Mìmì - A point only exists if it is tangential and in relation with other elements

A point only exists if it is tangential and in relation with other elements.

Report of gifting along the horizontal trough and trough ley lines.

Mimi was the nickname for a singer know as Mia Martini. She was born on the 20th of September 1947 her birth name was Rita Domenica Berte’. Her younger sister also a singer was born on the same day three years younger, she is know with her birth name Loredana Berte’. Mimi was a broken hearthed melancholic type, but most of her song where written for her by men. Loredana was the rebellious and seductive raucous singer. in common they had allegedly a sort of brutal father toward their mother.

Mimi was always under the attention of the public for her psychological aspects, the lyrics of one of her latest hit was written by E. Gragnaniello recite : ‘how can you do with the torment given to the soul which all it wants is just to fly away’.

The father was headteacher in Gallarate, and Mimi had moved there in the house on the corner in Cardano al Campo in Via Liguria to be closer to his father and try to reconcile their relations, one month later after moving there, she was found dead and its estabilished on the 12 th of May 1995, that is also the day before a religious feast the Our Lady of Fatima. There is a mistery that her official reason for dying was not fully estabilished, and there are various rumors, from suicide, to drug abuse, to signs of beatings.

There is an article on wikipedia that says she had a strong infactuation for the moon, and her future project was to make an album with songs dedicated or inspired to the moon.

Her house happens to be near and on the same horizontal of a village called Maddalena where last summer I gifted a bit as part of a mission to gift Golasecca civilisation archeological area on the Ticino river.

So I visited the village of Cardano al Campo, and saw there was an antenna on the street of her former house (now a place for wellbeing called Lotus garden) altough google street dont yet show it, and show a normal house without shop. There another 2 antennas on the same line horizonatlly at less than 100 mt and also have spotted some panels on a facbric chimney at some distance from there. I could only gift the antenna in her road for today. But I left the van that had a microcb (a sort of larger tb with 3 tubes of 1 inch planted in it) parked outside her house for 1 and half hour. Here is a photo of the sky above the house and a photo of a place of the 2 other near antennas. (Funny name on the sign Lunardon). Sorry for these initial photos are the reproduction with my camera from the work mobile phone and the glass is cracked.

(images missing)

Sorry here is the additional info with the link to Mia Martini. It is said that to originate her art name she borrowed Mia from the actress Mia Farrow and Martini from the famous liquor.

here some links, and the songs about the moon mentioned in the wiki article


Canto alla luna , Dillo alla luna , Verde luna , Luna rossa , Blue moon , Luna bianca, Alla luna , Luna sciamanna


Mimì at 27 is interviewed for the TV and she is made to stay on a shrink bed like she was on analisys, the journalist Enzo Tortora ask initially to associate a word or a meaning to some words he says, in fact after she is questioned to explain why she choose the words she associates, they proceed on discussing her relationship with her parents, her personality, and what she puts in her artistic work. Last test the analyst asks her to wite a word and she writes collina (hill). Explanation of the meaning is pronounced in the video as problems with the father figure.

This is it for the time being. Later gifting and horizontal line reports to follow. Thanks for reading.

Mimì last album released 5th dec 1994 (05 12 is the 339th day) Mimì dies 12th 05 1995 (12 05 is the 132 th day, next day Our lady of Fatima is 133th day).

Exactly on the same horizontal, (100mt tolerance) at a date 15 years and 6 months and 1 day later (811 weeks) ont the 26th 11 2010 (330th day of the year, same day anniversay of Ashtar Command announcement) a 13 years girl is murdered (case pending) she was born 21st of May thus lived 13 years 6 months and 6 days.

The middle point on the horizontal is a city called Meda, cut down 33 miles to reach Pavia, each of the triangle side is 37 miles and a bit. 180 kilometer, 60 per side. In Milan the bisecting line cuts trought Piazza Santorre (Count of ) Santarosa with symbolic monument, then the San Siro (the Saint that cursed Pavia).

The Statue of Athena Minerva (by 1930s era sculptor Messina) in Pavia has the spear with the point to the ground opposite to the hellenic original in the Partenone.

The image of the position of the Churco of St Peter Martyr in Meda, will shows alignemnt like perfect vertical horizontal like a plus sign, is located half way (about 400mt tolerance) the Meda cemetery even more central.

Some years ago a lighting apparatus that is a triangle pointing down was installed suspended on the ceiling of the main entrance of the Central Station in Milan, here is the photo, when I went today I saw on the square they built a metal monument that is like obelisk but one side is like in slices. I was on my way to gift the Museum of the sculptor Messsina which made the Minerva statue of Pavia, but also to gift next door where there is the church of San Giorgio al Palazzo, which is the site of the Editto di Milano, the church is under the Sacred Order of Constantine. There were sign posts where I could put orgonite in the nearby Carrobbio square and near the museum, there are even nearer poles that I spotted if I want to add more later. A plaque inside was installed in 1978 to explain this is where in the Imperial Palace the edict was made in 313 between Constantine and Licinio that gave freedom of religion for christians. There is the symbol of the XP and, go on the website of the sacred order of Constantine, they tell you they are the descendent emperors, they have the sacred XP cross and they list the 50 princes that passed the inheritance since 313. etc. I think the photo of present one reminds me Albert Pike.

I want to submit you also the images of 3 music albums of Mia Martini, the image show from left to right the album before last, two heads like byfront, red and black colors, the last album is the image in the middle where she is bowed it is not shown the face her arms are crossed and there is encircled by the words : the music that revolves areound me (black and white graphics), the posthomous album the year after she passed away is a red star on the sand.

Mimì was actually the one daughhter that felt for the father and stayed in touch, Loredana was more outright, at the funeral of Mimì she tried to kick dad in the testicles with a pointy boot, he managed to stopped her and catch her by the hair and throw her on the floor. It was an accusation for the bruises she saw on Mimì’s body.

Athena statue in Pavia and the church on Pietro Martire in Meda, from the roof is a like a + sign. Over there in Meda in 1976 there was a chemical disaster where a fabric exploded realeasing dioxine in the air and affecting a vast area.

In Milan Piazza Cavour there was an advertising on a roof that is a wheel with 8 rays and 2 wings the name of brand was ’ baal…(and another bit I forgot) .com’

(images missing)

Found the history of the tetraedron, of the triangle of light in the Central Station. It was made by the swiss architect Mario Botta, it was inaugurated on the 13 of November 2010.

There was a ceremony because the station received the blessign of the Vatican, via its secretary cardinal Bertone, the station was being titled to a woman saint Francesca Cabrini. I sense the Jesuits may soon do the honours.

(Dear reader if these strange things dont happen in your country normally, dont worry your are good dont feel subnormal).

All the time new gfting is bringing discovery of new details.

After few years of Mimì event, in that area a gang of savages commited evil, I think 6 of them are in prison serving long time (20yrs) including a girl that at the time was less than 18yrs old, after more than 10 yrs she took up studying in prison and his graduated, but in the mean time she lost both her creators, so did some of the others from both the pepetrators and or victim family side. The father of that girl was writing a book to about the story to clarify the true context of the events, but is hearth stopped before he finished the book and its not published, the mother died yars later for a domestic accident, monixide gas…

This gang was made of musicians of dark heavy metal music, they were meeting in a dark rockers pub in Milan called the Midnight Pub, in Via Altaguardia 14.

I saw that in that street the pub must have moved, but is not traceable anywhere, only for a brief time in 9 November 2011 a same name and theme pub was inaugurated in a village outside in the north Milan, not far from Meda, is called Bovisio Masciago. There is still a pub and there are 2 opposite side of the road, and there is Don Juan a restaurant with a bull head logo, and in the crossing road another place, maybe a club called the Room. One house has stucco sculptures that have under each balcony of the first flooa a circle with a male head with 2 small wings attached at the head, under the head there is sort of sign like 3 circles. In the next road there is the church of Pio V, parish of Sant’Andrea, on the wall of the side somebody made a man sized spray art design of a devil with horned head and 3 horned hand salute. Is this what the parasites inntellectuals call the ‘necessary evil’? Go on then tell Loredana what is necessary a boot in your balls.

The new elements here: A the new logo of Milan church diocese, take a look, is kind of dark, is an eclipse, what does inspire you?

B Loredana wrote a song about Mimì death and she called the song Zona Venerdì, (Friday Zone, that is Mimì died on the Friday). C The interview, Loredana was interviewd by Maurizio Becker for a magazine called Musica Leggere, her version of the events of the funeral and domestic violence, there is an interview ercepts here.


(image missing)

Gifting never stops.

Time to put a bit of money where the beak is! Here is a bit of gifting done in the Meda area.

A few years ago Davide provided a lady psychic orgonite and she went to gift orgonite in Medjugorie that is a internationally importat religious marian site. The woman told him that near Milan I should gift in Meda. I then looked at Meda and could not yet notice anything that put it on a priority list.

First wanted to add that by doing more reading about Mmì, there isn really an exhaustive material, putting together various bits it emerges that Mimì did not choose that house in Cardano al Campo, her father gave it to her, according to Loredana it only had a mattress on the floor. Also Mimì was in debt for about 150000 euro with various people, including a lawyer. She may have accepted living there also because she needed shelter, for sometimes she had lived with another sister. Mimì father managed to outlaw and have her cremated with no other family member signing, according to Mario Luzzato Fezig (a music jounalist) a police car run to Pallanza crematory to stop the creamation, but was too late already. Leda, the elder sister at the funeral saw something looked kind of odd about Mimì, altought she had been composed and had make up on.

In the area between exit 11 and 12 of the Superstrada Milano Meda Como, exit 12 of Meda is where the road bends to the left, and above comprehending Meda and Seveso outiskirts I found 15 antennas gifted 13 as 2 were gifted from the road in the past. Afted gifting I discovered that road that leads east from the church of St Peter Martyr going toward Seregno passes in the country of a the Park of The Brianza and I spotted 4 antennas not yet gifted. In Seveso I gifted using the river where it passes near antennas and placed a first EP that was made with agate mineral and The big secret coil.

There were spew planes, here is some photo, the sky is the first photo taken after gifting 5 antennas in Meda, the other photos are takes from the square where there is the church, after gifting 12 antennas, i was waiting for some kind of confrimation and parked there for a while, I took a little walk toward the next building which are the Bishop Seminar school and library (Seminario Arcivescovile). Uninspired decided to go back, when I was near the car suddenly 2 green parrots arrived and landed on the trees. Wild parrots dont exist in Italy, this couple of birds must have found their way to freedom and apparently live ok even in the winter.

(images missing)

I have to go back to Meda for more work. Next is all the grave tour, the line from the 2 airports has 20 municipalities with their cemeteries and usual antenna. 1 or more shots per place? I m still thinking Agate mineral EP with The big secret coil is good for this purpose.

Here the municipalities and the rendition on the map, only one place of this list was not meant to be a cemetery is where they did the 13 yrs girl.



Chignolo d’Isola

Cornate d’Adda


Usmate Velate









Rovello Porro



Gorla Minore


(image missing)