MI6 might have a Christmas Present for the people of UK

….we’ll focus on that in the next chat session. Here’s what Matthew in UK sent me:


I feel rather out of my depth suggesting things to do in your
‘chat-blast’ sessions, given the weirdness of what you’ve described
before… but there’s two things I suspect might be important.

British Home Secretary John Reid is warning that an attempted
‘terrorist’ attack over Christmas is “highly likely”. I don’t know
whether this is just a bluff to scare people (like the ‘MI5 is tracking
30 terrorist plots’ claim obviously is), or whether MI5/6 etc. are
actually planning something.

Here’s Matthew’s second target suggestion:
Affidavit of Richard Tomlinson

“I firmly believe that there exist documents held by the British Secret
Intelligence Service (MI6) that would yield important new evidence into
the cause and circumstances leading to the deaths of the Princess of
Wales, Mr Dodi Al Fayed, and M. Henri Paul in Paris in August 1997.”

A brief summary: Mr. Tomlinson worked for MI6 from 1991 to 1995. During
this time he became aware of an informant who was a security officer at
the Ritz Hotel in Paris, who he believes was Henri Paul, the driver of
the car in which Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed were travelling at the
time of the fatal crash – and who would probably still have been an MI6
informant up to that point. Also, in 1992 he was also shown a document
detailing a plan to assassinate Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic by
arranging a car ‘accident’ in a tunnel – a scenario remarkably similar
to what happened to Diana.

“On Friday August 28 1998, I gave much of this information to Judge
Herve Stephan, the French investigative Judge in charge of the inquest
into the accident. The lengths, which MI6, the CIA and the DST [the
French intelligence service] have taken to deter me giving this evidence
and subsequently to stop me talking about it, suggests that they have
something to hide.”

Tomlinson goes on to describe the harrassment he encountered before
giving the information to the judge, including the seizure of all his
computers (which weren’t returned for 6 months) – first in France, and
again in a hotel room in New Zealand, and on a visit to the US he was
deported on orders from the CIA. This harrassment has continued in the 8
years since then, and he has detailed recent events on a blog at
https://tomlinsonvmi6.blogspot.com – this has included further thefts of
his computers, which just yesterday were returned (after 5 months)
smashed. I wonder if the only reason they haven’t murdered him is that
they don’t dare do anything to draw attention to the information he has

The affidavit was written in 2002, but in the UK there’s going to be a
new inquest into Diana’s death next January. Obviously, a real
independent inquiry could reveal a lot of the British Royal Family’s
‘dirty laundry’ – and there has already been concern about whether the
government is trying to cover something up. The coroner in charge was
intending to hold a preliminary hearing in private, but has now decided
to make it public:
“Lady Butler-Sloss was said to have been persuaded to change her mind
because of public interest in the case.” -

"Public doubts over Diana accident
There is strong public support for the theory Princess Diana’s fatal car
crash was not an accident, a poll suggests.
Some 43% of people agreed it was an accident when asked in a poll for a
new BBC TV series, The Conspiracy Files.
Another 31% believed it was not an accident, with the rest unsure, the
GfK NOP poll of 1,000 adults found. " -

So I was wondering if this might be worth following up in one of your
‘chat-blast’ sessions. I don’t know how to boost/blast and only have a
vague idea of what happens in these sessions… but it sounds like
Richard Tomlinson’s tormentors could use a good slapping, and maybe
Tomlinson himself could use a boost. A recent ‘investigation’ by Special
Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police – which included seizure of his
computers (from his home in Cannes, France – that British police were
operating there at all suggests orders were coming from high up) that
were eventually returned damaged yesterday – was conducted by Andy Pink,
and the head of Special Branch, Philip Gormley, has also been mentioned.
Maybe starting with them and following the chain of command could lead
to who exactly feels threatened by Tomlinson and why, which might lead
to who wants to suppress information surrounding Diana’s death and why.
The mirror of Tomlinson’s old Typepad blog at
https://richardtomlinson.6x.to/ has a picture of him, if that helps (I
gather from things you’ve written previously that psychics need some
kind of reference point to ‘focus’ on a target, and a picture can help).

Another interesting article regarding Princess Diana -
www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=195 – “The Man Who Would
Be King”. Here’s a quote:
““Princess Diana: the Hidden Evidence”, by Jon King and John Beveridge,
argues its case very convincingly. With a foreword written by Prince
Michael of Albany it is probably the most serious threat yet to the
continued reign of the Windsor’s. As the authors contend, if Diana had
married Al Fayed then her appeal backed by his millions could have laid
the foundations for a rival court that would have easily eclipsed the
House of Windsor. Coupled with her heritage it made her removal from
public life an absolute imperative. For Diana had, via her Spencer
ancestors, a direct blood tie to the Stewart’s; and that made her
potential to rival the Windsor’s all the more potent because it
effectively legitimised it.”


[It’s we non-psychics who find the pictures, etc., useful–the psychics most often get psychic pictures, which they all usually see. ~Don]

Today, which is the Sunday following the initial post in this thread, we got busy in the beginning of the session with the massacre plots

Carol saw Blair and Pindar right away but they were out of focus so the psychics felt a misdirect was put in front of us.

Someone suggested that the present UK gov’t coverup of Diana’s murder, which people simply won’t stop talking about in UK, is one of the factors motivating the current plot to massacre Brits at xmas time, so the psychics focused on Diana’s murder site (Paris) and grave (on a little island in Black Swan Lake).

I think Icke’s expose on the occult significance of Diana’s murder is the best one for understanding the implications that her life and death have or had for the world odor’s plans to generate a world dictator (william arthur. the cruel-looking son). I think anyone can see that the world odor has lost too much Pajama People terror/support for that old plan to ever materialize but the world odor, like a mortally-wounded elephant, still has to be reckoned with/.

If we have prevented MI5/6 from blowing up a lot of innocent Brits at Xmas time another mortal blow will likely have been delivered to the Whore of Babylon. The monarchy is, after all, the sole defense of the host of world odor movers and shakers who find both hiding and succor under her voluminous skirts. This is why when a MI6 bomb exploded in a London subway on 7/7, the blast knocked down even more of Americans’ freedom to travel: the airport Gestapo in America immediately became even more obtuse and threatening to the PJ folks/

The Brits, themselves, can get rid of the world odor with a penstroke if they simply vote the monarchy into oblivion. Heck, they could probably do that just by shouting at the old prostitute. Even Scotland’s secession would probably do the trick and Matt told me that the latter is being discussed again, publicly

The psychics saw three enormous wheels deep underground at Diana’s murder site and another one under her grave. the three under paris were in synch with each other and the guardian entity, an Amazonian figure (the site of Diana’s murder is where the Romans worshipped Diana underground) had been bound up for perhaps millenia, there. It apparently took fifteen blue whales, working with us in the ehteric realm, to unbind the guardian and move the wheels in a clockwise direction again. They were quite surprised to see that this location is a ‘foundation’ for teh occult control of Europe by the world odor. Carol specifically related this suppression of female energy to what she saw at the pirated (at the time) sites she gifted in Ireland, England and Wales. The terrific and diligent British gifters have released all or most of these sites since then, of course.

The three wheels were centered under the underpass where Diana was murdered, the pyramid at the entrance to the Louvre, and the arc de triomphe.

Disinformation efforts like the movie, THE DA VINCI CODE, are apparently intended to persuade PJ folks that the world odor, which can’t hide any more, is benevolent. For those of us who know a little more, they’re loaded with usable information and help us put some more puzzle pieces together. I feel the same is true of Icke’s, Jones,’ and other media folks who talk about conspiracies but won’t share information or even encouragement about viable solutions to these old problems. I don’t consider the latter to be disinformants, for what that’s worth.

After that, we checked to see if MI5/6 still had sufficient gonads to carry out the Christmas massacre but teh psychics saw that they probably wouldn’t have been able to do any harm even if we hadn’t intervened becuase apparently too many Brits are onto them, now. Sewer rats need a lot of secrecy in order to fool all the PJ folks sufficiently

Someone in the chat mentioned that it’s awfully hard to believe that some or most of what we do in the chats is real and not imagination; fantasy. I suggested that every psychic I’ve ever known has questioned or doubted that he/she is getting an objective view of the unseen realm, so this is why consensus among reputable psychics is so important. Also, the more we see orgonite’s effect on our 3D world, the more we appreciate that the unseen realm is actually more substantive and that materialistic science (including psychology) is technically a delusion based on faulty programming. Dr Reich struggled mightily against materialistic science, in fact. One who pursues knowledge outside of the materialistic paradigm needs to exercise more intellectual integrity and discipline rather than less. This is also something that Dr Reich stressed.

Having been programmed by materialistic science, though, we each need to come to terms with how the new dnamics work: this stuff is mostly heart/body-based while the old stuff is mainly brain-based. For millenia, clergy have been setting up for the modern sucker punch that some call ‘science,’ because they programmed their flocks to believe that the body is evil, at worst, and insignificant, at best. that set our ancestors up for the ultimate head trip, materialism.

This is another case where confirmations are essential. Most of the time, when we work on someone who’s having trouble, the trouble goes away after the session, even when that person isn’t present. The almost complete absence of government-sponsored massacres since 9/11, thanks in part to our regular intervention, is leaving the vast, new Homeland Security Abomination army in America in an embarrassing position: the PJ folks aren’t sufficiently terrified to support a Gestapo, so they have to skulk around anonymously instead of dressing up and srutting around like the freaking Waffen SS. We could probably blow them all away in an afternoon now that the Russian and Chinese armies won’t be showing up to help these murderous traitors exterminate us and now that their hundred thousand or so of new death towers are no longer working, thanks to orgonite.

Stevo, who is an enthusiastic hunter of predators in the etheric realm, has a lot of confidence and won’t be constrained by others’ misgivings, so he charges ahead when a target is in sight. I’ve never known the other psychics not to back up what he’s reporting. Carol’s particularly good at doing out-of-body work even when she’s awake and involved in simple tasks. Dooney works like a surgeon–very precise and thorough for the ‘close work’ and she’s the resident blasting coach. It’s quite a marvel to see them coordinate their efforts quickly, which is why I feel lucky to have moved back to the region so that we can all get together on short notice and often. We did a couple of chat sessions at our kitchen table in the past couple of months, in fact, along with people in several other countries over the internet in the chatroom.

We finished up by running some interference for Judy Lubulwa, who is on her way to join some of the other East African gifters and hopeful dolphin contactees in Mombassa, Kenya, after visiting with Georg and Friedericke in Zanzibar, which was thoroghly gifted, by the way. The psychics found and dodecked six Jesuits who were trying to prevent her from connecting with the other African gifters on the coast of Kenya.

As soon as we started on Judy, Igor in Rome got attacked but he quickly overcame it on his own. Igor and JohnL have been making a lot of progress in gifting the Jesuit strongholds in and around Rome in the past year. Those grim, blackrobed freaks have been the most determined enemies of the African gifting effort–much worse, even, than the combined voodoo magicians and sorcerers in Africa, itself. MI6 apparently ranks with the dirty magic pracitioners in Africa and works with them. African magic is really strong and we never made a lot of headway against those predators until Dooney introduced the dodecahedron tecnique, which was a gift to her from the dolphins.


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