Massive Vortex At Reunion Island Needs Orgonite

Don Croft
18 May 2008 06:06
Subject: Massive Vortex at Reunion Island Needs Orgonite
Last Sunday, when the psychics found a major pirated earth vortex in the sea next to Reunion Island, east of Madagascar, I got an ‘AHA!’ moment because Didier, a very prolific gifter in Southern France, is from there and returns to the island occasionally–he might even be there, now.

Didier, if you’re reading this I hope you’ll get the opportunitiy to toss a bunch of orgonite in the sea (even if only from the end of a pier) for the dolphins to take to that vortex! Taking the vortex back from the world odor pirates will probably produce some astonishing confirmations. Remote work is helpful perhaps even essential. but 3D orgonite takes territory and resources away from the global pirates.

Specifically, the vortex is in a large area between Reunion and Mauritius and this one apparently is essential to what the Chinese sewer rats are attempting to do to the people of Zimbabwe. We’ll keep working in the chatroom on that unhappy situation, of course.


Don Croft
18 May 2008 06:40
Subject: Re: Massive Vortex at Reunion Island Needs Orgonite
I stumbled onto an old private message, just now, from Didier concerning a possible new US Navy base on Reunion Island, which is part of France, by the way:

“…And I don’t know if the us navy has set up a base here. But I know that these last days they were here officially.
On a website, it is said that they have not come here since 1961! …I just wanted to know if it has something to do with towerbusters and I think that it is a partially yes as answer [Image Can Not Be Found]”

Of course, when any criminal organization, like the US Navy, shows up anywhere on the planet one should be as alarmed as though La Cosa Nostra or the Triads had moved in Cool and that’s probably a good confirmation of what the psychics were seeing.


30 Jul 2008 08:52
Subject: Re: Massive Vortex At Reunion Island Needs Orgonite
I’ve just noticed this thread Smile

I post a link to an official military website,, that talks about the us navy that was on the island some months ago. There were also articles in an official online newspaper about Reunion (Clicanoo).

(About us navy on Reunion)……y_id=36386

Don Croft
30 Jul 2008 12:17
Subject: Re: Massive Vortex at Reunion Island Needs Orgonite
Thanks, Didier–very helpful. The US Navy has been implicated in most of the dolphin and whale massacres in recent years. They pretend that it’s because they’re ‘testing sonar weaponry’ but we feel certain that the massacres are their intended aim.

Now that China owns and operates the ‘New World Order’ and all of its murderous agencies (including the US military) we expect the US Navy to increase their aggression toward the whales and dolphins and as far as we can tell, the only sure way to prevent them from succeeding is to toss as much orgonite into the sea as possible for the dolphins and whales to distribute.

Since sea gifting became a mainstream activity of many in this unorganized networkk, the rate of massacres has decreased but the aggression by this world order against dolphins and whales has been stepped up, including the deployment of apparently newer weaponry.

If you live near a coastal area and are seeing smog out over the ocean, please consider taking orgonite there, okay? It’s a nice confirmation to see all that smog disappear within a week or so after tossing scores of towerbusters into the water. Be sure to get it to water that’s deep enough for the dolphins to reach it, though. If you’re lucky, they’ll show up for you. My wife feels that the dolphins appreciate it more when we take it out in boats or drop it from ferries, cruise ships, etc. I think it has something to do with the extra effort, in that case, which makes the project more of a partnership.


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