Madrid. I only have a handul of tbs with me

06 Sep 2008 13:09
Subject: Madrid
I only have a handul of tbs with me, so the city will just get a lift of orgonite today, but there are more death towers here than anywhere I´ve been !!!

Madrid should be a test city for the effects of Orgonite. All this town needs is 100 tb´s or more to make some changes.

If it´s been done all the better. Wink


Clock Tower, Downtown Madrid at Gran Via . BUSTED Cool

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09 Sep 2008 14:18
Subject: Re: Madrid
Hi Eric
Good question. I"ve gifted a lot of towns in spain, but only a handful of orgonite in Madrid itself. I never heard stories of anyone gifting madrid, and all the spanish gifters lived elsewhere, so it may be one of the major cities that has slipped between the cracks, as it were. Don would probably know for sure. I’m going back to Spain in a month, to Seville, and Seville definitely has been gifted, but there’s always room for more. Actually a few years ago when orgonite was first introduced to Seville we had the most gorgeous sylphs over the city for months, and then after gifting the cathedral itself we had a beautiful cloud literally begin to spin into itself directly above the church, like a mini tornado. We took this as confirmation, of course, but the best confirmation was a helicopter which came out and literally flew back and forth above us 4 or 5 times before taking off. It even had a funny looking sphere off the side, looking like a big eye ball.
At any rate, that cathedral is the 3rd largest in the world, its like an entire city block inside, all with gothic architecture. There’s something about architecture that channels, or perhaps strengthens whatever energy is within. As it turns out, this cathedral was built at the intersection of two major energy lines, or ley lines, and Seville itself, or Hispalis, was originally situated at the beginning of the Roman Empire. I’ve never read Serge Kahlil’s “Earth Energies”, Don says it helps to understand a lot of this stuff. It’s fascinating that some of the ancient mystery schools, or whatever they’re called, must have understood this, or at least had access to this kind of information, which they then used to place giant structures and perhaps strengthen the energy of whatever rituals that may have been held within. It’s funny to think that as the Catholic church progressed and began to acquire these ancient sites, the rituals they held within were often filled with guilt and self denial, maybe these very energies were harnessed and used to maintain a certain sense of defeat and complacency in the general population. I hate to think that such a thing may have happened, but it is encouraging that orgonite seems able to put an end to it all.

10 Sep 2008 10:48
Subject: Re: Madrid
Hi. I am from Spain, and me and others persons are gifing Spain.

In this Alejandro`s post can see my last gifting operation in Andalucia (south of Spain)

You are right Eric, Madrid its a Monster that need so much gifting.
I am working for save rains in Spain gifting the arid zones. Y think that the next step is gift Portugal because is there where the
rainy fronts are stoped.

Its a good idea too gift the “Sierra of Madrid” (mountains of Madrid) because there are a big Weather ball.
I wait that some gifter in Madrid make it.

All the best

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