Malaysia - Gifting & Observations

Hi all, I would like to introduce myself as this is my first post in this forum. My name is Hari and I am posting my gifting and observation reports in Malaysia. I started gifting in May 2006 and I do read this forum regularly but have never posted anything yet.

Appreciate any feedback you can give me on the reports.
Thank you.

[u:1euxc41v]Our first gifting run in Malaysia May 2006 (Part 1 of 4)[/u:1euxc41v]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Day 1 (May 26, 2006), I started out by throwing and burying tbs around my neighbourhood. With my tight deadline (some major gifting around Kuala Lumpur before 6/6/06), i had to forego building & carrying a succor punch or even a Powerwand. I made do with 3 orgonite buttons given to me freely by Cece and 2 potent lemurian DT crystals. I placed them all in our wallets and these items served as the only protection my gifting buddy and I had.

For the moment, with little ammo (tbs that is), I only threw a single TB into lakes and ponds around my place. I have read about the ‘resonant cavity’ effect and will try attaching short hollow copper pipes to my tbs in the future, for gifts meant to be thrown water (ponds, lake & etc).

It took me 2 hours only to cover my neighbourhood and the surrounding sub-urban area. I did gift the infamous IKEA mall, TESCO and etc. I took many ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of some places that we gifted, hoping to get some feedback on DOR and POR activity from the photos themselves. I know there are a few talented people who can actually see energies from photos and I am hoping to learn from the experience and gather info on the impact of tbs, placed strategically in key spots, especially around large communication towers.

[u:1euxc41v]Kuala Lumpur the day before any gifting (May 26th 2006)[/u:1euxc41v]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Img 2], is a panoramic view of KL before we started our gifting run in key spots around the city. Nice haze huh?" is a panoramic view of KL before we started our gifting run in key spots around the city. Nice haze huh? The haze/smog around KL is usually from the forest fires around Indonesia and Borneo. The haze been around for the last 2 weeks. Last year, in Aug 2005, the haze from the forest fires was so bad that shipping ports, airports & etc had to be closed down for a few days. Visibility was at about 100 meters only at some place. It had almost reached a point where the government had almost declared a state of emergency. This is basically smoke lingering around from the forest fires! Anyway, the weather was like this for the past 2 weeks when I shot this photo on May 26th 2006. [Aug 16, 2006, mild haze is back. It usually does during these months, again!]

[u:1euxc41v]Gifting the KL tower[/u:1euxc41v]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Img 3] is a shot I took of the KL communication tower, which is the 3rd largest communication tower in the world. The Petronas twin towers can also be seen. This is a ‘before’ photo, before we gifted those two places. As expected, places like these do have some tight security and the KL tower was no different. Certain places at the tower are open to the public but the whole place is packed with tower security guards, police, undercover cops and a sea of security cameras. It was quite unnerving for me to just walk around there with guards and cameras watching our every move. I mean, when you do dig a pile of dirt and place tbs, which can be mistaken for bombs, right in front of the guards and cameras… it’s quite difficult NOT to get caught and be labeled as a terrorist.

It was truly a daunting task for me and my buddy and I admit, had I not read the gifting reports of other gifters in the forums and especially Don & Carol‘s gifting reports, I would never have attempted to gift this particular spot. It would have been better to gift that spot at a later date when we had a little more experience in gifting and have a succor punch with us but we had a tight deadline to meet (before 6/6/06). We casually walked around, digging, planting tbs around the tower with the guards barely 20-30 feet from us. As for the cameras, well…we couldn’t do anything about it and I was hoping for the ‘operators’ to intervene. Oh yes, that’s another thing I wanted to see and experience as well after reading about the ‘operators’ in gifting reports. It was risky but I am a very curious guy. Hehehe…I have a gut feeling that my life had ended prematurely many times before, in many other lives before, due to this curiosity of mine [Image Can Not Be Found]; .

When we started gifting in the evening that day, it had started to rain heavily, which we didn’t realize at that time, that it actually made our gifting work around the KL tower and a few spots in Kuala Lumpur, a lot easier. People, especially the police, guards and etc stayed indoors or were just watching us from their sheltered security booths. They didn’t want to get wet [Image Can Not Be Found]

When we drove off from that place, I couldn’t believe that we didn’t get caught. We placed lots of TBs, circling the tower. I can’t go into a lot of details for now as there is a probability that we may have to re-gift the place. The next time, I would be carrying a succor punch.

[u:1euxc41v]Close encounter with the electrocution kind and gifting the Freemason/Illuminati wanna-be(s) neighborhoods[/u:1euxc41v]

We continued our gifting run that very day (May 26th) after gifting the KL tower. Under the cover of the heavy rain and we headed towards the neighborhoods that we knew which had many Freemasons, illuminatis wanna be(s) and gifted the area. It doesn’t take a genius to connect all the families living in these ‘exclusive parts’ of Malaysia to be part of the ‘money trail’ to the world wide bankers on this globe. We did our homework. It was also located at a hillside, strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and I am quite sure there must be a vortex here, used for dark purposes. The tiny forest enclave here always seemed dead.

I truly felt alive and my adrenalin was pumping. It’s really hard to describe that feeling when we were drenched wet, driving, running around in the rain, digging and planting TBs outside these freemason’s homes and the neighborhood area. It felt good!

At about 6.45pm, as I was filling up the hole of one of the TB I had just buried, a freak electrical surge (or lightning) ran across all the outdoor wires of the telephone/electrical on poles. Basically it looked like a flash of lightning running all along the wires. It lit up the neighbourhood with the lightning ending close to my feet.

As I pounded to cover the TB (located right under a telephone/electric pole…yeah what the heck was I thinking), in the heavy rain, I recall my last stomp of my feet resulted in a bright flash, about 12inches from me. I instinctively, jumped away about 3feet at that very moment. I didn’t realize what had happen, but my gifting buddy was watching it all with his jaw dropped (he was about 20+ feet away from me on dry ground). He was amazed that I was still alive and didn’t get electrocuted (it was raining heavily with pools of water all around) and I was soaked wet.

At that moment, it was a little difficult to describe what I felt. Was it a sign from the darksiders to stay away from this neighbourhood? Did the ‘Operators’ intervened again? I am not religious but am spiritual (only recently). Soaked wet in the rain, looking at the spot where I should have died, I felt exhilarated! Felt personal empowerment, finally I could actually do something about it after feeling helpless on how to turn things around after finding out about the freemasons, illuminati, NWO & etc, before I found out about orgonite. The darksiders will go down! We continued gifting in that area. Yes, I did place a single rose quartz chip as the coloring stone for all the TBs.

[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Img 4] is a shot of the KL tower taken about an hour after gifting it. [Img 5] shows the still ungifted Petronas twin towers, looking menacing. Both shots were taken on the 26th May, from the hilltop that we had just gifted.

Next Report…May 2006 (Part 2 of 4) – the beauty and the beast?
Day 2, photos of the haze in Kuala Lumpur totally cleared after 1st gifting and a unique beautiful circular rainbow formed over my neighbourhood.

(Harideran Sivagnanam)

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The beauty and the beast? (May 27th 2006)
May 2006 (Part 2 of 4) – the beauty and the beast?

[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Img 6-8] Day 2, May 27th 2006, I woke up the next morning with my jaw dropped, looking for the first time at an image that had both the horror and beauty in that very instance. Firstly, I had never seen any sylphs before (apart from the Internet) and here they were right over my roof! A beautiful circular rainbow is also formed in a clear, sunny blue sky like that day. Beautiful! It’s NOT a ‘lens flare’ from the camera but an actual circular rainbow in the sky over my home. It was very odd and unreal to me. Rainbows don’t form in a circle do they? Then of course the horror as well…Chemtrails right over our home!

I had only seen chemtrails in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at about March this year and that was only on two separate occasions only. Very rare or perhaps I didn’t look at the sky more often. But never over my home! The darksiders were pretty accurate in their chemtrails spraying. Hehehe oh yeah it was an absolute eye opener for me. The photo of the rainbow I had taken was already ‘2 HOURS OLD’ already and had diminished quite a bit before I could get my hands on a digital camera. Yeah I was excited as I had never seen anything like this before.

[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]

I met up with my gifting buddy a few hours later and we gifted a few more spots around the neighbourhood and lakes. We saw many chemtrails planes and sylphs all over the place. At one point near the lakes, we ask ourselves if those unique, long, thin, smoky looking clouds we were looking at are actually sylphs? I couldn’t believe it, Img 9 & 10, shows an ‘S’ shape cloud at the moment we asked the question! ‘S’ for sylphs? Hehehe we just laughed! It was ‘unreal’. For the both of us, we never saw and experienced this much so far (in 2 days) since back in our teens and twenties. It was exciting and knew more was to come.

We decided to gift hillsides that have those menacing towers on it, around Kuala Lumpur. Having read from Laozu’s reports that vortices could be formed in hilltops and high places, that was the strategy we adopted with our limited number of TBs. The skies around Kuala Lumpur was clear and blue today, never like this recently as we have been experiencing a haze around Malaysia for the past few weeks. The haze disappeared altogether TODAY after we gifted the KL tower and a few key towers around Kuala Lumpur yesterday. What a turn around in the weather today and of all days after weeks of the haze! Coincidence? Ha! I dunno for sure and that is why I am snapping photos and documenting it as Malaysia is still a virgin territory for orgonite deployed in large numbers (for the benefit of PJ folks and to confirm my instinct at this point on the powerful healing effects of orgonite on the environment). We also saw many sylphs and chemtrails all over the place.

[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Img 11 & 12 was shot at one of the hillsides that had a tower. IMG 11 showing a very cool halo effect. Panning to the left from Img 11, Img 12 shows a sylph that is never far away. There were always sylphs following us everywhere we went on this gifting run. Day 2 of our very new gifting project in Malaysia was nothing short of an eye opener as well for me. I would really appreciate if anyone reading this report and especially the energy sensitive one, to post some feedback on what I am seeing and photographing as this would provide invaluable data for me to learn and for PJ folks reading this. I am still having a hard time convincing PJ folks in Malaysia about orgonite and I will tell them to go to the URL that I will give them to read the reports themselves. Many thanks.

Next Report…May 2006 (Part 3 of 4) – the darksiders striking back? Is that a UFO or a patch of dirt in the photo?

( Harideran Sivagnanam )

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Bear with me a little, within 30min of posting the report, 1 of the websites that i have uploaded the report, geocities, made the site unavailable for the moment. Yup some of the images cant be seen. I’ll try to post the photos elsewhere then edit the link here in this post so that the images will show up in this post. I’ll try to post the remainder of the gifting & observations reports tomorrow… gotta hit the bed now 3.30am here…zzz


The darksiders striking back? (May 28th 2006)

May 2006 (Part 3 of 4) the darksiders striking back?

I am not sure but would love some feedback on the photos and I would love to learn from this.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Day 3, I have about 70 plus photos that I captured on this day (May 28th 2006) on a strange incident that was taking place above my home, in a span of one and half hours. I am posting only a summary of a few pictures as the webpage may take forever to load and I will try my best to describe what I saw with the photos here.

[Img 13] is a couple of snap shots I had taken 2 days after gifting in some key spots in Malaysia. I am not sure what I am seeing and taking place, is 100% for sure on what is happening. It could merely be nothing and any feedback would be valuable for me to learn and identify the difference between sylphs, dark entities and simple clouds.

This is ONLY my interpretations:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[IMG A] In the morning, the skies were frantic with a lot of aircraft and sylph activity till it slowed down a little in the afternoon (see Next Report…May 2006 (Part 4 of 4). It was a nice sunny afternoon with white clouds and blue skies. At one point when I was in my room I noticed an unusual dark cloud over my roof. Odd thing was, it was the only dark cloud among all the nice white clouds around the area and it decided to park itself over my roof. Notice from the pictures, how blue the sky is and I can tell you that this was the only dark cloud, sticking out like a sore thumb among all the nice fluffy white clouds at the moment, in the area.

I didn’t notice the dark cloud earlier till I got a shiver running down my spine to actually wonder why that happened till I saw the dark cloud on my roof, through the room window. Bear with me a little as I really don’t know how to interpret what’s going on. It could simply be ‘just a dark cloud’ and nothing more.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[IMG B] I go out to my balcony and take a few more snap shots. I see a white cloud that looks like a sylph that is heading towards my roof to displace the dark cloud. I try boosting that sylph with my lemurian crystal while blasting the dark cloud at the same time. There is also an odd object in image B-iv, which looks like a cigar shape. I did not notice the object when I shot that photo as I was focused on that sylph. It could be an insect flying by but when I zoomed in the photo, it had wisp of smoke or clouds around it (circled in red). Image 13, shows the zoomed in version of the object.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[IMG C] Soon the dark cloud shrinks slightly in size only, but moves away to be displaced by the sylph. Both the sylph and the dark cloud were about the same altitude which was relatively very low, close to my roof. Oddly both objects were moving in different directions so I really can’t explain the wind factor at that altitude. The dark cloud retreats away from my home. A few tiny dark clouds appear as well.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[IMG D] The sylph can be seen holding its position over my roof and the sky color returns to blue again gradually. More planes showed up and proceeded with the spraying of chemtrails but it doesn’t seem to stick long. I did not have a Chembuster at my home at that time but I did have a lot of HHGs and TB’s spread around my home and the neighbourhood. Is this why the sylphs are very close to my roof instead of residing in higher altitudes?

Appreciate any feedback anyone can give on the photos and etc. Many thanks.

I also kept a record of how many chemtrails planes and helicopters flying around on just that one day (28th May 2006). They had already started spraying frantically on the 27th May. This only occurred after I had also gifted all the towers that I could find in my neighbourhood. Basically, the skies were full of planes and helicopters and the whole place was like a war zone where previously it was a relatively quiet neighbourhood. I am writing a little bit on that on my next report. Hehehe It’s quite a lot to take in after only 3 days of gifting.

Next Report…May 2006 (Part 4 of 4) – Helicopters, Planes & more helicopters on this same day – May 28th 2006.

( Harideran Sivagnanam )

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[size=16:lfe6gtxs]Helicopters, Planes & more helicopters  (28th May 2006) [/size:lfe6gtxs]
May 2006 (Part 4 of 4)

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I had also gifted all the visible towers around my neighbourhood on the 26 & 27th of May as well. I have often read in gifting reports that helicopters & planes do circle around the spots of recently gifted towers and etc. Hehe, I wasn’t disappointed in this aspect as well. Hehehe gosh! It is one thing to ‘read about it’ and another to actually ‘experience it’ and take snap shots of the aircrafts.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

After heavy chemtrail spraying and helicopter activities on the 27th May, I decided to keep a simple log on what I know will be a similar display tomorrow (28th May 2006). IMG 18 & 19 are some of the snaps shot I had taken on ONE DAY only, 28th May 2006.

[u:lfe6gtxs]28th May 8.30am-9.30am:[/u:lfe6gtxs]
I didn’t start counting the chemtrail planes but there were at least [color=#000099:lfe6gtxs]5 chem planes[/color:lfe6gtxs]. Another [color=#000099:lfe6gtxs]2 jets[/color:lfe6gtxs] (military sky hawks I think with delta wings) flying in formation, low levels across my roof. [color=#000099:lfe6gtxs]1 Navy/Air force helicopter[/color:lfe6gtxs] (similar to a nuri helicopter but painted with Navy/Air force camouflage – silver/light grey and a little red at the tail end).

[color=#000099:lfe6gtxs]1 military nuri helicopter[/color:lfe6gtxs], the usual camouflage of green & brown circling around my neighborhood (managed to get a picture)

[u:lfe6gtxs]28th May 9.30am –[/u:lfe6gtxs]
[color=#000099:lfe6gtxs]6 chemtrail planes[/color:lfe6gtxs]
[color=#000099:lfe6gtxs]1 helicopter[/color:lfe6gtxs] (non military flying over head my roof)
Chemtrail planes pounding and spraying around one after another. I could see at one point, 3 planes in the sky with one of them turning around for refuel?

[u:lfe6gtxs]28th May 10.30am – 12.30 am:[/u:lfe6gtxs]
[color=#000099:lfe6gtxs]1 chemtrail plane[/color:lfe6gtxs], flying over pretty close without unloading chemtrail as I couldn’t see any sylphs over the skies at this point except for white clouds.

[color=#000099:lfe6gtxs]1 ultra light red helicopter[/color:lfe6gtxs] (circling around the neighbourhood)
[color=#000099:lfe6gtxs]1 helicopter[/color:lfe6gtxs] (silver with red painted at the back fin) circulating round the clock

Next Report…June 2006 (Part 1 of 2) – Gifting the Petronas twin towers, the US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and etc


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Some of the photos didnt show in the forum after some time. I moved all the photos to another URL so that it will show up in this forum.

I did upload the reports to the following sites as well and there are currently accessible as i write this.


The eve of 6/6/06 & the Petronas Twin Towers (June 5th 2006)

June 2006 (Part 1 of 3)


(J6-2) is the Petronas twin towers, the tallest buildings in the world till Taiwan built a tower taller than this recently. Beautiful blue skies after gifting the towers.

June 5th 2005 was the ‘longest day’ for my gifting buddy and myself as we gifted many places including the Petronas twin towers, air force base, USS Ronald Reagan & etc on that single day.

I continued making more TBs and HHGs for another gifting run in Kuala Lumpur just before June 6th and I had received an email a few months back that the illuminati & etc may pull a fast one, similar to 911 on the Petronas twin towers on that day. I don’t know how credible the information is but I know it will most definitely create an outrage among the Muslims throughout the world and further fuel this illuminati, NWO & etc, artificially created human conflict.

To my surprise, the USS Ronald Reagan docked in to Port Klang, Malaysia on 3rd June and would be leaving on the 7th June, according to the newspaper (small article only). According to the paper, the American navy crew is very happy to be visiting Malaysia for the ‘first time’ and will be on shore leave, visiting places like the Petronas twin towers. What a coincidence huh? I knew a lot of the places that we will be gifting are going to be heavily watched by the Malaysian police, undercover cops & etc especially when you have 5,000 American Navy personnel on shore leave, in a small area of Kuala Lumpur.

On to the gifting report…

5th June 2006. We didn’t have any succor punch with us but only carried a few 3” lemurian crystals and a few orgonite buttons (given by cece) on ourselves. We visualized a globe of protection & stealth for this gifting run and that was all we had for protection.

[IMG J6-1] I also brought along this beautiful twin lemurian crystal. Reminds me a little of the Petronas Twin Towers that we were about to gift on that day.

We arrived at the Petronas twin towers in the afternoon and as expected, we saw many American sailors all over the place. I also noticed that security has been beefed up considerably at the area and some of them (Malaysian security) looked a little apprehensive about having so many American navy personnel in Hawaiian shirt & Bermuda shorts Laughing . Our plan was pretty straight forward; triangulate the twin towers with at least 3 HHGs and as many TBs around the area. There is a small park around the twin tower that we targeted, to bury all the orgonite and it was within 400 meters from the towers itself. Straight forward? Hehehe I am afraid not.

We spent almost and hour before we could even burry a single TB. The park and the area is a small one, about 1km X 1km square and it was full of American Navy, twin tower security guards, Malaysian Police, undercover cops, agents and some regular people (like us). Everybody was watching everybody. We couldn’t even sit on the grass on some parts of the park as the tower security guards told us certain sections are closed for today due to security reasons.

We have a few tricks up our sleeves and proceeded to dig and bury the orgonite pieces right under the noses of everybody. We knew this was potentially dangerous as the TBs and HHGs might be mistaken for bombs and it’s very easy to be labeled as a terrorist. At 1 point, an undercover cop approached me up close to see what I was doing and used the ruse of wanting to sell me some stolen watches. My gifting buddy is pretty sharp in reading body language & etc to spot undercover cops. Also, the watch peddler’s black, shiny & well polished shoes gave him away on who he really was. Malaysian cops do have a habit of keeping their shoes well polished (black shoes) Wink.

Above is a couple of photos on that day around the twin towers but I am unable to post more photos as my gifting buddy and myself are in it. Don’t want to advertise ourselves for the local police and also we may have to re-gift these areas as we were not carrying succor punches.

Img (J6-3 & 4) are a few shots of the American sailors around the Petronas Twin towers area. There were perhaps about a couple hundred sailors at that time in the area of the towers, when I shot these photos. I am sure a large percentage of the 5000 sailors would make a visit here before they leave.

Img (J6-5) is a shot taken of 2 fellows dressed in blue that really crept me out. In the midst of all the people in the park that day, these 2 showed up right in our faces, looking for something or someone. They had a look like they were ‘possessed’ plus the large satanic symbols on their T-shirt (on the front) didn’t help either. We just stared at them but noticed the both of them didn’t make eye contact (we were standing about a mere 20 feet from them). My gifting buddy walked up even closer to them and smiled but they just never noticed our presence. It was odd. At this point I thought that simple exercise of visualizing a globe of protection & stealth around us with our lemurian crystals was helping. Not sure. The both of them with the creepy possessed look were definitely frantically looking for something/someone in the park and didn’t notice us when we were right in front of them. As soon as they walked off to the distant, I snapped this photo of them. Hehehe managed to catch 1 of them scratching his head while the other one scanning at the people below around the park area. Any psychics seeing their photo here see anything interesting about these 2? Or were they simply harmless and just stoned Smile.

Img (J6-6), image of a sylph above us at the Petronas twin towers. I was really relieved to see this sylph above us at that time.

As you can see from the photos, it was a very lovely afternoon with the sun shinning & blue skies. We spoke to a couple of American Navy guys and asked about the USS Ronald Reagan (planning on gifting it with orgonite that very same day). They were very friendly but were tight lipped on certain things about the ship. Hehehe they thought we were undercover Malaysian cops or agents. I am not really sure who the ‘real’ uncover Malaysian cops/agent thought who ‘we’ were.

I am sure among the American Navy guys there would also be CIA agents, Navy Seals & etc attached to the aircraft carrier, also dressed in nice Hawaiian shirts & Bermuda shorts as well. What a long list and a very diversified ‘undercover’ crowd (including us…2 orgonite gifters). No wonder everybody was watching everybody else, in this tiny 1km X 1km around the twin towers, on that sunny afternoon. At least those 2 fellows with the ‘possessed look’ advertised openly by wearing satanic t-shirts Smile.

We both knew that were many ‘things’ in play, unseen to the both of us in the physical & spiritual realm. Yup, we most definitely had gotten help but the only physical entity that we could see were the sylphs that have begun to show up in numbers around the newly gifted twin towers. Many things to ponder on. Hehehe I most definitely felt like being a tiny pawn, played out in a great chess game between good vs. evil. Oh well, I was glad that I could help out, even if that means that I get to play the part of a tree or rock, like in a school play Smile.

Next Report…June 2006 (Part 2 of 3) – the US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and etc.



Hari, this extensive report, complete with photo evidence of the improvements in the atmosphere from your gifting efforts, is quite valuable and thanks for posting it.

I can see why Laozu Kelly is going to lend a hand in Malaysia shortly.

What you’re showing are pretty typical cloud features that are seen after an intelligent gifting campaign, anywhere in the world. As you move along, you’ll get more confidence that what you’re reporting is actually what’s happening and, meanwhile, we have your precious photo offerings to lend even more credence to the consistency of gifting’s effects in the sky and lower atmosphere.

The first time we saw orgonite affect the regional smoke of forest fires was five years ago, here in Idaho. The second cloudbuster in this region went to my sister-in-law’s garden, about 80 miles south of here. When we first visited the CB we saw a literal wall of smoke where the field of the cloudbuster, in terms of causing particulate matter to drop from suspension in the air, extended for a radius of several miles. The sky was bright blue over this big, cylindrical ‘hole.’

Within a year, after all the death towers and HAARP facilities in the region were disabled, smoke from forest fires and also from the farmers burning wheat stubble after harvst was mostly not present at all. Those smoke conditions continued to decrease in following years and you’ll no doubt witness the same where you live. The distribution of orgonite generates a synergistic effect that increases over time.

More astonishing, when Gert Botha desperately cobbled together a half-scale orgonite cloudbuster during a long period of sandstorms around his Namib Desert home in June, 2001, he immediately caused the air around him to stop moving for a radius of about a hundred meters, at first, and after a few weeks there were no more sand storms at all in that region of the desert. When we visited him in December, there had been no sandstorms since he built the CB and it had even rained out of season a few times, which is literally a miracle in that desert.

By the way, if the water in the lakes you gifted was murky, go back on successive days after gifting and let us know how long it takes to clear the water with your gifts, okay? We find that it generally takes about a week to clear murky fresh water and much less time to clear murky ocean water.

The Sylphs seem to know us individually, or at least they know our higher natures. I hope one of the energy sensitives will post their requested observations in your thread. It’s unfortunate that most of us only have time to do the work and report our efforts and confirmations, here, but at least that’s a sign that we’re focused on the right things Cool. I used to deal with a dozen hours per day of email and in the past year I’ve managed to reduce it to a manageable level, focusing mainly on email from my fellow warriors and on the business, of course.

You were very brave to take on the two most sinister targets in the country, first, and you earned a lot of points with The Operators that way, I suspect–congratulations! The two M-Kids in blue were likely sent to interfere with you but The Operators perhaps made you look, to them, like a couple of shaved-head, CIA ersatz Navy guys with pale skin, dark glasses, loud shirts, boney knees and, yes, expensive shoes. I was once surveilled by a NSA freak who pretended to be a beggar, stationed near my parked car. He had on clothes that probably cost a working man’s week of wages and shoes that cost twice that much… YOu’re very observant and I want you to trust your impressions!

I do hope you’ll get and carry a Succor Punch during your gifting sorties, though, because otherwise the numerous tracking devices and microphones in your car, shoes, skin, dog, belt buckle, ring, teeth, etc., will show the sewer rats where you are in any given moment, even if you’re being generously disguised by our Operators. There’s no sense in making The Operators work harder than they have to. Some of them perhaps lived this life, like we’re doing, and deserve not to toil any more. The way some gifters take chances (who, me?) it wouldn’t be surpising if some of The Operators get etheric hernias from too-hastily shifting the props around.

I, too, glory in being The Operators chess piece and perhaps hands at times. I can’t imagine a more purposeful or useful role in life. The marvellous part is that all we need to do is follow our heartfelt instincts, as you’ve been doing, since that’s how they communicate their suggestions to us. I don’t see a single reported instance in this thread where I’d have done anything differently from you, except that I’d be carrying a small Succor Punch around to block electronic surveillance and tracking. Any 3"quartz crystal will do–doesn’t need to be fancy.

Most of us in the chat sessions don’t use tools any more to throw energy, heal, or to deal with the global-scale mass murderers we hunt every Sunday. This is something anyone can do and it’s a real confidence booster. I hope you’ll get some coaching from Dooney ( [email protected] ), then compare your new skills with what you’ve done so far, which is already quite good, by the way. The sequence of photos showing what you did to the DOR cloud is excellent and typifies what an etheric warrior does to predators in teh sky.

Remember that our teachers, the dolphins and whales, don’t need any tools at all, though they’re apparently quite eager to get and distribute orgonite. That might be our ultimate standard; what we aim to be like one day.

We often see little anti-grav craft, like the dark one you photographed, that belong to the World Odor when we begin gifting ‘virgin’ areas. Carol and I have seen these craft sort of squirt out little, dark clouds of DOR, perhaps to watch where it goes (it gets sucked up by orgonite). Jeff and I saw one of those weaving in and out of a dark thoughtform near a nuke plant in Florida.

It’s more unusual, especially in the daytime, to see craft that belong to the good guys but they generate gorgeous, symetrical white lenticular clouds, at least, sometimes stacked, which are often seen with Sylphs. Before orgonite, neither these lenticulars nor Sylphs were seen except in wilderness areas. Lenticulars were often seen covering tall mountain peaks.

The dark lenticulars hold the rotten fellows’ ships, of course. Very dark, amorphous, uncharacteristic clouds more often than not are also hiding the anti-grav craft of the sewer rats and/or their non-human parasitic peers. The dark ones are very easy to drive away and if one is inclined, one can dodeck them and perhaps erase them, rather than let them escape. We’re at war, after all, as Wilhelm Reich claimed. He developed the first cloudbuster in order to effectively fight the offworld parasites who were slowly murdering everyone with DOR at Orgonon in the late 1940s.

Imagine what the world would be like, now, if Dr Reich had known about orgonite!

When Didier met Kelly in Hong Kong he asked lots and lots of questions and Kelly gave him quite a boost with all that new info and confirmation. Kelly also assured Didier that his gifting efforts had been producing dramatic improvements in the previously depleted ch’i canopy over HOng Kong.

I’m really looking forward to your and Kelly’s reports of your activities in Malaysia in coming days (as well as your followup reports of your earlier gifting efforts). Be warned that it’s awfully hard to keep up with him, but worth every second if you can do so.


Thank you for the kind words and your valuable feedback Don! Yes i was carrying a large 1lb DT Lemurian SP (only recently) that Andy from Ctbusters (thanks Andy!) made for me but…argh! I sorta dropped it somewhere recently when Laozu kelly and myself went around opening vortices here in Malaysia. I bring along a Powerwand that i borrow from my dad during these gifting runs.

I really forgot to photograph the lakes and bodies of waters that i threw TBs in order to photograph a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo. Will do in the future and want to show to the PJ folks here in Malaysia on the portent healing effects of orgonite, on the environment.

It’s interesting to see what a little anti-grav craft looks like. Thanks for the confirmation and feedback. I hope i can finish compiling all the gifting and observation reports from the past till now (Nov 2006), fairly quickly and post it here. I can’t wait to post the best part…currently ongoing…‘Gifting with Laozu Kelly in Malaysia’ [Image Can Not Be Found];

The eve of 6/6/06 the USS Ronald Reagan (June 5th 2006)

June 2006 (Part 2 of 3)

After gifting the Petronas twin towers, we headed to a hill with a large harp tower. On this hill, there is also a Hindu temple and this massive harp tower is built adjacent to it. I have read that temples, monasteries and other religious structures are often built on ley lines or vortices, especially if it is located on high ground. And the same goes for the death towers and Harp structures as they are utilizing vortices as well. In this place, it had all 3 elements, a high hill, a temple and a massive Harp tower and I bet there is a major vortex in the area.

We arrived at this hill and I parked the car near the tower and temple. There is a nice scenic view of Kuala Lumpur and people do frequent this site often to view it or do a little jogging. There are also many monkeys all around the place but the odd part is they never seem to enter the temple. Monkeys usually make temples as part of their home and can be seen around temples grounds but not in this case.

[img j6-8], A photo taken ‘outside’ the temple grounds. Many monkeys seen around but oddly they never seem to enter the Hindu temple (other temples, monkeys can be seen around the temple grounds). To the right is the huge HAARP Tower [img j6-7] and behind is the temple itself.

A monkey peeled out my car number plates!

This was hilarious, as we parked the car outside the temple and proceeded to walk to the HAARP tower, an odd monkey approached my car and started peeling out an alphabet out from our car plates. I was surprised that it could peel out the letter without breaking the whole plastic car plates. I chased it off and proceeded to walk off again and it came back for a second time and peeled off another letter! Hehe my gifting buddy was laughing his a$$ off at this scene.

I really couldn’t do anything except to drive the car into the temple grounds and park it there. That was really an odd monkey as most monkeys around the area are attracted to food except this one. We were discussing this odd behavior and thought perhaps we needed to put some TBs around the temple grounds as well. We gifted the HAARP tower and temple grounds as well thanks to the monkey forcing us to park in the temple grounds. [I need to follow up on this place soon to see if the monkeys are finally entering the temple grounds after gifting it.]

Another thing we noticed later that night was, thanks to the monkey pulling out a few letters from the car plates (back plates), onlookers were unable to mark our car out, especially around the air force base. With the lights on, people viewing our car from the front are unable to see the plates as the lights were shinning in their eyes and from the back, only a few numbers can be seen and it is difficult to identify my plates (2 missing letters). The color and model of the car is generic as well [won’t be posting the picture]Smile.

Air force Base

We went to two air force bases late that evening and the first one turned out to house obsolete aircraft only, more of a museum. The second air force base was well secured and we placed TBs and HHG around the place as close as we could get. Thanks to getting lost a little, we some how came to the fenced up section of the runway, where the planes take off. On our way back from gifting the area, we noticed a few onlookers but thanks to the monkey pulling out the car number plates earlier, they couldn’t mark our car.

The US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan

I really wanted to photograph the US carrier but was unable to do so due to security measures taken Frown.

[IMG j6-9, a photo of a HHG with a copper pipe attached to it via tape. We had to improvise a little at the gifting area, near the aircraft carrier and I have read about the resonant effect and how it is magnified especially when placed in water]

We arrived in Port Klang at night and reached the security checkpoint to view the US carrier. I saw a lot of buses and people who are already there to view the ship but unfortunately was denied access through the checkpoint. We tried our luck but were not successful either. The carrier cannot be seen and as part of the security measure, shipping containers were lined along the coast to block any view of the ship.

Talking to a few people around the area, we found out that some people were actually arrested and thrown in jail for a week for taking photos of the carrier. They obviously went into restricted areas and got past the shipping containers to shoot photos of the carrier. The whole area was beefed up with tight security and it was a daunting task to sneak past the security and place the HHG with a copper pipe attached to it.

I got to hand it to the security team here for doing an awesome job of hiding the largest aircraft carrier in the world from public eyes! We had a plan of encircling the carrier with TBs, similar to this afternoon’s gifting trip at the Petronas twin towers.

Here is the interesting thing. We were getting conflicting reports on where the exact position of the carrier was as there were at least 3 places close by where it can dock. The logical docking area would have been the dock used by large cruise ships since it is similar in size and would have the facilities to service a ship that size. That’s NOT how the whole thing was painted. It was a ‘mislead’, by having lots of security, people, buses outside a ‘particular’ checkpoint, giving the impression that the carrier was docked there. While the REAL checkpoint where the ACTUAL carrier was docked was pretty quiet. Very smart indeed! It will also allow the buses/cars of American Navy personnel slip in and out from this other quiet checkpoint…errr…quietly Laughing.

Friend of mine showed me a neat camping trick many years ago on how to get rid of ants in your campsite. You dig a small hole close to the campsite and place honey, strawberry jam and etc in the hole. Ants would eventually leave your tent and crowd around the pot of food you had placed in the hole. The big crowd and large security outside the fake checkpoint was the pot of honey and the curious people about the carrier are the ants in this case Wink. Anyway, we did confirm the location of the carrier after speaking to several fishermen in the area.

[IMG j6-10] The scene around the docks at Port Klang. It is pitch black with only a few lights and its reflection off the water. Later we find out, steps have been taken to hide the large carrier even during the day from the public.

We started placing TBs as close to the carrier as we could and also made arrangements to hire a fishing boat to take us as close as we could, to place TBs in the sea as well. The local fishermen spoke about how devastating the ‘nuclear’ carrier is to the environment and how a lot of money was exchanged that the local dock can still be closed to other commercial ships and forego even a month of revenue. I smell a lot of greedy politicians and some freemasons at play here. Very few countries in the world allow ‘nuclear’ vessels to dock in their ports. There is a steep price to pay indeed for docking nuclear powered ships around the world.

The orgone range of the TBs and HHGs was not close enough to reach the carrier, so we aimed at gifting the death towers nearby and that will (hopefully) have the sufficient range when it becomes an orgone generating tower, to reach the ship. I had also made a few TBs using a slender PVC pipe that I could easily slip into hollow metal pipes around the area. I am not too sure if the orgone would radiate upwards into the air when placing these slender TBs in hollow metal pipes. I have read that it actually radiates downwards. Not too sure about the direction but nevertheless it was radiating somewhere using the resonant cavity principle.

We kept the best for the last. The HHG with the copper pipe attached to it [IMG j6-9]. This one was going into the water as close to the carrier. We later learned that there is a large electrified net that is deployed in the waters around the carrier and that made it very dangerous to approach it close by via the sea. It’s the first time I have ever heard of this special electrified net and is probably a routine security procedure used to safeguard naval vessels from divers & etc. The fishermen also spoke about how damaging the electrified net and it has already affected the fishes around the area. We cancelled the boat trip and scouted for other bodies of water close to the carrier.

We eventually found a bridge at the mouth of a river leading to the sea, which was about 5km from the carrier. I am guessing that the resonant effect out of that long copper pipe would be enough to reach 5km and more, when the HHG is in the water. I was all ready to drop this HHG in the water till my gifting buddy pulled a miracle. One of his friends showed up with 3 other strangers, past midnight and wanted to look at the TBs and HHGs we had.

The 3 strangers took about ONLY 15minutes to sense the orgone energy emitting out from the TBs and HHGs we had plus the timely arrival of a sylph (can be seen in the dark as the orange lights at the bridge reflected its outline), was enough to convince the 3 strangers to help us out. I just couldn’t believe it. When we really needed some extra help to place the HHG, 3 strangers who was a mutual friend of another friend, decided to help and take the risk of placing the last HHG.

What got me smiling was that one of them had the security clearance to go close to the carrier and drop the HHG in the water. This was another amazing coincidence for me and today has been by far the most interesting day for me. Today, we gifted the Petronas twin towers under the noses of all that security, gifted the HAARP tower & temple where an odd monkey pulled out the letter of our car plates, gifted air force base and finally the USS Ronald Reagan, all in a single day. Yeah I was tired and wanted to finish up and hit the bed.

All I can say is, the HHG with the copper pipe attached, was dropped into the water pretty close to the carrier. I cannot mention how close and how it was done but looking back now, it was a good thing that I didn’t drop the HHG at the bridge which was about 5km from the carrier Wink.

The next day, on 6/6/06 I got the SMS that the aircraft carrier is having some engine problems…good… and I hope that’s the last time any nuclear vessel drops by Malaysia.

Next Report…June 2006 (Part 3 of 3) – After 6/6/06 the Sylphs in Kuala Lumpur (June 6th – 9th 2006).

Sylphs photographed in the skies of Kuala Lumpur, after gifting the Petronas twin towers & KL tower

Also next…Sylphs & Chemtrails: The silent battles in the skies of Malaysia on June 29th 2006 (Part 1 & 2).

Sequence of photos shot in the span of 29min, showing how the sylphs take on the chemtrails. Yeah the chemtrails do float down relatively close. This was still before I had built a CB.



([email protected])

After 6/6/06 the Sylphs in Kuala Lumpur (June 6th – 9th 2006)

June 2006 (Part 3 of 3)

I saw many sylphs around my home. Image J6-11 is a photo of a sylph that I shot on June 6th. Yeah, I felt good, enjoying the sunshine and blue skies after the long period of Haze around here. At this point I had already started to save up some cash for a CB and hopefully provide a nice cozy home for the sylphs over my neighbourhood. Of course the ‘multipurpose’ Cloudbuster (CB) will also enable me to charge the crystals for my TBs, HHGs and other orgonite devices for gifting. That will also make the orgonite devices a lot more portent healing devices, than what I am currently using (see Laozu Kelly and Cesco’s report on using distilled water to charge the crystals on a CB).

Image J6-12 & J6-12B, are shots of a ‘fishy’ looking sylph, near my home. Beautiful! Hehe… Is that a sign that I should start gifting the oceans around Malaysia? I will most definitely do that, in the near future as soon as the land gifting campaign is completed.

Image J6-13, J6-14 & J6-15 are couple of shots I took of the many sylphs I saw around Kuala Lumpur. I also saw many rainbows and it’s been ages since I last saw one and appreciated the beauty of it all. There are many beautiful and interesting things in the skies these days, when you look up more often.

Yeah, that’s the problem I used to tell myself when I am ‘too busy’ engaged in the rat race. I actually never took a moment to look up at the sky and appreciate it all, before I started gifting. The many weeks of Haze in this region, without seeing blue skies, has surely made me ‘rethink’ on what I have always taken for granted…until now.

Many more ungifted ‘death’ towers (A.K.A those environmentally UNFRIENDLY, so called ‘cell phone’ towers) to go, that continue to produce DOR (Deadly Orgone) and pollute the environment in Malaysia and the rest of the world. Ever wonder why you can buy houses and land, DIRT CHEAP, near places that house those HIGH voltage electrical towers from power stations? How about near a nuclear power plant? So why should those ‘relatively new’, ‘high powered’, so called ‘cell phone’ towers, be treated differently?

To the PJ folks reading this, those so called ‘cell phone’ towers, around YOUR neighbourhoods, are meant to do a lot more ‘sinister’ things than just pollute/bombard the environment with unnatural, unhealthy frequency waves. Just look at the plants growing around these areas. You need to start researching this yourself then watch all of it with your own eyes.

Oh yeah, PJ folks means ‘pajamas people’ and that closely translates to people who are still asleep and ‘not aware’ on a lot of things that is happening around them. Don’t depend on the ‘controlled’ mass media to tell you these things. Look with your own eyes. I am still a PJ guy when it comes down to many things I don’t see and had yet to experience. I am still learning and am trying to understand it all myself. I am adopting the ‘just do it’ then ‘observe’ attitude. Currently, it has become an ‘eye-opening experience’ for me so far as I continue gifting with orgonite in Malaysia.

The good news is, there is a WAY out of this ‘madness’ and that can be done by ANYONE by gifting orgonite around your home, neighbourhood and environment and etc. Yup, as for me, I 'CAN finally DO something about it’ after all…more orgonite gifting to do. Please check out the excellent orgonite tutorials and the gifting compendium on You got nothing to lose by just reading them can you? Start gifting…then see what happens. Keep your eyes open and observe. You might be surprised as I was Wink.

Next Report…Sylphs & Chemtrails: The silent battles in the skies of Malaysia on June 29th 2006 (Part 1 & 2)

Sequence of photos shot in the span of 29min, showing how the sylphs take on the chemtrails. Yeah the chemtrails do float down relatively close. This was still before I had built a CB.

Also Next – October 2006: The haze from forest fires came back to this region again in the mid August till end of October. 8+ weeks of Haze then a blue sky appears ‘right after’ another gifting run in Kuala Lumpur. Another Coincidence? (See – earlier gifting reports on blues skies the day after the first gifting run in Kuala Lumpur)

Coming soon – November 2006: Gifting with Laozu Kelly in Malaysia (part 1 of 4)

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Sylphs and Chemtrails: The silent battles in the skies of Malaysia on June 29th 2006 – (part 1 of 2)

June 29, 2006 (Part 1 of 2)

I don’t know what time ‘they’ started the chemtrail assault but when I got out of bed lazily (day off) at about 9.15 am, I saw 2 chemtrails at the time, outside my home. Yup, I stopped yawning immediately Smile. I ran in and grabbed the camera and shot a series of photos showing the chemtrails and the sylphs, in the span of 29 minutes. The sylphs moved into the chemtrail ‘soup’ in all directions to transmute the harmful chemtrails into harmless water vapor.

My CB was not built yet at this point and I had only started to collect the parts for it. Yeah, I had the feeling of ‘helplessness’ at that point as I saw the planes laying out all that chemtrails in my neighbourhood. What I did have at that time was a lot of HHGs and TBs placed around the neighbourhood. I am hoping that will give an energy boost to the sylphs working on the chemtrails till my CB is built. [I managed to photograph a similar display on Nov 2, 2006 just hours before Laozu Kelly was due to arrive in Malaysia. This time I had a TCB up and running already and you can make a visual comparison from the photos from that observation report. I didn’t have that ‘helplessness’ feeling this time and was actually enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the ‘fruitless’ efforts of the Chemplanes – coming soon]

The PJ folks reading this observation report please do take note from the photos that there is a ‘difference’ between water vapor and chemtrails. Water vapor from planes will dissipate within a few seconds while chemtrails tend to stay on longer and will drift downwards to earth. Do some research on the Internet. There is a lot of chemicals and crap in chemtrails that is harmful to us. You can download a good documentary titled “Chemtrails: Clouds of death” produced by DB at Don Croft’s website.

Malaysian PJ folks that are reading this report and saying it can’t happen in Malaysia…guess what…it DOES happen ALL over the world including Malaysia as well. Type in ‘chemtrails’ or ‘chem trails’ in Google to do your own research. All the photos posted here were shot in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur (10 minute drive away from my home).

In my humble opinion, I hope that what you (PJ folk) read here will also help ‘shed some light’ on what the heck is going on around the world. There are a lot of websites with photos and videos on chemtrails on the internet. The mass media won’t report it (there ‘IS’ a reason for it) and hopefully the alternative source like the internet will help out in this matter. Don’t take my word for it as you will still need to do your own research in the end. Finally, stop depending on TVs, newspapers and etc as your ONLY source of information. Watch the skies more often with your own eyes then decide.

I tried to refrain from posting too many photos for this observation report as it will take a long time for the webpage to load. I probably need to break this report into 2 when posting it on . In the end, I am posting 22 images of the many photos I captured that day and will try my best to explain what was going on (to my best ability and interpretation). There is also a camera icon at the bottom left of each image, to show an ‘estimated’ angle of where the photos were shot from my home. Hopefully this will give a rough idea of where the photos were shot from. Take note of the ‘time’ (bottom left also) between the photos captured as well, to help gauge on how ‘fast/slow’ the events are unfolding.

On to the observation report…

IMAGE JS-1 & JS-2 [above], its 9.27am and from the photo you can observe CHEM 1, which was sprayed a few minutes earlier before I started shooting the photos. CHEM 1 has already started to drift downwards after being sprayed by the plane, minutes earlier. CHEM 2 is a new chemtrail being laid out from left to right across the sky. You will see in a moment that this is not the ‘ordinary water vapor’ emitted from planes as they start to linger there longer and drift downwards.

IMAGE JS-3 [above], it is 9.28am. CHEM 2 is still being layout by the plane across the sky. Sylphs can be seen at the top of my roof, heading towards the chemtrails

IMAGE JS-4 [above], it is 9.29am. Only 2 minutes passes by and another plane can be seen at the left, spraying out CHEM 3! Notice also that CHEM 2 seems larger as it spreads out and drifts downwards. CHEM 1 drifts further downwards as well.

IMAGE JS-5 [above], it is 9.31am. The plane spraying CHEM 3 continues to lay out the chemtrail across the skies around my neighbourhood.

IMAGE JS-6 [above], it is 9.38am. CHEM 3 starts to drift downwards and is still lingering after 7 minutes of it being sprayed across earlier. SYLPHS can be seen heading towards the chemtrails. The green arrow here shows their direction of movement. I also saw another Chem plane (not shown here) turning around, heading to the left of this photo. Probably going for a refuel?

IMAGE JS-7 [above], it is 9.39am. I took this shot facing 0 degrees, i.e. facing the front (see the camera icon at bottom left of photo). As you can see that there is a ‘hole’ in the center of CHEM 2 where some of the sylphs are at. Sylphs are working to transmute the harmful chemtrails into harmless water vapors. CHEM 3 is also seen at the left edge of the photo, as it also starts to drift downwards

IMAGE JS-8 [above], it is 9.40am. I turned around 180 degrees to face my home. I looked up and shot this photo of a sylph heading towards the chemtrails behind me. The green arrow shows the movement and direction of the sylph.

IMAGE JS-9 [above], it is 9.45am (5 minutes later from the last photo). Facing front again, shows the sylphs and chemtrail situation. Another plane appears, spraying CHEM 4. You can see a ‘HOLE’ created in CHEM 2 and CHEM 3 where the sylphs are working on it. The sylphs continue to move into the chemtrails from different directions.

IMAGE JS-10 [above], it is 9.46am. I zoomed in my camera to photograph a closer look at the chemtrails. It is 19 minutes since CHEM 2 was sprayed. 17 minutes since CHEM 3 was sprayed.

Sylphs and Chemtrails: The silent battles in the skies of Malaysia on June 29th 2006 – part (2 of 2)

June 29, 2006 (Part 2 of 2)

IMAGE JS-11 [above], it is 9.47am. Another minute passes by and I still see the chemtrails drifting downwards to the houses in my neighbourhood and the sylphs working to transmute the chemtrails into water

IMAGE JS-12, JS-13 & JS-14 [above], it is 9.48am. It’s beginning to look like a war zone played out in the skies doesn’t it? IMAGE JS-14 was shot to the left of my home. You can see the sylphs moving into the chemtrail soup from that direction as well.

IMAGE JS-15 & JS-16 [above], it is 9.53am. Another plane shows up in the picture, CHEMPLANE 5! It has been 26, 24 and 8 minutes passed since the spraying of CHEM 2, 3 and 4 respectively. All the chemtrails can be clearly seen drifting down to the neighbourhood. Still think it is ‘water vapor’ from these planes?

IMAGE JS-15 & JS-16 [above], it is 9.53am. I pointed my camera upwards and shot a sylph heading towards the chemtrail soup in front of my home.

IMAGE JS-18 [above], it is 9.54am. Notice again on how CHEM 5 starts to drift downwards, after only 1 minute has passed by since it was sprayed.

IMAGE JS-19 [above], it is 9.55am. Another shot of all the Chemtrails and the Sylphs in my neighbourhood. Look at how thick and how low CHEM 3 has drifted down. CHEM 2 also has drifted very far down with some parts of it not visible to me already.

IMAGE JS-20 and JS-21 [above], it is 9.55am. 2 photos shot at different angles at the same time.

IMAGE JS-22 [above], it is 9.56am. It has been 29, 27, 11 and 3 minutes passed since the spraying of CHEM 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

The batteries in the digital camera ran out at this point. If I remember correctly, it took about an estimated 45 minutes to an hour before all the chemtrails was transmuted to water vapor by the sylphs. I asked a friend of mine (PJ folk) about chemtrails and he flatly told me, there is no such thing. I tried to explain it in ‘words’ about chemtrails but he still insisted that there is no such thing. My friend happens to stay very close to my home as well. I then showed him the ‘raw’, high resolution photos (59 shots) without the labels, on the PC. The first few photos had him still saying that it was just water vapors coming out of the plane. As I continued to show him the subsequent photos, he was truly quiet by then. As the slide show progressed, he started to have a ‘concerned’ look as he too was living in this area. Finally, not knowing what to say…he told me: “Have you tried contacting any of the Ministers yet?” Yeah right, like I am going to ‘believe’ what those lying politicians tell me? I saw what I saw and photographed it. Chemtrails are for real. I hope some of the PJ folks reading this will look up at the skies more often.

Watching the whole thing unfolding before me, I had my fingers crossed hoping the TBs and HHGs placed around my neighbourhood was giving a boost to the sylphs working on the chemtrails. I need to build my CB (Cloudbuster) quickly as soon as I finish gathering all the parts for it [As of November 22, 2006 I have 2 TCBs and 1 mini CB. Laozu Kelly helped me build 1 TCB and the mini CB. The TCBs will be spread out to cover a larger area. Still require the standard size CB to work effectively. The mini one doesn’t even come close and am using it for other purposes. Many thanks Kelly!]

Next Report – Gifting in October 2006: The haze from forest fires came back to this region again in the mid August till end of October. 8+ weeks of Haze then blue sky appears ‘right after’ another gifting sortie in Kuala Lumpur. Coincidence?

Also Next – November 2006: Gifting with Laozu Kelly in Malaysia (part 1)


([email protected])

Right after I posted this chemtrail observation, interestingly this next morning (today), as i was rushing to get to the rat race(work), i saw another round of ‘unusual’ heavy spraying by the chem planes. The planes seemed to be spraying over my home this time but it didnt seem to stick long. I was in a rush this morning and didn’t have a camera with me.

I drove off and immediately got stuck in the predictable traffic jam. This however, gave me ‘time’ to watch how fast the chemtrails were dispersed, from my car. All i can say was…it was fast! I just love CBs now! It really ‘made’ my day to watch that, despite all the miserable traffic jams. [Image Can Not Be Found]


yeah, i don’t like my current job very much [Image Can Not Be Found];

The ‘blues’ and the grey: The Haze in Malaysia (October 2006) – part 1 of 2

October 2006 (Part 1 of 2)

The haze returned to these parts again in August 2006 and for the last couple of years, a new pattern has emerged where people living in this region can ‘expect’ the annual return of the haze, due to the forest fires. The forest fires occur mainly in Indonesia, Borneo and etc (this is what ‘they’ tell us) where the haze eventually envelopes the whole region here.

Last year (august 2005), it got so bad here that the Malaysian government almost declared martial law. Almost all the shipping ports, airports were closed and visibility had dropped to a few hundred meters only. Many people suffered from respiratory problems as well and the old folks home were hit the worst. Sales of those flimsy cotton masks soared to an all time high and the sales people made a killing as well by selling air purifiers to homes, in that short period. I wished that I had taken photos from last year to post it here but you can easily find photos on the haze in 2005, on the Internet.

Of course, the governments in these parts (ASEAN) have repeated the same ‘rubbish’ about how they are actively ‘working on’ the forest fires problem. They passed many ‘futile’ plans and laws and also created special squads to tackle the forest fires problem. I did see many ‘nice’ and shiny new equipment, to combat the forest fires, on the newspapers. I wonder who won the contract to provide all those new and expensive equipment. They were telling the people that the haze won’t happen again ‘next year’ and I read ‘this’ in the newspaper, a few years ago. Yeah, the haze has been around, ‘every year’ with conditions varying from mild to extreme. The extreme conditions would be in 1997 and 2005 respectively.

Some of my friends have argued that the forest fires are not the main culprit for the haze but it is due to the pollution emitted from cars, factories and etc. Perhaps, but if this is the case, shouldn’t we all be experiencing a haze ‘year round’ instead of it happening ‘periodically’ or should I say ‘seasonally’ ? There is an interesting article from the wall street journal in 1997, “Malaysia to Battle Smog with Cyclones�. The article talks about how the Malaysian government had employed Russian technology to create artificial cyclones to drive the smog away.

For the PJ folks reading this, yes, there are ‘many’ things that is going on behind the scenes and I am sure there are many other ‘technologies’ in play that the ‘controlled’ media is not mentioning. A good example would be those ‘so called’ cell phone towers.

I started reading up on orgonite and built my first HHG in late December 2005 and continued to experiment more. In May 2006, I was quite surprised that the haze had come around so early into the region. It was the perfect test bed for me to find out the ‘other’ beneficial uses of orgonite, especially towards a problem like the Haze. The gifting run that my buddy and I did in late May 2006, produced dramatic results as the haze had cleared out immediately the very ‘next day’. Of course, I ‘wasn’t’ doing it ‘only’ to see the effect on the environment as we also planted TBs around the homes of those ‘illuminatis wanna bees’ as well Wink .

I was saving up some cash to build my first CB (Cloudbuster) but it seems at the rate I was saving up each month, it will probably take forever. Some basic calculations on how much resin, crystals and metal that I will need for TBs, HHGs, CBs for my gifting project in Malaysia, didn’t paint a bright picture. Finally, I closed my nose and took a personal loan from those stinking bankers to carryout the project. It was money well spent. There are still many more ungifted death towers in Malaysia but I got enough supplies to keep myself busy, gifting for the next few months ahead.

The ‘seasonal’ haze enveloped this region and Malaysia again in August 2006 but it wasn’t as bad as last year. The question is… is it possible to ‘duplicate’ the dramatic turn around of the weather as my buddy and I had observed and photographed, after gifting in strategic locations in Kuala Lumpur, back in May 2006? (See May 2006 gifting report). Only way to find out is to do it and watch what happens.

On to the gifting and observation report…

<img title=“ot1” height=“480” alt=“ot1” src=“……” width=“640” border=“0” />

<img title=“ot2” height=“480” alt=“ot2” src=“……” width=“640” border=“0” />

IMAGE OT-1 & OT-2 [above], are photos that I shot on Oct 9th and 11th and you can clearly see the grey skies around Kuala Lumpur. The haze is persistent throughout the day and as I photographed these, it has been weeks since I saw a blue sky and yeah…I was feeling the ‘blues’ alright Laughing. As I mentioned earlier, the haze started in August 2006 and gradually it became thicker as seen in these photos.

<img title=“ot3” height=“480” alt=“ot3” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

IMAGE OT-3 [above] – October 14th, is a shot I took from the back of my home in the evening. Though visibility is ‘fair’ at close distances but some of the hills at back are not visible anymore. Even the large tower on one of those ‘still visible’ hills, can’t be seen anymore.

<img title=“ot4” height=“480” alt=“ot4” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

<img title=“ot5” height=“480” alt=“ot5” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

<img title=“ot6” height=“480” alt=“ot6” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

IMAGE OT-4, 5 and OT-6 [above], are couple of shots taken on October 18th. These shots were taken in the evening as well and you can clearly see that on some days, the haze around Kuala Lumpur seems to be thicker compared to the previous days.

<img title=“ot7” height=“480” alt=“ot7” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

<img title=“ot8” height=“480” alt=“ot8” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

IMAGE OT-7 and OT-8 [above], are shots also taken on October 18th, when I was leaving Kuala Lumpur and heading towards the outskirts, on my way home. Here you can see that the visibility drops a little bit more.

<img title=“ot9” height=“480” alt=“ot9” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

IMAGE OT-9 [above], is another scene of Kuala Lumpur shot on October 19th and the haze is ‘marginally’ lighter compared to yesterday. When the haze started in August 2006, the haze started out as extremely mild and gradually it became a lot worse till we were all experiencing daily conditions like this for almost 2 months, as seen on the photo above. There is another interesting thing that a few friends and I noticed is that, it would rain daily and interestingly it would begin about the same approximate time, everyday. Some have speculated that the daily predictable rain (same time usually) was due to the government’s effort in cloud seeding and to minimize the effects of the haze. After the many weeks of daily rain, the haze condition didn’t seem to improve.

<img title=“ot10” height=“640” alt=“ot10” src=“” width=“480” border=“0” />

IMAGE OT-10 [above], is the first TCB that my dad and I made. Seen on the photo here on Oct 19th, we had just finished inserting the copper pipes in and positioning the wooden template. I have read the excellent Torsion CB Tutorial from Rich & John at the whale website and decided to follow the instructions there. Since it was the first CB for us, we used 6 temporary crystals to charge the permanent 6 crystals in distil water overnight. We then placed those charged crystals in the copper pipes with a little metal and resin, to seal it in. The only problem was, I didn’t follow the ‘straight forward’ instructions in the tutorial and had to try to ‘spicy it’ up a little more. Hehehe yeah I was just too tempted. Later, when Laozu Kelly saw this TCB, he said that it wasn’t performing as ‘efficient’ as it should be. Yes, that would be my mistake on trying to ‘spice it’ up without having any ‘prior experience’ in making a CB. Fortunately Kelly was able to improve the efficiency of the TCB considerably on the very last day before he left Malaysia J (November 22nd).

My dad and I deployed the CB on the 22nd October and I was able to charge those little crystals that I had bought in kilos, for my TBs. I had planned to make another gifting run in Kuala Lumpur on the festive period when ‘Hari Raya’ and ‘Deepavali’ happens to fall on the same week as well. The city would be empty as most of the people here would be making the long trip back to their respective home towns and etc, during this holiday period.

I made a batch of 200 TBs and I brought Yvonne along, whom I met at a Reiki center. She was curious about gifting and had seen orgonite months earlier when I brought it to the Reiki practitioners there to evaluate orgonite. We started out very early in the morning and headed to the deserted city. We walked around street by street in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and casually buried the TBs around. I knew that every single TB placed around the sea of death towers, located on top of most buildings, would be affected ‘simultaneously’ to a ‘certain degree’ but am not sure how many TBs will be needed to complete the job with that many towers. In some places, I had to lob some of the TBs on to the roofs of the buildings as there weren’t any place to bury it, in this concrete jungle. Doing this openly with not many onlookers (thanks to the holiday period) really helped. We then drove around different sections of the city and used the tall KL tower as the landmark and worked on expanding the ring of TBs that my buddy and I had placed in Kuala Lumpur a few months earlier.

It some places, it really didn’t matter where we placed the TBs as it will surely bust of some the towers nearby so we also looked for hospitals to bury them. Yvonne was telling me about putting some of the TBs outside emergency wards as ‘death’ is almost a daily occurrence in those places. Looking around before burying those TBs, yes, there are always many un-busted towers nearby and these TBs would function both to bust the towers nearby and provide positive energy at the emergency ward.

At about 5.30 pm, as we were about to end this gifting run for today, we saw the clouds and haze started to clear up at one small section of the ‘grey’ sky to reveal ‘a blue hole’ in the sky! I was just looking at it and forgot to take a photo immediately but I think Yvonne did and I will get the pictures from her and post it here. It was the first blue patch of sky I had seen in almost 8 weeks of the haze.

<img title=“ot11” height=“480” alt=“ot11” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

IMAGE OT-11 [above], is the first blue patch of the sky I had seen after almost 8 weeks of haze. I just couldn’t believe it! The other thing that I couldn’t believe was… we had planted ‘only’ 65 of the 200 TBs today, in strategic locations around Kuala Lumpur. It was getting dark already and I was excited to see if this blue patch of sky here (near the apartments as seen on the photo above), will expand throughout the whole city. I will post more photos, showing the blue hole much more clearly as I didn’t capture it correctly. I only ‘zoomed in’ to the ‘blue patch’ only without showing the ‘grey parts’ which was is still around when image OT-11 was taken. Fortunately, Yvonne took some photos of her own as well and will ask her for it when she gets back to Malaysia.

<img title=“ot12” height=“480” alt=“ot12” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

IMAGE OT-12 [above], It is October 27th and this is a shot taken the very ‘next day’ after our gifting run yesterday. Ha! A gorgeous blue sky can be clearly seen around the city. The blue patch we saw yesterday ‘had’ indeed expanded throughout the city. This is the ‘second’ time that I am able to observe and photograph where the haze cleared up and a blue sky is revealed the next day, after deploying significant amount of TBs, in strategic locations around Kuala Lumpur.

<img title=“thumb2” height=“90” alt=“thumb2” src=“” width=“640” border=“0” />

Next Report – The ‘blues’ & the grey: More confirmations about gifting (October 2006) – part 2 of 2

The CB was up and running and there were no signs of the haze. An unusual number of helicopters started circling around my home. I saw the usual black helicopters but it was also my first time seeing a larger helicopter, hovering over my home with its side hatch ‘opened’. Who knows what ‘they’ were up to.

Also Next Report – November 2006: Gifting with Laozu Kelly in Malaysia (part 1)

([email protected])

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Gifting – Lang Tengah – Test 123Watch the best video clips here[/flash]

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Gifting – Lang Tengah – Test 123Funny bloopers are a click away

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Great work Hari, you sure busted them all! One more very encouraging confirmation report to our precious database. I await seeing your next one too. With this kind of reports I bet many are waking to do their duty for all humanity and the earth.

Merry winter equinox everyone. May the next year mark the exodus of the beast.

God bless,


Hello Pekka, thanks for the encouragement! I am actually photographing everything and documenting it all as I think Malaysia is a very good test bed as it is still ‘virgin’ territory for orgonite deployed in significant numbers. I also am taking the extra effort and time to do this observation & gifting reports because there are many PJ folks out there who need a slap on their ‘backsides’ to wake up Laughing. Some of the PJ folks include some friends of mine and my dear cousins and family members. I have tried a few times to explain in ‘words’ and have failed. Though it has been lonely for me, gifting around these parts alone but occasionally my buddy or yvonne will come along on these gifting runs.

Thinking I was the only gifter around ‘these parts’, I am very happy to have networked and corresponded with Dan (edostar) from bali. Hehehe, I remember reading a post of his, a few months ago, in the other ‘discredited’ forum, and he asked whether he was the only one around these parts gifting. I knew what he was going through and I replied my saying…I am in Malaysia, experiencing the same ‘lonely gifter’ syndrome Wink. I admit though, I sometimes still prefer to gift alone as I can get away from the ‘distractions’ and it gives me time to think.

Pekka, glad to meet a fellow etheric warrior and what Don has mentioned about the ‘Internet’, it is true. It provides an ‘opportunity’ to network with people across the globe with similar goals. It is also how I met my first fellow gifter in 3D, Laozu kelly. There is no way or perhaps maybe, a slim chance of meeting a fellow kindred spirit, working together on bringing down the darksiders, without meeting through the Internet. It’s amazing how much networking can take place, in such a short time, among people with similar goals in mind…and not to mention…across the globe as well. Wishing you and everyone, ‘success’ in their gifting efforts.

Yes, the darksiders will go down!



The ‘blues’ and the grey: More confirmations on gifting (October 2006) – part 2 of 2

October 2006 (Part 2 of 2)

IMAGE OT-13 [above], is a shot that I took in the afternoon on October 27th, the very next day after a gifting run in Kuala Lumpur. The haze has cleared out, revealing a lovely blue sky as it ‘should be’, living in this nice ‘tropical’ country like Malaysia Smile. As I went through the photos that I had shot on October 27th, on the PC, this particular photo caught my eye. There is a smoky or white substance that can be seen on the right part of this photo. I did not see these things with my own eyes when I shot it. There is also a white light in the distance which I only noticed when looking at the High Resolution photo. The white light could be a planet, sometimes seen in the morning or evening but I shot this in the afternoon. I have no idea what the white ‘smoky substance’ or the white light is and am posting it here anyway.

IMAGE OT-14 & 14B [above], are shots of the KL tower taken on October 27th and 31st respectively. The Petronas twin towers can also be seen in the distance. The haze is no where to be seen.

IMAGE OT-15 [above], is my first CB, all completed and deployed. A few neighbors asked what that is and I told them it is an ‘art piece’ called a torsion CB. I wanted explain a little more but decided not to, at this point. There are Malays, Chinese and Indians living in my neighbourhood with their own respective superstitious and believes about the spiritual world, taboos and etc. This believes are still alive in many people, despite how ‘modern’ Malaysia is supposed to be and it is the same for people living in the villages and in the city. It is quite similar to what Dan from Bali has mentioned in his gifting report, about the superstitions on that island. In Malaysia, the level of superstitions ‘varies’ depending on which part of the country here.

This however, is like a double-edged sword, where it does make it easier for people to keep an ‘open’ mind and listen to what orgonite is about. On the other hand, it can be easy as well, for some superstitious people to view orgonite negatively, without experiencing it. I understand this reaction as well as there are so many stories of evil spirits, magic and spells employed by some evil shamans. Some would also bury strange objects outside the house of their intended victim, for the spell to work. With a few races living in peninsular Malaysia, you can expect a rich diversity of ‘those’ kinds of stories, similar to the rich diversity of biological life in the rainforest of Malaysia. Nevertheless, the ‘potential’ for a wider acceptance of orgonite is definitely there, in this country.

I will soon tell my neighbors as well but not at this moment. Yeah, as soon as I used words like ‘art piece’ to describe my CB, some of my inquisitive neighbors went about their own business again Wink

IMAGE OT-16 & 17 [above], is one of those black helicopters that I often see around. I remember watching a popular TV series in the 80s called ‘Airwolf’ and this particular model of helicopter looks very similar to it. Hehehe, I really never expected to see a similar helicopter like that one (Airwolf), in 3D, flying around my neighbourhood, after 20 years later.

IMAGE OT-18 [above], is one of those Chemplanes spraying out that crap again (chemtrails). I did not see many Chemplanes today but was quite happy to see that the chemtrails didn’t stick long and it actually disappeared under 4 minutes. [On November 2nd, there was another round of heavy chemtrail spraying that I managed to observe and photograph. The Cloudbuster really made a big difference, as the chemtrails didn’t stick around for long – coming soon)

IMAGE OT-19 & OT-20 [above], are photos of a larger helicopter that I had not seen before. I ignored most of the aircraft and helicopters and went about my usual day until I heard a ‘prolong’ hovering of a helicopter nearby. I went out of my home and shot a few photos of it and it was then that it stopped hovering and decided to continue to circle around neighborhood. I didn’t bother with it anymore. I did ‘not’ notice that the ‘side hatch’ of this helicopter was opened then.

It was only later that (about almost one and half months later in Dec 2006) when I was viewing and compiling the photos to write this observation report that I ‘noticed’ the ‘side hatch’ of this helicopter was opened and thought “Heey! This guys were up to something!” Hehehe, yeah I am ‘sooo slooow’ to notice these things sometimes and only realized it after many weeks later [Image Can Not Be Found]. I wished I had noticed what these clowns were up to on that day and would have pointed my succor punch (lost this and replaced it with a mini power wand now) and tried out some boosting/blasting as well. This is one area that I do not have much practice and mainly use the succor punch to block surveillance only.

I understand now, that I need to learn on how to protect and defend myself better and I ‘know’ of a few occasions where the ‘operators’ have been very generous in keeping my butt from harm’s way. I bet that the operators have ‘stepped-in’ on many other occasions as well, which I am not aware of. It is also one of ‘many’ reasons why I continue to gift around Malaysia, including some ‘hotspots’. Don has mentioned that the way some gifters take chances, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the Operators may get ‘etheric hernias’ from too-hastily shifting the props around Smile. I most definitely do ‘not’ want that to happen! I will need to explore more about boosting/blasting and have started to read up on the various techniques at Dooney’s website. It is very inspiring to read about the tremendous success rate of the boosters/blasters at the online chat sessions at and forums. I know there are a few more forums dedicated to this as well but I haven’t visited the websites yet.

Though the ‘time difference’ maybe difficult for me to participate and to try out the boosting/blasting in the chat sessions but I am sure I can ‘practice’ a little on those ‘wonderful’ pilots that fly around my home. From what I currently understand, boosting and blasting are identical where one uses the ‘same’ energy, channeled via the heart chakra to the target. I am sure those pilots or ‘fellows’ (in some cases, where pilot-less aircraft is used where the fellows are pushing a little joystick remotely), got nothing to ‘worry’ about if they do ‘not’ have any ‘ill’ intentions, flying around my neighborhood Wink.

Next Report – November 2006: Gifting with Laozu Kelly in Malaysia (part 1)



[u:2rw74qi8]The flying circus on November 2nd 2006 – part (1 of 3)[/u:2rw74qi8]

November 2nd, 2006 (Part 1 of 3)

I was really excited this morning, as today is the day that I will finally meet my very ‘first’ fellow gifter in ‘3D’, and he happens to be Laozu Kelly, whom I have read his extraordinary ‘Heaven and Earth’ gifting reports on I had already applied for leave from work and made other preparations as well for the next 3 weeks while Kelly is down in Malaysia.

This is a rare opportunity for me, to actually watch and learn from an experienced orgonite gifter, but in this case, the gifting work that laozu Kelly does is quite ‘unique’, as he seeks out dormant positive vortex points on earth and opens them with TBs (tower busters). He continues to travel many countries, opening these dormant vortices and what from I know (as of November 2006), he is the only one, traveling the globe, carrying out this ‘unique’ gifting program.

When I woke up lazily on this fine morning (Kelly was due to arrive later in the afternoon today), I heard more light aircraft and helicopters circling around my home again. Hehehe yeah, I knew that these ‘clowns’ were up to something again. Looking at the sky at that moment, it seems that they may have started the spraying much earlier, perhaps in ‘larger numbers’ when the night sky is able to ‘hide’ their sinister purposes from the PJ folks. Though they sprayed all over the neighbourhood but from what I could see, they were concentrating their efforts more towards the ‘right’ section from my home.

There are too many photos to post on what happened on November 2nd 2006 and I had to reduce the numbers and compress the selected photos, to keep the file size to a minimum when this webpage loads. I hope the tiny ‘camera icon’ and ‘time included’ on this photos, would perhaps help the reader get a better picture on what is going on and how fast/slow events are unfolding.

On to the observation report…

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-1 [above], it is 8.08am and seen here are two shots taken from the left and right of my home. I saw several chemtrails around but interestingly, the concentration of chemtrails or chemsoup was towards the right part from my home (see camera icon for perspective).

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-2, NV-3 [above], it is 8.12 & 8.13 am. I was charging some crystals in distil water on the CB (for my TBs) and would have placed the 7th pipe in place if I had remembered, when this event was unfolding.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-4, [above], There were a few sylphs that I could see at this point, as they started moving towards and ‘working on’ the chemtrails. Notice that the left parts of the sky (relative from my home), is quite blue compared to the ‘right’ section. There are a few more images in this observation report, showing the differences much more clearly.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-4, [above], it is 8.19 am. I looked around and noticed the chemtrails were still being sprayed all over the neighbourhood but still the chemtrail seem to be concentrated on the ‘right’ (if facing front from inside my home). They generously sprayed right over my roof as well.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-6 [above], it is 8.20am. Ha! My favorite ‘black’ helicopter comes circling around again. I have seen this particular model of helicopter a couple of times now in the past few weeks, and have fondly named it ‘Airwolf’ Laughing. In the early 90s, I went to two ‘international’ air shows in Malaysia, sponsored by those ‘international’ arms dealers and I gotta say…I really enjoyed watching those shows. I drove up all the way to Langkawi Island (close to Thailand), stayed there for 1 night for the shows. Yeah, I actually ‘paid’ good money (petrol, lodging, food, tickets & etc) to watch these shows, especially the ‘helicopters’.

There are no military bases or airports near my neighbourhood. So you can imagine how ‘lucky’ I am when the New World Odor (NWO) & their ‘affiliated’ partners, ‘still working on’ complete global domination, decides to provide a ‘free’ air show around my neighbourhood. I just love watching helicopters and I still can’t believe that I am ‘not’ paying any money to watch this ‘flying circus’ Smile

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-4, [above], ‘Airwolf’ passed by and in the image above, at the visible blue section of the sky, a Chemplane starts to layout a new chemtrail. Notice also, that there is already an existing chemtrail on the right photo as well, where it has already started to descend further down, to the homes below

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-6 [above], it is 8.22am and a mere 2 minutes passes by when airwolf decides to show up again. Although I could hear several helicopters at times but I wasn’t able to see them all from where I was standing. Airwolf did a beautiful ‘circling maneuver’ again as seen in some air shows and I managed to capture a few more good shots of this helicopter.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I got to say, after looking at the high-resolution photos, this helicopter sure looks ‘pretty’ sleek and new and I thought Malaysia had only obsolete helicopters. Overall, for its dashing sleek design with nice ‘dark’ color scheme and the good ‘flying maneuvers’ performed today…I am giving this helicopter a 4 out of 5 star rating in my books. [In December 2006, while I was out on a gifting run, I had my mini power wand on and managed to catch a good view from the distance and from high ground, on how Airwolf circles around my neighbourhood. Hehehe yeah, it most definitely circles around my home and probably wondered how I slipped past it… of course the beauty of a mini power wand or a simple succor punch is that, it is able to block all those surveillances. This is a phenomenon that many experienced gifters have often reported and I am seeing this firsthand as well]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-9a [above], it is 8.29am and I could see more chemtrails being sprayed all over the place. It gets a little difficult to see the Chemplanes spraying that crap, especially in the ‘right’ section as seen in the photo (see camera icon for perspective). The sky and clouds are grey in this part only and it seems like a ‘chemsoup’ or DOR concentration being created there.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-9b [above], it is 8.32am and barely 2 minutes after the last image above, I spotted a ‘white plane’, flying relatively low at the ‘right’ section, where ‘they’ were spraying heavily. I have sometimes seen the very same Chemplanes turning around and going for a refuel but most of this takes places in high altitude. I was really surprised to see this white plane, flying relatively ‘low’ but I am unsure if this particular plane had actually made a ‘chemtrail’ sortie earlier and is now turning back for a refuel. It is a shame that I didn’t have a better camera to zoom in on that white plane, to study the details much better. Of course, there were too many things taking place at the same time as well (note the time on each of the photos in this observation report). While in the midst of taking snaps shots of this plane, I heard another helicopter close by, to the right of this plane.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-9b [above], it is 8.32am and yup…same time as well when I took snap shots of the white plane. I saw a gorgeous orange helicopter and this is the first time seeing this model. I have seen more than 10 ‘different’ models of helicopters alone and a lot more different types of light aircraft, flying around my neighbourhood when I started gifting back in May 2006. To me, this particular model of helicopter has to be the best looking one of the lot Wink.

When I first saw this helicopter, I thought it was from the fire department and was part of the ‘so-called’ new equipment that the government had spent, for fighting forest fires to minimize the haze. It was only 7 days ago (when this event is taking place in this observation report) when the haze ‘coincidently’ disappeared after being around for more than 8+weeks, and vanished right after another gifting run at strategic spots in Kuala Lumpur. This is something that I was able to observe and photograph twice (see previous gifting reports).

On ‘both’ occasions, a ‘flying circus’ of helicopters and planes appeared around my home as well, right after the haze cleared. This is just more ‘confirmations’ on gifting. So, my first impression when I saw this nice ‘orange’ helicopter, I really thought it was used to spot forest fires and is part of the ‘futile’ plan to combat the haze, in this region. I am quite sure there isn’t any ‘forest fires’ in my neighborhood at this time, especially when there isn’t a large forest around to begin with and I do live in a suburban area, close to the city.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-9d [above], this helicopter was doing a ‘unique’ flying maneuver that I had not seen before. When I first saw the helicopter, it was hovering then flashing its sides to me. Basically it would fly a short distance, stop and hover for a while, flash its side to me, then straighten back to the direction it was flying then continued flying again. It repeated ‘this’ several times. Yeah…it looked very ‘suspicious’ on what the heck it was doing. Since I am ‘clueless’ on a lot of things and only report on what I am seeing and experiencing, I have no idea if it was a posture of ‘intimidation’ or whether it was trying out some ‘funky’ new air maneuvers. To me, it strangely reminded me of a particular ‘mating ritual’ practiced by some animal (can’t pinpoint which yet) that is equally interesting and looks very similar. I was really fascinated by this odd ‘flying maneuver’ and was unfortunate to only capture the last few parts of this ‘maneuver’ on camera, as seen on the image NV-9d, above Wink

Note as well on (iv) on the image above, that the helicopter is also flying around the ‘grey’ parts of the sky, which is heavily covered by chemtrails/chemsoup. You can see the border of the ‘blue’ parts as well in sky in that frame (iv) when the helicopter flies off. Hopefully the image NV-10, gives a better picture on the situation going on at that particular moment.

As for the helicopter, overall, I will have to give a 4 out of 5 rating in my books for pulling off a ‘unique’ flying maneuver and also for having a gorgeous ‘orange’ color scheme. I also did note that there was a ‘nice’ glossy finish to the paint job and suspect the crew had spent many hours polishing the helicopter, for a better presentation for this New World Odor air show. Just because of that, I am giving an additional ½ star rating. Final score… 4 and 1/2 star rating! Let’s see if any other flying circus of helicopters can top that score, for today.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-10 [above], it is 8.34 am. I took several shots of the sky starting from the left to the right (from my home). I tried my best to piece them together to show what is going on at that time. There is a ‘slight repeat’ of a few centimeters between the photos, as I didn’t do a good job piecing it together. Hehehe…yeah, I really need to save up for a video camera to take those panoramic shots. Overall, I think you can get the rough idea on what you are seeing and what is going on this fine morning.

I placed a ‘green line’ on the roof of a house in the middle photo as a reference. The right parts of the sky are where most of the Chemplanes are seen to be concentrating their spraying. From the green line, you can take note on where the grey part (chemsoup) of the sky is, compared to the line. In the subsequent panoramic photos, you will be able to compare it to this photo as events unfold.

[u:3m0d6w39]The flying circus on November 2nd 2006 – part (2 of 3)[/u:3m0d6w39]

November 2nd, 2006 (Part 2 of 3)

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-11 [above], it is 8.40 am. I saw more sylphs appearing around my neighbourhood. Lots of chemsoup and sylphs right above my roof.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-12 [above], it is 8.46 am. I pieced together another 3 shots of the sky starting from the left to the right (shot from my home). The grey parts on the right are still visible at this point. After 12 minutes passes by when comparing this with image NV-10, there seem to be no change in the skies. The green line is placed on the same house as before and is used as a reference.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-13 [above], it is 8.48 am. The Chemplanes continued spraying over my roof and I saw more sylphs from where I was standing (at the front of my home). It was a different scene when I went to the back of my home. The sky was blue and I saw many sylphs heading towards the chemtrails and the grey parts at the front of my home.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-14 [above], it is 8.50 am. Another two more photos of the sky, taken from behind my home. Note the camera icon on the photos, hopefully that will give you a better perspective on where it was shot from. On photo (ii) above, you can see that the sylphs have quickly started to work on that new chemtrail sprayed over my roof.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

IMAGE NV-15a [above], it is 8.57 am. 11 minutes passes by since the last panoramic image (image NV-12). Using the same green line on the roof as reference, you can see that the chemsoup/DOR retreat as the blue parts becomes much more visible. In some parts of the skies, it becomes difficult to tell sylphs apart from the all that chemsoup.

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IMAGE NV-15b [above], it is 8.58 am. Another minute passes by I took two more shots of what was going on over my roof.

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IMAGE NV-16 & 17 [above], since I ‘just’ woke up and hadn’t brush my teeth nor taken a shower yet, I decided to lie flat on the somewhat slightly sandy ground and took some shots Laughing. I wasn’t worried like the last time when ‘they’ came with helicopters, planes and started spraying heavily as I didn’t have a CB yet at that time and since then, I had planted more orgonite around my neighborhood.

The sight of many sylphs behind my home, heading this way (to the front of my home) gave me comfort. The sylphs that are part of the large ‘diversity’ of operators, were the only ones I could see visible, but my instincts tell me, the others are there as well, so I wasn’t worried too much. Planting lots of orgonite around the neighborhood really helped in this case, but today, the darksiders seem ‘persistent’ on creating lots of DOR on ‘unfavorable’ ground to them as this neighborhood has a CB plus TBs around the neighborhood. This would be an interesting observation in terms of DOR and POR present in a small area. Let’s see what happens.

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IMAGE NV-18 [above], while lying down, I saw some birds circling around, high above and it was a very interesting sight indeed. I can’t explain in words on what I am seeing. You can take a look at the photos yourself (above). I do know that the CB (cloudbuster) is working on transmuting or drawing in the DOR (deadly orgone) around the neighborhood and changing it to POR (positive orgone) and direct it primarily upwards, to the sky and some of it to the surroundings. The sky above has sylphs and chemtrails all mixed in. A circular cloud formation is also formed above the CB, as seen above.

For the PJ folk and ‘semi’ PJ folk (folks who know about the tyranny in the globe but haven’t stumbled upon orgonite yet), ask yourself, do you think these photos of what’s going on, as seen above, as normal? You probably won’t find the weatherman on the ‘controlled’ mass media report on this kind of stuff. I sure would like to hear the weatherman explain especially about the ‘unnatural’ spraying of chemtrails worldwide. You can find a lot of info on chemtrails on the internet.

This is a small fraction on the many things observed by many people when orgonite comes into play. The ‘controlled’ mass media isn’t reporting on orgonite and its phenomenon-healing qualities. I am relatively new to orgonite and I have already seen ‘dramatic’ improvement in the environment alone, and there are ‘many uses’ of orgonite (see previous gifting & observation reports). If you are energy sensitive, you can actually feel these positive energies emitting from orgonite. Do drop by and checkout what other people around the globe who have already started to take the ‘initiative’ on ‘tackling’ the many problems that plague this planet. These are ‘practical’ solutions that anyone can start doing.

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IMAGE NV-19 [above], it is 9.06am. Another helicopter flies in circles around the same path that ‘Airwolf’ had taken earlier. I really wasn’t impressed at all by its flight maneuver as it simply cruised around in circles, like all the other helicopters I have seen in the past few months, since gifting. Overall for it’s plain and unattractive ‘color’ scheme and for doing a usual flight maneuver like the rest, I am giving this a ‘one star’ ratings in my book. Of course, I must also consider that these helicopters don’t usually show up in ‘numbers’ until some big weather changes has taken place, after gifting runs around Kuala Lumpur but I am still sticking to the ‘one out of five’ rating for this helicopter.