Map Dowsing

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if some of you could help me a little concerning map dowsing. I searched a little bit on the topic and I know some of the basics but I wanted to know how some of you do it before going on a gifting run.

You see, I moved to a new city last year and I did some gifting but there is still much work needed to be done. I only gifted about 10 antennas in my new city, if I had a car it would make things much easier. In my previous city I gifted every possible antennas and many other points of interest. The only one that I could not gift where on the on outskirt of the city and just too far away for someone who only has a bicylcle to gift. By looking at the sky each days over the 2 years that it took me to completly gift the city, I learned a lot. The change where so dramatic that it really helped me dicern the difference between a healty area with orgonite compared to an area where the energy is negative.

In the last mounths my observations in my new city led me to beleive that there is some more work that need to be done even if the energy level is not as bad as it was in my last city. Of course this is subjective, but I think that there is some weather manipulation going on and I think the area would benefit from an extensive gifting.

Gifting antennas and other important points is a good start but from reading other’s peoples gifting storys, I came to the conclusion that dowsing for points of negative energy could lead me to important results that I would maybe miss otherwise. Sometime point of negative energy are not always crippled with the presence of deathtowers so I might miss these importants spots.

So any help on map dowsing would be greatly appreciated. Since there is no official topic on this subject maybe this will be beneficial to many peoples! I’ll make sure to post a complete report for all you to enjoy!

Blessings to you all!

Hi Oli,
Here is some helpful Dowsing info for you, done by Walt Woods (well known instructor in US passed away last year)
Can be used for learning or teaching.
Beginning to advanced with charts to help with your understanding.
knowledge and use of dowsing is very empowering, just like ‘makin muffins’

Mr B

You can also use it as tool for Quantumn Healing / Touch.

Its just a device to amplify your own sensitive nature so you can see it rather than just have a ‘feeling’.

For those in the UK, a friend/master dowser will be over and plans on doing classes if anyones interested. Ones dowsing the other is on QH. Date is about 18th of May in Brighton.


Hi Kristian,

you are right pendulum answer is personal…For example positive side of battery or crystal is for me counterclockwise and clockwise negative…opposite when I ask for a yes or no…Anyway thank you for the dowsing tip. I thought to divide a map in secotr and the asking the pendulum which sector has to be gifted or not. I think anyway your approach is quicker!

Big thanks Kristian! I’ll give this a try and see what come out of it.

Thanks for the help everyone it’s really appreciated! Your link is very interesting Brooksby.

I see what your saying Boris. The pendulum is just a tool wich help us express the information needed. I wonder what are the point of view concerning the source of the answers… The way I see it, it’s like if the operator of the pendulum tap into the collective conciouness to find the information. Because in some way everything is linked togheter on a higher level so our body has access to all this information and he just use the pendulum as a tool to express it to us.
It will be my first serious work using a pendulum (I mainly bought it out of curosity at first). It seem to be a very interesting subbject. I also work using my instinct a lot when I’m on the field…I guess this is somewhat the same thing as dowsing but just by using your body.

Concerning water dowsing. When I was yougner I remember my dad hired a guy who came to our house to dowse for a good emplacement for the artesian well for the house. The guy used simple unbended metal coat hanger with one end curved at an 90 degree angle to make a handle. You just had to hold them paralel and when you went over a source of water the two metal rod would cross togheter. I don’t understand how it work but it’s sure fun to try and easy to do and the result are really clear. I remember trying it over our pool and the toilet and it worked. [Image Can Not Be Found] There is probably much more technique to it and a good dowser probably need some experience to be able to understand precisly the results when it come to searching for water under the ground.

This is how I have done map dowsing (trying to keep it simple): I ask to be shown the location on the map that needs gifting the most or which location to gift in order to solve a particular problem.

Then I let the pendulum swing over the map until it settles in a straight line, back and forth. I make note of that line on the map. Then I let the pendulum swing a second time and take note of along which line it settles swinging this time. At the cross of the two lines is where I consider the answer to be. Simple as that!

You could start the process by setting the pendulum in some kind of motion at first and watch it find its final direction of swing, or you could just hold it above the map and let it start the motion. In the latter case it will probably start by a trembling kind of movement which will grow until it settles swinging at a specific line back and forth.

There are other methods. One method I read about on the Internet somwhere, was to take a ruler and move it across the map (let’s say noth-south for example) while holding the pendulum in the other hand. When the pendulum reacts, draw a line along the ruler. Then repeat the procedure moving the ruler the other way (in this case east-west). Intersection of the two lines will be the answer.

Hope this helps.

If you’re new to dowsing, ask first the pendulum to show you a yes-answer, then a no-answer, a “maybe or no answer”-answer. These will be personal between you and the pendulum. They can be different from person to person.

You can also dowse polarities of various items, such as batteries, for example, and establish how the pendulum reacts. For example typical would be a clockwise turn for plus and counter-clockwise for minus .

You can test your dowsing skills by dowsing an unmarked magnet for north and south poles and then check it with a compass or another workable method. (Note that when magnets’ poles are referred to as plus or minus, the north is normally minus and vice versa).

to be more specific, the topic of this thread should be ‘pendulum dowsing’ —- i know that at least one other method used has been the bent stick for water witching & i’m sure there are more i’m missing

the actual mechanics of dowsing would seem to be using the body as a tuning-instrument, not instrument-specific (in this case the pendulum)

when i was very very young, i liked to play with magnets; it was fun to feel the subtle attractions & repulsions at different distances etc etc etc

this same subtle feeling of attraction/repulsion is how i ‘dowse’ now; for instance, sometimes i hold my hand out in front of me & circle around until i find the directoin that makes my palm twitch. sometimes i hold my finger pointed above a map or whatever & let my hand drift until it finds the right spots & dips down. sometimes i just let my eyes point me in the right direction.

i guess my point is that you dont need a weight on a string, just about anything works, you dont actually need the tools if you can feel your own natural inclinations