Mid Season Early Results Of Carrot Harvest

Hello Everyone,

Just back from P Barker’s house having a late afternoon cup of coffee and his sink was full of carrots being washed. Now these are some variety that I’ve never heard of and whose shape is round and turnip like.

His methodology this year was to take the orgonite and plant it in the four corners of the 2nd part of the allotment which he considers to have the weaker soil in comparison to the one that produced last years stunning results. Still good soil but not as mineral rich than the first one.

The results again speak for themselves.

The left hand side is what they would normally look like and came out of the the section without orgonite and the right the poorer soil with orgonite. He also pointed out that the green leafs from the carrots was massively different from one to the other as you can tell. No field shots of the difference as he’s been busy and found the massive growth needed to be cut back lest they impinge on each other.

Growth difference was about 4-6 times. UK penny as reference.

Keeping in mind the last years results, it appears the orgonite greatly aids poor soil and is enhanced by good soil.

So many carrots now he’s giving them away and even selling them.




Took the carrots I had to the post office when I was doing a mailing run to get accurate weighing. Btw they are “Paris Market Baron” from Kings Seeds, Suffolk as they don’t look like normal carrots. Ideal for shallow soil I’ve been told.
With orgonite:

circ 16cm
length 5
green 41
weight 57 grams

Without orgonite:

circ 10.5
length 2.5
green 31
weight 13 grams

based on weight the “poor soil” with orgonite produced a carrot (still not sure of the type although it starts with a b) the average growth was 438% compared to the plot used last year.