Marvelous work in the Northern Uganda

Thanks Cyclingflinger now am doing gifting in the Northern Uganda, and in fact all the areas which were first hit by drought has regained her fertility and even the people who had fled those areas have managed to come back. We are still waiting for the address of those your friends and we are hopping to send them some orgonites when they will be going to Congo. We longed to make a permanent connection with the Congolese.

Jane Ngugi.

All the areas which had been very dry in the Northern parts of Uganda are now doing better. Our mission in this place have yielded result and the residence of this place are very happy. Farmer who grow cassava, sweet potatoes and even the native potatoes are doing well. Quite a number are very much interested in knowing how the orgonites are being made this called my attention to have a humble time to lecture just a few on how they can make good orgonite. What impressed many and me included is that the dry areas after we put the orgonite in such areas are now good and productive .

Jane Ngugi

Hi Jane,

Thank you for your extensive work there!

I have the biggest problems with those family lads as ever before, just no response at all. Up to family parties its, hey how wondrous and good is orgonite, but in the it’s back against all odds …

It is a very big deep issue which I’m not very happy to talk about as those family peeps in Congo, I never get any answers, meaning they just wanna strength up their materialistic position in Congo, such flakes, sorry, it can’t be months without any answers …

The family parts I’m reaching are those who live there in Kinshasa.

I’ll keep trying, its only a win/win situation for everybody at the end!


Hi Charles , in fact from Congo if you can have the address of some people from that region you can send us so that we can send them Bilo orgonite. We as well connect you with some of our friends from that country. In northern Uganda the police does not interfere with what other people are doing. The Bilo orgonite which for many times we had been distributing in Uganda has brought many changes. Eve the bad people like the wachawi who for a long time had been disturbing people after the orgonite distribution now things are okay.

Even in Saudi Arabia where i was arrested sometimes back i had sent them some 10 peaces of the bilo orgonite and i know good changes are going to be realized. I then appreciate all those who helped me when i was arrested and jailed in Saudi prison, on that same manner i wish that , that kind of mercy to be extended to Christine.