Lost HP And Increased Attacks?

Hi Everyone

About ten days ago my HP disappeared when I was in London. It was in the bottom of my satchel type thing with the SP. The SP was still there along with my MP4 media player and all my 3D slides. Not sure if it fell out or what.

I’ve had the occasional ‘hits’ and not sure what they are – basically feeling of beeing extremely sun burned all of a sudden in various patches over my body. Hot and burnt is best description.

They appear and disappear in a few moments. Second I notice them I boost.

One every few days is average has been average but its now up to 5 or in a morning is pretty high.

Anyone had something similar and know what it its? PSI or other attack?


It’s interesting these dark challenges we get. The “dark t-shirt team� certainly are adept at reading your energy and sensing weaknesses that’s for sure. They’ve had me question my sanity a number of times. A question I have is “How did they blow the pistons on Georg’s new outboard motor in Africa and also even know he and his heart-warrior crew were gifting the Pentagram?�

Again for the second time while engaged in some very powerful heart-centred sensuous boosting this weekend a 5 inch centipede did a tap dance on my boosting partner’s forehead at 3 am. This was the second 5 inch centipede to show up in my room while engaged in sensuous boosting. Centipede’s are related to scorpions and the bite is not very pleasant. It caused quite a stir and flushed out a lot of fear but then we play-read our obituaries and how we both died in a state of orgasm while being bit in the ear by centipedes…then rolled on the mojo bed in playful heart open giggles. My sense is the ghouls shrink quite nicely in the presence of genuine laughter and humour.

A year ago I was poisoned. The poisoning came out as gonorrhea. I was deeply ashamed with this and very afraid. I think it correlated quite nicely with my style of boosting and could have easily stopped me in my tracks. I did Chinese medicine, homeopathics, zapping, bulbs of garlic in the blender and nothing worked. It only got worse and I became more afraid. Then I started reading about urine therapy for this. I was desperate…peeing broken glass and razor blades at the same time does motivate one to explore alternatives that otherwise may not be looked at with an open mind. In 3 days of urine therapy it was gone…my mind was opened. So the question I have is: Are these attacks from the dark t-shirt team part of the healing, part of the awakening? I don’t know. For example just this morning about 30 minutes ago I noticed a new chemtrail laid just over my workplace…I opened up and boosted it…opened my heart with the sylphs. Question is: would I have boosted and been PRESENT and AWARE had I not had that “dark challenge� of the chemtrail. Maybe it’s teaching me to be in a constant state of boosting and vibrant energy? Maybe when I am more PRESENT to this I won’t need the challenge of the “dark t-shirt team� to motivate me?

I don’t know. Yet I am having these odd experiences but feel in some strange way they are part of the tapestry of the blossoming of my consciousness. Maybe the rest of us too? Hard to say.

All the best…and maybe all the worse is better too (LOL) Hong Kong John

The Hong Kong sky is beautiful and clear again today.
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After I gifted 12 broadcast towers and some big cell towers downtown last week, my mom started feeling some annoying ithces at her feet, she couldn´t sleep because of the itches. She hasn´t stepped on dirty water, walked barefoot, gone to swimming pools or anything that could have a medical explanation. It it was something she ate or drank, it would affect her whole body, not just her feet. The dark forces like to attack her to get me.

On Sunday, after finishing about 70 coils for earthpipes, I fell very sick from flu. I took no medicine, I´m treating it with zapping and boosting and letting my fever do its healing job in my body and I felt better today. I´ve poured some tb´s and HHg´s as soon as I got better. Today I saw a spewplane in the sky, and the whole sky was covered with chem clouds. I forgot to boost the spewplanes and the chems, but I´m doing it now.

There´s so many attacks we don´t recognise as an attack at first. But we should report them when we feel there´s something weird about them or some syncronicity.


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