Mingalarbar! (this is the all-purpose greeting in Myanmar)

(this is the all-purpose greeting in Myanmar) [Image Can Not Be Found]

Finally I have returned from another wonderful trip to Myanmar (former Birma/Burma) – a very beautiful country with even more beautiful people(s). Of course they have a very oppressive regime – but hey, who hasn´t? [Image Can Not Be Found]

By now I have brought more than 100 TBs and 2 HHGs to Myanmar. At least one third was given to people who happily and easily understood the concept of a device emitting life force. Those gifts mostly ended up on the personal shrines at home – what a nice place for orgonite! [Image Can Not Be Found] The nature of this folk – which always amazes me – was that they in turn also offered very beautiful gifts. Considering that they mostly live from next to nothing in $ terms this is a perfect example for how unspoiled these people truly are.

The Gifting in Myanmar was unusual because there are not a whole lot of cell phone towers, but the numbers grow there too. So the gifting happened at certain places (mostly historic) which I felt were right. This way I gifted a few TBs at places like Inlay Lake, Bagan, Golden Rock, Mrauk-U, Putao, Monya and a few more in Mandalay. Naturally most of the gifting happened in the city of Yangon (where the latest eruptions of violence happened). My impression was that these (rather few) devices coupled with the sharing of instructions of how to make and what to do with orgonite was working fine for the time being. Of course the military installations there need way more gifting and I will make sure more orgonite will be delivered (donations always appreciated! )

During this latest trip the main focus of etheric work somehow shifted from gifting to boosting of parasites (coupled with gifting, of course). The strange first event was when I realized that a huge delegation from China was residing in the same hotel as we were. This seemed unusual to me and I decided to boost to whole delegation since I had nothing better to do and lots of orgonite was in the hotel for support! After a few days I had almost forgotten about this incident, when it was announced that in this new hotel (at a different location) high ranking guests are expected! I intend to be a little cautious with certain names so that no one living there will be implicated in this episiode. The guests were a high ranking cabinet member of Myanmar (General and Minister) and the CEO of one of the biggest companies (of the regime). And you guessed right: another opportunity to practice boosting from close. The only feedback I received there was that the Minister was unusually friendly and not very demanding (as was expected).

In another location – and in a new hotel – another delegation showed up! (this is what I call: IN THE FACE!  ) This time it was the WHO (are they called WHOres? ) By now I was familiar with the routine and I made sure the whole delegation (national and international representatives from what I found out / and for G: no Zacky there!) was dodeced and showered repeatedly in energy. These exercises led me to believe that the following guy (see picture) was the worst of this bunch.

In between the major events I described we had many wonderful experiences with lovely (and loving) people which made the whole trip an amazing vacation. Noteworthy seems the gifting of the US embassy in Yangon in sight of at least 3 manned military surveillance stations (and maybe even more) and dropping one TB very close to the nobel peace price laureate in Yangon (whose name I do not mention here on purpose) where actually tourists are not allowed to go at all! Somehow I ended up in a taxi passing there AND sitting at the right window (which was open!) AND surprisingly (not really! [Image Can Not Be Found] ) having a TB ready to throw with plenty of soldiers around AND nobody seemed to notice my deed! It all felt well protected!
In case you have the opportunity to visit Myanmar please do so! It will certainly be an exciting (and enriching) trip!

Another story you all might appreciate:

We were told that there are some river dolphins living in a very remote region (even for Myanmar standards!) somewhere along the Irrawady river. People along the Irrawady live pretty much from and with the river. The fishermen there have developed a working cooperation with the river dolphins: when the fishermen use their nets in the river the dolphins come and help them catching the fish by shooing the fish towards the nets. Of course the dolphins receive a little “reward� afterwards!

(btw: sorry for the picture troubles – somehow I couldn´t make it work)

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