London - Please Help Out

This new years eve, I treated Lucy to a night in a nice hotel in London, so we could see in the new year in a way she would like [Image Can Not Be Found] Plus of course I would get to do a little gifting whilst there (a side thought, honest!).

I took about 35-40 TB’s, 3 tactical HHgs and 1nice gem encrusted HHg.

The main area gifted was a little around Leicester Square, moving out to Regents Street where approximately 20-25 TB’s were given new homes [Image Can Not Be Found] After a brief return to our hotel, to rest up whilst our scrumptuous meal digested a little, we made our way to what we hoped would be the thames for the midnight celebrations. This proved a little troublesome, and after an hour of being herded from street to street we eventually consoled ourselves with trafalgar square for the chimes and fireworks. After this we took the opportunity to walk back to out hotel along the thames (after another hour being herded, do they think we are all sheep!).

I had previously thrown about 8tbs in the thames on my first gifting visit, right by parliament, which happened to be a spot where the whale hung around for 45minutes, hopefully bringing some relief, this occurance led me to return the weekend following when I threw in another 10HHg’s around the area, this time I threw another 3 HHg’s, a toilet roll EP and 4TB’s (all I had left basically) in from further along eastwards up to Tower Bridge.

The next day I had hoped to give the gem HHg to Brian Haw who has been protesting for Peace outside Parliament for over 5years, however this was not going to materialise, so I gave it to a homeless guy who was begging for change, I didn’t have any change as I’d already emptied my wallet into another beggars cup on new years eve, however I got the impression that this gift meant more to him than a little money [Image Can Not Be Found]

Previously I have gifted quite abit around W1 (80TBs), some around the north circular and a couple of other pockets. Please gifters in Southern England, or further afield if you have the legs [Image Can Not Be Found] Get in contact and lets put this DOR riddled puppy to bed. I’m quite willing to make several trips in this year, but it is way too much for me alone, your help is needed, these are crucial times we are living in.

You can help, especially in London by buying some personal HHg’s from my webpage – OrgoniteMoksha currently I have a special for carbon balancing, but if you wish you can ask for this special but with the £100 going towards gifting london, otherwise pretty much anything bought, for the time being, will go towards gifting.

If you want to help please email me – [email protected] or if you have done some gifting already, let me know and we can identify where needs it most, aside from everywhere!

Much more soon.


Good job, Rich–I’m sure your gifting got some dramatic effects and providing a record of the space you covered is helpful for others who will want to get the most out of the orgonite they leave in London.

I suspect there will be a lot of momentum behind this because Rome, and now Geneva, have gotten a lot of gifting and London seems to be tied to those two cities etherically–Geneva being almost precisely halfway along a line between Rome and London.

It’s particularly hard to take the first steps in gifting a large city and we saw in the news that a tornado (HAARP-induced at that latitude, of course) actually touched down in London, last month, which indicates that the DOR field, there, is largely unmolested until now, in spite of several orgonite cloudbusters around the perimeter and quite a bit of sporadic gifting having been done in past years.

It doesn’t take a lot of orgonite to improve the quality of water, so I hope you’ll track the visual results of your water-gifting for us when you return, though maybe the previous gifting already improved teh water, hence the visit by the whales to London in the Thames.

I have a lot of faith in Brit gifters, most of whom network very well without using forums. it will be fun to track the positive results and influences of your New Year’s Eve effort.


I just got a note from Rich after I posted and we’d both like to facilitate the networking of London gifters. If you did a section of London or wish to do so we can share that info (with or without your contact info or name if you wish) so that others won’t go over the same area. The psychics can track the effectiveness of specific efforts and offer helpful advice, too.

I can be contacted from the ‘contact webmaster’ link at the bottom of the page, though of course I’m not the webmaster of EW. Rich can be contacted by cliking on the ‘Orgonite Moksha’ link in the ‘Vendors’ column to the right.

It’s going to be a lot of fun to see the death energy and the rest of the sewer rat mess finally cleared away from London this year, as has been done for so many other big cities around the world by now by grassroot gifters. After that, London will probably lookand feel as lovely as it did in MARY POPPINS Cool.

If you want to really see what orgonite can do, gift the worst neighborhoods of London and witness the beneficial effects on behavior and ambience there, even as soon as the next day. Georg’s gifting of Soweto might still be the standard for this ‘transformation via towerbusters’ phenomenon but I bet there are parts of London that are even worse than Soweto was. We love getting those reports.


I sent about 1,200 TB crystals to NW London a few months back and have the medical mafia London strongholds in my sights for this month as they have 3 people up before professional courts, 1 maybe 2 this month. One is Lisa Blakemore-Brown, a psychologist who dared to suggest in a book that autism was connected to mercury vaccines. Believe it or not they are trying to pull her licence by declaring her paranoid. Luckily one of her persecutors dropped dead!

An MD, Jayne Donegan is up before the GMC for daring to be anti-vaccine, they want her out the way before Andrew Wakefield comes up before them, as they probably won’t have much chance after him. Quite a lady.

I don’t usually declare my gifting attemps beforehand, but it should make it more fun.


My friend Dunx, who lives in London dropped me a mail and has briefly passed on areas he has covered well or in part.

From Dunx;

"I’m in Camden Town, and my chosen playground is the Borough of Camden, comprising Camden Town, Kentish Town, Chalk Farm, Gospel Oak, Hampstead, Belsize Park, Swiss Cottage, West Hampstead, Kings X, Euston, Holborn, Kilburn and Cricklewood borders (east of the A5 ) Golders Green, Hampstead Heath, Regents Park and Regents Park Estate, ( just north of thr P.O tower ) Highgate, Archway, Dartmouth Pk Hill area, Waterlow Park. Thats pretty much the borough, and ther have been two or three forays into the city, Isle of Dogs and Canary Wharf, Old St, tons of stuff into the Thames, we had stuff at the MI6 building 3 years ago…some porpoises came and hung out for a few hours right there…AS far upstream as Windsor.

Not that long ago I got a few pieces in the Welsh Harp reservoir, NW london, and Brent Cross shopping centre. THe M25 was done 3 years ago, and last summer after meeting you guys at the gem fair, we redid the southern half of it again, and laid a line all the way out to Hastings. What else? the St Pancras Canal i've heavily gifted from Little Venice in the west all the way to Victoria Park in the east, including the park itself, natch. After the park it turns south thru the city to Limehouse basin. Also done Shadwell Basin and St Katherines basin. St James Park near Buck Palace and Big Ben etc, Green Pk, Holland Pk, Hyde Pk, Wormwood Scrubs, Kensal Green Cemetary, Finsbury Pk, Alexandra Park, Holloway Rd,and , as if that weren't enough, a day trip last spring to Richmond Park, where I made a point of gifting all the little lakes.
Theres more, but thats pretty much a huge area right there. Now i'm not saying its done and doesn't need any more, no way, theres always room for more. I don't get to the West End much, but i give tbs to a couple of ladies to drop down the sewers when they go shopping… The East of London, the South ( itself a massive area ) and west of the A5 havn't had much from me,and the City could take another million pieces."
I must admit, I knew Dunx had done some gifting in London, but I thought it was alot less than that! He also has a CB I made for him, with a little help from a wise old man [Image Can Not Be Found]
Great stuff.

Nice work Dunx. It is hell driving around London for me with the A-Z on your lap and nowhere to park. Best time is 5/6 in morning–I was half way through one place and a lady turned up hassling me for fags, turned out she was a hooker and that was her spot, I scared off one customer but she said he’d be round again. Fitting for that place.

I put a HHG in the canal next to Mile End hospital as that was where they butchered my Dad for his cancer. Have to do all hospitals sometime, especially with earth pipes but didn’t find any old pipes here which I did up north.

This is Dept of Health HQ on Waterloo Rd. I reckon it is Allopath HQ as well, they run a medical monopoly and have complete control of Government operations. David Salisbury the Chief persecutor of anti-vax docs hangs out there. Fittingly there were 3 tramps next door down.

This is British Psychological Society, Tabernacle St, which was what I was mainly after, and Tavistock Institute is the number one mind control outfit, probably in the world, so good to get them in the same salvo.Smile They have a clinic at 120 Belsize Lane NW3 5BA. Have to do them next time.

M4 is done from London to Jn 24 just inside Wales. I did a few miles on the M25 too.


PS Also done Feltham prison, Staines copshop (nice Tetra on that) and masonic hall.

That’s where they take all the boarding school kids and tweak them with


Similiar to what they do at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in their

Child Neurology Department. Very dark indeed. Thanks for gifting that place.

Sorry to hear about your dad, they got mine to at DANA FARBER killing(cancer)clinic.

I must have been one of their rejects, I went to the main feeder prep school for Eton but failed to get in twice, only kid to do that from that place in my time. I always had dire memory which I realise now makes it hard to hypnotise.
They must be using time travel tec to achieve that.


Tavistock was the post WWII model for the CIA’s more extensive Monarch Program, which comprises untold millions of unconscious, programmed assets now throughout N America, Europe and parts of Asia. The programming doesnt’ work well on Blacks and is only partly effective on red-skinned people but whites (especially Nordic types) and orientals take to it very well.

According to some reputable researchers, Sigmund Freud was Tavistock’s first director, followed by his daughter, who apparently still runs the facility. It was used to program the postwar leaders of Germany’s government, churches, schools, corporations, etc., from among the POWs who were easy to manipulate.

Lots of us who post on EW are washouts of Tavistock and Monarch programs, I suggest, including me. Lawful payback is pretty refreshing after someone has tried their best to ruin our lives, I think.

Most of the Tavistock facility is probably underground, so I hope someone will drop plenty of orgonite into open pipes around that neighborhood.

If you want, Rich, we can go to work for those doctors of conscience. We have a good track record for extricating doctors of conscience from the snares of the medical establishment and treasonous government agencies, so I think their chances are good. Let me know and I’ll set up a special session for that, okay? It’s a little helpful for us non-psychic chatblasters to get names and perhaps web photos of the government culprits when we hit them together. The psychics don’t need the props, of course.

Atlanta is laid out a lot like London is–almost no square street layouts. We did that city one segment at a time and I think it’s effective. We always do the dense-traffic areas on Sunday mornings because there’s a lot less traffic and the secret police sewer rats are easier to spot and repel.


Nice work John [Image Can Not Be Found]

This sunday just past I made a long overdue trip into London.

With the whale visitors in mind I had decided to again concentrate on gifting the Thames, especially near Battersea where the whale which passed on hung around and was beached for the longest time. So I headed in with around 130TB’s and 15HHg’s.

All the HHg’s were tossed in from Walton-On-Thames in the south-west of London, at fairly regular intervals right up to chelsea, the area I had already gifted 15HHgs previously up to tower bridge. Also quite alot of TB’s were also thrown in, with the rest of the TB’s being used wherever I came across large rooftop arrays etc within a reachable distance, I think around 15 arrays were gifted, plus some batches here and there when I found myself with a walk to find the river from a suitable parking location.

The violet dots are HHgs, the black dots are TB’s (though the TB dot are just representational rather than an accurate ammount/area, likewise the HHg’s are roughly where they were, not exact by any means). The black line in central london and dots above denote previous work, the line if for 15 HHgs.

The most interesting part, was the first HHg and few TB’s I tossed in at Walton, where there was a dramatic clearing of the skies almost instantly, with a quite intense fight back with spew planes immediately, it felt like a clog in the life force veins of the area was cleared and they knew it [Image Can Not Be Found]

This little mission took me 13hours, including 4 driving in and back. Low tide prooved to be a drawback on my time, as it was something I hadn’t contemplated, and, meant that parking up and finding somewhere I could walk out on the bank far enough to throw right in was an obstacle. Though, in hindsight this was a good thing as nearly all the pieces are far enough in that they will not emerge in warmer weather [Image Can Not Be Found]

This is a massive project, several people have been in touch with regards to helping out, but many more will need to help or this will take years to complete. Again I make the plea, please help out.

It seems with the recent hacking, that my site was removed from the Vendors list on here, no surprise really [Image Can Not Be Found] Which might have cost me some trade, however thanks to a generous purchase and donation from Dan this run and the next is already covered, thank you good sir [Image Can Not Be Found]

Best Wishes


This sunday I once again returned to london.

This sortie was centered in and around Kensington, as Dan (edostar) make a generous contribution which has paid for the TB’s in this run and the last.

Arriving in Hammersmith by around 11am, wasting little time I began covering pockets in a weaving fashion as best as my poor geographical senses allowed. Moving on from Hammersmith to Shephards Bush, here I had gifted a small ammount previously (as with Hammersmith), so I tried to just weave out from the formerly covered areas, whilst gifting any towers I could see.

When in Sheppards Bush, I gifted the BBC with quite a decent batch of TB’s. Then from here I moved East into Kensington. Most of the rest of the TB’s were scattered as widely and evenly around this area, probably about 100/120 TB’s. By around 2pm I found myself walking down Portabello Road along the market, which was nice, as I had been hard at it for a few hours at some pace I decided to stop at ‘progresso’ and have some carrot and orange juice and a veggie pie for my lunch, giving me some fuel to continue and a nice cooling off period for my poorly trained muscles! As I left I gave the waiter a TB as a ‘tip’ drawing a quizzical look [Image Can Not Be Found]

After lunch I had a brief period of fear wash over me, as I reolised I wasn’t sure where I had parked about 40minutes earlier, which in the vast sprawl of London is not a comfortable feeling! The pannick was soon averted as I stumbled back to my car after just one wrong turn.

Back on track I continued to weave N/E Covering Nottinghill and then across to Bayswater. Below is the updated map, once bayswater was reasonably well covered I began moving back west, and decided to stop back at sheppards bush, where I gifted a little more including 4HHg’s as near to the BBC as I could get. One the way out I stopped off for one more batch, which were quickly scattered, only to get back to my car and see a parking ticket [Image Can Not Be Found]

This left me with just 15 or so TBs which I decided I would use around the area of the next tower I saw, which was chiswick.

During the previous visit, I mentioned the clearing of the skies when I gifted the first HHg and TB’s into the Thames, I took some pictures of this on my phone as my camera is not working currently. However, last week when I checked my phone for the pictures they were not on there at all. This time, again, when the first few batches of TB’s were gifted some clearing of the cloud cover occured (not anything like as dramatic or lasting as the previous visit though).

Thanks to Dan for the donation, and John for the excellent TB’s, which you can buy from (the also excellent) website

Best Wishes


Hi Rich Sorry its taken me so long to respond to your helpful advice.

I just wanted to let you know how im doin.

Ealing is my area.Ive had my CB up for about 3 weeks now with some impressive

results.The crud dosent stick much now.Ive done alot of the towers in Ealing,some in

Acton,Chiswick,park royal,West Ealing,Hanwell,Southall,Hayes and a few spots in

Slough.I havent been doin this long but I aim to concentrate on these areas untill ive

got most towers.I visit london so ive chucked a few TBs and 2 HHGs .I know its not

much but I intend to do more.



For those who arent familiar, Ealing et al are West of Central

London. More from me soon, and, hopefully Ize aswell.


Yesterday Lucy and I spent the day gifting around London. I was to be venturing in alone, however Lucy got a late call relaying that she needn’t go to work, so, she accompanied me much to my delight.

We drove in on our usual route via the M3 from Bournemouth, so I had decided to pad out the previous patches covered, and, hoped to cover quite a sizeable chunk of the south east quarter.

We begun as soon as we left the M3 as there are several large towers in immediate view. We weaved our way around from Sunbury to Felthamhill, across to East Bedfont, Feltham, Hanworth, Hampton, across through Bushy Park, up to Twickenham and then back to Strawberry Hill. As we went to gifted all the towers we came across (maybe 70 or so in total on this trip, many large rooftop arrays and large towers), otherwise just gridding every few hundred yards.

Once the above areas were as well covered as we had the time to do, we stopped for a spot of late lunch in our car before quickly moving along and due north.

In my shoddy preparations I neglected to check where Ize had already covered or at least begun coverage, and thought he was gifting Hounslow (oops!). As I didn’t check, we decided to cover where may well have already been covered by gifting around North/East/South/West Acton and Acton itself, then moved across to the edge of Shepherds’ Bush and down a little around Gunnersbury, Brentford, Isleworth and Spring Grove.

At this point we had to call it a day, after around 300tb’s were scattered around, as rather unfortunately I had worked Lucy too hard, the day before at Tennis, so her aching posterior was becoming unbearable Embarassed (not sure she would want me to relay that, but hey, I’m writing the report!).

Upon leaving London, there was a beautiful and often seen occurrence for gifters, the entire day had seen several spew planes playing tic-tac-toe, however immediately above London was a large area where virtually no spew had stuck, just a few sorry wisps. Ize’s Cloudbuster and gifting, coupled with ours (and no doubt others) is showing nice results. It was a joyous way to end the day and to leave ‘the smoke’.

This trip was funded by a generous donation by John L, many thanks kind Sir Smile

Orgonite was supplied by John at the excellent and cheapest UK supplier of tactical Orgonite

It must be said that it is immensely difficult to navigate around London efficiently when you don’t know the place all that well, so unfortunately we didn’t cover anywhere near the area we had hoped to, none the less it was a good and productive trip. Below in an updated map, please bear in mind the dots are only vaguely representative, there was quite alot more gifted than the new dots suggest, but it gives a good indictation of geographics.

More soon on this project.

Exellent work Rich (and Lucy)! I know how difficult it is sometimes to find and make use of proper deposit places there.