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(this could be an OT at “General Psychic Intel”, but as far as I can see it’s linked in some way to ‘‘School Shootings another cia black op?’’ thread)

I have remembered after having read what john & Jackson have posted concerning <amish+vaccination+autism> in previous thread certain work I did for myself 5 or 6 years ago after browsing for several months under the boolean search <vaccine+danger>. I composed my own 98 pages book, because you do not find this type of ‘‘literature’’ in bookshops, at least in Spanish.

If the 300 Spartans history repelling Jerjes Emperor army was true, then, sometimes I feel like belonging to that small group of warriors because we are being assaulted under so many fronts once and again that it’s a miracle we still are are here [Image Can Not Be Found] upseting the NWO perverts + the bad lizards. I only do hope we lack the traitor Spartans had. [Image Can Not Be Found]
So, we have mass media (paper, radio, TV), subliminals, chemtrails (and other for local applications aerosols like G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate --Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa and Luvox–), cell pho towers (DT’s), junk food (with E.A.T. additive), schoolarship system designed to produce zombies (in order to keep people poor and stupid --see site–), fluoride everywhere (perhaps best volition inhibitor), religions, Pharma-Cartel, vaccines aaaaaaaaaaand neuroimplants. Yes!! Neuro implants. I read, not only in the States but in most ‘‘advanced’’ (read: retrograde) European countries 2 of each 3 people who came into a hospital and were anesthesied, were also implanted. However, We-still-are-here.
And here we are: We have >>>HAARP --> DT’s + all sort of Wireless --> implanted people<<<. In fact the more and more people become implanted the less remote viewers or MK-ultra psycologically ‘‘modified’’ individuals NWO will need for their sinister purposes; they will suppress even this ominous human factor. This is my opinion having a look to actual scenario.
So, if there are a few factors to avoid, I avoid them, we (our families included) all should!! These are fluoride, vaccines and hospitals, where with or without your allowance you run the risk of being microchipped. There are good info and works about fluoride. May I suggest you ''Fluoride deception” documentary? You can download it from e-donkey net and you will not be stealing nothing because it’s free distribution. Next. Well, about vaccines, this is really horrible … …, all this stuff is horrible, but … … vaccines, I’ve no words to describe it, may be because I’m reading about it since 22 years ago. There’s a strong anti-vaccination movement in the States as you probably know. What I still do not know is whether this next could be or not true or it’s just terror sci-fi. Next generation of vaccines could come along with nanotech and binary agents. This means people get a 50% with a shot base agent and some and undefinedly time after and through other ways people get rest of 50% activator. But I prefer to believe this is still not possible … … yet. (?) Some genetically engineered fruits and potatoes are already vaccine carriers. Did you know in the States before 1935 just a bunch (a real bunch; just very few) of doctors had hardly seen an autism case? Did you know autism was unknown before 1945 in Japan? After they surrender, us sanity services started a massive vaccination program; first autism case was detected late 1945. I’m telling you this because both my wife and me never been into a hospital (Thx God!!) Our 19 and 22 years old kids never been into a hospital and never been vaccinated. And not only that, our kids were born at home. A friend anti-alopatic doctor helped. There was nothing more scaring for my wife than having her babies in a hospital. For ladies, in this forum, you can download this excerpt from: “101 reasons not to have your baby in a hospital” book. We’ve always had around us alternative thought people. We count with an anti-vaccination doctors group in Barcelona; ‘‘heavy’’ & freaky guys; not easy to be intimidate. Try to get on the I_Net these two ppt files: (both are nearly 8Mb)
Also get: another ppt file: Eli_Lilly.ppt (nearly 4MB)
I also got some time ago a non dated .pdf document ‘‘FROM BUSH ADMINISTRATION ATTORNEYS’’ relative to urgent need to hide from public eyes connexion between vaccines and autism. I’d like to upload it but I do not think so .pdf uploading files is possible. Humm! May be I’ll move it into .jpg. Not long after that I saw it in (?) I’d like to share with you more details and links but I’m afraid this post is being too long and I do not wish to be blacklisted by webmaster [Image Can Not Be Found])
Just will be finishing with implants. OK? I’m giving for granted you’re unfortunately familiar with those increasing cases in number throughout the world of poor people, human guinea pigs, who being or not ‘‘normal’’ citizens, young or not, suddenly kill a lot of people, become human bombs destroy every thing they can under a no control rage and finally suicide …, when they can. Most of them if not all claim they could not stop “voices inside their heads” pushing him/her to do it. Voices!! Some say god, others say evil, others are so crazy their words have no sense at all. ‘‘Voices’’ is a symptom (obviously) in psychiatry, where all is a symptom. A good site (I think it was Barbara Loe Fisher’s site or --don’t remember–) even suggested to read carefully DSM-IV-TR section corresponding to people “who hear voices inside their heads” as a valuable tool to recognize implanted people due their altered behavior. Veeeeeery ‘‘thick’’ to read; at least for me. Most of neurologist really become frightened when they find an implant in a patient. Implanted people can be telecontrolled through and from many sources. The ones (devices) are not included here because this study is ‘‘old’’ are the wireless modem/routers ‘‘plague’’ which summed to PC-hard-bug MB, summed to DT’s, … … I’ve a 4 ports modem/router all wired.
Here you have several types:

I can not avoid to remember “The Manchurian candidate” when I talk or write on this subject.

So, if you are interested to develop your own research and make your own dossier here are some links you can start with:
http://www.mindcontrolforums.c……/index.htm……rodes.html … liber.html……rpubl.html

I’d appreciate your comments if you think I have missed something. This has been a fast preparing/writing/posting ‘‘post’’, so there must ‘‘empties’’, I presume.
Finally, and as I have learned from people in this forum, avoiding all sort of wireless home devices, and gifting DT’s as much as possible we must have reached a big goal in order to neutralize those harmful waves. What else can be done to help without electrically operated orgonito devices such as SP or PW??
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