Marconi/Inghina Developments

Thanks, Silvio, for sending this translated material! I hope we can generate more attention for Mr Inghina’s technology.

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I just wanted to forward you this story, of which you may be aware, it’s about the reasercher Ighina. In case you haven’t seen it before and would like to check it out, I have attached the translation, and the link of the relevant youtube video.
I am sending this as unbiased will just empirical. In which way this could be of interested I don’t know.
The comment from the Physic at the end acknowledge due curiosity for Ighina works.

Additionally about Ighina theories on the net there is a page about this gut on the ‘rexresearch website’.

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Reference youtube video, search ref Ighina Preparata

TRANSLATION from italian

From the RAI Report tv programme archives, 1998
Reportage of mr Pierluigi Ighina interviewed on his theories, and a display of one of his experiments with clouds is being filmed.

Followed by a comment by Physic Scientist Giuliano Preparata.

Background narrator = N
Pierluigi Ighina = I
On site reporter = R

NOTE: (Note the below mentioned theory of the “Magnetic Atom” was published and printed on an edition by mr. Ighina in 1954)

N - The story we want to acccount for last is about Mr. Ighina a researcher. Now 90yrs old mr. Ighina was assistant of Guglielmo Marconi.
Marconi notoriuosly invented the radio when he was 20, but what of him afterwards?
Marconi - here is the story according to Ighina - had discovered energy, looking at the spiral shape of the shell of a snail.

I- The shell is turning clockwise, as we continue the turning is always clockwise (edit note - the direction of the curves of the spiral starting from the apex are clockwise). But when we turn the shell itself upside down the turns become anticlockwise.
Hence we live within this reflection of energy.

N - From the Sun originates a yellow spiral, the reflection of this energy from the Earth is a blue spiral. Ighina, fostering Marconi’s studies, has determined the the encountering of both energies gives forms to the matter. There is a pulsation from this encounter, this is the “Magnetic Atom”

I - The Magnetic Atom, as it receives the solar energy it opens, and when it receives the terrestrial energy it closes. This is the life.

R - The pulsation.

I - This is our life! We are always pulsating, everything does, that which doesn’t pulse is worth nothing.

N - All of Ighina experiments are based on the rhythm of solar and terrestrial energies, through this rhythm is possible to regenerate living cells, neutralize earthquakes, push away or pull close the clouds.

I- Mamma mia! So much what means the energy! This is the valve for earthqaukes, anti-sismeic.

R- Yes.

I - What is a quake? It bourns with compressed gas. Eg. if we want to go on the byccle we must put a valve or the chamber will explode, is not so? This valve does the same thing.

But they don’t want to understand it! But then I get on because I’m from the ‘league of who dont care’. Suits them well!

R - Could you prove it that through this valve the quake can be avoided. Can you show me?

I - Yes, I just need to find the newspapers I got, the quake happened in the cities of Modena and Faenza, but nothing came here.

R - (pointing at the newspaper graphics) 50 km of radius. So, did you propose this device to anybody?

I - To all.

R - And what was the answer?

I - They don’t care!

R - Why?

I - It will cost them too much efforts. They don’t believe it. But then i’m from 'the league…

R - Listen, have you ever tried to patent any invention of yours, so that you could put it on commerce?

I - It’s useless. Because if everyone they know it, they all must know it. Why to prevent something that I can divulge and everyone can utilize it?


R - So its cloudy sky, what are you going to do?

I - I am spinning the propeller, and the clouds will go off.

I - (pointing at the device) These pipes that are planted all around here, and I got them pipes in the underground as well. Are filled with Alluminium dust, this dust gets charged with solar energy, and it produces the effects.

R - Which effects are produced?

I - The effect it produces is to send the clouds away, this is when the case of positive energy coming from the pipes. Since positive with positive polarity gets repulsion. If the case is of negative charge the clouds will be attracted by the opposite negative polarity.

R - Hence, the propeller charged with Alluminium dust of positive sign, will contratst with the similiarly positive charge of clouds therefore pushing them away. Viceversa when the Alluminium dust receive a negative charge the clouds which are positive will gather around and rain.

I - The rotation , look there.

N - Ighina says there clouds are opening. We may notice a bit of opening.

I - Look is getting open over the propeller! Nobody believes…

N - After 10 mins the hole is getting wider. After half an hour the sky above the propeller is wide open. Maybe a chance, but all the people who came here can see these effect.

I - If they believe it, I ll be put out!

R - What?

I - Yes, they would admit their fear.

(Ighina concludes his only joy is when he can show this experimts to pupils from the local school and make them cheer!)


Abstract, from translator.

-The journalist address the scientist who is working with Fleischman to cold fusion, and as him being someone working from within institutions, what he thinks of the reportage on these inventors. (Last being shown was Ighina).

  • Preparata affirms he is striken to see the intellectual vivacity of these old researchers. In his opinion, since in his career he has seen so many old belief to go, these researchers don’t have the aspects of charlatans.
    They have discovered new things which are not yet being known within the generally accepted vision of science, but these are people to whom the science should look with genuine interest, because they may unfold new sceneries to the science. The true scientist should approach these phenomenons so to be able to reproduce them and gather them within the realm of the scientific rationality.

Prof. Pierluigi Ighina, the creator of the Magnetic Atom theory, gained fame later in his life and is a most celebrated scientist in Italy now, especially by indipendent researchers. Needless to say that his work and inventions are not fully accepted by the “scientific” community, which is a real pity. I think Giuliano Preparata who was an important scientist working on cold fusion, expresses an absolutely deferential standpoint about Ighina especially when it comes to the rain machine that de facto opens the sky or attracts clouds for the rain (you can see that in the video linked by Silvio) and the earthquake neutralizer; in fact, he says that these devices are strange, beyond official science, so that’s why they are not fully understood.

The video is in Italian, but I found two that are subtitled in English, so I guess they are useful to understand the work of Ighina better. Interesting what people say about his experiments with his rain machine over Imola, the Italian temple of motor racing: … cloud-man/

I remember that in the early stages of the gifting movement in Italy some were proposing to experiment 6 TBs in 30cm diameter arranged on a rotating board, just like the rain machine propeller but don’t know what the results of that idea were.

Some photos of Ighina’s inventions: … -Scoperte-

The ERIM is an interesting device because, according to Ighina, it concentrates and develops the Magnetic Rhythm Solar Earth Energy, regenerating cells and returning them to normal functioning, with all its attendant benefits.

Ighina declared many times that he had had a “contact” with a saucer that had landed near his home because of the magnetic disturbance created by one of his experiments; this story can be read together with Ighina’s theory of the Magnetic Atom and other inventions in the previous link.


The YouTube link Silvio sent didn’t work for me, so he sent me this one, which is a longer video:

I see that the first one is now working, too.

Tesla invented radio and Marconi got the credit for it, much later on. I’ve read a lot about Tesla and his work but almost nothing of Marconi. What interested me in Silvio’s presentation is what Marconi and Inghina may have done after the introduction of radio, since it’s evidently etheric physics and technology, much like Tesla’s and Reich’s.

I bet that if we add the late Dr Mena’s work to all this we’re going to get a much larger picture, too. Rolling a snowball down a slope can create an avalanche, so I’m doing my little bit to bury materialistic, conventional (read: reactionary) science, here [Image Can Not Be Found] and to get a little payback for what they did to Dr Reich and many others in the recent century.


Silvio, another Italian reader of EW, sent me the following (Thanks!):

A note about Tesla and Marconi.
Apparently during WWII Marconi made an experiment where he managed to defeat the functioning of machines and cars, perhaps it was aimed at defeating airplanes, by using a certain ray or wave. The daughter of Mussolini Rachele gives account of this fact, because she was caught in the countryside with several other cars during the experiment. As the cars passed through a certain area they stopped working, after half an hour the experiment was finished, the cars could be restarted.

Tesla had invented the same ray while he was elsewhere in the States, and Marconi was allowed and sponsored to research it?

Vittorio may have seen this video from the tv programme Voyager

Yes, I know that video and the death ray experiment led by Marconi. That happened in 1936 on the way from Rome to Ostia. I read that Mussolini himself confirmed this experiment in an interview released during the Salò Republic period in 1945. He also declared that the experiment had been repeated twice on radio-controlled planes which were burned in the sky, at 2000 metres altitude, near Orbetello and Anzio. Then, Marconi started to question his conscience because this weapon could really destroy the enemy at a distance, causing lot of dead. It is said the Vatican intervened to convince him on the extreme danger of the death ray. I don’t believe much in the Vatican compassion for humanity, but I’m sure that Marconi brought many secrets with him when he died.

Talking about Marconi’s death, Ighina maintained that the cause of his sudden death was not due to angina pectoris, as official history says. According to him, Marconi had not protected himself sufficiently during an experiment on the magnetic monopole: he could tell this by the spots that the scientist had on his body when he saw him in his coffin during the funeral that was held in Rome. He said that the scientist blood had stopped because of the excessive exposure to the energy developed during the experiment. He also claimed to have saved the scientist on two different occasions.

There are many legends about Marconi, the net is full! One even claims that he went to live with Tesla and other scientists in an underground city in the Venezuelan forests! … sla_18.htm

The fascist regime made a big show of Marconi’s death, btw, because he was a hero. No wonder, it’s an open book, a typical parasitic way to keep the power. On the contrary, those who obscured Mussolini’s public fame were eliminated like Galeazzo Ciano or Italo Balbo, for example, or discredited like the great explorer Umberto Nobile, a man who spent his entire life to regain his credibility and honor.

Apart from the death ray experiment, I’ve always been interested in the triangular UFO crash that happened in northern Italy in 1933. Mussolini ordered a cover-up because he thought that the craft was a secret weapon of possible enemies; he created a special commission, the Gabinetto RS/33 (I think Marconi was the leading figure in this secret commission, btw), to investigate on the craft which was kept in a hangar till the 1950s, when it was destroyed by a fire. There are official documents about the RS/33 cabinet and telegrams showing Mussolini orders to keep the crash secret.

Mussolini would have been good material for Cesare Lombroso, anyway:…K40HBDbH3M

Hope to post good material on Ighina soon.


I’m corresponding with Alberto Tavanti, Ighina’s best friend and collaborator for 40 years.

Actually, I was searching the net to learn more about ERIM, which Ighina considered his legacy for humanity, when I learned that one of his collaborators was still alive; then, I found his email address and decided to introduce myself and, possibly, start a correspondence on different subjects after I read his “The Dance of the Atoms” that he published in an Italian blog. I was really struck by this writing because it expresses a real vison of reality that is based on spiritual experience and faith. De facto, I didn’t expect to find a very religious person who was introduced the the secret of Nature by his master. I’m really happy to have started this correspondence with Alberto Tavanti and I felt it an honour when he offered his friendship after I wrote him the first email.

Signor Alberto is 74 now and is dedicating his life to spread the ideas and the discoveries of his best friend whom he considers a master or, according to his words, a divine soul came on earth.

He didn’t know about orgonite so he enthusiastically expressed his appreciation when I told him about what we are doing all over the world; he also told me about Ighina’s magnetic energy accumulators and many other incredible things that he saw along the years in the lab where the scientist developed his theories and built his devices.

I also questioned him about ETs visiting Ighina or the etheric beings that appeared to him in his laboratory and I believe that all the things he told me are absolutely incredible.

He gave me some authentic material that he has written in order to create a base to understand Ighina and his deep understanding of the pulsating energy of universe so I offered to translate it: he really appreciated that because not much of Ighina and his discovery of Magnetic Energy exists in English. Also, he encouraged me to deepen the Law of the Rythm which he considers the key to understand Ighina’s phisics, an approach to science that can’t be separated from religion and faith in any way. I hope to share this material in due time, when I have translated it.

I’ve almost completed the “Centenario”, a writing that commemorates Ighina’s birth centennial and I will publish it soon because it explains not only how signor Alberto met Ighina and became his main disciple but it also introduces his master’s personality and, of course, his achievement as a human being and a scientist.


Great work Vittorio!!!


Thank you, Mark. Corresponding with Alberto Tavanti is empowering because it is his unique experience and understanding of the secrets of Nature that were revealed to him by Ighina to make this man a real source of inspiration for personal evolution.

Actually, I translated his “Centenario” using a translator that I found on the web, but then I had to correct the text to make it understandable and as close as possible to proper English so I hope the final result is fine.

As I said in the previous post, “Centenario” is mainly autobiographical with lot of information about Ighina’s personality and his way of explaining how Magnetic Energy works. For example, the text explains why the earth doesn’t rotate on itself and why day and night are illusions. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Some of the experiments that were made in Ighina’s lab are described in detail and are quite amazing because they go beyond the normal understanding of science. What struck me is that it is not a good idea or even dangerous to work with Magnetic Energy without any spiritual purification; that’s why signor Alberto doesn’t have any contact with young researchers although he knows or corresponds with some of them because he says that they don’t understand that the connection between personal faith and science is absolutely essential in this field where you can’t separate “what you do from what you are”, meaning that science and religion can’t be separated. So you can easily imagine what he thinks about the experiments made at CERN where the “human” aspect is completely negleted.

Centenario is a relatively easy text, after all, but I hope to translate more material to introduce Ighina’s work to the anglosaxon world, something signor Alberto really wishes, so it is good that it will be done on EW.

Recently, he published a very accurate article on how we can affect matter with our true spirituality:…xtend.6444

It’s in Italian, but I hope to translate it in the future.



January 8, 2008

Pier Luigi Ighina died at the hospital of Imola exactly four years ago.
He was born in Milan on June 23, 1908, third son of a wealthy family.
His mother died in giving birth to him and it was therefore his maternal grandmother to raise him.
Even as a child he showed to be different from other children, he was as lost in this world, so different from the spiritual dimension from which his soul came .
The absence of his mother and the virtual absence of his father who led the life of man of the world, accentuated the great desire for affection in him which was only partly filled by the care of his grandmother. Even when the latter died, his father decided to put him in college, because he showed to have many difficulties in learning in normal schools , becoming the laughingstock of the other students and even some teachers, who had not realized that the apparent delay of the little intellectual Pier Luigi, was largely offset by an acute sensitivity, not only of the soul but also of the body.
In fact, from an early age, Gigi, (henceforth I will always call him like that) could perceive in his body the presence of the various different energies that exist in different surroundings, which didn’t come only from magnets, batteries and electrical equipment, but also from beings of ethereal nature that sometimes showed to him.
However, after having conducted some very hard years of study at technical schools (he was good only during the hours of physics laboratory), he left the college and made his best privately to obtain a diploma in radio telegraphy through a correspondence course.
Meanwhile his father had met Count Giulio Gamberini of Imola and the two became close friends. The Count was a naval officer and advised Gigi’s father to enlist his son who was seventeen at the time as a volunteer on a warship.
The very severe discipline that prevailed on the ship contrasted too much with the imaginative nature of Gigi, who was trying to bring improvements in radio telegraph- equipment on board, using only the sensitivity of his hands.
Discovered while he was performing one of his experiments in technical development, among other things, a complete success, he was prematurely dismissed for insubordination.
Returning to civilian life, he immediately found a job as an expert at the best radio factories of his time, where he began to earn a lot because he could discover the equipment flaws with extraordinary rapidity, without the normal control devices, but only through the special sensitivity of his hands.
Once economic independence was achieved, Gigi attempted to carry out special equipment for the production of that energy that he could capture so well in his body.
Meanwhile, Count Gamberini fell in love with Gigi’s older sister, the two married and moved to Imola, where there was the highest number of farms owned by them.
Count Gamberini held Gigi in great esteem because he had understood the great scientific and technical capacity and it was through him that a meeting with the young inventor Guglielmo Marconi could be arranged.
Seeing the enthusiasm with which his brother in law devoted himself to the study of Nature, he thought to invite him to move to Imola, and gave him a job as the keeper of his estates, certainly a less demanding job than testing electrical equipment, and offered to use the tower that still stands in the main square of Imola as a laboratory, which next to his palace.
The offer was very tempting, so in 1936 Ighina moved to Imola, where he remained for almost 58 years. It was on that tower that Gigi discovered the wonderful properties of magnetic atoms and it is also there that he made the first experiments as to melting metals at a distance.
He soon realized that given the central location of his laboratory, his experiments could create problems for those who lived nearby, so he decided to move it to Romeo Galli street, inside the old stable that stood beside the two main buildings, the wine cellar and the agricultural products storehouse. After some years, having decided to get married, he convinced her sister to build an apartment on the second floor of the building next to the stables, where he lived until his death with his wife and two children.
When Count Julius died, he bequeathed to Gigi the large building where he lived and the gardens surrounding the house which would become, several years after, the stands along Imola racetrack.
At this point, the large rooms where once wine and wheat products were kept - the family homestead had all been sold - became the most fantastic laboratory ever appeared on Earth. Sergio, the late Ferdinand and I, were the eyewitnesses of memorable experiments that took place in these premises, some of which will be recounted below.
Needless to say, Gigi quickly became one of the best-known and characteristic figures in town. Many still remember him as the “Rainmaker,” for his ability to make it rain or the sun shine especially during the races.
Others remembered him as a healer, for having received completely free benefits for their health, thanks to special equipment of his own invention, but most remember him for having built extraordinary equipment into the ground behind his house, located in Romeo Galli street, right in the middle of the circuit, unusual in size, shape and color. The many thousands of people from all over Italy and other parts of the world who came to Imola every year to watch the races, could not help but wonder what purpose they were built for and so did the journalists who interviewed Ighina with pleasure, in order to write a bit different articles. However, almost all Imola remembers him as an original type, an eccentric, which was not possible to define in a precise way because you could not tell if it was a misunderstood genius or a madman, like many who were hospitalized in the local mental hospital.
The writer was assistant to Ighina for 40 years, from 1964 to his death and considers himself to be, along with Sergio, another inhabitant of Imola, who, like me, was a close friend and frequent visitor to his laboratory for many years, one of the few still alive people able make an account to everyone about the great moral and spiritual stature of this brilliant scientist, whose insights and discoveries will radically change the future evolution of humanity once they are accepted. Since this year 2008 marks the centenary of his birth, it was considered appropriate to celebrate the memory of this brief publication, which contains an almost entirely conference organized by the Cultural Circle “Pier Luigi Ighina” of Montegrotto, held in local Palazzo dei Congressi in 2004.
Actually, a book has also been published the title of which is “Pier Luigi Ighina - Unknown Prophet”, which reveals the deepest parts of the work of this extraordinary person, but so far few people have read this completely, because it is easy to be overwhelmed and disrupted by its revolutionary content, so different from what was previously thought. However, those who are interested can apply for one at the main libraries in town.


First of all I would like to thank you for coming to this meeting. I want to tell you that this is the first time I speak in public. When I try to talk at home, usually my children interrupt me by saying:

  • "What a bore, Daddy! You’ve already said that. Yeah, okay, I understand, " and run away.
    I hope you are more patient than them. I’m here to tell you about a great man who was a father, a teacher and a beloved friend for me and to whom I owe, among other things, my marital happiness. Usually when someone told Ighina that he was a great man, he replied:
  • “Yes, one meter and fifty-eight,” and it was a good laugh.
    Ighina was a real contradiction in everything, from physical stature, which contrasted with the spiritual one and the difficulty of being able to communicate and be understood, although he had a Wisdom that is no exaggeration to define of divine origin. Usually when we talk of a deceased person we tend to highlight the quality, the positive side, spreading a veil over his faults. I could do it myself, but I’m sure he will not approve. I remember, I think it was in 1970, a correspondent for the weekly “Oggi” had an appointment to interview him. For my part I had prepared all the “serious” documentation in our possession that included, among the other things, telegrams sent to NASA in which he warned that the nature of the fault that would actually occur two days after on the capsule “Apollo”, an interesting letter fromVon Braun, several letters from Italian and foreign ministers, Fiat executives and other big industries that were interested in our studies, in others a lot of photos showing the existence of magnetic energy concretely. We had even a home movie shot by one of our co-operators, which was really impressive because it showed how a pulsing electric lamp connected with the magnetic energy in a dark room, would unleash a real pandemonium of lightning and electrical discharges which, although invisible to the eyes, left their images on film. When the reporter arrived, Ighina completely overlooked all that I had prepared and went out with a series of jokes about his relationship with the local administration which was in dispute for some imnjustices he had suffered, which made me blush with shame. Even if we showed the serious part of our studies later, the headlines of the article that appeared on “Oggi” was:
  • "I will paralyze the entire city council and mayor”, with a large photo that showed him with a full cache of aluminum powder between his fingers, which was then “the weapon” with which he wished to get justice.
    When the reporter left, I scolded him harshly, because I could not understand why he seemed to do his best to make everything ridicule, but he replied with a candid smile:
  • "You want to see only the positive and do not understand that behaving like this you stimulate a negative reaction in the person in front of you, because it is natural that this happens when there are new things. Putting together the serious part what you call ridiculous, I gave the information with two poles, complete with the rhythm. I have become a seed for its neutrality because it will not be blocked from the mind of those who read the article but will move into his interior and will spring up at the appropriate time. "
    This was Ighina. By the way, about two weeks after this event, the mayor of Imola and a councilor had a stroke that paralyzed them for some time, but it was probably just a coincidence. But maybe it’s good for me to start from the beginning and tell you how I met him.

For several years I struggled to get out of a deep existential crisis. Disappointed by everything and everyone, I was looking in science and philosophy to answer questions about the true meaning of life, since I had experienced to a higher degree the emptiness of false values which men of my generation were attracted to. I spent most of my spare time on the books that I devoured with an insatiable hunger to know and understand. Almost every day I made a stop in bookstores looking for new or still unknown old things. One day, it was in 1964, while I was leaving a library, my attention was inexplicably drawn to a shelf full of books for children that dealt with issues that I was not interested in. However, I drew out one and I was going to put it back when I saw that behind the room I had created there was a booklet that was hidden and that had slipped behind the other books accidentally. I had to remove several other books before I could see what it was: the title was “The discovery of the magnetic atom.” The bookseller told me that long before a gentleman had been there, a strange man, who had asked him to have a look at it and since he had not told him of any selling price or cost and having not seen him anymore he let me take it without paying. Back home, I read it with interest immediately. It contained very uncommon statements, some even paradoxical, but it did not appear to be the work of a fanatic, because once you accept the premise of the discovery of this universal unknown energy, although the amazing consequences deriving from it, these statements had an indisputable logic in themselves . Among other things, I was distressed by the climate of the Cold War that was breathed in those years which undertook the two blocs in a race to ever more destructive weaponry. So I wrote to the author Pier Luigi Ighina not only to show him my appreciation, but also to ask him if he was not afraid to provide governments with his discovery, an even more powerful weapon of destruction. This was his reply dated 23 April 1964:
"Dear Alberto, thank you for your kind letter and for having read my booklet. However, I see that you put me on a great pedestal of honors and praise and that you consider me among the higher men: it would be as high in seventh heaven. All this is not true, I am just a common man and I have not done anything extraordinary. I only got to know a microscopic part of what Mother Nature does, so I merely observe and record what I saw. The only thing that really struck me in my observations, is finding the exact and wonderful creation of Mother Nature that gives me confirmation that there is a being, superior to us, who was given the name of God. If we are His tools to improve the world, only he can know what will happen in the future and therefore you should not be afraid of anything. There is a law of nature, the law of compensation. If there is evil good occurs at some point to balance the two sides. Nothing exists in the world for a purpose not prearranged and designed by God, and He may well make use of evil to produce good. If I’m considered likely to have a conversation with your gentle person, I will be pleased and grateful. With the most distinguished regards,
Pierluigi Ighina "
This letter now feels so real, meaningful and full of faith, then it made no effect me, because as to the God in whom I had been taught to believe since I was a child, I had left Him for many years and this new concept of a God who plays with good and evil for some purposes unknown to man, it was a bit too daring to agree with. However, this did not stop me from going to visit him and get to know him in person. Ighina received me with great kindness, he showed me his workshop and in particular the new generator of magnetic energy that he had built in 1960, which could generate separate positive and negative magnetic atoms. He said that sending the produced energy on a large satellite dish located on the roof of the barn, he could make it rain or make it become serene. He showed me the ears of corn and the stern was the size of the index finger of one hand and that he had been watering the soil with magnetized water.
He talked about many things and the infinite possibilities arising from the application of this energy in various fields which astounded me. In the end, before I left, he wanted to show me how the energy could be done to increase the size of the insects until they exploded. He took a container that had accumulated energy of the generator and led me to a nearby ant hill. He began to radiate the ants, saying after a while:

  • “Look, look how they grow, how they swell.”
    I honestly did not notice any changes, but did not want to contradict him. We parted with a promise to come back after some time. In fact I let a few months pass before going back to visit him, partly “to digest the enormous amount of information I had accumulated” and a bit because what I considered the failed experiment with ants, as well as some of his statements on the property Earth, had insinuated the doubt that he could be someone a bit ‘unbalanced’.
    If I listened to my heart, I felt I had met a man of great value whose discoveries could change the world, but my mind was pretty critical because it was conditioned by cultural biases and was trying to put him in a negative light. I do not know how long would the deadlock between the mind and heart have lasted if I had not came across the book “The theory of orgasm,” which contained an anthology of the writings of the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich. Great was my surprise when I read that with the accumulation of orgone energy which was present not only in living beings, but in all of nature, could cure many different diseases, make rain and sweep away the clouds, etc. … There was no doubt that Reich’s orgone energy corresponded to Ighina’s magnetic energy, with the important difference that he could not only produce the latter artificially, but multiply it, modify it, direct it and adjust the power. I resulted to pay another visit to him and then I returned to Ighina and for almost ten years I visited him every day, becoming his frequent collaborator. I soon realized that it was not easy to accept a person like him because in him co-existed the qualities that it is no exaggeration to define of the divine nature, and human failings, which made him a living contradiction. Very kind, very generous and selfless as well as brilliant, he was touchy on occasion, temperamental and stubborn. Conscious of his innate ability that made him superior to all the knowledge of the laws of nature, he had suffered terribly in his youth, not to be believed, to be laughed at. Unfortunately, he did not have the ability to speak clearly and he was extremely difficult to understand, because he not only contradicted himself with naive naturalness, but contradicted the opinions of others almost on principle, even if it was self-evident truths of experience. I would say that he perfectly embodied the figure of the evangelical child to whom God revealed the treasures of science, but still a child.
    Living near Gigi was a real school of life. He had innate qualities that enabled him to see in the spiritual dimension.
    His workshop was not only a place for scientific research, but also a place where angels, demons, Jesus and his Blessed Mother appeared to him. Gigi had a special veneration for the Madonna. Not having known his mother who had died soon after giving birth to him, he had bestowed upon her all his filial affection.
    H posted images depicting the Madonna everyplace and on the closure of the Month of May, the parish procession ended in the forecourt of his house, which he personally adorned with lights and flowers. He was very devoted without being sanctimonious and soon realized that I was very different from him about religion.
    One day he told me that the Madonna had come to him and had expressed a desire to see me back in the Church and reconciliation with God through the sacraments. I was not easy to obey, but so great were the esteem and affection I had for him, I could overcome my repugnance. So during a trip to Genoa, we went together to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Guardia, where I confessed and took communion.
    Since then I went back to being a good Christian also from a formal point of view, while Gigi began to take an attitude that baffled me. I remember that he had lost his rosary and I gave him one because I thought I was doing a good thing, but he pleaded flimsy excuses. In short, from that moment on I took the rosary that I had bought for him in my pocket and I used to recite it often, while Gigi began to desert the religious service and became less devoted than before. He even began to consider the Virgin Mary as the incarnation of Mother Nature, almost becoming a pantheist. He was led as to oppose the excesses, the one-sided positions, even to the point of changing his behavior, but to achieve that balance in the other, which often could not maintain himself.
    I’ll tell you another episode hoping not to bore you too much. For some years I became a strict vegetarian. Not eating meat had become a religious dogma, more than a healthy eating habit. So one evening when Gigi told me that it was necessary to start again to eat meat, I said I was sorry, but I would not have done it for no reason at all. To which he replied:
  • “Yet it is necessary, because the fear of committing a sin is a graver sin than the sin itself.”
    The conversation ended there, but his words continued to resonate within me. It took months to convince me that being God the embodiment of balance, all the excesses, not just in a bad way but in a good way, we turn away from Him; true freedom can only be at the center, where the opposing forces find a balance. So I began to eat meat, little and often, but without disgust or fear. When I told Gigi to have passed the test, he smiled with his eyes and said: - “Is not it nice to feel free?”
    But it was not the only time he put me to the test. My mentality was strongly oriented in the scientific sense, I was firmly convinced that to be true, reality would be logical too, but Gigi was a living contradiction, he did his best to convince me otherwise. I remember one summer night we left the lab with another co-operator to take a walk and eat an ice cream. At one point we saw a Ferrari parked in the driveway and now the other friend and I began to move around it, admiring the line qualities. Gigi who had been away for a moment to greet a friend joined us and immediately declared:
  • “I do not understand why people are so stupid.”
    Believing that he meant to us, we felt a bit offended and replied:
  • "Well, it’s a matter of taste. We do not seem stupid to admire a beautiful car. "
  • "But I do not mean to you, but to those who built it. Don’t you see how low it is and what about that tapered nose? "
  • "Of course! - Answered - They’ve done so because it is aerodynamic, and thus can penetrate and make less friction with the air "
  • "But this is stupid! It must be just the opposite! "
  • “How?” We asked.
  • “Yes, here to the front of it, you have to put a satellite dish instead of the tip.”
  • “A parable?”
  • “Yes, a dish like the one that the bulldozers.”
    We laughed.
  • "But Gigi, what do you mean? Can you imagine what kind of friction a dish like that would do to the front? "
    This time it was he who felt offended for a few minutes he didn’t talk to us.
    Then we began to talk about other subjects, and that was all. Back home, I began to reflect on what had happened. I knew that Gigi never spoke without thinking. Suddenly, I remembered that a few nights before we had talked about hurricanes and tornadoes and the mechanism that originates their formation and I understood what he had really wanted to say about the Ferrari. The parable was intended to reflect a force against the motion to neutralize it. The next evening I returned to the lab and asked if I had understood the meaning of his words. He replied:
  • "Yes, it is. Men are stupid, because when they are confronted with a force contrary to their intent, they try to destroy or escape it, while the forces of nature must be accepted and reflected. All the forces existing in nature are reflected directly and indirectly to a single primordial Force, the Energy that originates from the Sun. This irradiation, reflecting itself, is balanced with itself, condenses and then explodes again and radiates again and again it is reflected and so it multiplies. Solar energy is a positive force that gets reflected in the negative.
    The Sun welcomes all these reflexes, transforms them and re-radiate them in a positive way and so on. "
  • “Then you say that putting a properly tilted moving parable in front of a car creates a self-reinforcing vortex that neutralizes the friction?”
  • "Not only that. The vortex creates a vacuum inside. Now, tilt the dish in a certain way and then the vortex, the vacuum should be drawn on the car, replacing the engine. By directing the vortex in a different way, you could block the motion or even reverse its direction. "
    Speaking of the Sun, he stated that it was a hole, a hole in the upper dome separating the Kingdom of God from the created Universe, through which it manifested itself as the Fire or the Great Spirit known as the Light of our Universe, seen as a huge double dome, within which, on reflection, it could give rise to creative rhythm that would lead to the formation of our solar system.
    It was not easy to understand Gigi. Those around him could feel hurt by his behavior. It was not easy for his wife and his children to accept certain of his oddities. As far as I’m concerned, I was soon forced to revise my thinking. I agreed with almost everything Gigi said except for two things: the behavior of celestial bodies in space that he claimed to be firm and reincarnation that did not exist for him. But let’s deal with a subject at a time. This was about the tone of our discussions. Me:
  • “If the Earth is still, then let’s go back to the theory of Ptolemy, which put the Earth at the center of the universe because he didn’t know the enormous size of the Sun.”
  • “I do not know who this Ptolemy is, but I say that not only the Earth but the Sun, Moon and planets are still! Only the light of the Sun moves, the movement of bodies is only an optical illusion.”
  • "Look, now it’s night here while in Australia it is daylight. Is it due to an optical effect that Australians are under the sun to tan on the beaches? "
  • "But no, you do not understand. It is the light condensation spinning, but the Sun stands still. "
  • "But the light moves in a straight line. Now if I go out with a flashlight and lit up the facade of a house, it remains dark on the other side. How does the light move around it? "
  • " Light in the space gyrates! That’s why it turns around all planets. "
  • “If the light revolved around the earth it should not exist at night!”
  • “But the night is the escape of solar energy absorbed by the Earth and thus deprived of its brightness.”
  • “If so, where there is the night there should be no gravity, since you say that gravity is nothing but the prevalence of direct solar energy reflected on the one produced by the Earth.”
    At this point, Gigi would get angry, not because he could not answer, but he could not bear to be cornered by logic, that he considered the “cage” in which people have locked their intelligence. He would often say:
  • “If you do not leave the cage, closed by the magnetic field around you, you can neither see nor understand the truth.”
    As Gigi could not provide me with the explanations, and at the same time, not even official science didn’t satisfy me because if the Earth really turned on its axis, it would have developed such a centrifugal force at the equator able to counteract or at least alter the normal force of gravity , I developed my own personal theory. Stimulated by discussions with Gigi, I concluded that the Earth was still, that it did not rotate on its axis, but yet it moved annually around the Sun and at the same time it carried adaily orbit around its own fire. The result was a spiral motion that explains day and night and the seasons: it was also was consistent with the theory of Gigi, because the gradual exit of magnetic energy from Earth that originated the Night, did not coincide with a decrease of the Force of Gravity but with an approach to the Sun, which was then gradually replaced by the pressure of solar energy, that is to say the day, which caused its removal. So the Earth does not rotate on its axis, but was drawn to and repelled by the sun each day making a spiral rotation, as well as a revolution around it. I proposed this theory to Gigi, who listened without making any comment. However, any time visitors came, he always talked about his theory. Things were at this point, when the magazine “ Science and Life " published an article on electrostatic coating that shook my beliefs. The engineers who designed this type of very efficient painting could not, however, realize how it worked practically, because from the funnel polarized and rotating at high speed, the paint was sprayed by centrifugal force and came out as a dense fog formed by tiny electrified drops, which prevented to see how they deposited on the electrified object with the opposite polarity. To be able to see beyond the fog, they had devised a very ingenious system. By calculating the ratio between the rotation speed of the funnel and the size of the droplets of paint, they found the frequency to make some stroboscopic lights pulse, in order to make the light pass beyond the fog and film the process.
    The result was stunning: the object to be painted, which coincidentally was a large metallic ball, was covered with paint that was not starting from the front part, as it would be logical to expect, but from the back. Indeed, within the cloud of paint in front ball surface, something like a void was created, like a shadow cone without paint, which moved around the ball shrinking as the rotating cloud droplets were wrapped around it and deposited with a spiraling motion.
    I immediately compared the electrified paint behavior with the one of the light and realized that it was a clear demonstration that Gigi was right and that it was possible to explain Day and Night keeping the Sun and the Earth firm, only making light move spirally.
    As to Reincarnation, only later I realized that Gigi could be right on this, but I’ll talk about it some other time.
    It is possible to cure many serious diseases with the rhythmic magnetic energy.
    It is for reason that in lab at Imola we built a magnetic chair that gave truly remarkable results. One evening - I’m talking about 34-35 years ago - a doctor from Bologna came to visit us. He was very open towards alternative treatments. He had heard of magnetic energy and wanted to have some explanations. Gigi now knew the entire presentation by heart, which he never tired of repeating several times a day. The doctor told us that the theory was fascinating, but that he wanted to see its validity in practice. Gigi said he had treated and cured many sick people, but that he had been warned by the medical officer and that he had threatened to sue him for malpractice in the medical profession if we continued. To which the doctor said that he was a doctor and nobody could stop him from experimenting with our tools. He had just one patient who had already been operated for breast cancer. She had been subjected to cobalt therapy, but now there was no hope, because metastases had spread throughout the body.
  • “Two or three weeks are her expectations of life- he said – I’ll bring her tomorrow to see what happens.”
    The next day he returned with the woman who could hardly stand up. We had to carry her on a chair to the magnetic chair where she sat. Apparently the doctor had been positively impressed because he had brought a camera with which he wanted to film the patient sitting on the chair, shirtless. Poor woman! Where the breast had been removed there was a huge purulent and malodorous wound. We began to radiate energy for about 20 minutes, after which they parted, not without having been given two bottles of magnetized mineral water. That day was a Tuesday and we arranged an appointment for the following Saturday. But the following Friday night we saw the doctor arrive without warning, in an euphoric mood. "What was in the water that you gave?” – he commenced – “Did you know that after having drunk it she has taken appetite?! The pink color of the face is coming back, she regained her strength and she can walk! But the most amazing thing is that an epithelium veil is forming on the wound! ".
    Of course, his enthusiasm was communicated to us as well. The doctor had brought a culture of amoebas with him, because he wanted to see what was the effect of magnetized water on living organisms. We had some microscopes in the lab that could reach about 200X magnification, more than enough for the kind observation. Both the doctor that I put a drop of culture on a slide and observed how much life was confined in that small space. Amoebas moved and reproduced. It really was a fascinating spectacle. Then we added a drop of irradiated water which caused a small tsunami, after which the amoebas were gone. We repeated the tests several times with the same result. Then the doctor said that increasing the volume of the drop, perhaps the amoebas took refuge in the bottom making it impossible to focus them with the microscope.
  • “This is what we will do - he said – you, Alberto, try to focus one amoeba and when you manage to do that, I will touch a drop of culture with the tip of a toothpick dipped in the irradiated water : let’s see what happens.”
    After a bit I managed to focus on a single amoeba with the eyepiece: the amoeba was revolving around itself.
  • "I have it, Doctor. Touch the drop. "
    As the tip of the toothpick was in contact, I saw the amoeba explode, disintegrate like a bomb.
  • "It has exploded, Doctor! The amoeba has exploded! "
  • "Impossible! - He said - even if it was the most powerful poisons, it would be blocked or distorted, but never exploded! "
  • "Listen, you try. I have seen the phenomenon well and I’m sure it exploded. "
    After a while, the doctor framed an amoeba and I just touched the drop, he shouted:
  • "It has exploded! It really exploded! Now I saw it myself. "
    We repeated the experiment several times always with the same result: explosion of the amoebas. The doctor said that it was necessary to repeat the experiments and prepare a report that he wanted to present at the next medical conference and in any case, given the effects of irradiated water, he did not despair of seeing the sick woman healed. The doctor and I were thrilled, but Gigi did not seem to want to participate in our euphoria. In fact he said to the doctor that the magnetic treatment applied to chronic diseases determined as a step back in time in the sick body, a recapitulation in reverse of the steps that led to its deterioration.
    This recapitulation was done in a short time, but inevitably a temporary worsening of pain symptoms in the transition would occur. The next day the doctor returned with the patient who was able to walk and sit in the chair alone.
    She had really improved her health dramatically. After having irradiated for another 20 minutes and given two bottles of water, Gigi thought of warning the lady about the day after, he warned of the pain and not to worry, because pain announced an improvement and the restoration of organic vitality.
  • "Pain? - She said - But I have already suffered so much and I do not want to suffer any more. "
    What happened was this: while the body of the sick was available to respond positively to the stimulating energy, the soul of the woman was already dead, because she could not face the hardships of life. The same way Gigi had predicted, the day after she was attacked by severe pain that she tried to alleviate by taking a massive dose of sedatives and then refused to continue our treatment. She lived for six months and then died. Two days later the doctor returned. He told us he was sorry for not being able to complete what was a so promising start, but we nevertheless had evidence of the effectiveness of magnetic treatment, and we proposed to repeat the experiment with the amoebae. We started right away and, to our surprise, nothing happened: the amoebas didn’t explode anymore, in fact it seemed that the contact with the magnetized water speeded up their metabolism and increased their viability. In fact, they were moving with liveliness, reproducing themselves faster. Then, we tried to load the maximum power to the water, but there was nothing to do: the amoebas didn’t explode anymore. The doctor and I were disappointed and discouraged, after which he went away and since that day we didn’t see him anymore. Gigi had remained impassive as usual, teaching the importance of being able to accept the negativity by his attitude. Time passed, but I could not get free from questions. Why did the amoebas explode during the first experiment and then they only got revitalized? How could one trust an energy that gave such contradictory results? These questions haunted me. Then suddenly a flash of light illuminated my mind:
  • “I understand” - I shouted to myself - the evening of the amoebas explosions our mood was euphoric and so magnetized water was not only the energy produced by the electromagnet, but also radiated by our enthusiasm!
    Hadn’t Gigi taught me that an only Energy existed in the universe that differentiated itself in terms of reflection which was the efficient cause of all phenomena?
    In the first experiment, the simple life energy contained in the amoebas, put in communion with the high vibration of our enthusiasm, had not resisted and had exploded, and the second time our mood was normal, maybe even a little depressed and then no human boosting to magnetized water had been added. But then if this was so, working with the magnetic energy could no longer separate “what you are from what you do.” Then in the field of experiences with rhythm-magnetic energy, the concept of detachment, of scientific objectivity, no longer had any value, because who is the man that has no desires, hopes and fears, both in his mind and in his heart? So it was necessary to be prepared with inner positive values to obtain results that match the outside. So love, passion and faith with which you carry out the experiments became an indispensable aspect in their success. Now I understood why the true alchemists said that they could only make gold distilling, sublimating and transforming the most vile substances, which corresponded to the human passions, with a long and patient work of purification.
    The Philosopher’s Stone was no more than the corresponding material of Faith without doubts! I rushed to Gigi to give him the big news:
  • “Gigi, I discovered that with faith you can do everything, even miracles.”
    He told me, smiling:
  • "What you say is true. With faith we can also result in substantial changes to the energy present in all living and non-living matter as long as there is in us a power source more powerful than the one in what we want to change, and do you know who is the Source? "
  • “God.”
  • “Exactly” - said Gigi, and his face lit up with a light that seemed to come from another world.
  • "You see, scientists are so imprisoned in the cage of their mindset that their magnetic field is closed in itself, they see only what they want to see. They kick the atoms that they accelerate with huge equipment, they slam them against a wall and then go to pick up the pieces. They do not realize that those fragments are not the components of atoms, but the materialization of the speed that they impressed them. All those particles that are smaller and smaller, they themselves create them in their minds before they even find them at the end of their experiments. This will create their own truth which does not correspond to reality. "
    I told him that what he was saying to me was terrible because it confirmed my suspicions.
    In fact, Heisenberg had already said so many years before that to see you need light, but this doesn’t apply to the field of atomic observations, because it alters what is being observed.
  • "I don’t know this Heisenberg - he said - I only know that if you want to see the face of someone who is running you must stop first him and that’s what I have done. To be honest, atoms do not run, they pulse and it is their pulsing that rotates their magnetic field, which thus envelops them in a sort of luminous halo hiding them from view. It 's the same thing that happens in space: the substance of the heavenly bodies is pulsating but it is firm; it is only their magnetic fields that rotating around them makes us see them moving. All the men on the surface of the Earth are prisoners of their magnetic field that is influenced by the large magnetic field of our planet. To destroy the illusions created by magnetic fields, we must stop them by absorbing the energy inside or from the outside, so we can see the reality beyond them. "
    What a great man was Gigi! Living in close contact with him, my mind outlook expanded every day. I remember at that time he revealed to me one of the greatest secrets of the universe with his usual simplicity: the principle of Magnetic Filters that can be summarized as follows. When the magnetic energy goes through a substance, it acquires its rhythmic impression. Then, if crossing the substance it can not get out because it is forced to be reflected in the magnetic field that surrounds it, it becomes a particle of the same substance. Instead, if it manages to go through the substance, entering the magnetic field of another substance, if this one can stop it, the Magnetic Energy either materializes in the form of the previous substance or in a new intermediate form between the two. Moreover, every substance has a dominant polarity, depending on its predominating energy coming from the Earth or the Sun. When the energy enters a magnetic field, if it is reflected then it reverses its polarity, that is it materializes, because materialization is nothing but the inversion of energy polarity. If inside a substance there is a collision between a particle of descendant solar energy and one of ascendant terrestrial energy, a rhythmic explosion is determined. This rhythmic explosion becomes the principle of life of that substance, which can then grow and multiply. Basically with a few simple words, Gigi had revealed the secret of the principle of life and its different manifestations, in addition to the formation and transformation of the matter.
    Returning to the magnetic filters, we made some very interesting experiments. For example, I took a solemn drunk without drinking wine or liquor, but only remaining ten minutes before an alcohol filter crossed by magnetic energy.
    At that time no one talked much about Homeopathy which was derided by most doctors and virtually unknown to the sick. Driven by my insatiable curiosity, I was interested and convinced of its effectiveness. I didn’t agree with the system of preparation of the drugs, as the dinamizations that once were performed by doctors with their own hands, were now made with machines, so that the direct relationship between doctor, medicine and patient disappeared, something that I considered of paramount importance. Now that I knew the principle of magnetic filters, I could realize in a scientific way its effectiveness and provide the opportunity to extend and improve its healing virtues. Besides, Homeopathy, with all its progressive dilutions, brought the poisonous material at the stage of healing energy with reversed polarity, seemed to be an appropriate means to educate both physicians and patients on the interdependence between the physical body- and the energy and spirit. But I will not digress with my own personal theories so I’ll go back to Gigi with new ideas and revelations. One evening I visited him as usual and he told me that he had something very important to report. With a little sadness he told me he had been ordered to destroy the magnetic chair.
  • “What do you mean, Gigi? - I replied, astonished – It is the device that works best among all those we have built!”
  • “You can not disobey: it needs to be done.”
    I was very fond of that chair. I would sit in it each evening receiving a great sense of wellness. In addition, the flashing of the many pulsing lights, made it possible to see the alternation of beautiful colors inside the eyes. One evening an extraordinary thing happened. While I was sitting there for some minutes, my eyes suddenly became transparent and I realized that I could see with my eyes closed. I immediately called Gigi who was in the next room with another collaborator and told him what was happening to me. They started to laugh thinking I was joking. Then they showing fingers asking me:
  • “How many are these?” And I always answered with accuracy.
    Then they took a newspaper and I began to read it properly with my eyes closed. Gigi asked me:
  • “Are you sure you’re not seeing through the slit of your eyelashes?”
  • "Absolutely. Look! I put my index fingers on the lower edge of the lashes to remove any suspicion. After that they wanted to try what I had experienced, but although they remained long in the chair they did not succeed. Eventually, I returned on the chair again, but the phenomenon of transparency didn’t happen anymore, neither then nor in the future. In short, we destroyed the chair and put the pieces that were full of aluminum powder in a cylinder about two meters tall which we buried in a deep hole dug in the ground behind the lab. We had transformed the chair into a device that picked up earth energy. This happened in May of 1972, I know that for sure because I have a picture of the aluminum cylinder with the date on. I did not realize the importance of that sacrifice at that time.
    Several years later, when the magnetic treatment became fashionable because its effectiveness had been accepted and used all hospitals, I recalled the words of Jesus:
  • “If the seed that falls to the ground doesn’t die, it bears no fruit, but if it dies it bears much fruit.”
    What a profound teaching was contained in that apparently illogical renunciation! Shortly thereafter, Gigi was ordered to destroy the “cannon”, a slightly conical shaped large pipe with which we performed experiments amazing to say the least. Bombarding the moon with pulses of magnetic light we were able to increase or decrease the level of the tides on the Adriatic coast, to make it rain or clear up the clouds. One night in August when the moon was full with only a slight haze, a phenomenon that left us dumbfounded took place. In fact, we noticed that the mist had gathered in a perfect circle around a huge hole in the center of which the moon stood. It was not the lunar halo, but a huge cloud ring in our atmosphere that framed the moon. Not being certain that we had caused that phenomenon, we moved the device with which we were following the movement of the moon causing the ring to disappear. We refocused the cannon on the moon and the ring was back again. It was about two in the morning, but there were still people in the street so everybody stopped with the nose up to admire the unusual phenomenon. We kept the ring in the sky for an hour and then decided to go to sleep. We turned the flashing off and shortly after the mist dispersed. After some time the gun was destroyed and we used the pieces to build the magnetic stroboscope. About six months after the phenomenon of the cloudy ring, one night I was leaving the lab, I noticed that the ring had formed again in the sky although the cannon no longer existed. I told Gigi what was going on and he immediately found the explanation, saying we had pierced a point both in the earth’s magnetic field and in the moon’s, so when the two holes coincided, the exchange rhythm we had created happened again. In short, I will tell you that the phenomenon was observable for years given the appropriate weather conditions, and perhaps it is still produced today, whenever the moon is in that particular position that seems to occur every six months. I am writing these memories each of which arouses others. About the Moon, I remember an experiment we did and that it is improper to define of cosmic scale, namely the fertilization of our satellite. I’ll try to explain: Gigi said that the Earth was the only planet where life was also developed on the surface. He said that the heavenly bodies had a void inside, the center of which was throbbing like a little sun, they had a shape similar to a huge cell and the crust more or less solid which delimited them, was a kind of thick membrane on whose inner surface life was developed. Therefore, the extraterrestrial worlds were concave and convex. Gigi said that sooner or later the terrestrials that had a mentality necessarily addressed to exteriority, would try to colonize the moon’s surface and that it was important to foster this effort by sending the various magnetic fields of the more common seeds such as wheat, barley, rice etc… Such energetic irradiations, entering the lunar magnetic field, would have materialized, creating the conditions for their future development. When Gigi told me about this unique program, I presented the most obvious objections, saying that there was no air on the lunar surface, no water and I could not understand how our terrestrial seeds, even if they managed to materialize on it, could develop. He replied with these words:
  • "You men see everything upside down, because you think it is the environment to create life, while the opposite is true. The solar and lunar rhythmic energy, going through seeds, will create both air and water. Each rhythmic explosion inside a seed nourishes life and since it has two poles predisposed to become roots to absorb water on one polarity, while the other to become the leaves to absorb air. The energy that comes from inside the seeds materializes in the process of getting filtered through the two polar fingerprints on one side as water and air on the other. After a long time, when there will be a saturation of water and air around the seed, the inversion of the rhythm will take place in them, which will start to absorb water and air from the outside, materializing in its own growth " .
    I remember when I heard these explanations, my mind went into a state of extreme confusion, because while I felt inside me that what he was saying was true, all my mental structures that were established through the experience of contrary sensory perceptions, rebelled against this upheaval. So, after a long silence during which I tried to put some 'order inside me, I said:
  • "I try to summarize what you told me to realize if I understand your words. So, we take the various seeds and leave them soaking in water for a bit in order to impart the impression of their magnetic field. Then we make the bright pulses charged with magnetic energy go through the water, then using the cannon out there, we project them on the Moon. Entering the Moon’s magnetic field, these radiation materialize… but in what sense will they materialize? They fall on the moon as grains of wheat, barley, etc… Identical to those we see on Earth? "
  • "No, not so. It is the ethereal form of the seeds that materializes on the Moon, which would be a first condensation of their magnetic field. Only later the solid structure will materialize, that is when the ethereal form of seeds, after transforming the environment materializing the rhythmic energy, will start the reverse process, absorbing in itself an energetic form that it had materialized externally. The energetic absorption will then be materialized in a solid growth through the body cell reproduction. "
    To be honest, I don’t think I understood the words, both then and now and I believe that not many would be convinced of the value of his words. However I firmly believe that all the revelations of Gigi, which are seeds of truth, will germinate at the appropriate time, becoming reality. I also remember another of his revelation on the magnetic filters that I will report because they seem very important.
    He told me that men had not even understood something that was very important: that the power of living things is determined by the absorption of energy, not matter. He made the following example:
  • "A seed needs water around it to generate the roots and then grow. However, a seed does not absorb water as such, but as the energy of that element. All living cells are surrounded by a membrane which is the innermost level of materialization of their magnetic field and at the same time, the outer energy level of their material nature. Water seems to pass through the membrane that surrounds the seed, but it is his energy or rather the energy of the Sun-Earth rhythm that is present in it, which is absorbed, filtered and then materialized inside, in a form that is quite different from the one it had when it was outside. Cell membranes not only split the water into hydrogen and oxygen, but also in solar and terrestrial energy. In the process of nutrition which is the main absorption process, everything must be dematerialized and turned into energy that is, before getting rematerialized in the forms necessary to living organism. I can assure you that we could live without food or water, if you harmonize yourself with the rhythm of the Sun-Earth. But try telling that to the scientists and see how they laugh in your face. "
    I’m going to report one last memory, because I see that you are tired, maybe a bit bored! One day he asked me:
  • “How do fish live in water?”
  • "To be honest I do not know exactly. Scientists say that they collect the oxygen from the water through their gills . "
  • “And the hydrogen where does it go?”
  • “They combine it, absorb it, in short, I do not know.” He said,
  • "See, the fish behave in a way like plants that breathe in the air with the leaves that filter and purify it while they absorb water from the roots and split it into its components. The leaves and branches are the lungs of the plants, the roots are their stomachs. Fish extract oxygen from water not in its material form but as solar energy filtering it in their gills so they swallow in their stomach what they find in the material form and turn it into terrestrial energy so nourishing themselves. The water that comes out of their gills, however, is not equal to the one which had come from their mouth. "
  • “What?”
  • "Some of the water is converted into nitrogen. The nitrogen that is present in the air, atmosphere, is a kind of gaseous water that can be transformed into real liquid water when it absorbs solar and terrestrial energy opportunely. "
    I do not know what Gigi meant by these words and I do not even know why I reported them to you. Perhaps it was to give myself a chance to put an end to this meeting and to give you a good reason not to regret that it’s over. Thank you for your kind attention.

To tell you the truth I still have something to say, something lighter, easier to digest than the things I have just reported. I brought along some copies of the documents in my possession, which covers only part of the various notices, announcements, warnings, explanations Gigi had printed every now and then which he sent to newspapers, consulates, all the authorities in general. Promoting his studies and his discoveries was an obsession for him, I would say that it was the very purpose of his life, he knew that if they had been taken into consideration, it would have avoided the planetary disaster that awaits us.
However, you will find them in the book “Pier Luigi Ighina unknown prophet” which is going in print: it gathers all that is possible to say about Pier Luigi Ighina’s work, little big man and unheard prophet of our time.

I’m posting Alberto Tavanti’s reply to my mail in which I explained to him what orgonite is and what we all are doing with our gifting. As to the last sentence, which may sound a bit weird, I hadn’t explained to signor Alberto in details our deploying orgonite near antennas, etc, so I believe he mainly referred to working and experimenting with Magnetic Energy. Nevertheless, I believe that it is in the immense potential of our life to send illimitate energy around us or, as it has been discussed on the forum, to boost gifted orgonite which, according to Alberto Tavanti’s words, can multiply energy.


Dear Vittorio,

I didn’t know about orgonite so I made a brief research and I found out that it has many similarities with the Magnetic Energy accumulators that Ighina made some 50 years ago.

He used paraffin which he melted on a gas cooker in which he then mixed very fine aluminium powder, the one that is used in varnishes to get the typical silvery effect. Getting cold, paraffin got the shape of the mold in which it had been poured when it was still in its liquid state. Then, Gigi (Ighina) put the mix in the generator of Monopoles to make it absorb the mainly positive Energy which was irradiated by a great rotating and pulsating electromagnet.The mix kept its charge for a long time and could be renewed just by putting it in the sunlight. Of course, the mix could be used to energize water, to heal different diseases, etc.

I remember of an experiment I made a long time ago on a puppy that was only a few months old. My father had found it in the street and had brought it home. The poor puppy had developed a big cancer on its neck, as big as his head. For this reason, we thought of drowning it because it was evident that not only it was suffering a lot but also he couldn’t eat at all.

Before taking such a sad decision, I decided to make one last attempt so I put the puppy in a cardboard near one of those aluminium-paraffin accumulators. The next morning, when I went to check the results of my experiment, I found that the puppy was whining, hungry, and, above all, there was no cancer anymore, it was completely healed. This was a miracle because the cancer was really hard, not a swelling due to liquid accumulation.

But these are old memories, and I’m very happy to know that there are people like you who, using similar devices that accumulate energy from the environment or produce it by atomic-molecular contrast of different materials that share the same identical nature that Gigi produced in his generator, use the to regenerate our environment that is very polluted.

Besides, I’m very happy that you already translated “Centenario” in English and I hope with all my heart that you will translate the Law of the Rhythm because these are two essential documents to get the right knowledge of Ighina as he is an almost unheard scientist in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Before completing this mail, I would like to invite you to read in “Centenario” again the results that I observed after my experiments with amoebas which are summed up in the following sentence: “When working with Etheric-Magnetic Energy it is not possible to separate what you are from what you are doing, as this energy is found everywhere. The development of a firm faith on the validity of what you believe and what you are doing, ‘multiplies’ the effects of this energy. It can even make it possible to substitute in a profitable manner the devices that produce it externally.

Best wishes,


Today I wrote a mail to Richard, one of the administrators of an Italian reputable counterinformation site called AltroGiornale, who has been publishing a lot of material in Italian on Pier Luigi Ighina and Alberto Tavanti in the past few years. Actually, he’s also published material on the latest developments in science that can be associated to Ighina’s forerunning genious. I asked him to pass me some links in order to show how Ighina was decades ahead of contemporary science, especially when it comes to the idea of monopole generators, a device that Ighina himself had already built after the discovery of the magnetic atom.

So enjoy [Image Can Not Be Found] (magnetricity observed for the first time, lol) … -time.html … opole.html…news/40302…09923.html

Ighina deserves the greatest consideration by the academic and scientific world, his discoveries and teachings are absolutely important for our future. If you’ve read “Centenario” (published in English in a previous post) and Alberto Tavanti’s mail that I translated this morning, you can’t help thinking how great was Ighina was. He had already presented his studies on the magnetic atom at the National Institute for Science and Inventions in the 1920s, but it had not been accepted because it had no coherence with fundamental laws of science. He also managed to take a photo of the magnetic atom in the 1940s, I think you can view it in the first posts of this thread.

Any indipendent researcher in Italy agrees with Ighina’s statement that the application of magnetic energy in our society could save this world from pollution and the billions of dollars the dark side is making behind people’s ignorance, so I hope his work will be accepted soon by contemporary scientists.

I would like to share a video of Ighina when he was invited on the Italian television for the first time. It is in Italian but it it is worth watching because here Ighina talks about a weapon that destroys the so called “magnetic glue” which is at the base of the matter formation. This weapon is the atomic bomb, of course. Maybe I just want to show another video of this great scientist, but it is a shame that the anchor man (well, you clearly see that he is a walrus disguised as an anchor man, Maurizio Costanzo, one who has been boring the universe with his stupid journalism for years) keeps on asking: “Ma lei è sicuro?”, “Are you sure?”, just to rise the audience. A real shame indeed to treat a great man like that: … re=related

More of signor Alberto’s writings, sorry they are in Italian: … to_tavanti

Will publish more stuff.



I have found these translations in English of IGHina. They are impressive.…ighina.htm

I am wondering of spirals and orgonite.


Hello everyone,

someone who was interested in orgonite came home some days ago and lent me Ighina’s ERIM (Emettitore Ritmico Impulsivo Magnetico) which he had bought from the internet.

I was very curious to see the effects of the device and I must say that it has a beautiful energy. It’s completely made with aluminium and, as Alberto Tavanti told me in one of his mails, it is Ighina’s legacy for humanity because ERIM is intended to be kept in the home for energy transformation.

Here’s a photo of the device I just made an hour ago after keeping it in the sun all morning:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

An explanation of the device can be found here, perhaps the best link in English about Ighina’s science:…ighina.htm

It is interesting to note that many people in Italy are using his anti-seismic valve, here’s a link to the map of the devices that have already been placed in our peninsula. Ighina developed this device and proved it to be effective during an earthquake in northern Italy. But of course he was right, he was a genious!

The map and pictures of the device: … he-ighina/

The people who have Ighina’s anti-seismic valve were able to test it during the recent earthquake in Emilia-Romagna and they statet that there was no damage in the area covered by the device, which has the capacity to counteract an earthquake for 50 km.

This video shows his success with the valve from a newspaper article, no damage for 50 km: … kGVVifHLw#!

Don, Vittorio, 900 towers gifted since that translation. lets celebrate, this is the only English video with Ighina.


Thanks for the video, Silvio, and for the 900 antennas too! [Image Can Not Be Found];

Every now and then my mind goes back to the beautiful mails I exchanged with Alberto Tavanti and I can’t help thinking how he treated me like a son!

He was a great man and great were Ighina’s teachings because of the deep understanding of the way life works.

Humanity will acknowledge this great scientist one day, I’m sure about it.

Here they are dancing, a very nice photo!