Massive Weather Weapon Array in Greece?

One of our zapper customers in Greece is a grape farmer and she told me that the crops on Corinth are bad on account of manipulated weather, this year. She wants to start gifting to turn things around. There are several cloudbusters in Greece and a few folks who are doing a lot of gifting but it’s a huge job, of course, and challenging on account of so many islands.

A reader named Greg told me that there’s a huge weather weapon array near the village of Aquateri in Greece but I was unable to find that village in my Atlas.

Anyone know where it is? I have a hunch that busting that facility will go a long way toward fixing Greece’s sabotaged climate.


Heheh, thank Grid for the internet!

Here’s a prompt reply (thanks!) from ‘BM’ :

A coastal village on the island of Santorini……038;tab=wl


The psychics had done some remote work under SAntorini this summer and they’ll be glad to know about this.
HOpefully, someone can get over there with a couple buckets of towerbusters for land and sea. I bet tossing a bunch of them in that big, round area where the volcano left a hole (when it desroyed the matriarchal civilization centered in Crete in ancient times) would do wonders for the big vortex, there.

The psychics always want someone to gift the areas where they’ve done this work in order to consolidate/solidify their efforts.


Don the link just gives google maps [Image Can Not Be Found]
If you could post it again, to get the link pointing to the location, you have to click ‘link’ on top of the ‘map’ ‘satellite’ ‘terrain’ buttons

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