Mission Snake-rock


this is my first post on this forum, and I take it as an honor to have the right to participate in EW. The following took place yesterday, a day dedicated to gifting areas in south Finland with two of my friends, God bless them.

Our main target is known as Snake-rock, and you may guess why such a name. Atop the hill/rock are one tower with transmitters and this so called water tower. Underneath there also is an energy plant, three long pipes reaching onto the sky. One of my friends, Tapani Chara from WM has already gifted it, but we took some more TBs and a Hhg there, because it really felt it was needed.

We gifted the place rather profoundly. A funny thing was when we were climbing higher, and I spotted the letter TB sprayed on a rock. I took that as a request and one TB was tossed right away. In overall I think the place has now some 5-7 TBs and one Hhg. Earth pipe campaign will begin when the spring comes and the land is no more so frosty.

From the beginning of the gifting tour I could feel we were under attack but too slippery, so to say [Image Can Not Be Found] Had my succor punch turned on and a bag full of orgonite.

I will post another thread in general psychic intel and spiritual about what took place when we came to my home with Tapani who has been under several psychic assaults since last spring by some rather dark forces after he gifted a crucial site.

This being said, in retrospect as I look back, our gifting run from yesterday appears to be success (of course!). Little by little, the whole of Earth gets gifted and we have the honor to be part in this.

God bless the Meak (the gifters) and all,