Measuring Orgonite's Effect on EMR

Gare Clement has been having a lot of trouble posting material since he committed to gifting the Gobi Desert & he asked me to share this Facebook video:

In addition to showing a beneficial effect of orgonite it might also show you why theosophy chumps are encouraged to ‘use crystals’ by their charismatic brain police Cool

When I indirectly learned about orgonite from Karl Welz in 1998 I had already been playing around with crystals with the assistance of psychics and when I stuck a big crystal in a cup of orgonite I was casting the energy from the end of the crystal increased–sort of exploded. It was also easy to direct that energy mentally to good effect. The orgonite also kept the energy from the crystal clean and vital.

Many thanks to whoever made that video and put it on facebook. Let’s see if facebook/NSA removes it. Speaking of NSA, Carol and I are visiting Dooney and Stevo at the moment and St. created another gem last night: ‘Google’ is the clown name for the NSA.

He’s the guy who coined ‘mossadomites,’ years ago. I’m the guy who started calling the secret police, ‘sewer rats,’ and that’s spread a bit. I really want the new Google name to spread.