Mess In The Business

. Here in Kenya in fact our business has now suffered a greater inflation, really it happened that our business is in a mess due to the political instability which resulted due to the wrongly announced and conducted election.

On that instability some youths took advantage and broke into our stores as they riot all over that area,in fact they made away with some of our valuable manufacturing materials, even the motorbike was also there but through good luck the securer ie the sympathizers team arrived faster and save our motorbike plus other materials but all in all we suffered a great lose. So now we have confidence that these alone will not stop our movement. We just guess that they were just some rival team with a burning intention to demoralize us and at the same time tend to make us fail.
I have mailed my colleagues in Migori and they were also very sorry for this,and i suppose that Chris and Nicholas may probably come over from Migori to over see the loses which we had encounter.

So another thing which now shocks us is that, the rate of business has gone down for still our nation may go back to re-run of the presidential election after several irregularities which was found during the election process. So still we hope the best out of everything.

Mrs. O

Mrs. O,

We are sorry to hear this. Indeed the times in Kenya seem very troubled and you are right in the middle of it.
Me Francisco and Michele had a chat session yesterday where we tried to work on your situation but obviously it was not enough. We will try our best to help you from where we are and I’m sure other member of EW will help as well whether it is through boosting and/or other means.

Kuwa na nguvu Kikundi!

Hi Carlos,
We lost some good materials to the hands of the unsympathetic people; really they broke into our store where we do keep our manufacturing materials. They went away with lots of good materials including already made orgonite. In fact at times things do happened in life but with they reflect a mix reaction. Even though it’s painful to lose such an expensive materials but I do have in mind that most of the works that we had been doing were just for the humanitarian purposes and thus I know that even though they took the already manufactured orgonite, I trust that where they are going to use them or throw them away they will still benefit the receivers or that environment.

I just know that all will be well even though at time things might be good or bad but God will be on our side.
Mrs. O

The moment which we faced a bout three day ago had been a life tormenting indeed, for we lost our valuable materials to the hands of the merciless people who broke in to our store while rioting and made a way with some our good materials. But my happiness is that they went with some of the already made orgonite, and thus those people who ran away with them may go as far as gifting without knowing but all will work best.

I thank Laurent very much for having an immediate concern and run for our rescuer. Really he sent us a good support today and now it’s my pleasure that we have a good start after incurring such loses. For now we are going to buy some of our lost materials.
Mrs O

Hi Mrs.O,
Am very sorry for what happened to your business,i saw on television how the elections were held in Kenya,very disputed between the top two leaders where one was announced winner illegally and there is alot of tensions while the case is still in the court.I pray that they may find a quick solution to end the impunity not violence like that of 2007 which faced your country Kenya.Those are the challenges we face in most Africa countries but hope everything will change on day and orgonising Africa would be great.
Mrs Bheka

Good Bheka i thank you for your comment about our election which never came as was expected but i hope things will work well.
Thanks for your good advice and proper encouragement, I know with time we will pick up successfully. Even today I got some good money from our sales and I m very sure that now we are going to have a good chance of picking up.
I hope all will work well,i appreciate Laurent for his effort of supporting us, now i m sure we will do well.
Mrs. O