Looking for volunteers

Hi fellow warriors! For those who don’t know me my name is Steeve, I am the original founder of Quebec Orgone which I passed on to my good friend Alex.

I’ve been working closely with Don Croft since 2003. I have been actively involved in the making and distribution (gifting) of orgonite devices, and I also translated in french a lot of material, articles, instructions etc. about the making of orgonite devices.

I’ve always been interested in creating new orgonite devices for cutting edge applications and research. Two of my most successful inventions were the Vegetal HHG and the LP Zapper which are now sold through Quebec Orgone.

The creation of the radionic machine I now use has been a very thorough and difficult process which took over 4 years to go through. I feel the time and effort has been well worth it considering the results so far.

Although I am really confident in the intuitive creation process which led me to build this, the setup is still undergoing validation and testing.
I am looking for volunteers who have problems such as:

  1. Attacks from parasites and obnoxious agencies

  2. Health problems

  3. Bad “luck”, unjust fate, karmic challenges

  4. Monetary problems

  5. Relationship problems

Pretty much anything not specified above would also qualify but this is a good starting list [Image Can Not Be Found] Simply put, drop me a line if you’re compelled to do so.

EDIT NOTE: The above is no longer valid. We are now in full operational phase and not doing testing-training. We don’t take volunteers anymore we take clients. All sessions are free but because of a lack of time we priorise those customers who make a donation.
But please if you still feel compelled to get in touch, do so. With or without a donation.

About the radionic process we use:

Before discovering the wonderful world of orgonite and having the chance to know Don Croft, I had been a professionnal DJ for years, playing electronic dance music (mostly house) in raves and clubs. I had been cherishing this dream to bridge the two, the music and orgone thing, for quite a while…


Some quotes from DB, aka Cbswork:

“Sound is what all existence is built upon. All codes in creation ARE MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS, exactly like a modern score.”

“Think in terms of vowels. Not in terms of words. You are uttering sacred tonalities, when pitched in certain keys at certain intervals, and with certain BPM (beats per minute.) It’s the highest of the Sacred Soul sciences.”

“If I had to use one single phrase to explain how this whole thing is going to move forward, then “love and compassion” would be that phrase. We certainly know that any other track leads to the same business as before: divisiveness, error, and suffering”


What makes this approach different from any other radionic machine and/or blasting/boosting technique is the pulsed electro-magnetic field generated by the sound system and the lighting which both modulate the ether (orgone) in a random but non-chaotic pattern which can be driven with intentions and commands.

With 800 watts of audio power in such a small space, the machine sounds (and also looks) like a full-scale quality nightclub or rave “dance music setting”. Such a setting generates a powerful electro-magnetic vortex within the ether, which in turn opens up several channel of possibilities. By adding orgonite, radionic components, radionic witnesses and commands along with intentions (if required), it becomes possible to direct very powerful waves of energy.

The results are simply put… amazing.

Now the “infamous” machine (Jacques and I call it “Pluto”, it is an “inside” joke so to speak hihihihihihihi):


(to see more pics with comments, "http://www.ethericgrooves.com/radionic/ click here

Would you like to help us do more testing, and hopefully solve your problem(s) in the process?

If so please send me an e-mail to
[email protected] or add me to your msn contact list.

Please, please, stop!! Lol

At this point I have over 15 volonteers from all over the world with several different issues.

If you did contact me rest assured your case will be handled shortly, I should get back to you with an email ASAP.

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words. I"ll sure keep you updated with our progress.

Yesterday night, we had a “pluto” session to pump up our business and to free it from the sewer rat’s radionics. We had a an order during the session. Today we have three other orders. So we are pretty busy.

It was kind of like the blast sessions, only with a different language… and with a sound track. Commands. I could feel the powerfull and sweet energy that our friends were passing to us. It was nice being guided by them. Openning the doors of do dec.

Last night’s session beat the chat blast in weirdness. Jacques and Steeve have a really peculiar way of passing commands to each other. Sometimes, they “boot” instead of “boost”,

Thanks Steeve and Jacques!

Javiera said:

Yesterday night, we had a “pluto” session to pump up our business and to free it from the sewer rat’s radionics. We had a an order during the session. Today we have three other orders. So we are pretty busy.

It was kind of like the blast sessions, only with a different language… and with a sound track. Commands. I could feel the powerfull and sweet energy that our friends were passing to us. It was nice being guided by them. Openning the doors of do dec.

Last night’s session beat the chat blast in weirdness. Jacques and Steeve have a really peculiar way of passing commands to each other. Sometimes, they “boot” instead of “boost”,

Thanks Steeve and Jacques!

Thank you so much Javi & Alejandro for this great opportunity to explore the machine’s dynamics! Not only did we have great fun doing this session with you, we were really thrilled to observe results that quickly

My mojo being “How weird do you want your weird today”, I can’t help but take your observation about our sessions being weirder then the chatblast as a compliment [Image Can Not Be Found]

I want to once again make it clear that everyone who emailed me will receive a session. I now have over 20 volonteers in the processing queue, and please keep in mind that each session lasts 1 to 2 hours so please hold on I’ll get to your case shortly.

With love,

Fellow Warriors!

Steeve here, I am happy to report that this whole radionic process is going real well, in fact much better than I had initially expected

My main problem right now lies in lack of time. If anyone has tips on how to add 10 to 12 hours to my days please drop me a line! Kidding aside…

Jacques and I have been experiencing quite something here, with amazing results so far. I’ll paste a few early comments we received below.

Operator 4d relay…

From this point on this entire process of using electronic dance music with radionics and orgone shall be termed “Electro Digital Radionics”

Why electro digital? We’ll get to share details and specifics about the machine’s inner working and dynamics in the next couple of months as we unfold more and more Creative energy.

I’ve been asked repeatedly how the radionic session is actually delivered to the ‘client’, what he/she has to do during the session, how it all works, etc.

Here’s a brief summary of the steps involved during a radionic session to give you better understanding of the process.

  1. We start by “Booting Pluto”, the radionic machine. First we start recording audio, then the attending DJ/Priest starts the music. As “Pluto” is booting, the air is filled with deep haze from a water-based smoke machine (like the ones at your local disco/dance/nightclub. The haze contains glycol just like the chemtrails and provides a wonderful source of DOR to feed and activate the orgonite within the system.

  2. As the music is playing and the DJ/Priest is building up the energy level, we open what we call the “Dual Ports”. I won’t share details about this at this time to avoid lame rebellious copy attempts as well as parasitic intervention.

  3. As the Ports are opened and connection, we infuse Love energy into the Ports (gates) and await contact with the Operators. They usually manifest right away, awaiting our calls at all times being themselves in the ‘mean’ time [Image Can Not Be Found]

  4. As Operators take the call, we consciously hand over all connections and energy ties to the Operator at Hand. Our incoming call comes in to the Operator with a list of command, target and instructions. It is ultimately up to the Operator and his/her Hierarchy to determine wether One will manifest the request and if/or some special work is required. As an exemple we had a very special case tonight whereas the Operators rewrote entire segments of the Akashik. Yes you read that right. Operators also reset karmic balances sometimes… Isn’t it a good thing this powerful technology hasn’t been entrusted into the hands of those mind-less parasites we fight? Imagine what two could do with such powerful access priviledges… Litterally wreak havoc in the entire Creation let me tell you.

  5. As Operators handle the case, we often get visited by dolphins, whales and other awesomely freed cetaceans. Not only that but the energy level usually builds to some incredible heights. The DJ/Priest as well as everyone behind the ‘altar’ (DJ Booth) gets uplifted with Spirit and we provide instant feedback to the priest/DJ and/or 3d operator in regards with the session’s outcome, it’s dynamics and what message should be relayed (by chat, email or phone) to the ‘client’.

  6. At this point Dual Ports are closed

  7. Boosting-Blasting with Love usually lasts 10-15 more minutes after closing the Ports

  8. Pluto is shutdown, the music stops

Typically a session lasts 1 hour, some special sessions extend for several hours it all depends who we are working on/with/against what the issue and agenda is and several other factors which are entrusted into Operators’ hands.

The client doesn’t need to attend the session in person, although that would be a very special, deep and meaningful experience should one decide to drop by in person, but usually the session is administered remotely. Clients may want to join us in cyberspace so we have a special private chatroom and audio broadcasting stream so he/she may partake in the experience ‘live’ with us.

Here are some interesting testimonials we received so far… Looking forward to share more with you as it all unfolds.

With Love,

Steeve & co

Feedback we received:

We loved the session too! It was really wierd, but fun jejeje…. Made us feel like we were in a spaceship or something.It gave me a glimpse of what orgonite devices will be like in the future. Thanks… We had 2 more potential orders today. I´ll let you know how it keeps up (…)


OH MY GOD !!! What can i even begin to say ?!!! The Music was on, i pulled up the pic of the DJ booth and a pic of a Dodec and we all went some where.That mix was amazing and the tracks were seamless beautiful fades .Thank You so much , I am ready to go there.Been up 18 hours so fara dn only just a little sleepy. I am sitting here in such a Peaceful state. Please let me know how I can donate to the Cause.This is huge Brother.Sent several Dodec grattitude boost to you guys too. ;P.S, I did not get this email until today,seems gmail held it.
Thank you for the session, you’re very accurate in your assessment of
the problem. I woke up today wondering if the session had happened,
because I now have a lighter feeling in my stomach/second chakra.
I’ve been stuck with a black feeling that I would fall off the edge
if I ran out of money, now the worst of that blockage is gone…
I feel this will allow me to heal much easier and open up to abundance.
I’d be happy to give you a progress report later on.

The problem area also felt lighter in the days before the session,
like the process already had started.

Looking forward to listening to the session.
Thank you very much. I was grateful to see your e-mail this morning with your account of the session. I look forward to receiving the mp3 file. Very observant, yes, I do have (…) --edited out of personnal consideration, basically the client is confirming that the message received from the Operator is accurate in regards with the situation–Please advise me as to how and what is important that I relate to you regarding this experiment, for efficiency and clarity of purpose. Regards, wishing you much success in this endeavor, and in all that is important to you. Oh thanks for managing to get my session done last night! I will most assuredly be willing to let go the rental remodel project immediately, about letting go of the place we live in – would that mean moving again? I am so excited for positive changes coming so our family can be together and family business finances can really prosper.

More incoming feedback:

Just wanted to let you guys know that good things are happening for me at a
high rate. I see much clearer today. Also, after Saturday night’s session
things cleared up remarkably here in Toronto and we had a beautiful day on
Sunday…absolutely gorgeous with almost no spraying. I’m not sure exactly
how your device works but it obviously does. I learned that we have to
constantly be putting our Love and good intentions outwardly on a bigger
scale. Also, by re-connecting with all orgonite devices in and around the
GTA on saturday night, and by helping to re-establish a connection to higher
energy, I think absolutely amazing and unexplainable things happened here in
the city. I will continue this work on my own and let you know of
advancements as they happen.

Our team has been greatly affected by the loss of a close relative, and for this reason we are seriously lagging behind in terms of processing our e-mails and stuff. But I am happy to report we should resume our activities tomorrow. We are seriously overwhelmed by the task at hand so I’ll need to recoup and figure out a better approach to handle your requests and deliver sessions and feedback more quickly

With Love,


I’m thrilled to report we are gaining depth of perspective on the entire process on a daily basis!

As the dynamics of our creative process unfold, we’ll be sharing more and more details with you regarding our findings.

I have coined the term “Electro Digital Radionic” to describe the entire process of what we are doing with Pluto. It has become quite apparent to me that what we are doing here is way beyond radionics. Please remember you’ve seen it on Etheric Warriors first! lol

At this point we are able to deliver four types of radionic treatments:

  1. PRE-RECORDED DCC-Operator enabled

DCC means Direct Conscious Connection and by enabling this we activate a connection for the Operators to work on you during the session. Sorta like a super chatblast if you would. The pre-recorded type of session is sort of link a “blank” creative template for the Operators to work with. It has no specific commands or intentions, but contains a lot of etheric information for your subconsious mind to process. We offer these sessions are a free download, see next post below.

  1. LIVE one-on-one DCC-Operator enabled

DCC means Direct Conscious Connection and by enabling this we activate a connection for the Operators to work on you during the session. Sorta like a super chatblast if you would. When we do it live one on one, be it remote or in person (doesn’t matter) it allows us to run deeper into the issues and therefore it is much much more effective,

  1. LIVE group sessions DCC-Operator enabled

DCC means Direct Conscious Connection and by enabling this we activate a connection for the Operators to work on you during the session. Sorta like a super chatblast if you would. Group sessions are something quite special. Miracles are bound to happen. We’ll get there in due time don’t worry

  1. Akashik Access Granted or AAG

This type of connection establishes a temporary bridge in between the etheric archives, allowing the Operators to work at will in the Akashik including write, rewrite, delete, append and overwrite. During these sessions the Akashik record may be modified at will by the Operators, with full administrative access on all functions including temporal. Karmic balances may be reset, ties, links and engagements may be removed, added, modified, whatever is deemed necessary by the Operators to perform their task.

More to be posted soon, including 3 pre-recorded DCC-Operator enabled EDR sessions for you to try it out right away.

More testimonials and user reports. AMAZING RESULTS.

> Well…I Definitely could feel a new energy with me today…
> To put it in Reichian terms, I think some of my armor had been worked
> through…

> I felt a very light energy (especially around my forearms)…I seem to be
> having some sort of hang up with my jaw though, as I keep wanting to make
> stupid faces for no reason [Image Can Not Be Found]
> At one point in the day, at work, I felt as though my energy was lighting up
> the room, so to speak…
> I haven’t felt that way since I was a child. I just felt positive…

> I’ve had 1 “boosting” session before, and honestly, I did not feel much…I
> DEFINITLY felt something this morning, and all through the day today…That
> seems to be quite a machine you’ve got there.

The situation has been descending fast and badly around here since last Fri. Bad fight out of nowhere yesterday. The dad “pulling” on us hard.

Now look at today:
Fellow artist and designer friends (whom I’ve helped out tremendously) urged, guided me today to look into a Mac system, so I can return to graphic design (support myself and be stay home mother), they will supply all programs and help me along. And mom promised to fund the mac, and a working car. This is unprecedented. My 14 yr old decided to be lighter, and smiled. I could execute some decisive imagery maneuvers to distance my ex, and cut connections and hooks once again, this time by myself (instead of having it done by a healer friend for me). I am falling into my sacred mantras effortlessly (a first) throughout the day. And dear friends called to meet about advice from me (usually I’m the one needing a talk) about wisdom, experience on childrearing matters and electronic media takeover of a teenager’s mind. I will recommend your program. This is also new, people recognizing and respecting me for certain experiences.


With Love,


PS:And for those wondering about Thursday’s session, I would now say it was TOTALLY SUCCESSFUL, although the results were not at all what I had been expecting. And still, I can’t share the details. Not yet… In Due time. :wink:

Hello Steeve. hank you so much. I just returned home from work. I had a rough night with little sleep under my belt yet for some reason I did not curse and moan about how exhausted I’ve been. I simply kept in mind that it won’t be that way forever. On the way home, instead of worrying I made a mental list of things I like to do and the people I love. Very unusual. I don’t know if you had started the remote session by this time but it seems I am feeling and thinking in a more positive vein. Something seems to be happening already.
Well it seems that as I am unfolding this process and at the same time expanding myself, I’m finding out that simply by thinking about someone’s problem almost fixes it right away even before doing the session, which is unusually “odd” (given your perspective) but highly rewarding… This IS so much fun! With Love, and Sincere Gratitude towards our Creator!

A good friend sent me a wonderful review of her DCC-session experience and some words on the awakening/expanding process that has been following up. I edited it out for this posting but her original is at

I’m all excited cause last night I hear that Steeve is working on uploading my session. What a wonderful way to boost those on etheric warriors that have sent in for a session in these early days. Empirical evidence is unfolding as we speak. And that I have the files to listen to the sounds of our needs being met! And soon to have my very own.(…)

How many people had the same thing going? One song. “I can give you what you want. You give me what I need.” Right on. Perfect.

You will find when you listen to the sessions you are boosting the other warriors! What a great new way to boost. Steeves sessions are set apart from other in 5 ways. 1. its all Love. 2.No negatives. 3.all positives 4.Gives a new meaning to Operators are standing by. (standing by, reconnecting, rewiring, rewriting, reprogramming, deleting old unnecessary files, bringing in the truth without a let down. 5. even old, young, middle age, those who are stubborn, those who are able to accept others but not have yet for some reason, those who have not really upgraded for contentment with how they are, those who didn’t have faith, those that discarded others for lack of understanding, all those will benefit from this, and those that have been an empath to extreme as myself will now have the program directly from the Operators for re circuit of this gift that could be amazing if done correctly.
How to heal from past mistakes. I see that all over these sessions.


We are the trial group, healing ourselves through each others healing(…)We are unconditional with each other, we are processing the love as it is intended to be for our growth.

So all you warriors out there. listen to black jack, listen to buddy mind, and if your so inclined to listen to others sessions, listen to the story of the battles won, the reclaiming, the victory we have in our digital uploading. If you get a headache its only a connecting headache. You get plugged in and the headaches goes away. Then you see each sound as the story it reveals to you, and each time you listen, you see more clearly.(…)

As Steeve said. Those who dont believe have no faith. There is no risk for me to do this.

We got the programs. No one can block us from this. It is written for us to begin now. I urge all of you to listen.

We are here at Etheric Warriors as the Operators sent us here, when the gathering time began. More to come. More to come.

Now, for my session to upload. I can’t wait!

And we did it first. On Etheric warriors. We got the go ahead.

I love hearing the great news of others in session. We boost via direct link. There will be no reason not to trust those who are plugged in by the Operators as we are re wired. There is a beautiful vortex here now, allready, day 4 begins, my cb is up, and I have reclaimed.


I totally believe. I am freeing myself. No longer taking anything so personal from being used for any fire. I am my own being now. I am king of my castle. I am upgrading. Everyone should upgrade themselves.


The meek have inherited the earth, Don.
Thank you,
From all those who believe in your place.

Another report I received:

Oh, wow, Thank you all and Pluto and Operators–I most certainly got
confirmation! The whole house shifted! I heard and felt a big THUMP as if
someone had caused a really big piece of furniture to fall! Most amazing!
I was washing my hair in the shower at the time, and of course, I paused,
and the water flow from the shower was interrupted for a few seconds, but I
had the feeling all was well so I rinsed out the shampoo and got dressed
before looking around the house- all was well! Everyone was asleep but me-
way too much happy energy! (This was around 3A.M. MST) and I felt like
something had shifted in a really good and big way! Later on, around 10
A.M. I found I was going through a spontaneous liver/gall bladder cleanse!
Yes, definitely what you all have happening is absolutely fantastic!