Missing orgonite

Hello everyone,

Someone in Tucson ordered 2 dozen tb’s from me and I sent them the week before last.

When the package got there there was 4 tb’s missing, so I sent 4 more tb’s plus a HHG.

Anyone that wants to can join me in blasting the snot out of the cretins who did this.



I was about to start a thread and saw that it had been made for me! lol. A friend ordered 1 kilo of lapislazuli, 1 kilo of malachite, a set of chakra buttons, a pendant and a desktop device. She recieved her package today and it was cut open, and the only things inside was the malachite and the desktop device.

Very timely post Marcus! Will help you boost the rats. I suggest that anyone having trouble with orgonite in the mail could post in this tread.

A week ago I had ordered some things from OEB and the package arrived with a slash in its side. This was not the first time this sort of thing has happened. To those who are messing with packages- you know who you are- bear in mind that for your misguided efforts you shall reap the consequences and live very, very interesting lives, indeed!

Please rest assured this is not a threat; it is merely a statement of fact.

Kulwant said:

A week ago I had ordered some things from OEB and the package arrived with a slash in its side. This was not the first time this sort of thing has happened. To those who are messing with packages- you know who you are- bear in mind that for your misguided efforts you shall reap the consequences and live very, very interesting lives, indeed!

Please rest assured this is not a threat; it is merely a statement of fact.

They are the same that play with my mail so Sending Much Love To those who are messing with our Mail and packages.

Sometime Our overflow of love is just the thing to fill their vacancy.

Sending Love & Good energy

Thanks for starting this thread, Marcus, and thanks for contributing, folks. In fact, interference with vendors’ packages has been a chronic problem for almost five years, ever since people started making and selling orgonite.

Andy, who was the first vendor, regularly experienced this, including once when a cloudbuster base he sent to someone was obviously damaged with sledgehammers Cool

Steve Baron, who has overseen the restoration/healing of a big part of Ontario, including all of Toronto, and healed that part of Lake Ontario, which was extremely toxic when he started, four years or so ago, generously sent us a boxful of dolphin gifts a couiple of years ago and included a whole bunch of free Lemurian seed crystals, which are plentiful but nearly impossible to find on the market, now, due to CIA interference. The box of orgonite arrived without the Lemu crystals. The world odor freaks try to stop us by limiting our supplies from time to time but The Operators always show us ways around those little roadblocks.

Georg Ritschl experienced the worst shipping interference and it nearly cost him his livlihood a few years ago. It took several chat sessions to stop certain South African and German postal and customs officials (they were boosted by African voodoo and other ritualists) from destroying his packages enroute to customers but we succeeded, thank God, and Georg is doing better than ever, now.

Right after Carol and I did the initial field research for simple, three-ounce towerbusters throughout Southern Idaho in August, 2002 (and reported it, of course), the FBI started stealing all of our customers’ mailed wholesale payments. More than half of our livlihood was from those payments. We lost thousands of dollars in a couple of months until Carol, You-know-who, and I figured out how to stop and ‘correct’ these freaks, etherically.

That was right after the beginning of group-effort exercises aimed at stopping the terrorists from blowing up some of the populace (world-trade-center style) in order to terrify the Pajama People into accepting martial law and foreign occupatoin in America. We hadn’t tried these methods for self help, yet.

We rarely have a mail problem like that, any more–perhaps because our reputation precedes us with these criminal syndicates, by now. I want all the vendors to develop a personal reputation like that with the various sewer rat (read: terrorist) agencies, which are parasitic and made up entirely of unbalanced bullies and cowards, after all; not patriots. It takes some work and if you’re a vendor but don’t know how to protect yourself, please get some coaching from Dooney, okay? Then get busy with it every time you even sense that you’re being remotely spied and/or molested by the world odor. You’ll find that it works and you won’t often need to ask for outside help.

Most of our readers probably don’t recall that when Police Chief Billie Phillips and his lietenant, Carl, were framed by the FBI on account of their public oppositoin to the Patriot Acts, two years ago, our chatgroup nailed those FBI freaks and they left these guys alone after that. His lietenant is now a police chief in a neighboring community and the FBI suffered a pretty grievous blow in the eyes of all cops in that region.

I don’t mind mentioning that the FBI, CIA, NSA, all the alphabet soup cabals and even state police agencies are NOT sanctioned by law; they’re essentially treasonous organizations. When humanity returns to the rule of law, the basis of political power will be mostly in local governments (directly elected and accountable), linked closely throughout the planet via the internet. Higher levels of government will be minimal, service-oriented and not much discussed, much less glorified and pompous. I bet you’ve never even heard the names of the folks who operate the internet, for instance, nor can they bust your door down and slaughter your family on a whim, as most of the national governments can still do with impunity these days.

History will show that the CIA’s, KGB’s, MI6’s attempt to rather turn the internet into a porn parlor, therefore to discredit it in the eyes of the PJ folks, has been counterproductive Wink.

We all met and/or were inspired to act because of the internet: thousands of genuine activists around the world who are reclaiming our planet from the parasites and are routinely (sic) getting powerful confirmations for our successes. Would any of us have done this or met so many kindred spirits if it werent’ for the internet? I was 49 when I started a business on the web and that was 49 years of lonliness–almost nobody to share real ideas with. I bet you have the same experience.

Most folks don’t want to look at the big picture, which is why I like to insert little contextual comments like this from time to time. We’re making history, after all, so why not enjoy it and discuss it openly? That’s why we set up this forum.

If you, a viable orgonite vendor, do get overwhelmed, like Peter and Igor did last summer and Louis did more recently, please don’t wait until your belongings are thrown out on the street by the Sheriff, you’re hospitalized or get rammed in an intersection before you ask for help, okay?

I want all the legitimate vendors to understand that the chatgroup is available to help ‘correct’ the more seroius problems by going after the perpetrators, the freaks’ bosses and any parasitic aliens who might be milking the process. The criminal agencies that usually do this are FBI, CIA, MI5/6 & Canadian or Australian equivalents, with a little KGB thrown in for good measure. Our Eastern European associates experience the least interference of all, I’m happy to report–I think they already paid their dues. I had a brief respite from overt interference for a couple of weeks in Canada, three years ago, and a couple of months in Africa, not long before that. It was awfully nice.

All of these treasonous, off-center people are vulnerable to ‘correction’ in the etheric realm, which happens to be more significant than the physical realm, thankfully. This is so much better than shooting them and of course we don’t hate them.

If this successful trend weren’t real, there would be no gifting network.

We vendors all guarantee satisfaction to our customers, so the customers mostly understand that interference by government terrorists isn’t their concern: it’s our concern and we’re happy to handle it.

The reason I asked Marcus to report that specific molestation is because reporting specific cases greatly discourages the official criminals who are doing it and this helps to bring down the world odor sooner than later. Their aim is to intimidate the vendors away from doing business, of course. The criminals are terrified that the Pajama People will figure out that their governments are actually lined up to enslave and murder them and we’re all doing our little parts to rather expose the truth. Having a good record of sleazy government interference with our businesses makes big waves and helps destroy their old Matrix Cool


I’m so sorry that the set of chakra buttons was stolen, they had turned out real pretty, hopefully they’ll bother the rat who has them.

I called the post office today to see what went wrong. They entered my complaint and told me that the process lasts a month, to inform me what happened… I don’t mind waiting, I just want to see what the “official” answer if for this case, in which a package is opened and items are stolen.

We had another interference, but this way. Don sent us a package of zappers and a bottle of chembuster, but they did not arive. Now he has sent the package again via priority mail. It is evident that the world odor is doing its best to not permit the propagation of this simple technology over here is south america. It looks like we are going to have to start building our ownWink.

Ale and I are gonna take a time each day to boost all packages, incoming and outgoing ones.

No matter what happens and how interesting it gets, know you are much Loved.

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