Mark Bennett's Media Campaign in UK for Orgonite

Mark and I have been corresponding for awhile and he’s also in touch with Rich Fosh and John Scudamore in UK, who are supporting his efforts.

He sent out forty to sixty packages with simple towerbusters, a disposable camera and the following questionnaire to gardners he knows about, in advance of this year’s planting season.

He’s also sent a press release to FORTEAN TIMES about this experiment and aims to educate a lot of folks about orgonite’s evident ability to increase crops and suppress pests. He’s already getting flack from an apparent Monarch sociopath but he intends to stay the course [Image Can Not Be Found]

Here’s the document that’s in each package and it’s simple but comprehensive, the way I like things:

Organite Trial 2009

Welcome to this years trial. You will find free organite enclosed as well as a disposable camera to document the growth of the garden. Please fill this in first and don’t loose it.

Use the disposable camera to document the growth of the garden and if you have a part of the garden where there is no organite, please shoot that too for comparison. Camera contains 27 shots so enough for this project.

Your name:
Your phone number:
Email address:


  • Have you heard of Organite before yes / no

  • Have you researched it on the internet yes / no

  • Have you seen any evidence or photos yes / no

  • Do you know anyone else that has used it yes / no

  • Do you believe it will do anything yes / no

  • Do you have any strong religious beliefs yes / no

  • Are you sensitive to EM fields yes / no

  • Are you sensitive to crystals yes / no

  • what is you experience with gardening – 1 none 10 expert

  • what crops are you planting.

Seed Germination:

Place organite puck under the seed tray


Take the organite puck and burry in the ground. About 6 inches down would be fine. Thats it.

Please draw garden with dimensions and mark location of where its buried.

If you have a large garden its best for the trial to plant identical crops with organite in one section and not in the other. A guide is one every ten feet or so.

Mark is generating quite a lot of momentum, now, with media interest. I invited him to participate directly, here, so we can run some interference for him in the chats. He’s no doubt already catching jaundiced glances from the corporate $#!+birds, since what he’s publishing directly threatens one of their pet cartels: the agrochemical horror.

I’m going to ask the psychics to hunt for traps and pitfalls and the MI5/6 freaks who might be setting those up for Mark. He’s already heard from one of their sociopaths.

One of his film maker buddies is settting up a timelapse controlled experiment–that will be a first.

Andrei in Moscow, whom I’ve also invited to post reports, is setting up a timelapse project to record the effects of his new orgonite cloudbuster on the local sky. Looks like we’re finally entering the Hard Science phase of this unorganized global enquiry

This will be fun!


This is an inspiring initiative, I am very enthousiastic about it!

As it comes to orgonite, I mostly enjoy the reclamation of the environment. Gifting is an intense way to connect with nature. To give something back. It can’t be mentioned enough how animal- and plant life suffer from DOR radiation
as well. The effects of orgonite on plant growth are great eye-openers for public awareness, I think. Seeing is believing.

A more local version would be to invite people who own city-gardens to a small orgonite experiment. Now is the time, since they are busy seeding!

Hehe, I’ve always wondered why my orgonite wasn’t removed – you can easily track it by the double sized tussocks of grass, or high reed in the ditches.

Thanks for your effort to make this work, Mark!


One of the first things I did was to gift our community garden with TB’s when we set it up. A comment from another gardener who has 15 years gardening experience and lived at Findhorne is just how fertile our community garden is compared to his, on the other side of the island. People with neighbouring plots are always offering me their rocket or chard or spinach since they often have more than they can consume. We live on an abundant planet…more and more once we get the orgone flowing and the ghouls in their proper place.

Also for the last 5 months my electric bill has been zero. I placed a pyramid TB on mine and my neighbour’s Electric meter. Now granted the Hong Kong governement is currently giving each resident a $300HK freebee on their electric bill but even my neighbour has noticed a drastic dreduction in her bill. Hey try it…reduce your electric bill and blast positive orgone through your electric meter too…everybody wins. I think last months bill was $126Hk before the $300 freebee which then goes to zero…so that is very substantial in a place where electricity is generally more expensive per KW hour or however they measure the stuff.

All the best…Hong Kong John


Now a member.

The press release went out yesterday to 823 media sources in the UK – print, radio, TV and local newspapers as well as nationals. Specifically to the gardening sections.

The press release with photo’s and video’s can be seen here:

The short 500 word new item on last years trials is with the editor (along with full res images) and looking to be in the next issue.


great piece of writing and work. Be real interesting to see what happens, brings to mind the Linus Pauling heart disease cure that was mailed to every newspaper about 10 years ago. The gardening angle is a clever one to hit on. If it works they will use it. Aim to try it out here as well.


Hi Everyone

Just did a local radio show with 1/4 million weekly listeners. It was a 7 min of discussion on the orgonite trial and a few plugs for the shop thats hosting it.

Even have the DJ on board to try it out. Dropping a couple off with them later this morning.

The co-host is passing on all the details to ther sunday gardening show so might get on that too.

It can be listened too online for 7 days if your in the UK here: at teh 7:20am ish mark.

Need to get into the local paper next.


this was sent to me by the friend who help check it for grammar and sp errors:

seems the press release is getting around.


Great stuff Mark.

If the uptake is big, let me know and I’ll cover 100 extra TB’s if that helps (email me if so [email protected]).

Good Luck


Thanks for the offer.

We’ll see how it goes. I might be being a bit conservative but then UK gardens aren’t huge. We’re giving out about 1 or 2 max per garden using the 10 foot affected area as a guide.

Generally telling them to put it at one end. Certainly not the four corners as per Barkers allotment.

Welcome any input and if I need to up the volume per garden. Don’t want to under spec it.

Couple of ideas – anyone a member (or can become one quickly) of the Icke forum and post links to the photo’s on the press release and video on youtube? My back up yahoo account is being used for the trials and don’t want to use that.

Here’s the links to full resolution images:

they’ll zoom in on the page if u use the magnifying glass.

hits on that are pretty low still.



Hi Mark, I think it would be better to publisize the campaign in a more serious place than icke´s forum. Some more mainstream sources not associated with the topic of “reptillians” would be more apropiate in my opinion. Maybe gardening forums or just basic news forums and mesage boards?



The press release went out to gardening related news people, magazines, radio, tv etc.

Where it goes from there is out of my control. In fact when I had a quick google for the headline I found it on a local news sight which must of automatically picked up upon the ‘Brighton’ part of it.

I wouldn’t of sent it to Icke’s forum (which I’m not on btw) though it seems the PR has a life of its own.

One reason for suggesting adding the photo’s to the forum after the fact is that adds concrete proof next to it.

Not a gardner so not on any of those forums though hopefully its being taken up by them



Didn’t join the Icke forum, too much other stuff to do but I am keeping an eye on it.

It seems to have degenerated into a flame match between anthony65 who posted it in the first place and started the thread and spectruma who is hung up on some sort of marxist connection.

Least Anthony is keeping the info/links real. Other guy – sheesh!