Meta Kumer's Cloudbuster Article

Meta was featured in an illustrated article. It’s in Slovene but there are photos of chemtrails in the article and a grand photo of Meta with her cloudbuster on the first page. I’ve asked her to post it here. ~Don

Don asked me to add this rememberence of events around getting independency in 1991 and here it is:

End of communism here was quite “vivid”… I mentioned this little war. It was connected with new constitution, leaving Yugoslav army from SLO… After adoption of new constitution Serbians attacked Slovenia with artillery, tanks and so on. It was quite spooky… Streets were EMPTY (where were all cars for god sake?? [Image Can Not Be Found]) and Ljubljana was some days like ghost town with air alarms and so on. Serbians did not liked us leaving the federation as we were their source of money… we were the best organized of all republics. Other republics have much darker history (Bosnia with centuries of Turkish occupation – this is clearly visible in their culture, music, we were under Austria (not very nice and they are so strict, organized, tidy and we are very close to this)… Serbians are again very different…there are Albanians with their blood feud tradition… Tito somehow managed to hold all this together under idea of brotherhood of Slavs…40 years and it is quite an achievement by itself (hm freemasonry??) but all this is cultural background… spiritual part of step to independency was indeed nice: the day before or after attack the whole Slovenia was invited to meditation at 8 o’clock in the evening and my younger aunt had in this process a vision that appeared as some kind of reply to prey: form of Slovenia in one moment slowly coloring in beautiful color of love – pink-orange and my aunt remembering of that feeling gets tears in her eyes… Christians were preying in front of churches with candles in hands (similar to Latvians but not in such mass and I don’ remember singing)It was very special all this… and on radio between news was very calming music…beautiful music…there were some events very close to miracles like bomber who did not drop the bomb…and army retreating after 10 days…we were lucky!

Yesterday when gifting during my lunch something happened which I think maybe is not coincidence…somebody stole from my bicycle a plastic bag with some TB’s…and I don’t know when…it just disappeared…it was very ordinary, white, crushed bag…my handbag remained there…and I was on the bicycle all the time and did not feel anything!!! Or it is coincidence or … creepy! This learning process with twisting wire for SP must be a little faster…


Finally I found the way to post this videos I’ve got from a woman who made her own CB by my (in fact Don’s) instructions and she is very happy that she did. Here is the link: title=“” href=" [
…it is Slovenian page so the first video with name »minuta pred aktivacijo« means minute before activation and the next is two minutes after… in second video (in first third) there is interesting »reflection« and maybe just optic phenomena but it looks like rainbow UFO… after it’s appearance it »flow away« on the right… everything is so quick that it is very easily overlooked.</font>

This woman wrote to me and said that she hopes that everything is just an optic matter…J

Now I ask for opinion of more experienced to say what this is…

Thanks in advance.


A lot of things are happening here. On January 19th I had another lecture about orgon in a little village almost on the border with Italia. Having in mind the distant place of this meeting, there were quite a lot of people. Many of them were traveling 2.5 hours (one way)They were from all over Slovenia. I was talking almost three hours. But it was fun. I was talking about chemtrails, spraying, energy orgone and its effects on flora, fauna, water and atmosphere. I have prepared a powerpoint presentation with photos about visual effects.

In the last article I published locations of known CBs in Slovenia… unfortunately not all people let me know that they made it, thats why it is incomplete. This article is meant to stimulate people in regions that are for now empty. Now I am preparing workshop for making orgonite devices (participants “forced” me to do it).

For me it is quite important that on my way came a psychic and healer, too …she is very exciting about my creations and as it seems it is the beginning of a nice cooperation.

I prepared another 4 articles for the same magazine about orgone and devices. Editor is very much interested in my articles and is so eager
to publish all I write [Image Can Not Be Found]. Good! Slovenian online store is very much interested for my HHGs (gold plated for personal energy work and home).

14 days ago I was on a meditation workshop (some kind) and I brought my HHg to have it in my lap during the meditation… people immediately noticed it and in a second there were people around me asking, listening about this…majority already knew a lot about it (reading my articles) others were very much interested. They were touching my device, taking in their hands and I hardly got it back
Being in this group, I suppose, will be another opportunity for informing people about this work.

Two important days are over…for SLovenia and for me. I have got the visit of three important atmosphere healers: Kelly – USA, Rich – GB and Cesco – Norway

I took two days off to be with them and it was interesting to watch how they work…especially Kelly…and it is always interesting to meet so internationally made group of people. Rich is so English, nice and warm, Cesco with his tough life challenges and Kelly with his big and special knowledge. He made very special energy therapy for me. He is an asket by his way of life. He wanted to sleep on floor!! I hope they were satisfied with accommodation and “serviceâ€?. In spite all efforts to prepare good food for them I suppose they had some problems with it but at least we all were vegetarians.

We were traveling all day on Monday and we opened 4 vortexes …one of them was quite near my house. On our trip caught us unprepared strong shower and we were soaked to underpants. Water was dripping from us all. I was astonished how I found the spot Kelly showed me on the highway like the place he wants to go. These were vortexes quite fare away somewhere on the distant hills, but I found them like by miracle in spite the fact that I have never been there and in the moment of decision I had no idea how to get there.

Another thing scared me very much…my ability to speak (well I had had bad filling in advance). There are years that I haven’t spoken a word…only reading, translating and writing. I needed at least few days more to warm up a bit. But other people said that it is quite common phenomenon especially in this age.

Now they are on their own way over East Europe and I hope they are well. These days it is raining very frequently and I am quite concerned about their well being imagining them all wet sleeping in their cold tent…hm…I am like mother hen Kelly has some problems with his back and is not healthy to sleep so in cold…

Kelly found out that over my garden is going one positive chi line and identified a spirit there, too.