Mail Sabotage - Zappers

Sharing Recent Events Of Interference / Sabotage

Hi all,

I’ve been helping to distribute zappers to some people I know with chronic problems and even cancer. Don had sent a priority mail package of zappers to my address earlier this month.

The zappers arrived but not without classic interference. As you can see in the photos, the package appears to have been torn open on one end.

Certainly someone could have removed the contents but didn’t. They could easily have read the inserts to get an idea of the contents.

Also, two letters that were sent to me by a listener of the show In Other News were also ripped open on both ends of the letters.

Lastly, the air was completely let out of the back tire of my motorcycle.

Here are photos of what arrived at the door of my building April 15, 2017.

(images missing)