Maine Spring Gifting Offensive, Honoring Paul Revere's Ride

[You and I can assume that gifting is only offensive to the corporate sewer inhabitants who call themselves the new world order. [Image Can Not Be Found] ~Don]

Dear Don&Carol,

I’m very pleased to report that the Spring offensive has begun in the State of Maine today. It has special significance since today is also the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride. I’ve been so anxious to get going with gifting here since no one seems to be doing anything in this corner of the world.

Yesterday was production day. I received immediate confirmation by the appearance of what I’m calling the Dragon Sylph (photo attached). There were also some other curious sightings. I saw what looked like an orb (not elemental) that only appeared for a moment and was gone. It happened too quick to grab the binoculars. Another interesting thing was the cloud formations that appeared later. They were very similar to the sightings over Mount Rainier in 2005. I’ve seen other photos of the same phenomenon that folks have related to UFOs.

I was wondering if you make use of the NOAA satellite imaging I’ve found this useful for seeing the radio frequency effects in the region.

Just want to mention that the work that Je is doing in Spain has been most impressive. It is significant that the Spanish authorities have been so upset by it. I don’t think you can get better confirmation as to the effectiveness of gifting. His video is a nice piece of work. An inspiration to all.



Thanks for the update, Alan, and the nice Sylph photo–congrats! I think their appearance is always a personal confirmation and an expression of our own participation in The Operators’ synchronicity. Maine might be a little bit behind the curve but that’s actually good for you because in that case your confirmations will be even more dramatic than if someone has already been doing this where you live.

There are lenticular clouds that are formed naturally (vertical waves of warm, moist air that condenses at altitude, then dissipates as it moves back down) over mountains but most of the ones people are seeing, now, are rather caused by the influence of energy fields around ships, we believe. The dark ones are DOR-induced and the light ones are from healthy energy fields, just liike with natural clouds.

I saw a single, stacked lenticular cloud, today, over the Bittteroot Mountains near us. The mountain range is extensive and there are no single, very tall peaks that could account for a single lenticular. Once, after we gifted Pluto’s Cave in the flat plain, 30 miles from Shasta, a whole lot of small, distinct lenticulars showed up only over the vally and not over the surrounding mountains [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol and I figure that the entire subject of etheric beings is just something that concerns people who are curious about it. I think it’s up to The Operators whether to make all of that more apparent or not. I don’t wish a rude awakening on anyone and we don’t pretend that our view of this stuff is authoritative, of course. It sure is fun, though.

Je Torres is making plenty of history. I think he’s the key player, now, in the dissolution of the horrendous ‘global warming’ scam, which was clearly intended to turn this world into a desert through weather warfare. Spain was to have been the ‘proof’ of this fake-science scenario. No wonder he’s the very first gifter to be assaulted in the media, as well as having been instigated by a professional liar in the media in the gratuitous bombing of a few death towers. I think the latter one’s been put to rest, at least [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks for the satellite imagery tip. Weather warfare transmissions are always perpendicular to the parallel waves and away from the area where two or more of these wave formations intersect. Carol and I usually just watch the sky and check the map off in the directions indicated and have found HAARP facilities, that way. I think the weatherballs are the worst of all but Carel in Yorkshire, England sent me this photo of a monstrosity on an airbase near her, which has recently replaced three weatherballs:


Soon to be turned into a powerful life force generator by her, of course [Image Can Not Be Found]


Alan and I have corresponded further and his photos of pentagon-shaped energy fields around his orgonite intrigued me. I recalled that my first correspondence with Louis in Alabama involved photos from him that showed a lot of diamond-shaped energy fields around his cloudbuster and a gifter in Norway sent us photos of a huge pentagon-shaped object in the sky, partly obscured by clouds. I wish I were able to post photos but maybe that’s just not in the cards.



Dear Don&Carol,

First, I want to thank you for posting my e-mail regarding commencement of gifting activities in Maine on the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride. I kept it going right through Patriots Day and have gifted nineteen towers so far.

I’m writing today to find out if you can tell me, or direct me to some information regarding the occult significance of the the pentagon. The info I’ve found so far on the web only deals with the mathematical characteristics or the building in DC. They mention there is occult meaning, but do not tell you just what that is.

This came to the forefront in review of some of the photos I’ve taken. The photo of the dragon sylph exhibits two pentagons in the upper left-hand corner. The pentagon again appears in photos of three different towers. Now, my guess is it’s just interaction between the camera lens and the sunlight being at an angle that allows this to happen. I don’t want to read more into it than there really is. On the other hand it still brought to mind the question of what is the significance of the pentagon?

As the pentagon keeps showing up so often in architecture, art and occult references, I’m on the trail of discovering just what is the etheric meaning behind it. My feeling is that the meaning behind it will lend a clue to what makes the PTB click. This is important since one has to know ones enemy in order to defeat them.

Since the Illuminati are so much into mind-control, I have a suspicion the pentagon may serve some function toward that purpose. It would be similar to the idea that the appearance of chem trails all the time would cause one to think it’s normal.

In conclusion, I wonder if you would entertain this question and could shed some light on the subject. Perhaps some psychic Intel already exists.

Thanks to you guys for just being there!


P.S. photos attached of the pentagons


Alan, it’s more likely that the pentagon shapes in your photos are entities, perhaps elementals’ energy fields. All geometrical shapes are neutral but the shitbirds use the energy of shapes to accomplish nasty things and we can use the same shapes’ energy to do good things. It’s sort of like using fire.

I haven’t come across any pentagon applications but the psychics use dodecahedrons a lot and those are made up of pentagon facets. You probably realize that anything you can read about occult subjects is mostly llikely disinformation. People who know stuff, including shitbirds and nice ones, tend to keep secrets about empowering material but The Operators are blowing the lid off all that, so if you’re seeingg a lot of pentagons maybe it’s your job to do something new and useful with the shape–you cann probably only know that by paying close attention to your hunches and following thru withh them.



Don, thanks for your timely reply. I ended up doing a search for occult symbols and spent the morning reading. It was a lot of energy spent only to learn that the symbols have been applied to satanic references and I knew that in the first place. I went on over-load and had to take a nap. It wasn’t a complete waste of time though, because it did stimulate more thought.

My conclusion is that occult symbols as well as geometric shapes my well contain energetic properties. As we know, the shitbirds will co-opt this energy to be used for ill. It would follow that these very same energies can be used for good. This idea is no different than what we are doing when we connect with the ether for true and noble purposes as opposed to using it for personal gain and oppression of others. It would also be the same as when we gift a tower to transmute DOR to POR.

So, back to the pentagon. I occurred to me that the pentagon (in reference to the building) may just be the way to obscure the pentagram contained within. If this is true, it may be that both forms have energetic properties.

When I first saw the pentagons in the photos I had a gut feeling that they were elementals. I was apprehensive due to the pentagon shape and wondered if I was releasing the demons. But this is preconditioning to react this way to something associated with evil. I’m beginning the think that the association of these symbols with evil is just to cause common humanity to steer clear of them and thereby not discover the power that can be used for good. I’m all for using the energies and technologies currently used for evil to turn evil on it’s head. So your first paragraph served as a confirmation for me. Very timely and greatly appreciated!

The dodecahedron is fascinating to me. I’ve done some reading about it and have read some reports which seem to indicate similar properties to the pyramid. Where the dodecahedron is made up of pentagon facets, it lends more credibility to the idea that the pentagon contains energetic qualities in itself.

So, I’m going to accept the challenge and build a mold to shape orgonite in the form of a pentagon. If I can achieve some kind of objective result it would be something to apply to Manfred’s research forum for others to expand upon. Thinking about it just now, if I can set up a seed germination experiment similar to what Mark Bennett is doing only with the addition of a pentagon shaped piece of orgonite to be used as a third sample, maybe that would tell me something.

Thanks so much for this session, your a real gift man!


Without a doubt, the corporate/occult world order have tried to make a lot of these things ‘off limits’ by getting their dirty clergy to make most people believe that some symbols and numbers are intrinsically evil. Examples: the pentacle, the number ‘13,’ the number ‘666.’ Aleister Crowley, a pretty twisted preacher’s boy, really took that last one to heart [Image Can Not Be Found]

We laugh at the way bornagain chumps are conditioned to be terrified of independent, creative thinking but it wasn’t long ago that most people were programmed, that way, and the few who tried to break free were caught up by ‘irrationalist’ Theosophy’s net. It wasn’t long ago that it seemed nearly impossible to get clear of the world order’s programming. When I was a kid, for instance, if one rejected bornagain chumpism’s infantile ‘creationism’ paradigm one was programmed to assume that atheiism was the alternative; yet another occult/corporate artifact. I was a reluctant, very depressed atheist at age 12. There weren’t yet a lot of satanists in the 1950s because the CIA was still kind of new, then, and their packaged drug counterculture hadn’t been introduced. I eventually met a practicing satanist (my art teacher in the 9th grade, in Arkansas) but was repulsed by her beliefs.

Someone in France sent me a really interesting, illustrated treatise called, ‘ondes des formes,’ which is, ‘the frequencies of shapes.’ It’s on one of my old computers, long gone unfortunately. It was in French but the illustrations said it all—there wasn’t a lot of text. Every shape constantly produces or conserves energy. I think that a 3D shape has more capacity for it than a flat shape does.

Dr Grebbenikov evidently unlocked the potential of resonant chambers to affect time and gravity when he replicated what he found under the wings in a species of mayfly in Siberia. He had gotten started in that research when he discovered that an abandoned underground beehive was putting out a lot of subtle energy, due to the hexagonal-sectioned cells in it.

Carol has the impression that the (Lemurian, she told me) craft we watched overhead all night when we camped on Mt Shasta during the summer solstice of 2001 operate just like Dr Grebbenikov’s ‘flying paintbox’ did–with the combination of resonant chambers and manipulated baffles. Free energy, indeed! There’s something that the brutish NSA Men in Black can’t possibly suppress once the instructions have been publicized [Image Can Not Be Found]


I am thrilled to learn of another New England gifter! We’ve been having some unusually deep & clear blue skies lately.

I got the message there is an important weather modification “global warming� weaponry facility in the Portsmouth NH area (possibly also Southern Maine) that needs to be gifted. My understanding is this will help Je in Spain with the Atlantic weather fronts. Just recently I was seeing this target as a point in a pentagram spanning the Atlantic.

I’m hoping the Maine gifters will see this! Write to me via Don if you want more info.


As reported in this thread the gifting of towers and waterways in Maine has continued. I’m posting a link to my photobucket gallery for anyone interested in seeing the types of towers found here.

Recently I’ve visited Portsmouth and did some gifting near the Seavy Island Naval base. Much more needs to be done. Luckly I’ve had the great pleasure of connecting with two people nearby who are most supportive in this effort.

From the satellite imagery Je has provided, it seems clear that bad weather we’ve been experiencing here is diverted as it leaves our shores.

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