Max Spiers on the music industry

Some time ago I’ve watched a vid from Al Bielek on the forum which was very interesting in understanding on how to live better on this planet, and all what happened to not being able to. Luckily orgonite is such a winner for everyone and everything! Thanks Don, Carol and Nora!

Apparently they killed Max Spiers from telling too much in their endgame situation. Max covers a lot of topics, this is one of them. I went for some plant-based groceries and zapped on for three hours with the newly massive chemtrails being thrown upon us. While phoning to a relative the steelplane spiked down like a german war stuka with their microwaves weaponry. It didn’t work, use lithium and gold in your pendants. Another set of stones they don’t like for getting a strong defensive side are tetctites.

I’ve learned a bit from this vid. As from an example; I’ve could continue to read “the confessions of Aleister Crowley” by Kenneth Grant, without any glimpse of wisdom. So after the music industry the book industry? Well, sorry …


Good listen. Im not buying everything though, but as anybody probably knows by now, if somebody claims to know the whole truth, that person is a liar.

By the way I can recommend the series Good Vibrations Podcast by UK DJ Mark Devlin. It covers a lot of topics regarding occult symbolism and mindcontrol in the music industry. The host has talked in positive manner about orgonite, and he has told in private emails that he has a bunch of orgonites at home. I can especially recommend the interview with Watsun Atkinsun. It puts everything into new perspective.

Hi Tomas,

Thanks for your comment, I didn’t know about Mark. He covers a lot of material and is going very detailed about it. I will be “devling” into the podcast when travelling to gifting spots.Smile The reason I showed some stuff from Max Spiers is that I was looking a bit in the net, when he was talking about CLC1 and found a page on the older forum when John was gifting London and read something something about “ex-governmentalies” couldn’t exist as they were on a death oath, this one was clearly scalar waved to death in Poland, while doing some other interviews (or less conceivable: went underground, jump rooms, etc…).

The one he did together with his girlfriend at “Bases at the Barge” got him also in trouble I belief. Could take some bits out of “their puzzle”. Either way better to go full gifting with the heart sensor than staying behind trying to understand the problems. Gifting solutions instead of investigating prowls.


Found some other cool video series from the Bases. This one is from Gabe Cruz, a TI (targeted individual) like pretty all of us hereWink He used to work as a celltower engineer. Some good insights there and you see from the begin how he gets harassed and how he ultimately fights back. He eventually bought a zapper, CS unit and a PW from Georg and the nifty talks starts at 55’30" in the vid below. You can see how cool the zapper is and a bit cheaper, handy than buying and working with a prowave.


The reason I wanted to show this vid, is to see how discomforted Miles Johnstone gets when Gabe the interlocuter tries to explain about how fantastic orgonise africa is and how he tries to get inner strength to pronounce the real name about orgonite zapping, Don Croft! You can go and film underground stream videos and nag about not having a car? But does a real person who tries to make the difference out here gets a chrysler crossfire? … Miles has big problems trying to explain scalar wavesSmile

Future succes on the giftings warriors!


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