Major Pirated Vortex East Of Madagascar Needs Orgonite

Don Croft
29 Jul 2008 14:54
Subject: Major Pirated Vortex East of Madagascar Needs Orgonite
Some months ago, after a bunch of whales were murdered by the US Navy in the vicinity of Madagascar the psychics located a previously unseen major vortex nearby, in the vicinity of Reunion Island. We did some work on the vortex and the psychics found another ancient ‘wheel’ deep under that area. For some reason this vortex was or is critical to the current global poison agenda.

I heard from Didier on Reunion Island yesterday and he told me that (around that time) he encountered some dolphins while tossing his orgonite in the sea, so I’m assuming the dolphins were eager to get some orgonite to take that vortex back from the world order.

Since Didier’s in a unique position to put a lot more orgonite out for the dolphins and whales to distribute and since he’s not currently able to afford to make more I hope that some of our readers will mail some orgonite to him. Reunion Island is part of France, so the postal system there is pretty reliable, I think.

I’m letting him know that I’ve posted this request and he can supply his postal address and perhaps some addditional comments. Didier runs one of the French language orgonite forums, by the way.

The psychics pinpointed the vortex location, though ‘pinpoint’ isn’t entirely accurate due to the immensity of that one Cool


30 Jul 2008 01:32
Subject: Re: Major Pirated Vortex East Of Madagascar Needs Orgonite
Hello all,

And thank you Don for having posted this thread. For those who could send orgonite to me, I won’t post my private address here because this could cause “interference” with my job, but feel free to contact me by private message or email ([email protected]) and I’ll give you my personal address.

As soon as I’ll receive the orgonite, I’ll get back to the Baie de Saint-Paul, where we last saw dolphins, to put the orgonite there Smile Anyway I’ll try to make some towerbusters in the following days to put them in the sea. I’ll let you know Smile

And yes, our french forum is now at (admins : myself, and kawaboy and kassandria) and my personal blog about orgonite gifting is at


Don Croft
05 Aug 2008 04:33
Subject: Re: Major Pirated Vortex East of Madagascar Needs Orgonite
Didier said he’ll remain on the island until early next year. I’m hoping that someone will help him get orgonite for the dolphins to distrubute and I’m going to ask Carol and the other psychics to do some followup to see how much (more?) orgonite that vortex may need. The fact that dolphins recently showed up when he was tossing orgonite in the sea is a good indicator that they want more of it and, as I mentioned, the whale slaughter in Madagascar is what led the psychics to find that critical vortex. If memory serves, it occupies a huge area of the sea between Reunion and Mauritius. Carol remarked that this one reminds her of that big, pivotal vortex between Bimini and Nassau.

Psychics and boosters can help take pirated vortices away from the world order, apparently, but orgonite on the site seems to ‘seal the deal’ so that the $#!+birds can’t pull a fast one and take them back when our backs are turned.

There are a lot of gifters in France and the other French-speaking countries by now, so there’s increasing need for reputable forum efforts in that language. Didier’s putting his heart into the effort and we’re supporting him.


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