Los Angeles Ground Report & Paging DB

Don Croft
14 Nov 2008 19:57
Subject: Los Angeles Ground Report & Paging DB
Carol and I are in Anaheim, CA, now at the ‘Best Weekend Ever’ event at the Anaheim Sheraton. I’m inviting DB to come visit on Saturday and/or Sunday and he’ll have a free pass if he shows up. It’s been awhile since I emailed him and I understand he’s got a diffferent email addy, now, so I hope he’s reading this or that someone who is in touch with him will pass it along. I’ll do my email in the morning before the event in case he emails me: doncroft [at] wildblue [dot] net

It’s Friday afternoon, now, and Carol and I drove across LA to Andy Schwarm’s place in Bloomington, near San Bernardino. Andy has ctbusters.com and was the first orgonite vendor. Yestterday, we drove from the LA airport, near Santa Monica, across Los Angeles to this hotel, which is near Disneyland in Orange County.

From the plane we got a good view of most of Los Angeles on the approach and we were very happy to see that the patches of smog were close to the ground and only in certain parts of the LA Basin.

On the ground, the smog was visible when looking across the basin but the sky was consistently blue, everywhere we drove. the tops of the varoius mountain ranges were clearly visible, too, and there was less and less smog as one drove toward San Bernardino in the northeast of the basin.

In June, 2001, Carol and I drove to LA on our way back to Idaho from Florida because it felt urgent to gift a few of the key vortices here, then. The drive through Orange County and LA, then, felt incredibly creepy and the smog was so dense, everywhere, that visibility was limited to two or three blocks and the brown/orange haze enttirely blocked the sun and sky.

These conditions were quite typical before a few Los Angeles gifters, mainly DB, took the time and effort (and considerable expense) to disable many thousands of new death towers adn weather weapons in the years after that. Carol and I gifted with him during a few of our visits but we haven’t been back herre since we brought Ryan McGinty with us to do some gifting with DB in August, 2004, which is also when Steeve DeBellefuille in Montreal kindly helped me set up Etheric Warriors.

In August, 2004, most of the smog had been eliminated by the orgonite and the area felt a lot better to us than before orgonite showed up but, by now, the Los Angeles area feels terrific and Carol and I haven’t sensed the usual predatory energy at all. Before, it felt like every third or fourth person we encountered was a predator at some level. Los Angeles was a city to avoid, before. On our way to Florida, 8 years ago, we drove around LA in a very long detour and it was worth it.

You might have noticed Sylphs in teh sky in many of the movies filmed in LA in the past three or four years. Sylphs are generally considered to be signs that the energy balance in the atmosphere is decisively positive. I think that cinematographers watch for those conditions, even if they don’t understand or care about what they’re watching for. The feeling one gets when seeing a Sylph is unmistakably uplifting and I’m pretty sure that cinematographers aim to use this feeling to their professional advantage.

DB has done a lot of gifting directed at shutting down the underground bases in the region, too, so we assume that the patches of ground smog are created by the people in those areas, not by teh corporate world order’s death-energy weapons. I htink that if a gruop of people in LA will do what Steve Baron and friends have done in Toronto, all the smog patches will disappear for good. Steve and crew put at least one towerbuster in evvery square block throughout metropolitan Toronto, which is a job more or less comparable to doing the same throughout the LA Basin.

In coming years, every city on the planet will be this well gifted, of course, and large aircraft will drop millions of towerbusters in the seas to ensure the increasing health of the planett. There are wealthy people of conscience, right now, who could carry this out and some of them know about what we’re all doing, so it’s just a matter of timing for them to take on the responsibility of healing the oceans, also of reversing the rest of the deserts. I can’t conceive that any government would or should accomplish this or that any formal organization could do it before being infiltrated, undreminded and sidelined by the CIA or MI6.

This morning, Andy took us to the top of Box Springs Mountain, near Riverside, to finish disabling the arrays up there, which had apparently been used in a concerted efffort to destroy his business a few months ago. He filmed a previous gifting visit but, that time, he hadn’t made it to the arrays along the ridge that are further west. At the time, he was dealing with some surveillance and a hreat by one of the feds to ‘call the Sherriff’

This time, there was no surveillance and Carol told us, on our way up the mountain, that the feds didn’t know where we were. Andy brought along a Powerwand, so all of the electronic and satellite links in the vehicle were being blocked, of ccourse. We took our time doing the arrays until we got to teh last one and found a fedmobile wiht an open door and two-way radio sounds coming from it. The technician was in the bunker and apparently didn’t know we were there. We drove back around a bend, out fo sight, and I planted one of Andy’s orgonite pyramids, then we descended the mountain.

Carol had rented a little Jeep SUV at the airport, which was fortuitous since the road up the mountain was too rough for an ordinary car. About halfway down, a helicopter showed up and Carol giggled, then told us, ‘They’re looking for our black Toyota Landcruiser! They just discovered that we disabled the tower arrays, then sent the helicopter to hunt for us.’

In other words, the feds are apparently so discouraged about stopping us that they’re not putting much effort into surveillance, any more. The last time we were in LA there was so much surveillance around us that they were tripping over each other and at the end of the day, at Devil’s Punchbowl, a small army of cops, including black-uniformed federal thugs, swarmed the parking lot of the closed state park where we were. On previous gifting visits to LA it wasn’t any better, of course. This bodes well for new gifters because they probably won’t have to contend with that freaky ffederal surveillance and intimidation, as we first few gifters have had to.

The view of the LA Basin from the top of that mountain was spectacular on account of the much-diminished smog! Andy filmed us, up there, and also filmed Carol adn I talking in his office. He’ll be here at the Do to film our stage interview and to get more face time for Carol for the hour-long DVD he’s puttting together. We had a ball with him, today.

17 Nov 2008 09:02
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Ground Report & Paging DB
Forest of Los Angeles are fired ?? I belive that is artificial estrategie.

What do you think about it?

Don Croft
18 Nov 2008 16:32
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Ground Report & Paging DB
Je, I think that most forest fires are started by federal agents. The characteristic of arson fires is that many fires are lit at the same time, regardless of wind direction. A natural fire starts at one point and spreads DOWNwind, not across the wind or upwind, for instance.

When the feds ignited most of Yellowstone National Park, some years ago, they started fires on either side of a mountain range. A natural fire would have started on one side and wouldn’t have spread over the range of mountains because a fire creates updraft, so it won’t spread downhill on the other side. Carol reckons they set those fires in order to shut down the park, so that nobody would comment on the huge amount of truck traffic involved in building the then-new underground base, there. I think we shut down that base after several gifting sorties, especially the last two with all those earthpipes around the caldera and the thorough gifting of Yellowsone Lake. The underground base may have shown up as a huge cavity on our boat’s sonar, by the way, under the bottom of the eastern half of the lake.

Andy tried to come ot Anaheim on Saturday but after two hours, he phoned us and said the traffic was getting worse, due to the fires, so he went home, instead. The feds apparently started a fire in Anaheim, itself. We saw and smelled the smoke from the hotel but, I’m thrilled to report, the smoke didn’t spread out because the orgonite in Los Angeles kept the smoke from becoming smog. Before DB did all that gifting, five years ago, the smoke from only one of the fires would likely have turned into smog and spread throughout the LA Basin. After the fires went out we only saw smoke downwind, over the Pacific, from the plane as we were leaving.

Usually, forest fires in Southern California occur outside the LA Basin but two of these weekend fires were right in the middle of the LA Basin: Anaheim and the Chino Hills. Andy said that he saw a lot of fires on his way to Anaheim on Sunday morning and some of the houses he saw burning seemed like obvious arson fires but in those cases the owners were more likely responsible. During a massive forest/residential fire near San Bernardino, a few years ago, some feds in a fedmobile were caught setting fires with gasoline and were arrested for it but the cops let them go, naturally. That only got a brief mention, sort of like the brief mention in June that the Chinese were going to bail out the Federal Reserve Corporation Cool

Andy made it over to Anaheim (through the Chino Hills fires) early Sunday morning and had a blast with the crowd all day, also filmed Carol and I during our stage interview with David Wolfe in the early afernoon. David W is spontaneous and obviously living in each moment. I think Carol’s going to try to convince him to start swimming with dolphins. He was testing the waters with us, we think. He says he’s not allowed to say ‘parasite’ in his lectures and I haven’t yet asked him why but he really seemed to enjoy hearing us say that word to the crowd Cool and when Carol finally opened up and started talking into a microphone, he was dumbstruck after that, briefly. I had said, ‘The only way to get Carol to start talking is to get her into a party mode.’

I finally achieved that when I mentioned Sylphs maybe being angels & she grabbed the mic and held forth. As we left the stage, Carol asked him, ‘Are you okay?’ He was fine, of course, but maybe wasn’t expecting what Madam Carol talked about. We’re pretty sure that he doesn’t regret inviting us Wink and that he was glad that we discussed bioweaponry from chemtrails, which I think is the only thing that can make very healthy people get sick. Lots of very healthy people got sick from chemtrails between 1998 and mid-2002, of course. Some of the folks, there, don’t like to hear about stuff like that but they really should hear it, I think.

A hundred or so of us ate supper at Au Lac Restaurant that day and the food was incredible–it’s a legendary vegan restaurant but Chef Edo is a genius and artist, so everything tastes and looks just as good as it is for the body. He’s actually radiant & came around to each booth and table during the feast to greet everyone. Chef Edo reminds Carol and I of Cesco and he’s even taken a vow of silence, like Cesco had done for a year, before we met him in May, 2005.

The only other time Carol and I had been to a vegan restaurant was when we gifted all around Bohemian Grove. That restaurant, which is close to where the corporate world order’s top murderers and/or pedophiles used to parade through the gates in their limousines every June (before orgonite apparently stopped their annual fun there, several years ago Wink ) was wretched and both the staff and the diners were arrogant food nazis. The food was atrocious.

Having been around this bunch, though, in Sedona (a couple of months ago) and during the weekend I was expecting some fun and exceptional fare at Chef Edo’s joint and my expectations were exceded. Carol ordered coffee and it was the best that either of us had ever had. They apparently used almond milk with it.

We traded zappers with some of the fvendors, including one for for some of Sacred Steve’s incredible chocolate. About a quarter of the people, there, apparently already had zappers and we sold out early Sunday morning, which rather astonished David and his business partners Wink

Carol and I will be reporting on some of the products we got from other vendors, there, after we experience the stuff over time and see what it all does. We’ll probably link to the gold product, which is a red liquid form of ormus that is apparently the same as the stuff that I drank in the fall of 2001 which immediately sort of led to my first trip to Africa.

David Wolfe apparently likes characters. While we were waiting for our food at supper, he came over and told us about a real vampire that he had invited to join him on a TV series. The guy actually had pointy teeth and regularly drank his girlfriend’s blood (from her neck, we presume) and during the show some dark entities flooded the TV set, freaking everyone out but the vampire, apparently. David said that he doesn’t regret any of that but won’t repeat the experience. Just because someone is a character certainly doesn’t mean he has character, of course. The story made me wonder if he was also expecting something ‘new and strange’ from Carol and I.

I don’t think he was disappointed Cool

A fellow came to the event from Europe because he wanted to meet Carol and I. Like some folks, I think he had to know whether we were real or fictitious after he had been intrigued by my earlier online reports. Carol gave him a psychic reading because she really liked him and was curious and he was floored by the experience. I was kind of shocked by how many of the people, there, are not familiar with genuine psychics. I sure don’t take her for granted but high psychism never seemed bizarre or threatening to my personal paradigm. I was 17 when I met my first genuine psychic: the mother of my high school girlfriend on Guam was a gifted astrologer–very unusual in those days.

Another person who came to the weekend event because she wanted to meet us ended up spending most of her time at our table, talking with Carol and telling people about our stuff. She amazed both of us because she’s got the rare ability to catch and hold the interest of just about anyone (even PJ folks–no joke!) regarding just about anything. Carol figures that after she gets some lessons on making orgonite from Andy in coming days, she’s going to attract a huge number of people into this unorganized movement as active gifters.

This lovely and gifted young woman doesn’t want me to mention her name, yet, but she said that some curious confirmations led her to believe that the stuff we talk about has some merit: when she went to one of the more popular CIA disinformation websites, the opening page of The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft popped up on her screen, unbidden, and she was unable to close that window, so she started reading.

After a little while, her hard drive suddenly crashed and she had to replace her computer. When she went back to the Adventures on a new PC to resume reading, it also crashed. She bought an Apple computer, then, and hasn’t had any problems with hackers after that Cool . David Rogers in Hawaii traded some zappers with me for a used Apple in June and that was the end of my incessant hacker trouble. I can’t express how nice it is to use software that’s not chock full of ‘Bill’ gates (CIA-friendly spy/sabotage access).

I think you’re going to be hearing from this amazing woman before long. We absolutely do need more female contributors to EW and this one will equal about ten of the male contributors (including me, of course). She’s a Jack of Clubs, same as Carol, and they were inseparable all weekend. Carol rarely makes friends that quickly.

We drove out to Andy’s place near Riverside on Friday morning so that he could film us busting a mountaintop death ray array for YouTube and for his upcoming DVD offering. There was a closed, iron gate across the road at the bottom of the mountain, so we pulled up one of the barrier posts in the parking lot and drove right up Cool . I know that a lot of the felons who are employed by the CIA and other murderous agencies are reading this but I also know that they won’t arrest me for saying this becuase if they draw any attention to towerbusting they’ll be kicking themselves squarely in their own cadaverous, suppurating Langley butts.

Right after we started back down teh mountain we got the characteristic buoyant feeling that comes when death towers have been turned into life force generators and a helicopter showed up shortly after that, of course. Carol got into the feds’ little pea brains in that chopper and told Andy and I that they were hunting for a black Toyota Land Cruiser (our car), and not the little silver-gray Jeep sedan that we had rented at the Los Angeles airport. These felonious Langley freaks are getting sloppy with their surveillance, in other words. They appareantly didnt’ even see the Jeep.

Andy tried and tried to upload the short clip on YouTube, which he’d routinely done countless times, before, but had no success that night. He got it done yesterday, apparently. A little persistence pays off, even in the face of CIA and NSA online sabotage. I wonder why they’ve worked so hard, over the years, to prevent Carol’s and my faces from showing up online.

I even got some advice about dowsing on that clip. I mainly did it so non-psychic gifters like myself can determine which towers in their area have not yet been gifted. I think it’s good, especially for new gifters, to conserve ammo and only toss/hide towerbusters in the vicinity of the still-operational death transmitters and weather weapons.

A whole lot of the people at the weekend event expresssed sincere interest in gifting and we’ll try to get Andy a booth at the big event in Santa Barbara in June. He’s the hardest-hit orgonite vendor, for now. I don’t even know why the feds hate him so much, unless it’s simply because he’s doing this in LA, which is being steadily transformed by orgonite and cloudbusters.

DB wasn’t able to make it, this time, becuase he was with his kids and I didn’t give him sufficient notice. We hope to visit him in January, though. Andy’s visited us twice in Idaho in as many years but Carol and I haven’t been to LA together in over four years. I’m glad we drove across LA to do that job with Andy because the entire LA Basin feels good, now. The last time we visited, it started looking good but it wasn’t feeling good, yet. The more recent ‘feelgood’ aspect might be evidence that orgonite keeps on improving the energy matrix, long, long after it gets tossed out into the environment.

Sylphs were seen (and recognized by many of the attendees of the weekend event) directly above the Anaheim forest fire on Sunday, by the way!

Two very sick dogs got zapped at our booth by their owners and both dogs displayed a lot of vigor and happiness after that. I love to zap sick dogs because they always seem to improve dramatically after only one session. Same is true with sick kids, by the way, and with just about any sick adult who hasn’t been damaged by bioweaponry from chemtrails.


Don Croft
20 Nov 2008 14:19
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Ground Report & Paging DB
Here’s Andy’s YouTube segment about gifting Box Springs Mountain and our turbodowsing recommendations:

He was so excited about the footage from the Best Weekend Ever event that he said he was going to stay up all night to edit it Cool


Andy Schwarm
20 Nov 2008 15:16
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Ground Report & Paging DB
I was not happy with the gifting video and I am redoing it, I’ll put the new URL here as soon as it’s up, sorry!


PS. Video’s a bitch, too much to screw-up!

Andy Schwarm
20 Nov 2008 18:34
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Ground Report & Paging DB
Try this one:

21 Nov 2008 08:49
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Ground Report & Paging DB
I just love your video footage of Carol and Don gifting the mountain array, Andy! You have a very inspiring way of editing. With all your video’s, for that matter. So: THANKS!


Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at ORGONITE.eu.
Don Croft
21 Nov 2008 11:19
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Ground Report & Paging DB
Andy’s getting better and better with his filming. We want him to make some money with the DVD he’s putting together.

He’s featuring our stage time with David Wolfe on his own site:


The main reason I like David so much is that he promotes his interests without an ideological foundation and he keeps it all fun and a lively enquiry. He’s kind of surrounded by relatively dogmatic people who use food as ideology. Sometime I might mention to them that the dolphins are way ahead of us and they eat nothing but living fish. So much for raw vegetable food diet making someone superior, eh? Cool

I’m used to dismissing claims that we’re incurring a ‘karmic debt’ by fighting tyranny. Several folks at that conference tried to dun Carol and I in front of the crowd for ‘killing parasites,’ but each of them use our zappers. Delicious irony and it points up the flaw of letting dogma replace rational thinking.


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