating efforts with any federal or state authorities. Tammy Wainwright, who lives about a mile down from the Browns, said the traffic yesterday seemed much heavier than it was three weeks ago, when the couple hosted their first jamboree, which drew about 50 supporters. “A lot of traffic started really early this morning,” Wainwright said. Yesterday’s event, which was streamed live over the Internet and advertised in advance on several Web sites, brought small buses from as far away as New Jersey. By 4 p.m., Gillens said he was still waiting for traffic to taper offer to ease concerns about the Brown’s overflowing driveway. “I bet there’s 200 plus people down there, just judging by the vehicles,” he said. According to a Web site advertising the free event, music was scheduled to start at noon and continue to 10 p.m. “It a party down there,” said Eric Carlsen, a real estate agent from Boston who drove up to Plainfield this weekend to support the Browns and catch a few politically themed musical acts. Speaking at the end of the Browns’ driveway, he described the crowd as a diverse group, a few hundred strong, with “a lot of Ron Paul bumper stickers” to support the Republican congressman, a 2008 presidential hopeful who has made statements in support of the Browns’ antitax stance. Carlsen said he first heard about Ed and Elaine Brown six weeks ago, after a botched reconnaissance operation by federal authorities near the Browns’ home made national news. “I came up here a week after,” he said. “I just wanted to see what was going on.” When he arrived at the Browns’ house, Carlsen said, he talked with Ed and Elaine and quickly became an ally. “All the press is making him out to be a kook,” Carlsen said. “He’s not a kook. He’s an American citizen who just wanted to be shown the law.” Carlsen said he had wandered away from the concert yesterday to keep an eye on the police, who he said “are just here to cause trouble.” Earlier, Gillens had joked that, apart from reminding drivers not to park on the road, he was just there to feed the black flies. https://WWW.SHOWTHELAW.COM Looks like we can’t add images to our posts at the moment :-

Way to go, Eric! Nice to see that the feds are hiding out in the area instead of putting a black boot on the neck of the populace, as they did, here in N Idaho, when they were getting ready to slaughter the Weavers. Things are truly changing for the better, now!

Nice to see, too, that has a link to under your name Cool. I feel like we’ve now made the grade.

Sooner or later everyone will know, beyond a doubt, that there are only two significant terrorist organizations on the planet: the governments of the US and the UK, either of which can be bloodlessly toppled by the simple secession of a few member states, among other creative methods. I don’t mention Israel becaues Mossad is just a subgroup of MI6, of course, the way the Mafia is a subgroup of the CIA.

The only two superpowers on the planet are Russia and China and they’re studiously avoiding trouble outside their own borders, these days–maybe they have a more realistic fear of people like the Browns than these two, much less powerful but much noisier terrorist governments do Wink.

Rational people understand that the US has no right to ‘police the planet’ on behalf of the corporate world odor, especially since the little police force is commanded by a certified, mean-spirited cretin. These days, only white trailer trash (in exchange for cheap beer and the hope of seeing bloodshed on TV) and a few neo-Alzheimer Depression Babies actually wave little American flags and call this international and intranational police brutality ‘protecting our freedom.’

I hope there are more than a few of us who recognize the phenomenal historic significance of the Browns’ ongoing success (survival outside of prison). We’ll continue to work for them in the international chat sessions.


There is video footage of the concert at the

We the People Radio Networks website

Listen to Randy Weaver, watch the

Helicopter Harrassment By Homeland Security,

over 8 hours of it !

Listen and hear for yourself the

Police Chief Contradicting His Officers To Torin Wolf

on the case of the vanishing traffic counter put up to count cars attending the Concert.

Hear some of the great music performed at Ed And Elaine Brown’s “Live Free Or Die”
Concert Featuring Homeland Insecurity.

Stay tuned to We the Peope Radio Network with internet radio broadcasts .

Watch Freedom to Fascism and sing along to

David Van Kleist’s Show Me the law Ballad posted on youtube.

I love this song !

What a great time to be a part of history .

Ed and Elaine Brown are American Heroes, no matter

what you read in the What to think Network.

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