Meta Kumer's Bright Spot

Meta in Slovenia sent me a couple of photos of a bright overcast area, overhead and to the west of her home and cloudbuster, surrounded by very dark clouds. As we know, dark clouds indicate a lot of DOR in the atmosphere and relatively bright rainclouds indicate that the energy balance is rather positive.

She sent me a couple of photos of the phenomenon and I suggested it might simply be evidence of her cloudbuster working well. I promised to also show the pics to Carol in case I was missing something.

I noticed that my message to her was ‘delayed’ after a day (typical hacker interference) and when I tried to open the photo attachment in her email, which I’d saved to show Carol (a few minutes ago). Right before I could show my wife, Meta’s email, with the photos, suddenly disappeared from my mailbox.

Carol’s pretty good at looking at just about anything, remotely, and doesn’t need photos so she took a peek at what Meta had photographed and told me that there was a huge Lemurian ship parked over her cloudbuster’s energy field, above the clouds. In our view, when teh Lemurians show up there’s some significant work to be done to take the world back from the parasites and these hyperdimensional Operators intend to help us. Only in the past few months have the psychics seen the Lemurians do more than just observe and heal us; now they actually get involved in the etheric battles with us. We assume it’s because they needed to wait to see how committed we are before they were willing to commit their own lives and resources to this energy war.

A few months ago, some agency types sent me an email from Meta’s address that was obviously not written by her and when I responded to it, she asked me what I was talking about, since she hadn’t sent the email to which I was responding. When the sewer rats stick their hacker necks out that far, it generally means that the person they’re intefering with is a genuine threat to their world odor and they wish to isolate him/her via subterfuge, so congrats, Meta!


Hi all!
These pics are really very interesting if not strange…I am trying to upload them but in spite of alll my effort without success. Here are their public album address.

Lemurian ship ha? Gosh! …it is a little flattering…and in spite the fact that my CB is not the bigest and the strongest!
All the best,

Meta from S-LOVE-NIA

Yesss! I can load photos! This mistery is revealed! [Image Can Not Be Found]; ! And this is only test!